The Thorned Rose Ch.02

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69 Position

Scarlett stood precariously in his new heeled shoes, eying himself over sceptically in the full-length mirror Mayla had been so kind as to provide him with. She had been so kind as to provide him with a lot of things, actually.

She had been so kind as to supply the heeled shoes in which he now stood, although he cursed their shape and was only standing, he was sure, thanks to his natural elven balance. She had been so kind as to supply the dress that now clung attractively to his figure, strapless and shoulderless it had to hug tight to his flat chest not to slip down further, following the shape of his hips to flare out into a wide flow of skirts. She had even been so kind as to not only supply him with the makeup, which she assured him was necessary for his job role, but to show him how to apply it.

A dark shade of shadow highlighting the vibrancy of his bright green eyes. A dash of blushing adding to his already alluring femininity. Most prominently, his lips were now a vibrant red, a hue she had smirkingly referred to as being in their tongue, also called scarlet.

Observing himself he certainly set a striking image, his hair brushed and tied back into a flowing ponytail, strands tucked back to emphatically display his pointed ears. It seemed to him Mayla had gone very far out of her way in preparing him to display his perceived feminine features and to highlight his race. Not that all that really surprised him, he was after all her flashy new elven barmaid. Her all-female employee, as far as any curious customers were concerned.

Scarlett sighed some and patted down his dress, finally convinced he had sowed and tailored it enough with Mayla’s small kit that it fit him comfily. He was almost convinced in fact that he’d be able to move around without it slipping down his chest, he had observed that while males often brandished their chests proudly all but the lowliest of women kept their chests hidden.

Mayla had been up since the break of dawn, splitting her time between providing breakfast for those who had stayed the night and inducting, dressing and making up Scarlett to look the part he had to play. While he would be tasked with smaller errands for her throughout the day, his real duties of serving wouldn’t be quite as needed until evening.

She seemed keen, however, to get him downstairs today to start spreading the word of his arrival and to further show him the ropes.

Carefully and leaning on the wall delicately for the support he made his way towards the tavern proper, away from the rented rooms and into the main space. It was late morning before the sun had reached its peak and the tavern was at it’s quietest. People who had stayed the night had breakfasted and left, those who might come for lunch had not yet arrived and the evening crowd of revellers were likely still sleeping off the previous night’s fun.

“I really must get back to the market Mayla..” a voice whined, female and quiet, his elvish ears picking it out as he arrived.

“Stay for one more! Just one more I swear she will be down any minute!” Mayla’s voice, her head turning to glance anxiously towards where Scarlett now stood, her eyes lighting up as soon as she saw him, a relieved-looking smile settling over her features.

Scarlett glanced down from her, pursing his lips as he noticed the source of the other voice, a gnomish woman, slender and maybe three foot tall, looking up at her in frustration as she knelt on the bar stool, “You have to let go of this fantasy of yours that you bedded an elf! You got too much into your own brew I’m thinking lass!!”

Mayla glanced down at the gnome as Scarlett, standing free of the wall for support but walking with measured steps all the same, sauntered towards the two of them at the bar, trying to sway his hips the way Mayla had demonstrated that morning as he had washed. “Oh yeah?” she pointed towards Scarlett, smug.

The gnome rolled her eyes as if to entertain a child and glanced in the direction Mayla was pointing. She did a double take, her mouth falling open as she stared at Scarlett as he approached. He tried to give her his most winning smile. “Good morning..” he said, voice soft and inviting, again as Mayla had instructed him. His voice should be enticing so people want to stay and drink more, he remembered her instructing.

“By the workings of our fathers. You! Elf lass! You real!?” the gnome was tiny sure, her frame slender for her size, her hair black and her eyes almost matching, he looked down into the intensity of her almost black eyes. She looked as if she were about to burst they were so wide!

Scarlett paused, a little taken aback. He was still considerably withdrawn when it came to interaction, after all, he had only ever spoken in full to Mayla. He glanced at her and saw her nod a little encouraging with a smile as she moved with practised motions to make some kind of drink.

Scarlett looked back to the expectant gnome and nodded some. “Well.. Of course? My names um.. Scarlett.. I’m the new barmaid here.” he offered, simply.

The gnome eyed him over critically then beckoned with a finger as she stood on the stool, “C’mere! Lemme get a proper look at you eh?”

