The Transformation Ch. 03

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Basically the way things progress from the end of chapter 2 is as follows. I’ll summarise this so that we can move onto what happens with Brad and Jessica the next morning.

After Jessica reveals her superb breasts to the guys and Alan overcomes his initial shock the whole thing degenerates into one big fuck fest with Jessica as the star attraction.

She takes control of proceeding and tells the guys to strip off as she walks around caressing them and feeling their growing cocks making off handed remarks about their size. She decides to do her hubby Alan first and she drops to her hands and knees and begs him to fuck her from behind. The other guys line up in front of her and she sucks them off alternatively as Alan pounds her pussy.

After Jessica’s husband fucks her he passes out and Jessica progressively takes on the other guys. The next guy takes his place and now one of the guys lays beneath Jessica and sucks her big tits which hang down towards the floor so now she has one guy fucking her as she sucks off another as her own tits get sucked hard.

Finally after Jessica drains the cum from each of them she sits up on her knees and challenges the guys to jerk off on her big tits. The guys go ballistic furiously jerking their cocks as she rubs her huge tits and play with her pussy. Finally one of them can hold back no longer and starts to spray cum all over you and the other soon follow.

As Jessica receives your very first cum shower she starts to think about tomorrow and Brad.

The next morning.

Jessica woke the next morning later than usual. She felt hung over but knew that she had hardly had a drop to drink. It 9am and Alan had long gone off to work.

As she wondered off to the shower she had to ask herself if it was all some crazy dream or was it real. Had Brad really come over? Did she really wank off his gigantic cock and make him shower her in gallons of cum? Did she really fuck Alan in front of his friends and did they gang bang her?? It all seemed so hazy but as she looked in the mirror she new it was all real as she could see that she was covered in what must have been gallons of dried cum. Her tits, stomach, neck and even her face were covered. YES it wasn’t a dream and you know what that meant…

Today was THE day, today she would finally get to have Brad all to herself.

She jumped in the shower and washed herself clean, she wanted to smell so nice for Brad that he would want to eat her, all of her.

What to wear thought Jessica as she stood naked in front of the mirror.

After trying on some of her shortest shorts and tops she settled on wearing her tiny black bikini under denim shorts and a red drop top which showed off her abs.

As she drove to the address Brad had given her hands trembled on the steering wheel. She tried to keep calm but she felt like a schoolgirl going on her first date. Her heart raced her hands were sweaty and her mind was racing at a million miles an hour.

Finally she arrived at the address. As she got out of the car she looked in awe at the mansion in front of her. Surely this wasn’t Brad’s place was it? Then she remembered that Brad had said that he was house sitting for a friend, some friend she thought. I need a friend like that.

Jessica approached the front door and noted that there was a lot of security around and wondered what the owner of this place did for a living.

She pushed the video link and waited. She didn’t have to wait long as Brad’s sultry voice came through the speaker.

“Hey Jessi, great to see you, I’ll be right out,” he said.

Jessica fidgeted nervously as she waited for Brad to open the door. She just didn’t know what to expect.

When the door finally opened Jessica just felt her heart melting. There stood Brad, the big hunk of a guy just stood there leaning on the doorframe dressed in a white t-shirt and denim shorts. His hair was wet and he looked so alive and fresh. He opened his arms and welcomed Jessica in as she entered he grabbed her from behind wrapping his big strong arms around her and kissed her on the neck.

Jessica just titled her head to the side exposing even more of her neck to his lips which continued to kiss her.

His aftershave was intoxicating…Jessica closed her eyes resting her head back on Brad’s chest. Brad could have easily groped at her breasts like an over eager schoolboy but Brad was nothing of the sort. He was a man who had unbelievable self control and instead of attacking her breasts he just hugged her allowing her to feel his body close to hers.

“Mmmmm Jessica it’s so good to see you again. You look stunning,” he added as he spun Jessica around.

“Thanks Brad, it’s great to be here,” replied Jessica.

Brad showed her in and offered her a drink. Jessica’s heart raced as part of her wanted to rip Brad’s clothes from him while at the same time she loved the anticipation of it all.

The house was amazing. Jessica couldn’t believe what she saw. It had a distinct retro feel while at the same time it had all Avcılar Escort the latest technology with huge plasma TVs, stereos etc. The walls were covered with massive paintings, mostly high quality nudes of guys and girls. There were lots of couches and the bar looked large enough to host big parties.

Brad showed Jessica around a bit more before ushering her out the back.

“WOW!! Look at that pool, its amazing,” gasped Jessica.

