The Train Ride

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It was my first time on a train I was going to see my uncle in France. That’s when I saw her a beautiful women she was 5’1, Blue eyes, Raven black hair, looks about 112lbs. I was about to go and talk to her but a crowd was in the way and she was gone so I boarded the train and when to my cabin and sat down. I must of fell asleep cause I heard beautiful voice trying to wake me opening my eyes I awoke to see the girl I saw when I was boarding.

“Hello my name is Amara look like were roommates what’s yours?” Amara said smiling and holding out her hand.

“My name is Lamar its nice too meet you Amara.” I said reaching out my hand to shake hers. Sitting up we started to get to know each other I told her why I was in Paris and she told me why she was in Paris.

“So Amara where are you from originally.” I said wiping the tears from my eyes from laughing too much.

“I’m from the USA Detroit, Michigan to be exact.” She said.

“Really I’m from Detroit too where do you live at there.” I said.

“I used to live on Clermont about 5 years ago now I live in Taylor with my mom.” She said.

“You live on Clermont I live on the street after it Taylor what was the address?” I asked.

“It was 4044 it was my ex-boyfriend house when we lived together but he was always hanging with his friends Joel and Larry to even care about me so I hung out with Joel’s little brother Mario.” She said.

“I’m the little brother Mario that was my nickname because I played to much Mario Bros no wonder you look familiar.” I said shocked.

We sat there talking about old memories of us hanging out with each other until I noticed we’ve been talking for 3 hours and I was hungry. “You want to go and get something to eat Amara?” I asked getting up to screech my body.

“Sure I was getting hungry.” she said

So we left our cabin to go to the dinning canlı bahis şirketleri car there we ate Chicken Alfredo Noodles with some white wine after dinner we went back to our cabin and I went to the bathroom to get change for bed. When I came out my jaw dropped standing in front of me was Amara in a red lace teddy with a red see-through robe.

“WOW! You look very sexy in that.” I said looking at her body.

I walk over to her and bring her into my arms a kiss her passionately as her hands roam my body. I broke the kiss and moved my head down to her breast and licked and sucked on her nipples through her teddy I could hear her moan my name as I did this. I stood up and took off my clothes and she took of her teddy.

I kissed my way to her neck and then as I licked and sucked her neck I started to I gently cupped her breast taking the nipples in between my fingers and gently squeezing them, Amara began to moan as I gently massaged her nipples. Then I took one nipple into my mouth and gently suckled it like a baby. I took both nipples and suckle them both for twenty minutes, occasionally flicking them with my tongue or stopping to just bite them. I was now feeling her every motion and I was extremely horny.

I kiss her belly, stopping at her belly button running my hands down the side of her belly, just brushing the sides of her beautiful breasts. When I got to her belly button I gently placed my tongue in the hole and then locked my lips around its edge, sucking and tonguing her belly button.

I ran my hands back up her body and gently cupped her breasts. She took both my hands and started to suck each of my fingers watching me as she sucked my fingers, never breaking eye contact. Then she slowly raised her back and guided my hands to her pussy, I could smell and feel her wetness of her wonderfully trimmed pussy. Moving my canlı kaçak iddaa head down to her pussy I gently licked her slit stopping to taste her sweetness, probing her clit with my tongue, just gently flicking and licking her clit. Occasionally moving away to concentrate on her lips, before long I could feel her pussy beginning to tighten and I knew she was about to cum. So I carefully placed my lips around her pussy, and started to suck away, in between each suck probing my tongue as deep into her as possible. She placed both her hands on my head and started to grind her hips into me, and then I felt her hips and grip tighten and I was feeling her hot cum on the end of my tongue.

With my lips locked firmly around her pussy I drank as much cum as I could. Before I had to finally let go so I could breath. I kissed my way up from her belly and over her breasts as she wrapped her arms around me. I kissed and sucked her neck for a while before I moved my way up to her mouth. She kissed me passionately.

She guided her hand down to my jeans and slowly undid my button and then my zip. She gently slid my jeans down to my ankles and then slowly removed my boxers to. I was now lying in my garden, with a naked Amara underneath my hard cock, and me rubbing against her wet pussy. She clenched both my ass cheeks and gently started to rock her hips against my cock, pulling me into her, my cock rubbing against her pussy but not inside her.

She then slowly grabbed my cock with one hand and started to rub it up and down the shaft of my cock, giving me a better hand job then I had ever given myself, Each time there was to much friction she rubbed her hand against her wet pussy and then wiped her juices all over my hard cock, before long I was ready to cum, I whispered to Amara that I was ready to cum and she guided me into her pussy.

“I want you canlı kaçak bahis to cum inside me, so give it to me hard now” she whispered

with that I started to thrust my shaft in and out of her pussy, as she ground her hips against mine. Harder and faster was what she whispered in my ear and I was not going to disappoint her. With every thrust she moaned and gasped. Her moans were getting louder and it was turning me on. We were humping like rabbits and I was lasting a long time, even after I felt like I was going to explode. Then Amara took her long legs and wrapped them around my butt cheeks, pulling me tighter into her with every thrust.

I came inside her almost as if I had pissed myself, stream after hot stream of my cum spurted into her, the thrusting stopped but her pussy was still sucking my cock. I collapsed in a heap on top of Amara, my head resting on her breasts as I gasped for air, both our bodies covered in sweat.

Thank you for today” she whispered

“The pleasure was all mine” I replied

“Would you like to go out sometime Amara?” I asked

“Sure, I would love to” she replied

“Tomorrow at nine??? How about Dinner for two at my uncle’s restaurant he love to have you??” I quizzed

“It’s a date! Oh and one other thing?”

“What’s that then?” I asked,

“You have to book a hotel room for tomorrow too!”

“Why?” I asked

“I want you all to myself tomorrow, somewhere where it’s me and you and nobody else” she whispered

“I still owe you an orgasm, because I had two!” she laughed

With that I gave her a kiss I grabbed her arm and pulled her close to me. I kissed her again this time more passionately. And then I whispered in her ear

“I am falling head over heals for you”

“Are you? Me too” she smiled

Just then we heard the conductor say we’ll be in France in one minute so we got up and showered together and put on some clothes on just as the train stopped at the station we exchanged numbers and went our different ways. I meet up with my uncle and we left the station and I told him that I’ll be getting a hotel after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32