Scarlett glanced at Mayla before stepping forward complying, blinked at the gnome, studying the intensity in her dark eyes as they flickered and scanned over his features. “Naah they’re fake, look!” She reached out with a hand and gave the tip of Scarlett’s long pointed ears a squeeze!

His vision went white and a soft feminine gasp flowed from his painted lips, he felt his cheeks flush with colour and he found himself gripping the bar for support as his knees went weak. “A-aah! H-hey~ Careful please, they’re really really sensitive..” he pursed his lips a little, trying to find his feet again.

The gnome stared open-mouthed, incredulous, unbelieving. “..Fuck me. You’re an elf..”

“Told you so,” Mayla replied in a smug sing-song voice, placing a tall cup filled with a creamy brown liquid, steaming before Scarlett. “Whose bed did you stay in last night Scarlett hun?”

Scarlett eyed the cup with some suspicion, the scent was complex to his senses but not unpleasant. “Yours, of course,” he replied casually as he picked up the cup, as if the answer should be obvious. It was only proper after all, following the tradition that he stay in his employer’s bed for the first night of his employment.

The gnome’s gaze flickered between Mayla and Scarlett, at a complete loss for words. She shook her head, clambering down from the stool and walking hastily between the tables towards the exit. “I er.. I gotta get back from the market, my sister will be wondering where I’m at!”

Mayla grinned excitedly as she leant forwards on her bar, elbows on the top chin rested on her upturned palms as she watched the gnome leave.

Scarlett slid into the stool the gnome had been occupying, clasping the hot cup in his hands to warm them. “What was all that about?..”

“Oh, that was Liu. She’s possibly one of the biggest gossips there is around here. She’ll spread the word of you to everyone she speaks to in the market today. A rumour like you will spread like wildfire too.” She grinned broadly. “We’re going to have a rush on tonight. It’ll be a bit of a trial by fire for you. You’ll be on your feet all evening, think you can handle that?”

Scarlett bit his lip and looked down at his feet. The heels were awkward, but not too tall, not too difficult, after a couple of hours he’d be graceful on them, he was sure. The conversation and social aspect worried him, but he didn’t want to disappoint Mayla after she had been so considerate and kind to him. “I’ll be okay Mayla. I won’t disappoint you.” he was going to do his best to earn his room, board, bed and pillows.

“I know you will sweetness,” she said, reassuringly squeezed his forearm, smirking some. “Drink, it’ll give you energy. I’ll show you how to quickly wash the glasses, pour the drinks and mix a few of the basics. I’ll mostly just have you serving tonight but you might as well learn. We’ll start when you’ve finished that eh?” Scarlett nodded softly and she smiled, walking off to see to a patron, leaving him to his cup.

He glanced down at his drink. The colour was disconcerting but the smell was already growing on him. He picked it up and, in the spirit of learning, took a sip. It was bitter, caramelly, sweet, creamy, all manner of amazing tastes and sensations which washed over his inexperienced palette. He stared down into the cup in wonderment. Elves stuck primarily to water with the occasional treat of flower wine, a mildly alcoholic drink made with the petals of flowers for taste.

“Mm!” he swallowed and looked back at Mayla, calling to her, eyes twinkling! “What is this?! This is amazing!” he took another sip, almost burning his mouth as he let the invigorating flavours play out over his tongue.

Mayla looked across at him bemused as she went about pouring another for the patron. “Uh.. Coffee?”

“Coffee.. I must bring this back to my people.. Where does it come from?” he asked excitedly and Mayla noted, his pupils had dilated. Two sips and the elf was already buzzing from the energy hit. She wondered if his body would react the same way to alcohol?

Mayla pursed her lips some, “Buh.. From the southern lands, I think.. Was an orc brew but it’s gotten pretty popular in these parts with a bit of cream and honey.”

Scarlett nodded curiously as he took another sip, tapping his foot a little impatiently on the floor. There was so much to get done today! He could hardly sit here the entire day wasting it! “Can you show me how to mix the drinks? Maybe I could clean the place up a bit of you prefer? How much do I charge for drinks?”

His questions were coming fast and frantic and Mayla found herself cracking a smile. This was going to be a good day for business.

The day progressed much as Mayla had expected, she had a mind for business and had had the foresight to crack out the extra chairs and glasses. She showed Scarlett the ropes to serving and waiting tables, encouraging him to make polite conversation with the few patrons that entered during the day, enticing him with notable results to come out of his shell and embrace being Scarlett. However many of these people didn’t stop for a drink, there merely walked indoors, spotted Scarlett and left again. Word was spreading, people were coming to see whether it was true.