‘Yeah, pretty impressive isn’t it,” replied Brad.

The pool was no ordinary pool but something that you might find in a classy hotel. It was a large free form pool with a large open air Jacuzzi, a grotto with a waterfall and a huge deck with sun lounges and outdoor couches.

Jessica was blown away by it all.

“Who owns this place Brad?” asked Jessica.

“His name is Xavier Cruze,” said Brad.

“I’ve never heard of him, what does he do? Is he in movies?” asked Jessica.

‘Well you could sort of say that, he’s a producer of movies,” said Brad with a wry smile on his face.

‘What’s so funny Brad, what movies has he made, maybe I know them? Wow a movie producers home,” gasped Jessica.

“Mmmmm, I’m not sure you would be familiar with any of his movies,” replied Brad clearly amused with what was going on.

“Tell me which actors have been here, has Nicole Kidman been here? What about Penelope Cruz??” asked Jessica clearly excited by the thought.

Brad couldn’t contain himself any longer and burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny Brad?” asked Jessica.

“Sorry I shouldn’t play like that with you. Have you ever heard of Jenna Jameson and Axel Steele maybe Peter North?” asked Brad.

“Mmmmm, no what movies have they been in?” asked Jessica now a little suspicious.

“Well let’s see…there was College Girls Gone Crazy, Hard Candy 2 and She Needs it Bad, any of those sound familiar?” asked Brad.

As Jessica thought about this it dawned on her that they sounded like….they sounded like porno title. Fuck could it be? Fuck they make pornos here!!!!

“Oh my god Brad, they’re pornos aren’t they!! They make pornos here don’t they!!” gasped Jessica.

Brad wrapped his arms around Jessica and looked her in the eye.

“Yes Jessica they do, does that worry you?” asked Brad.

“Worry me!! God no, wow this is unbelievable!!” replied Jessica.

Suddenly it dawned upon Jessica that Brad must be in some of these movies. Surely with a cock like his he’d be in big demand as a male porn star.

“Brad, have you acted in any of these movies?” asked Jessica not yet sure want she wanted the answer to be.

Brad thought about this carefully.

“Well yeah a few of them, does that worry you?” he asked.

“Hell no, wow a porn star!! Me with a porn star, un fucking believable” responded Jessica.

“Great, hey care for a swim?” asked Brad.

“Sure lets go,” replied Jessica.

Brad led Jessica to the lounge by the pool where he removed his shirt and shorts revealing his sexy body while leaving his swimmers on. Jessica removed her top and shorts revealing her tiny black bikini.

“Wow babe, you’re gorgeous, stunning,” said Brad looking her up an down.

“Why thank you Brad, not bad yourself,” replied Jessica who couldn’t help but notice the obscenely large bulge in Brad’s swimmers.

Brad suddenly swept her up in his strong arms and carried her over to the edge of the pool where he jumped in with her. They surfaced together and as Jessica wiped her eyes she felt Brad’s lips on hers kissing her passionately. Jessica responded by kissing him back their tongue searching each others mouth as their lust swept over them like a tidal wave.

Jessica threw her head back and Brad continued to kiss her lips, her cheeks and then her neck. As he did he held Jessica’s jaw in one hand his fingers brushing lightly across her full lips.

God Jessica was in heaven. She couldn’t believe it was this really happening. Was she in the arms of a porn star with a gigantic cock at the house where they film pornos….could this be true???? Surely it was a dream…..As she stood there her eyes closed she was snapped suddenly from her dream as Brad pulled her black bikini down under her breasts. his hands cupping them pushing them up to his waiting mouth where upon he teasingly licked around the nipples circling them as a shark would a swimmer until finally going in for the kill. And when he did he sucked her nipples so hard that Jessica could feel her chest being drawn into him.

Jessica’s breasts were everything that Brad remembered them to be, large full breasts with large upward pointing nipples the size of small almonds.

Brad continued to lick and suck Jessica’s big tits and as he did he grabbed Jessica by her tight ass and lifted her so that she could wrap her legs around his waist. As she did she wrapped her hands around Brad’s neck meaning that Brad was now free to use both his hands and mouth on Jessica’s tits.

“OHHH GOD Brad, That’s sooooo good, Beylikdüzü Escort suck my big titties, oh shit yeah!!!! I LOVE IT!!” screamed Jessica who was squeezing her tits together with her upper arms.

But now Jessica could feel something else beside her tits being sucked and it came from below. She could feel it throbbing and growing pressing against her ass. God it felt so strong, so big so fucking HUUUGE.

