The Trip Pt. 04

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Continues directly after The Trip Part 3

Elizabeth woke the next morning, completely naked, snuggling into her husband from behind. The events of the night before came back to her, bringing a smile to her face. Stuart’s news about his job, the lovely dinner, the activities after dinner. She wrapped her arm around her husband and squeezed, getting a moan from him. She kissed his back, between his shoulder blades.

Stuart rolled towards her and draped his arm over her. His breathing was still deep and slow, telling her he was still asleep. She began to lightly run her fingers over him — across his jaw, over his lips and down his chest. She gently brushed her fingertips across his arm, causing a shiver. She smiled to herself — even after so many years together, she loved that a simple touch from her could make him tremble.

Her hands continued their wandering path, always changing the pattern. She paid close attention to his nipples, rubbing, twisting, tweaking. Stuart’s breathing stayed the same — slow and deep. Anytime Elizabeth felt a change, she would stop for a minute, letting him drift off before starting again.

Moving the sheet down his legs, her hands wandered over his hips and thighs, over his butt and up his back. As she looked down, his glorious cock was pointing straight at her, the head a deep purple. She continued her exploration, gravitating towards his member, touching his stomach and lower down, never quite reaching his dick. She leaned forward and lightly kissed his lips, his cheek and his nose, rousing him from his slumber. She felt him stirring, watching his eyelids flutter. Just as he opened his eyes, she kissed him hard and took hold of his cock.

Stuart’s eyes flew open. His body was tingling, like someone had run a balloon through his hair and he was full of static electricity. Elizabeth’s face was connected to his, her plump lips pressed against his, her tongue gently probing his mouth. There was also the matter of her hand, currently wrapped around his cock, gently tugging. He groaned, very much enjoying being woken in this manner. His hand slipped down Elizabeth’s back and found her ass cheek.

Elizabeth felt Stuart grabbing hold of her ass, enjoying the feeling of his large warm hands on her read end. He squeezed hard and tried to pull her towards him. Going with the movement, Elizabeth pushed herself against him, rolling him onto his back. She shifted herself until their groins were touching, enfolding his cock between them. Elizabeth slowly ground her hips back and forth as she continued to kiss her husband, causing him to take her hips in his hands, moaning into her mouth. As their tongues danced, she changed the direction of her hips, now moving in a circular pattern.

She could feel Stuart reacting — his breathing was speeding up, his hands gripping her harder and his hips were thrusting towards her. She reached down between them and grabbed his dick, lifting her hips at the same time. She positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy, rubbing it between her lips. She stopped, staring at her husband. His eyes were wide, his chest rising and falling quickly. The look of expectation on his face made her smile.

Stuart watched as his wife slowly took his dick and rubbed it between her labia, her wetness coating the head. Suddenly, Elizabeth stopped moving. She was completely still, watching him, a smile on her face. She watched him for a moment more before rolling away towards the edge of the bed, standing up.

“Morning baby. I am starving — do you want some breakfast?” She smirked evilly at him as she walked towards the bathroom.


Two hours later, Stuart was standing in a store, arms full of shopping bags. They had eaten breakfast at the hotel, Elizabeth taking great pleasure in using her foot to rub his cock under the table in the restaurant, before deciding to go shopping. The weather was amazing — sunny with a light breeze keeping the temperature from getting too hot, so they decided to walk into town. Elizabeth had mentioned wanting to buy some gifts for the kids and the nieces and nephews. Stuart was less than enthused about a day shopping, but given his presentation was done and dusted, some down time was just what he needed.

They made their way around town, stopping at a few different stores, spending up big. Normally Stuart would have tried to limit what they spent on the extended family, but he was so happy about his pay rise, he wanted to share the wealth. Soon he was carrying almost too many bags to handle and Elizabeth didn’t seem like stopping. He suggested they stop and get something to drink — the temperature had risen somewhat and the bags were heavy. They found a café and sat down, Stuart trying to keep all the bags out of other people’s way.

Elizabeth was busy itemizing what they had brought, making sure no one had been missed. Stuart was reading an email — an announcement of his promotion. He was so focused etimesgut escort on his phone he didn’t feel someone sneak up behind him until two hands covered his eyes. He jumped and dropped his phone into his lap. He felt a set of lips against his ear, as a breathy voice whispered to him.