He was progressing well, too. Each new visitor intrigued him more and more, engaging in conversation just to learn more about them, to know where they were from and where they were visiting. Mayle loved watching him interact, he was adorably flirtatious even if he didn’t realise it. His curiosity and desire to learn more was disarming and combined with his beautiful smile and increasingly feminine mannerisms he seemed to be hitting on everyone he talked to. The way he pursed his full lips as he adjusted the top portion of his dress, the way he delicately brushed stray hairs over his shoulder, occasionally stopping to adjust his ponytail, trapping them in his cascading rush of fiery hair. It was like he was courting them into telling him more worldly news and information about themselves.

As the day drew on she truly felt he was coming to grips with his assigned role and given identity. He was already confident while speaking with others and was definitely blossoming in his portrayal of an Elven Maiden, albeit a flat chested one.

Mayla was of course still anxious of what the evening would bring, but she found herself glancing towards the door with rising anticipation and excitement. She wanted it to begin, wanted to see Scarlett in action. If tonight was as successful as she hoped it would be, it could mean great things for not only her, but The Thorned Rose in its entirety.

Mayla was used to her regulars starting to trickle in around fifth and sixth bell, proceeded by groups of patrons and revellers from seven onwards in search of food, drink, warmth and mirth, so when the Escort door was pushed open as the fifth bell was chiming to reveal a group she hadn’t seen before it gave her hope for the evening to come.

Scarlett, who had been leaning on a counter, watched as the three entered the bar and quickly focused on him. A trio of humans, two women and one male watching him as he blinked back at them. Awkwardly he raised his hand and gave them a little cursory wave.

As if breaking some spell one of the females, who Scarlett noticed was likely in her middle years urged the other two towards a table. They started to whisper to each other but it was as easy to pick out as a normal conversation for Scarlett.

“See!” the younger girl, a chesty blonde whispered, leaning forward conspiratorially towards the other two as they sat down around a small table. “I told you she wouldn’t lie about something like this!”

The older woman, darker in hair and sterner in face shook her head some, a mix of reverence and disbelief in her voice. “It can’t really be can it?.. I mean I heard stories of the males but.. A girl? In all my years..”

Scarlett, bemused by their words looked over to Mayla who, with a wink, nodded. This was it. The start of the evening and his first table. He’d have to set a good example and show Mayla he could do this. He took a deep breath and put on his most winning smile, making his way towards the gossiping trio.

“Shh! Here she comes!” the male, a handsome, slender man with shoulder length, well-kept hair hissed to the others before they straightened their backs trying to act casual as Scarlett walked over with a warm smile.

“Good evening! Welcome to The Thorned Rose, my name’s Scarlett,” he started, speaking the line’s he’d been practising throughout the day, trying to make them sound natural and flowing, though he tapered off, pausing. They looked like they weren’t listening, they were all just staring at his ears.. “..Yes, they’re real, please don’t poke them. Can I bring you a drink or a meal?”

There was a stunned moment of silence shared between the three guests in which they glanced between one another. Before the older woman spoke up, voice hesitant.

“I er.. Yes, two glasses of red wine and a pint of ale, please?” She ventured.

“Of course! That’ll be..” he bit his lip for a moment, doing the mental maths as he tried to recall the prices Mayla had set out to him, “..Bronze three copper!”

The woman nodded as if she had been expecting this, her hand already in a pouch at her waist, pulling out thirteen copper chips, placing them with a lingering touch into Scarlett’s outstretched hand. He nodded graciously, closing his hands around the metal chips and returned to the bar.

“Two glasses of red wine and a pint of ale,” he reported in, placing the bronze chips down on the counter for Mayla and poking them around curiously. Though even as he did so he could feel their eyes on him, hear them gossiping still, but he ignored it. “What are these? They are not coins?”

Mayla glanced over at him, shaking her head some as she went about preparing the drinks. “Nah, city like this doesn’t really have any one single ruler to stamp on a coin so they just use chips of metal. Metal has a pretty set value at the minute so it works. Ten copper chips to the bronze, ten bronze chips to a silver, fifty silver to a gold.

Scarlett frowned and watched the chips as Mayla prepped the drinks, in no real rush as it stood. “…So.. One gold chip is worth… Five thousand copper?..”