Jessica eased herself off Brad which was a hard thing to do. For one she was beside herself with the attention her tits were receiving and secondly she had to get over Brad;s enormous cock which was like a huge steel bar holding her up. As she began to lower herself she was amazed to actually feel herself being lifted up not by Brad’s strong arms but by his cock. Fuck this guy was unbelievable.

Finally Brad had had is fun by lifting Jessica up with his huge cock.

‘Sorry babe, couldn’t help myself but I just loved the feeling of your hot ass on my cock like that,” laughed Brad.

“No problems you big stud. Hey I was just thinking don’t all porn stars have different names, you know porn names?” asked Jessica.

“Well yeah that’s normally the way it works,” replied Brad.

“What’s yours, I bet it’s a good one, what is it, please tell me Brad?” begged Jessica.

“Mmmmm, OK. Its Max Rider, what do you think? A bit corny don’t you think?” asked Brad.

“Max Rider, I like it, Max,” giggled Jessica.

Brad laughed as well and grabbing Jessica’s hand led her to the side of the pool where he lifted her up onto the edge. Jessica looked down and saw that her big tits were still exposed out of her bikini top.

Brad eased himself out of the pool, leaning on the edge he raised his body slowly. First his chest appeared, then his six pack and finally his cock came into full view and even though it was constrained in his swimmers it looked ominously huge snaking around his hip. God he was massive thought Jessica.

Brad suggested that she dry off and he would rub some suntan oil on her.

Jessica laid down on the sun lounge and Brad straddled her thighs and ran his hands up Jessica’s spine to her shoulders where he gently massaged her upper back.

Jessica was in heaven. Brad’s hands felt warm and strong her body tingled with his touch. Suddenly she felt a hot splash of oil on her back and brad’s hands rubbing it gently all over her back.

“Mmmmmm, that feels soooo good Brad, sooo very good,” purred Jessica.

Brad slowly untied Jessica’s bikini strap and let it fall to the side. His hands now explored her sides reaching around and gently brushing her breasts.

Brad continued to massage Jessica’s back with the oil. Jessica just lay there enjoying the unbelievable sensation that Brad was giving her. But her mind was never far from one thing…..COCK!!! Huge massive COLOSSAL COCK which even now she could feel rubbing against her tight butt.

Brad pushed himself down Jessica’s legs so that he could better access Jessica ass. He undid the bikini bottoms and Jessica raised her butt so that Brad could remove her bikini bottom.

“Mmmm Mmmmm, now that is one nice ass!” sighed Brad as he massaged Jessica’s cheeks.

Jessica’s firm ass was white and in sharp contrast to her tanned legs and back. Brad rubbed oil all over it, so much so that it dripped down the inside of her thighs.

Brad stood up and repositioned himself so that he was kneeling beside Jessica. He could now run his hands from Jessica’s toned calves up her thighs over her ass through the small of her back up her back to her shoulders where he would finish by gently massaging her neck before doing the same in reverse. As he reached Jessica’s ass she instinctively raised it to meet his hands.

“Ohhhhhhh baby, OHHHHHH BABY…” moaned Jessica as she slightly opened her thighs almost willing Brad’s hands to explore her dripping pussy.

But as inviting as it was Brad resisted the urge to bury his hands in her pussy and. For the next five minutes Brad brought Jessica to the very edge of a climatic chasm but some how he knew just how close he could take her without sending her spiralling over the edge.

“Oh yes Brad….Oh fuck Brad that feels sooooo good, you’re strong hands my pussy feels like it’s on fire, ohhhh please…” peated out Jessica’s voice as she thrust her ass cheeks even harder into Brad’s strong hands.

As Jessica’s voice trailed off Brad paused and as his hands reached Jessica’s upper thighs his right hand pushed between Jessica’s thighs feeling for her pussy.

Jessica was gushing as Brad’s fingers entered her. First one then two and then three of his large fingers were deeply inserted in her sopping pussy probing her deeper and deeper.

“Oh god Brad, Oh FUCK!!! That feels so good…..” gasped Jessica as Brad’s fingers rubbed her swollen clit.

“Mmmmmm. Jessi baby you’re so wet down there. Do you like that do you??” teased Brad.

“I love Brad…I just love it!!” panted Jessica.

Brad continued Esenyurt Escort to drive his fingers into Jessi’s pussy and as he did he helped Jessi to bring her knees up and arch her back so that her ass was now sticking up in the air her pussy exposed so that Brad could really access it and access it he did.