“Guess who sexy?” said the voice, the lips gently kissing his ear.

Stuart spun around and saw Holly standing behind him, a grin on her face from ear to ear. She looked amazing. Denim shorts that barely covered her ass, some sort of top that had no shoulders and barely covered breasts, her hair loose and flowing down her back — with the sun behind her, she looked like something out of a movie. Stuart’s dick jumped in his shorts, the feeling of her lips and her breath in his ear causing a chain reaction through his whole body. His heart started racing, his arms coming up in goosebumps — for the second time today, he found himself being teased by a beautiful woman.

Holly walked around the table and leant in to kiss Elizabeth hello. Instead of a kiss on the cheek, her lips found Elizabeth’s and stayed there, her hand brushing across her breast. She straightened up and sat down, leaving Elizabeth blushing and Stuart’s dick straining even more in his shorts.

“So, lovers, what are you up to today? Shopping I see!”

Elizabeth explained how Stuart’s meeting went better than expected and how he earned a promotion out of it. They had decided to spoil their kids and their nieces and nephews, hence a shopping trip. Holly leant over and kissed Stuart on the cheek to congratulate him, her hand squeezing him on the thigh, very high up. He jumped a little in his seat and thought he caught Elizabeth smirking. The drinks arrived and they ended up ordering more, as they were having a great conversation with Holly.

Finally, Holly got up to leave, explaining that she had to get back to the hotel. Elizabeth asked if she was free after work and invited her for some drinks at their room, to which Holly agreed quickly and made note that she was off work for the next two days, so it might get messy. She kissed Elizabeth goodbye, this time actually grabbing her breast. She turned to Stuart and kissed him on the mouth, lightly running her tongue across his lips. She sauntered off, her hips swaying as she walked, her hair swishing behind her. Stuart couldn’t take his eyes off her as she departed, until Elizabeth kicked him in the shin under the table.


Later that afternoon, Stuart was relaxing on the balcony of their room, enjoying a beer. They had shopped most of the day, until finally Elizabeth had sent him home with all the bags in a taxi. She had one more shop to get too but realized he had had enough. He had returned to the hotel, dropped all the bags, grabbed a beer and had not moved since, except to grab another beer. He was enjoying the quiet — work and life had been so busy lately he hadn’t really had a chance to relax in months. The sun was shining, the beer was cold, the ocean was a wonderful turquoise and everything was right in his world.

He heard the door to the room open and Elizabeth calling out that she was back. She disappeared into the bedroom then emerged onto the balcony, a drink in her hand. She kissed him hello, long and passionately, tongue dancing against his. Then she sat next to him and they sat in silence, enjoying each other’s company. The sun had just started to set when there was a knock at the door.

Elizabeth answered and it was Holly. She had changed into a long, flowing dress. She had a case of beer under one arm and a case of pre-mixed spirits under the other. She made her way to the kitchen and unloaded all the alcohol into the fridge, grabbing a drink of all three of them. She walked out to the balcony and announced that they were all going to be making use of the spa tonight and that Stuart should get it going.

Feigning annoyance, Stuart stood and started the spa, removing the lid and getting the jets going. The girls had gone inside but as he stepped inside to see where they were, they emerged from the bedroom and he stopped dead, his body unable to process was he was seeing.

Elizabeth was standing in the doorway, wearing an outfit Stuart had never dreamed of seeing her in. A thin piece of material was covering her mound, while up top, a bikini top was struggling to contain her enormous tits. The colour was a deep purple. She had her arms crossed in front of her, seemingly trying to hide herself. Stuart couldn’t speak — he had never seen her looking sexier. He noticed Holly behind her — also in a bikini, hers a bright white. Somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind, he registered just how amazing she looked, but he was so focused on his beautiful wife, he couldn’t give it a second thought.

“Say something. What do you think?” Elizabeth asked softly. Stuart continued to stare, unable to form words. Holly laughed and etlik escort took Elizabeth’s hand, dragging her towards the balcony. “In my experience Lizzy, when they can’t form a sentence, that means they are impressed.” Stuart turned on the spot, not taking his eyes off his wife’s gorgeous form. He noticed the bottoms were a G-string, the purple strand disappearing between her cheeks. He heard the girls laughing and opening more drinks. Shaking himself out of his trance, he rushed to the bedroom and threw on some board shorts, deciding against a singlet like he normally would around other people. He wasn’t in bad shape, but was still self-conscious about his own body.