Mayla nodded some and set the three drinks down. “Yup. The price of gold was about on the same line of silver until the mages discovered they could use it in their magics. After that, it became rarer than hen’s teeth.”

“…Hen’s teeth?”

“It’s an expression. It means really, really rare.” she explained, smirking some.

“Oh. And a gold chip is the same size of these?..” he asked, picking up the drinks, eying her wide eyes.

“Uh.. Yes?”

“…Okay!” Scarlett quickly turned, carrying the drinks to the table, Mayla shook her head. Elves were weird. Amazing, but weird.

Scarlett had brought with him a pouch of elvish gold coins. Each coin was probably the weight of five chips. Twenty-five thousand copper a coin. And she had said this had been a recent price adjustment? Something to do with mages? He had by their currency a great wealth stuffed into the pocket of his old belongings upstairs! And…

“Ai lainu torenni…” he cursed softly in elvish as he set the drinks down before the three baffled patrons. He had paid a gold coin for food and shelter on a stormy night on his travels! And another gold coin for directions! He had given away amazing wealth to swindlers as if it was nothing. He fumed to himself but realising himself he quickly got it under check as he eyed the confused expression on the three humans. Passing them a smile. “Er.. That’s elvish for I hope you enjoy your drinks.” he lied smoothly as he set the wine before the girls and the ale before the male.

“Oh.. Aye laynoo to-rain-knee?” the male attempted, forcing Scarlett to stifle a laugh.

“A-ah.. Almost?” he smiled then blinked. The older woman was switching the drinks, taking the ale for herself and placing the wine before the male. The male picked up the wine and took a grateful sip, looking proud about his use of elvish. But Scarlett chimed in curiously, “..Is the wine not a drink meant for females and feminine people?”

The male’s face turned red and he could now see the two women smirking to themselves, nudging one another under the table.

“Scarlett!!” Mayla called from the bar and he turned, hurrying over to her, hearing the two women behind him burst out laughing as he arrived, looking at Mayla with wide innocent eyes.

“Scarlett!” she paused, looking at his face, it was so damned difficult to be mad at him, “You can’t say things like that.” she said, her voice a soft whine.

Scarlett blinked and tilted his head. “…Do you have elven ears too?”

She let out a withering sigh. “When it comes to you insulting my patrons, apparently, yes..”

He would have to write that down. Elvish hearing manifesting in humans in certain scenarios? That was a new one too.

As the evening progressed more and more parties arrived, taking up space and before long, filling The Thorned Rose like it hadn’t seen in a year.

To Mayla, Scarlett had become the world. Not only had he enticed this excitable and curious crowd to her modest tavern but after coming out of his shell he had taken to his job like a fish to water. He could skirt the room taking orders from table after table, come back with a list of drinks as long as she had ever heard and deliver them as fast as she could pour them to their correct recipients, always careful to take the correct coinage. She was raking it in and the patrons loved him.

Scarlett was an absolute delight to watch. The room was packed full of people but Scarlett weaved through the crowds with such ease while carrying drinks that it may as well have been empty for him. Hands, as she had feared, reached out to cop a feel, aiming to grope and squeeze his plush ass but he was always an inch or two out of reach, bending and moving elegantly like a leaf caught up in the wind.

He stopped as often as he dared to take and ask questions, focusing mainly on the non-humans that entered, the gnomes, the orcs, the halflings and such were semi-regulars and Scarlett seemed delighted each time he got to query one.

She had had to rein him in once or twice, his persistence and determined lines of questioning proving to go down better with some of her customers than others, but on the whole, the evening was a success.

As the evening wore on and the tavern started to empty Mayla got the impression she would see many more nights like this if she managed to hold onto this elf. He had performed admirably, escaping attempted gropes and feels with increased ease as her patrons drank themselves into a slow stupor, he acted so perfectly feminine that people seemed to really believe that he was a maiden and came to the conclusion that the only part of the rumours that were fabricated was that she had put out to Mayla. It had earned her a few jibes throughout the evening but she didn’t care.

As she started to clean and tidy, shuffling people out on their way and setting guests to beds she paused in surprise as a new figure entered the tavern.

The Thorned Rose was known for being an all inclusive Inn when it came to race and creed, but her usual clientele was nevertheless generally bipedal and humanoid, so it came as some surprise when she noticed the nature of this late comer.

