The Transformation of Shauna Ch. 2

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I had spent the entire day lounging around the condo. Kelly was supposed to be going out of town. I felt lazy and worked up from all the recent sexual tension in my life. I did a little web surfing and actually found myself looking up woman on woman porn sites. I had to stop it, I was driving myself crazy.

Over the recent months of living with Kelly, I had invested in a vibrator. I hadn’t been very interested in any men, and hadn’t been out much to meet anyone anyway. I needed the release. I had ordered it mail order and was almost busted the day it came in the mail. Luckily I was able to take possession of it with only a few questions from sexy roommate.

It was late in the afternoon and I had just finished off some Zinfandel. I lay sprawled on the over stuffed couch Kelly had contributed to the living room, watching something soft core on cable. I had retrieved my vibe earlier. Starting it up, I began to trace the outline of my breasts with the tip through the thin fabric of my t-shirt. It felt so good, my nipples snapped to attention immediately.

I was more then a bit tipsy and completely enthralled with what I was doing, I didn’t hear Kelly’s keys turn in the lock. She is always so quiet anyway. Her trip had been canceled xslot but I had no idea as I slowly worked my body with the vibe.

My body temperature rising I slipped the thin cotton tee over my head freeing my ample breasts. The cool air of the room hardening my nipples into fat ruby nubs, pointed straight to the sky. I began sliding the humming toy over them, groaning softly as I could feel my body’s response deep in the core of my pussy.

So involved I did not see Kelly standing off to the side her eyes glued on my quivering near naked body. My own eyes slid shut as I began to fantasize, now freely of my gorgeous roommate. Imagining it were her long strong fingers tweaking my nipples and slipping the vibe under the waist band of my panties and against my pulsing clit. I could feel my juices soaking the slippery fabric.

I still carried a tiny bit of shame at such thoughts, but the pleasure overrode me and as I came, my roommates name spilled from my parting lips. As the orgasm took me, Kelly heard me call her name. I lay in suspended release for several long minutes before I heard the sound of soft, yet heavy breathing off over my shoulder. I glanced up straight into Kelly’s emerald eyes.

I expected shock xslot Giriş but it was not there. Instead a wicked smile spread over her features and I felt so incredibly exposed before her. My legs still cocked apart the vibe resting beneath my silky panties against my yet throbbing clit.

“Shauna you dirty little slut” Her words seemed to physically grip me and I felt dizzy at the sexual heat and command in her tone. “All this time I thought you were so straight, and good. I had no idea you were such a naughty bitch waiting to come out.” I was still stunned by all of this my nerve jumbling climax and calling her name, and now being handled by the real woman. My head spinning, she had me in her complete control. I later was to learn she had me from the moment she walked in the door. “Stand up NOW Shauna, on our feet.” She snapped the words like a whip and I quickly jumped too, dropping the vibrator on the couch.

Despite my recent orgasm, I suddenly felt intensely aroused. My body overriding any last shreds of shame, I wanted so desperately to give myself to this powerful woman. “Very good Shauna, training you will be such a pleasure.” Her tone conveyed an overwhelming sense of authority, “Just remember my sweet puss, xslot Güncel Giriş you now belong to me. Every climax, every intimate, sensitive sensual moment, I own you. You are mine.” Without a word I knew it was true.

“So you’ve been fantasizing about me? Wondering what it might be like with another woman, baby? Or just wondering how it would be with me?” Her eyes pinned me to the floor and I could feel my face reddening. Suddenly overcome with self consciousness, I reached for my t-shirt. Before I could lay one finger on the cotton top, Kelly snatched it from my grasp and slapped me hard across the left breast. I rocked back not really hurt, but startled.

“I didn’t say you could get dressed yet slut! Now answer me!” her tone left not room for argument. Completely disoriented and shocked, my breast tingling from her violent touch, I could barely find the words. Stammering and sputtering I managed to eek out, “Only you Kelly, only you”. My face rivaled the color of a stop sign, I could feel it.

Nodding she smiled, “Good, that is just how I want you. There will be rules Shauna, and you will obey them. If you do not there will be hell to pay, understand?” Eyes wide, I had lost my voice entirely, I could only nod. I found my head spinning trying to imagine what she could be talking about.

“Don’t worry baby doll, I won’t expect you to know all the rules at once. Teaching will be half the pleasure.” She spoke, and wicked gleam in her eye.

To be continued

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