By the time he made it out to the spa, both women were already enjoying the warm water and the jets, drinks in their hands. He grabbed a beer and hopped in, scooching close to Elizabeth, on the opposite side to Holly. He took a swig of his beer and couldn’t stop staring at his wife — her tits seemed to float on top of the water, entrancing him like a snake following a snake charmer’s instrument. He could hear the woman talking but had no idea what they were saying. Finally, Elizabeth splashed some water at him. “Oi! Holly asked you a question, horndog!”

Stuart looked around at Holly to find her staring at him — the same look she had on her face when they first met – the look of a woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it. He shifted slightly in his seat and asked her to repeat the question. He noticed her breasts were also floating on the water, bobbing along with the jets. He made an effort to keep looking her in the eye.

The three of them had a great evening in the spa, the girls reminiscing about their past, Holly embarrassing Elizabeth by telling lots of stories to Stuart about her, Holly asking about their kids and life back home. They found out that Holly had left home due to some money troubles. She owed lots of people lots of money and decided to run away — the response of a young woman out of her depth and under stress. When she had ended up here and found her new career, she made sure to pay off every single creditor back home and then started building quite the nice little nest egg for herself. She planned on returning home one day, but the money here was great, the weather was the best in the world and she loved her job.

They started to get hungry, so they ordered some room service. Once it arrived and Stuart brought it out to the balcony, Elizabeth made a comment. “If Jayne could see us now, she would be so disappointed! Eating’s cheating, remember?” Holly squealed with laughter, almost choking on her food. She looked at them both. “What time is it back home? Why don’t we FaceTime her?” Elizabeth loved the idea, so Stuart went and grabbed his iPad. They all hopped back in the spa and called Jayne.

The call connected and they saw Jayne, sitting outside, a drink in hand. Her face lit up, a smile breaking across her face when she saw Stuart and Elizabeth. She started talking a mile a minute — asking about their flight, how Stuart’s meeting went, if they were having fun. They filled her in on the details — she gave an extra loud whoop and shouted “FUCK YEAH!” when they told her how well the meeting went — and then she asked to see their room. Elizabeth stood up to take the iPad around and when Jayne caught sight of her bikini, she yelled out again. She made Stuart hold the iPad so Elizabeth could turn around in a circle, showing off the whole lot. Elizabeth blushed as Jayne told her how sexy she looked. Elizabeth hopped out of the spa and showed Jayne all around the apartment. She came back out to the balcony and stopped just beside the spa.

“So, when we arrived, we were checking in and I got the biggest surprise of my life! I heard some loud bitch yelling out my name, I turned around and you wouldn’t believe who it was!” She flipped the iPad around and watched Jayne’s face light up as Holly sat in the spa, waving. Jayne let out another scream, tears appearing in her eyes as she saw her old housemate for the first time in years. Holly was also tearing up. They all started talking at once, asking loads of questions, yelling back answers, super excited to see each other. At one stage Jayne went inside, sneaking through her house quietly to take her phone into her boy’s room to show her sleeping babies to Holly.

Jayne told them all she felt left out, wishing she was there with them. She told them to hold on and she would call them back. Elizabeth hopped back in the spa and they continued to drink, Holly not able to wipe the smile off her face. She commented how beautiful Jayne’s boys were, leading Stuart and Elizabeth to tell her many funny stories about them. Finally, Jayne called back. When Stuart answered, Jayne was sitting in her bath, blue bikini top on, drink in hand. They all had a laugh and continued to chat. Over the course of the next hour, Elizabeth and Jayne excitedly listened to Holly tell her story. They also filled her on their lives — the kids, work — all the usual stuff.