Standing tall at maybe seven feet she seemingly floated in, her shoulders staying on an even level as she made between the tables, shifting from side to side as she moved, from the waist up she seemed human, wearing stylised clothing that covered the joining between her human torso and her snake-like lower half.

She slithered up to the bar and towards Mayla, only briefly assessing Scarlett as she made her way through the crowd, her long forked tongue flicking out lazily to taste the air. The other remaining patrons spared her a glance but she was just a naga and was quickly dismissed from their attention in favour of Scarlett. Naga’s were rare in this tavern and certainly were a minority here, but they weren’t uncommon throughout the city.

Scarlett eyed the Naga with a burning interest. His head was buzzing with all the new people he had met and all the conversations he had overheard, he had so much to process, so much to write down, but this feminine shape before him was in a completely different league of new and interestingness than the others.

The naga had pale skin and blonde hair that was cut to a neat shoulder length. One eye was partially covered by her fringe but Scarlett had made out that they were a light sky blue with snake-like vertical slits. A silken wrapping covered the joining of her upper human half where it gave way to crimson scales and the light tan of her banded underbelly.

She moved almost lazily through to Mayla, before leaning on the bar and greeting her by name. She might not be a regular, but it didn’t seem like her first time here.

Scarlett was beyond intrigued but kept his distance, content to listen in on the two.

“So the rumours are true, Mayla.. I’ll pay well for a night with the elf-boy..” the Naga opened, shamelessly. With that alone Scarlett found himself blushing some, trying to hide it as he tidied away chairs under tables and helped a few patrons out with gentle but firm prods.

“Didn’t you hear the bit about me bedding her was false?” Mayla said with a smirk, leaning forward on her elbows. She had intended, eventually, to sell sessions with Scarlett, to sate his own curiosity of course. But she had reservations about throwing him in with a Naga.

The Naga looked briefly his way, forked tongue dipping from her lips to taste the air once more before she looked back at Mayla, “It’s male.. Male elves are open season..”

Mayla stared at the Naga, clearly uncertain as to how to proceed. She wanted to protect him but.. Money was money.

“He seems very interested in me.. I could probably tease him into inviting me back to his room anyway.. Then I’d get my time with him and you wouldn’t get a copper..” she said glancing his way again then smirking to Mayla.

Mayla looked at Scarlett. He was so damn curious and naive, even with any warning she might give she conceded that was a very realistic outcome. “Four silver.”

“Four bronze.” The naga retorted, plainly.

“You’re joking! That’s an elf.” Mayla frowned, standing up straighter, palms flat on the bar.

“An elf which everyone else thinks is female.. No one else is going to be paying a copper.. Four bronze is better than nothing.” The Naga shrugged.

Mayla folded her arms. “I could announce Scarlett’s a male. Start a bidding war.”

“You Escort Bayan could.” The naga conceded, looking around the vacating tavern. “How many of your patrons do you suspect carry four silver on them?”

Mayla glanced around the tavern and pursed her lips. “…Three silver.”


“Two and a half.”

“One and a half. Higher and I leave.”

Mayla frowned some eying the naga. “One and a half. Up front.”

The naga reached for a pouch that Scarlett hadn’t noticed at the front of her her dress and counted out one silver chip and five bronze, setting them down where Mayla greedily scooped it up before hesitating, eying Scarlett a little guiltily, noticing the shocked expression on Scarlett’s face.

“Uh…” Mayla started.

“Come with me Scarlett..” the naga stated in a quiet, hungry tone, barely audible at that distance but Scarlett made it out, his attention on her expression, lust, desire. Scarlett shivered, though made a mental note that to his surprise she wasn’t stressing the ‘S’ in his name as he had expected of a serpent. Even with the threat of bedding, or rather being bed by, a half snake looming over him, the scholar in him was still paying attention to the little things.

He looked to Mayla for support but Mayla simply pursed her lips and shrugged, tucking the silver chip between her bounty of cleavage, “…Have fun?”

“I can’t.. You can’t!” he looked helplessly between the two of them. He was sexually curious about the people here sure, particularly following his encounter the previous night with Mayla, but a naga was pretty out there, he wasn’t even sure if he was interested in her like that! Half of her was attractive sure but the other half unnerved him.. And those inhuman eyes..

“Come.. With me..” she repeated, firmer, the slits of her eyes narrowing ever so slightly. He saw in them a glimmer of an owner, someone who would not take kindly to being disrespected or disobeyed.