He straddled the sun lounge and sat directly behind Jessi his face know level with her ass or more to the point her pussy. He grabbed a cheek in each hand and spread her cheeks even further and held them there as he plunge his tongue into her pussy. Unlike the other night when Brad licked Jessica’s pussy this time he didn’t hold back as he ate her out nibbling her pussy lips tonguing her clit and sucking the free flowing juices from her. Jessica ground her hips back against his face driving his tongue even further, if that was possible into her pussy.

“OHHH FUCK BRAD!!! I’m CUMMING, OH SHIT!!!!!” howled Jessica who almost convulsed in orgasmic pleasure.

Brad would have spoken if he could have but with his tongue buried deep inside Jessi’s deliciously dripping pussy words were the furtherest thing from his mind.

Jessica’s hips bucked and thrust as orgasm after orgasm racked body. Jessica was know playing with her own tits squeezing her nipples hard as she tried retain some composure.

Finally Jessi could take no more, at least for the moment and Brad sensed it. He slowly withdrew his tongue giving Jessica’s cheeks a light kiss as if to say thank you.

Jessica collapsed on the sun lounge basking in the warm sun as her body recovered from the workout it had just received.

Brad looked at her lying there, so peaceful so perfect. His cock throbbed in his swimmers a large stain having appeared as precum flowed liberally from his massive shaft. As tempting as it was he knew better than to try and fuck Jessica until she had fully recovered from the tongue lashing he had just given her so he headed off to the bar.

Jessica had drifted off but the warm sun soon woke her. She looked around and there sitting beside her sat Brad. He just sat there looking at her a big smile on his face.

‘Drink??” asked Brad offering Jessica the glass he held.

“Thanks,” replied Jessica thankful for the drink.

“Wow, vodka and tonic, my favourite how did you…” began Jessica before stopping herself thinking is there anything that this guy doesn’t know I like.

Brad just smiled and took a mouthful of his own drink, a vodka lime and soda.

“So you like the pool then do you?” asked Brad making small talk with Jessica who had rolled over exposing her impressive chest to Brad.

“Hey I just gotta ask Jessica and I hope you don’t mind me doing this but your tits are amazing would you mind telling me just how big they are?” asked Brad.

“Sure Brad. They’re 38DDs,” said Jessica proudly holding them up for Brad to get a better view.

“Wow and I know they’re all natural not like the girls I have to work with in the movies,” said Brad.

“Are they really, all of them?” said Jessica somewhat surprised.

“Well any of them with any size to them. The thing is it’s not only their tits that are fake its all of them. Fake tits fake passion fake orgasms. I swear there is was this one girl that as I was fucking her from behind she was doing her nails saying do me Max, oh Max you’re so big etc etc how’s that for fake,” said Brad.

“I can’t believe it. How could anyone taking your 14 inch cock be so not into it. What did you do Brad?” asked Jessica amazed by what she was hearing.

“Oh don’t worry I got that fake slut. I pulled out my cock and shoved it so far up her ass she nearly died. Squealed like you wouldn’t believe and trust me there was nothing fake about that,” laughed Brad.

Jessica’s jaw dropped, her eyes bulged she sat there dumfounded.

“Did you just say you fucked her up the ass with that monster of yours?” gasped Jessica.

‘Yep, all of it. I slammed it all in and did she feel it. Does that scare you. I don’t want to put you off babe,” replied Brad.

Something was happening inside Jessica. She couldn’t put her finger on it but she liked the feeling. Then it dawned upon her that it was caused by the thought of taking Brad’s massive cock up her ass. Surely not. She had had some thoughts of it with Alan but thought better of it but now with Brad what should have scared her turned her on.

“No, I know I should be but I’m not,” said Jessica.

Jessica took a few more sips of her vodka and then placed it down beside her.

“Brad, do you think you might be able to rub some that oil on my front. I don’t want to get sunburnt especially these bog white titties of mine now do I,” teased Jessica gently rubbing her hands over her impressive rack.

“Oh shit, sorry Jessi how unthoughtful of me,” responded Brad.

Brad asked her stand up so that he could it properly. Brad grabbed a different bottle to the one he had used for her back.

“What’s that?” asked Jessica.

“This, this is an oil I like to use of girls fronts. You see its delicious as well as be a good lubricant, get the idea!!” replied Brad.

“Mmmmm I get all right and certainly hope to do so in the very near future,” smiled Jessica.

Brad opened the bottle and drizzled the oil liberally across Jessica’s tits. The oil ran down over her full breasts and down the cleavage.

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