The Tutor

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Eighteen year old Alex Parker wasn’t quite sure why his parents had insisted upon engaging a tutor for him. For Alex the whole thing was a mystery, considering he was already a straight A student in school. His pleas to his parents that he didn’t need a tutor went unheeded and his parents persisted in their strange idea.

Alex stopped complaining about getting a tutor as soon as he met her, for the first time for the tutor his parents hired for him was a very pretty girl doing her first year in college. The girl his parents hired, Chloe, was a slim blonde with apple size breasts, a tight ass, and long slim legs. At first he was nervous and tongue tied around his tutor but she quickly put him at ease and got down to work.

Chloe found Alex to be a surprisingly attractive guy despite his age and he was studious and intelligent. It wasn’t long before Chloe found herself wondering why his parents had hired her to tutor such a boy but since she needed the money she didn’t question it aloud. But she did do what she could to make the tutoring sessions with Alex to be as pleasant for them both as possible. The longer Chloe tutored Alex the more attractive she found him to be and soon she found herself fantasizing about him late at night.

As the seasons turned toward spring Chloe started wearing fewer and lighter clothes, and even less when she went to a tutoring session with Alex. Chloe was pleased that Alex noticed this immediately and the girl was happy that he seemed to enjoy looking at her. As the weather grew even warmer Chloe grew bolder, and soon she was leaving her bra behind when she went to tutor Alex. Alex noticed this change immediately but he was enjoying it too much to say anything about it to Chloe.

One day Chloe arrived for a tutoring session with Alex, this one happened to be on a Saturday. Alex met Chloe at the door, it seemed his parents were away for the day but they had insisted that Alex should stay for his tutoring session. So it was Alex himself who met Chloe at the door and when he informed her that his parents were not home and would not be for the entire day, the girl felt a secret thrill through her. Chloe wasn’t sure yet what she wanted to happen that day but at least there was a chance her growing interest and infatuation in Alex might find some sort of consummation.

Chloe followed Alex into the house and since she already knew well the location of his room she quickly walked toward it, leaving Alex to follow behind. For Alex this worked out to his advantage because he had the chance to watch his sexy tutor as she walked ahead of him. Alex immediately noticed that Chloe had worn the shortest pair of shorts he had ever see her wear and only a halter top that seemed pretty thin, with no bra under it. Alex was quite happy as he followed his sexy tutor into his room.

Chloe quickly got the tutoring session started but Alex seemed to be a bit distracted that day, his answers to her questions seemed to be unusually hesitant. She quickly realized the view of her barely covered torso and long bare legs was having the usual affect upon Alex’s teenage hormones. Far from being put off from this Chloe found she was excited by this and unconsciously rearranged herself to show herself off even more. Unfortunately this caused Alex performance Alanya Escort to suffer even more.

Chloe’s libido was finding Alex’s interest in her body more and more exciting and it was starting to interfere with her own tutorial efforts. But Chloe still retained enough presence of mind to feel a little frustrated at Alex’s unaccustomed inattention and she started turning her mind to ways she could solve that little problem.

Suddenly Chloe had an idea, one which sent a thrill of excitement through her body and down to her pussy. She also felt a stab of fear when she thought about her idea a little more but even the fear only excited Chloe even more. Chloe debated with herself for a couple of minutes, trying to gather her courage. Finally the tingle in her pussy overcame her judgment and Chloe decided to proceed with her idea.

“Alex, let’s take a break for a minute,” Chloe said.

“OK,” he replied.

“I’ve noticed you seem to have a hard time concentrating today Alex,” Chloe observed.

“Ah, yeah, I guess so,” Alex replied. Chloe thought she could see him blushing.

“You seem to be distracted by something,” Chloe observed, knowing full well that she was the distraction.

“Maybe,” was the reply from Alex.

“Am I your distraction?” Chloe asked.

“I guess so. You’re so beautiful I can’t look away,” Alex answered after a moment’s hesitation.

“We need to finish our tutoring. Do you think you can concentrate better if I give you a reward when we are done?” Chloe asked, her excitement making her bolder.

“Maybe that would work. What sort of reward do you have in mind?” Alex asked the beautiful tutor.

“If you can keep your mind on your work until we are done I will let you see all of me,” Chloe proposed.

“All of you? As in with no clothes on?” Alex asked excitedly.

“Yes, with no clothes on. Naked. You can see anything you want I will show everything to you,” Chloe answered.

“Really? You want to do that?” Alex asked.

“Yes. But like any reward you will have to earn it. You have to keep your mind on your work and answer every question. Can you do that?” Chloe asked.

“I can do it,” Alex replied confidently.

“You’d better if you want to see more of me,” Chloe said.


The two continued their usual session and Alex was now paying close attention to what he needed to do. Since he was a smart boy he didn’t really have any trouble. The fact of the matter was it was Chloe that had some difficulty in concentrating, but she managed to keep Alex from catching on to this.

As was usual during her tutoring sessions with Alex, Chloe had a question and answer session at the end. Alex answered each question carefully and managed to answer everyone correctly. Chloe was unable to find anything wrong with Alex’s performance since she had offered him the reward so now she was put in the position of having to deliver upon her part of the bargain. This sent a thrill of excitement through the girl’s body as she felt the excitement engendered by the idea of what she was about to do.

“Good work Alex. You’ve earned your reward,” Chloe said.

“Great! I’m looking forward to it!” Alex replied.

“Good. Now just sit there and watch,” Chloe instructed.


Chloe Alanya Escort Bayan stood up and moved to the open center of the room where Alex could see her easily. The girl reached back and pulled the tie for the neck string of her halter loose. This caused Chloe’s top to fall to her waist exposing her breasts. Alex already knew their general shape but he was struck dumb actually seeing Chloe’s breasts for the first time.