He looked towards Mayla as he walked to the Naga’s side, afraid of what might be to come. There were no two ways around it, the woman’s intentions were written across her face, the way she slid a possessive arm around his slender waist to rest her hand on his ass.
Mayla simply shrugged helplessly, as if she was the one in the bind! He looked at her pleadingly as he walked past on his heels towards his room, his ears picking out the sound of scales on wood and straw as the naga followed eagerly.

He arched his back and shivered a little, biting his lip as he felt her eyes on him every single step of the way. He wasn’t being followed by an admirer or a prospective lover, he was being hunted by a predator.

He fumbled with the door to his room and let himself inside, holding the door open politely to the much bulkier figure of the Naga. He looked from the hue of her scales as they moved past him to the bed, would they even fit on it? He wasn’t so sure.

He poked his head out the door and looked back in the direction Mayla would be, as if for some last minute reprieve and found none. Letting out an anxious little noise he shut the door. Maybe he could talk his way out of this. Distract her.

“So y-”

“Wash me.” she commanded simply, moving across the floor to, sort of, sit in a chair, her snake body twisting so the banded scales of her lower body were upturned. He noticed they were a little bit scruffy, with a few bits of hay stuck to her here and there.

He blinked and stood, grabbing a half empty pail of water and heading towards his door, “I’ll just-”

“Stay. Just use a cloth.” She waved a hand lazily towards a neat stack of cloths that he himself had used in bathing.

He nodded simply, reluctantly grabbing one and moving to kneel by her side. While her human half was comparable in size to himself, her chest was far more impressive than his own, the tempting globes of pale flesh encased in a thin seemingly silken top that dipped low into her cleavage and trailed down her body, hiding the join between her human and snake parts.

Where the human half was slender her snake half flared out, to begin with much like his own hips, becoming thicker and heavier before tapering out much further down her mass. He started to rub her scales, quickly finding that a buffering method had better results, the dirt coming off her scales with surprising ease.

He worked his way down her form, watching as she closed her eyes and relaxed as he tended to her with soft hands on cool scales, part of him enjoying the peaceful expression on her face as he looked up at her drawing close to the tip of her tail. He had started to relax, though her silence unnerved him some. Odd, given how unused he was to conversation with outsiders before today, after a single evening in the tavern it was the lack of conversation that made him anxious now, not the opposite

His anxiety lessened more as he came to realise that he had washed virtually the entire underside of her body and not come across anything resembling genitalia. He began to wonder how snakes even went about their business. Maybe, her knowing he was a male, she intended for them to mate in a more traditional way and a less Mayla way? Or maybe she just wanted to go down on him as he had for Mayla?..

He actually found himself smiling some. Mayla and her additional tool must maybe be the exception to these outsiders and their sexual equipment, not the rule?

“All finished Miss..?..” he inquired, setting the cloth down and standing once more, looking at her curiously.

She didn’t reply, merely leaning forward to inspect her own scales, no emotion on her face one way or the other.

He stepped back ever so slightly as she rolled to again be the right way up, moving around Scarlett once, twice. He paused. There was a four-foot wall of snake on each side of him, not touching him but certainly declaring his personal space to belong to her.

He looked over his shoulder and up at her, his anxieties returning once more.

She delicately placed her hands on his bare shoulders, fingers caressing his silky elvish skin.

“My name is Ri. Just so you know what to moan..” she declared.

She moved incredibly fast, so fast that even Scarlett with his honed elven senses and reflexes didn’t have the time to react. He saw a flash of white, felt a stab of pain and a sudden rushing feeling, her coils tightening around him.

He gasped and reorientated himself, looking to her face just beside him, she smiled wryly. He lowered his gaze towards his exposed shoulder, two puncture wounds, tiny pinpricks prominent on his shoulder displayed the truth. She had bitten him.

He felt a rush of light-headedness, she hadn’t just bit him, she had poisoned him! She was going to kill and eat him!

“A-aah..” he whimpered pathetically, his attempt at a scream not even manifesting as he felt his body go limp against her.

He fell back gently onto her coils and felt her tighten around him, saw her loom over him, hands caressing him, eager.

“I heard the rumour.. And could not believe it.. An elf.. I heard stories, so many stories.” She spoke gently, her voice sounding honied as it arrived in his addled mind, “But here you are. Expensive but worthwhile.”

“P-poison..” he said, weakly, shaking his head.