Stuart eve gelen escort set there mostly in silence, listening. He joined in occasionally, mostly to add a smart-ass comment to something Elizabeth said, usually drawing a groan or a slap from his wife. Holly was shocked when she learned Stuart, Elizabeth and Jayne all had a matching tattoo — three arrows on their right forearm. She gave Stuart a quizzical look then returned to the conversation. Finally, Jayne had to go — her boys would be up early and it was well after midnight where she was. She waved and blew goodbye kisses to them all and told Holly to text her. Stuart turned off the iPad and placed it on the table — it was then he saw how much Elizabeth and Holly had drunk. Empty bottles littered the area around the spa, so he tidied them up quickly, so no one got hurt. Elizabeth and Holly were laughing loudly and called out to him to hurry up and get more drinks. He came back to the spa with a drink for them all and hopped back in the spa. He took his seat next to Elizabeth but noticed that Holly had moved — she was now on his side of the spa, close enough that her leg would be touching his when he sat down. She patted the water next to her and he sat, almost sitting on Elizabeth’s lap. Unaware of his awkwardness, she pushed him to make him move over and he sat down, his leg coming to rest against Holly’s. Holly smiled, a glimpse of something predatory crossing her face briefly. She looked at Elizabeth.

“Lizzie, tell me something — and be honest. Have you two ever hooked up with Jayne?” She said it so casually, so matter of fact, that it took Stuart a second or two to realize exactly what she was asking. He looked at Elizabeth, who also had taken a moment to register the question properly — either because of the alcohol or because she was taken off guard like Stuart. She shook her head.

“No, never. I love Jayne, she is like a sister to me. She means more to me than anyone else on earth other than Stuart and our boys. I would never want to risk that or lose her.”

Holly smiled. “I only ask because there aren’t too many people that I know who have a matching tattoo with their best friend and their husband. Stuart you and Jayne do seem EXTREMELY close.”

Stuart looked at her seriously. “Jayne has done more for us than anyone will ever understand. She has been a shoulder to cry on for us both, together or individually. She has been a counsellor to us when things have been rough. We have also been there when things have been rough for her. We all love each other in different ways.”

Holly nodded. “That’s lovely. I am so glad you guys are all so close. I didn’t mean to offend you or anything. I just wondered is all. But I will say this — you are missing out! Jayne is dynamite in the sack. Us and Corey used to have heaps of fun together!” She took a sip of her drink as she finished speaking.

Stuart didn’t know how to react. He looked at Elizabeth and she seemed as shocked as he was. So many things that Holly just stated so simply were hard for Stuart to comprehend. Holly and Jayne had been together. It had also involved Corey, Elizabeth’s mystery man. Stuart took a big sip of his beer, trying to organize his thoughts.

Elizabeth didn’t miss a beat. “You and Jayne were both with Corey?” Her tone was one of shock and a tinge of anger. Her and Corey had never been exclusive, never even went on a date — they were fuck buddies, plain and simple. But the fact that he had also slept with Holly and Jayne, who had never mentioned it to her, was not something she had expected.

“You never knew? I thought everyone knew! That boy plowed through anyone and everyone.” Holly responded.

Stuart took his chance. “Who is Corey?” he asked, looking between them both. Elizabeth’s face went red, blushing. Holly obviously didn’t pick up on this.

“Corey? Lizzie never told you about Corey? They used to fuck every chance they got! I remember one night, I walked into the lounge room to find Lizzie on her hands and knees, Corey pounding her from behind, while 3 other people were in the room watching MTV! How have you never told him about Corey, Lizzie?”

Elizabeth’s face went a deeper shade of red. Stuart looked over at her, trying to keep his face neutral. Would she tell him? How much detail would she go into?

Elizabeth took a deep breath and turned to her husband. “Corey was a friend of Jayne’s. We met not long after I met Jayne. We hooked up a few times. It wasn’t anything serious.” Across the spa, Holly snorted. Elizabeth shot her a look, a ‘shut UP’ look. Holly ignored her.

“Lizzie isn’t being totally truthful here, and maybe it’s not my place to say anything, but they hooked up way more than a few times. And you may have not thought it was serious Lizzie, but he had a massive crush on you. Each time you guys were together; he would pine for you afterwards. That’s how we all ended up getting together. You guys had hooked up but then you met and started dating someone else. He came over one night to our house and was super sad. We all smoked some weed and all he kept talking about was how much he wanted you, how you made him feel. Jayne and I were listening but the weed had gotten to us so we started making out. Next thing I know, Corey is fucking me doggy style while Jayne and I were 69ing each other. Best orgasm I have ever had! After that, we hooked up a few times before I left.”

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