“Do you like them Alex?” Chloe asked as she untied the lower part of her top and then tossed it aside.

“Oh yeah!” Alex exclaimed.

“Do you want to see more?” Chloe asked teasingly.

“Yes, please!” Alex answered.

Chloe moved her hands to the waistband of her shorts and pushed them down. The shorts caught for a moment on her hips and then abruptly dropped to the floor. Since Chloe hadn’t worn any panties that day that left her completely nude.

Alex was awestruck for this was the first time he had seen a girl completely naked before. His eyes drank in the vision of beauty that stood before him. His cock, already hard, surged to even greater stiffness as a strong thrill of lustful excitement thrilled through Alex’s body.

Exposing herself to Alex made Chloe even hornier than she had been before. Her excitement pushed her to decide to go much further than she had originally intended. Now Chloe wanted Alex’s cock in her mouth and in her pussy.

“Do you like what you see?” Chloe asked, slowing turning to show every side of her body to Alex.

“Oh yeah, very much!” Alex replied. His cock was almost painfully hard now.

“Now it’s your turn Alex. I want to see you, too,” Chloe said.

Alex got up off the bed where he had been sitting and nervously took his t-shirt off. Chloe drank in the sight of Alex’s upper body as he moved his hands to the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down. Chloe could see the shape of Alex’s penis as it bulged out his underpants as if trying to get free from their restraint. Alex tried to take off his underpants but had to work them around his hard, throbbing cock until finally they dropped to the floor.

Alex’s cock jutted forth hard and proud and throbbed with his heartbeat. Chloe’s eyes locked on it and she loved the look of Alex’s penis, it had such an appealing shape to her. She couldn’t wait to take it into her mouth and run her tongue around the purplish head.

Chloe walked over to Alex and immediately sank to her knees. She reached up, grasped the shaft of Alex’s cock in her right hand, and took the head of it into her mouth. Chloe swirled her tongue around the soft and smooth head enjoying the feel of the cock head in her mouth.

Alex felt the warm wetness of Chloe’s mouth envelop the head of his penis and it was the most wonderful thing he had ever felt before. Alex was already very excited and this new stimulation was enough to push him over the edge. Alex’s cock erupted into orgasm.

Chloe felt the cock shaft in her hand jerk and at the same time Alex grunted as a hot blast of semen erupted into the girl’s mouth. Chloe swallowed avidly each jet of hot cum that pulsed and splashed into her mouth. Chloe gently sucked the cock head that filled her mouth encouraging each pulse of sperm to come forth. Then Alex’s orgasm faded Escort Alanya and Chloe swallowed the final dribbles of tasty sperm from the end of his cock. Alex sagged down in temporary exhaustion and Chloe helped him to lower himself until he was sitting on the floor beside her.

Chloe cuddled with Alex there on the floor for a couple of minutes while he recovered from the powerful orgasm he had just experienced. When she sensed Alex starting to stir once again Chloe decided to see if she could get him to lick her while his cock recovered enough for him to fuck her. Chloe stood up and moved to sit on the bed. She leaned back and opened her legs, exposing her shaved pussy to Alex eyes.

“Alex, do you see my pussy?” Chloe asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s beautiful!” Alex exclaimed, drinking in the beauty of the girl’s pussy right in front of his eyes.

“Do you want to lick it?” Chloe asked.

“Sure, but I haven’t done that before. I don’t know what to do,” Alex replied.

“Just lick these,” Chloe said, flicking her inner pussy lips with her fingers. “And especially lick this,” she continued, pointing to and then gently rubbing her sensitive clit.

Alex quickly took the hint, dove right in, and soon Chloe was squirming in pleasure as Alex ate her pussy enthusiastically. Chloe was already so horny that even Alex’s inexperienced licking quickly brought the girl to a powerful orgasm. Chloe put her hands on Alex’s head and pushed his face hard into her pussy as the powerful orgasmic contractions convulsed her pussy. Then Chloe slowly relaxed as her orgasm faded.

During the time Alex had been licking Chloe his cock had recovered and was now jutting forth on hard erection once again. He stood up and this allowed Chloe to see his renewed horniness and the girl smiled. She wanted to get that hard cock into her pussy.

“Do you want to fuck me Alex?” Chloe asked with her eyes on his delicious looking cock.

“Oh yeah! What do I do? I’ve never done that before,” Alex replied excitedly.

“Come here, right here between my legs,” Chloe instructed.

Alex moved a couple of steps until the head of his cock almost touching the girl’s wet pussy. The girl reached down, grasped the shaft of Alex’s cock, and guided it to the entrance of her pussy.

“Push in,” Chloe gasped, her heart pounding in anticipation.

Alex pushed his hips slowly forward and watched in fascination as his hard cock slowly sank into Chloe’s warm, wet pussy. The feel of penetrating the girl felt wonderful as Alex continued pushing in until finally his cock was completely embedded in Chloe.

Instinctively Alex began to pump in and out of the girl and Chloe helped guide him in what to do with her legs. Soon Alex was fucking Chloe for all he was worth and his hard cock felt wonderful to the girl as it plundered her pussy. Alex continued fucking the girl as the wonderful feeling of her pussy on his cock started him quickly toward another orgasm. And the girl was right with him they were going to cum together.

Alex pumped into Chloe faster and soon he wasn’t able to hold out anymore and he began to cum. At the same time Chloe also reached her peak and her pussy massaged Alex’s spurting cock as he filled her with his sperm. His orgasm before had been the best he had felt up until then but this one was even better and he orgasmed inside a girl for the first time. Chloe’s orgasm was enhanced by the warm feeling of Alex cum shooting into her pussy.

The two cuddled on the bed relaxing after their wonderful fucking and soon fell asleep.

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