She laughed a little and he felt her hands tug at his dress, urging it down his body, revealing more and more of his flawless skin. “Venom, actually.. Feels wonderful doesn’t it?.. It’s like a drug.. It puts our victims into a euphoric state, Don’t worry, it’s not lethal..”

The fact that he wouldn’t die from the venom gave him little comfort as he felt her hands brush against his skin, exploring every inch of him as she revealed more and more, fingertips now tracing over his stomach as her other hand continued to work his dress down over his hips.

“So soft.. So perfect.. Did Mayla do as she claimed? Did she bed you?..” She asked curiously as the dress fell to the floor.

“N-no.. I.. I used my mouth..” He couldn’t lie, he couldn’t argue, dispute or disagree, he couldn’t resist her. He didn’t want to. Her touch, it felt so good against him, every brush against his skin sent electric shivers down his spine, though even with this pleasure, to his surprise, his own cock stayed soft between his full thighs.

He felt her hands dig into the soft flesh of his ass, roughly groping him, cupping, squeezing, massaging his vulnerable cheeks. “Then you were truly a bargain.. A virgin elf.. I hope you enjoyed your last days of being able to be called that..”

The pleasure coursing through his body from her venom and her touch left him whimpering wanting her to touch him where it countered, though soft mercilessly ignored it. “P-please.. Please D- Ah!! Ahhh~”

He relaxed back into the soft embrace of her cool coils as he felt her mouth enclose around the tip of his ear, licking and sucking on the elongated hip. He felt his whole body shudder at the sudden burst of pleasure and the incredible submissive instinct that overtook him. Like a cat with his nape nipped he was at her mercy. Which was exactly where she desired him.

Despite never coming across any form of genitalia during his washing of her he felt it now, with a tapered tip, long and hot, wet as it was guided towards him.

Her hands danced across his chest, playing with his sensitive nipples as her tongue swirled around the tip of his ear. Her smooth flat scales rested down his back and he felt something, a heated wet tip sliding between his cheeks. Something was expanding from her and seeking him.

He writhed, not out of what he felt he should feel, like fear or disgust, but out of pleasure and expectation. Whatever she was wielding was completely alien to him and he wanted, no, needed to experience it now, the venom truly having a hold on his mind. To learn about it and her through doing. In his drug-hazed mind, it all made sense. The best way to learn was to be the good girl Mayla had made him. To accept his fate of being on the receiving end. Why had he ever wanted anything else when this felt so wonderfully good?

He felt the tip of her spear slide eagerly between his cheeks, brushing up against his tight, virgin rear. Something about her member lubricated him, perhaps it was sticky, perhaps it was dripping pre, he was unsure of the feelings he felt, his mind too dazed to process all of the sensations bombarding his senses.

He heard her toss her own silken shirt to the floor and felt her rest her full breasts on his shoulders, one gently rubbing against each of his ears as she wrapped her arms around his torso, embracing him, her coils tight around him allowing his arms and legs zero movement as she pressed into him. An inch at first, then more, always striving deeper, hard and thickening with each inch pressed into him.

There was no pain for him, only pleasure. He had thought the first instance of this would be one of pain for him as he was penetrated where he was never meant to be, taken as a woman despite being just the opposite. But every inch she fed into him only increased his pleasure, cementing his mindset that this was where he should be.

Constrained as he was in her coils and unable to move, he didn’t realise that even if she had released him he would be immobile. Among the cocktail of endorphins and mental and sexual stimulants in her venom, she had injected into him a very potent muscle relaxer. While it meant her prey wouldn’t be able to fight her, it also had the unforeseen advantage of allowing her much easier penetration into her new toy.

It was a great testament to the elf that though his body virtually hummed with endorphins and chemically induced pleasure, she was in fact in a comparative state of absolute ecstasy. The pleasure brought to her by the body of this elf was so much more than she could ever have imagined.

She had started in a slow rhythm, gyrating her body so her thick cock pressed in and out between his cheeks, penetrating deep into his yielding body. His ass, despite Bayan Escort her venom, hugged her cock with every inch of his violated passage, squeezing and massaging her, urging her on. It was so perfectly hot around her and so perfectly deep even her lengthy member bottomed out inside him with little difficulty. This poor little boy was having it relatively easy with her she thought, if he stayed here and word got out of his position there would be so shortage of large packing creatures willing and ready to give him a ride. She imagined him on the knot of a wolf-folk or even struggling on an orc. With them unlike her though, they would not give him the venom that was making his first experience one he would always remember as being his best.

Her smooth scales embraced every aspect of his being as he felt her beginning to fuck him like the girl he was to her, a hole to pleasure her, a sex object. As much as that irked him he couldn’t wait to write all this down, put to paper his experiences with a naga, return to his people and tell them of the absolute splendour of it. He should have a naga colony set up within the elvish walls so they could all experience this.

He moaned out soft and low, cheeks flushed and eyes closed, eyelids too heavy to open as smooth scales caressed him and an alien serpent cock took his virginity. She felt so good, the wonder of her slender body to his back and the weightiness of her breasts on his shoulders as her hands caressed his neck face and ears, doting on him as she sighed deeply in pleasure with each push.

Their bodies were joined, his almost entirely obscured among her coils as she mated with this elfling. His long fiery hair pulling his head back slightly as it was trapped between her coils and his back. His frame was so feminine, so curvy, save for his chest. His chest, she assumed, would probably come to blossom whenever he had an encounter with one of the goblin alchemists that dotted the city. Those adorable little sex-freaks would enjoy a subject like this to play with she mused, an evening with one of them and he wouldn’t have to worry about his dress staying up..

She felt the pleasure in her rise and mount as her warm snake form gyrated against him, his body her plaything, entirely at her mercy, though it begged, desperate for more.

She gave more willingly, her hands gripping at him tightly, fingernails leaving red lines across the delicate pale skin of his chest as she clawed at him, resisting the urge in the heat of passion to bite him a second time, knowing the euphoric stupor he was already lost in would hold him in check.

She felt herself peak as her scales pressed tight against the softness of his bubbly ass, tilting her head back and gasping as her breasts pressed firmly around his head, her serpent shaft throbbing inside of him as it shot it’s thick hot load deep into his untouched virgin territory.

Scarlett gasped, his eyes going wide as he felt the sudden, foreign sensation of another person using him for her climax, filling him with an impossible amount of cum, her coils squeezing and constricting around his chest, leaving him breathless.

The pleasure for Scarlett was entirely new, he could barely put it to thought let alone words as fireworks exploded in his mind, each pulse of hot seed, shooting cum into cum made such pleasure burst through him he was sure he himself was climaxing, though his cock was soft still.

Ri began to relax her grip on the elf-slut, moving forward some so when he finally fell from her grasp he landed on the bed, naked and beautiful.

He lay on his side, hair splayed out messily above his head, his lips parted and his tongue lolling as he panted, his eyes half-lidded, staring at nothing as he dealt with the round of new sensations vying for his attention.

One of his hands was bunched in the sheets, the other rested across his once smooth stomach. Now, it bulged noticeably, a definite bump where he had been filled so entirely with naga seed that his body had been forced to stretch to accommodate it.

Ri looked down on him, her own body nude as she looked down over him, her tongue too lolling, her expression no longer guarded with neutrality, it was desperate, hungry, predatory. He looked at her, seeing her for the first time in all her glory. The human half of her gave easily into the layered scales of her rear half, a slit he hadn’t noticed at the join parted and a thick red organ protruding from it, dripping seed, still hard.

“You didn’t scream my name..” she hissed low.. Moving up onto the bed, feeling its softness against her scales and hearing the wood of the bed creak and strain with her weight. She could taste and smell the sex in the air, it was intoxicating.

She picked him up with her coils, placing him on his front, lifting his ass so he presented himself to her, his beautiful thick lush ass on full display to her, his tiny star which had until moments ago accommodated her shaft glistened from between his cheeks, inviting her.

She felt her erection harden even more as her coils bound him, holding him in place, ass raised beneath her. She leant in, kissing at his sensitive ear, waiting for him to focus once more on her.

“A-ah.. Ri.. What..” he stammered, softly, his senses only just beginning to fight through the fog of pleasure and stupor her venom had clouded him with.

“I paid for the whole night.. I’m going to get my monies worth..” she hissed low, sinking her fangs into his shoulder and pushed her cock into his wonderfully yielding ass for the second round of many she had planned..

Scarlett’s eyes opened as this fresh assault began, a brief moment of pain at the penetration of her fangs brought his mind into the clear of the here and now. He was the sex object to a snake. His once virgin ass was being fucked, used, pounded brutally by this thick alien naga shaft. His stomach was distended, gurgling with her hot seed.

Then the venom hit, the worries washed away, those thoughts diminishing behind the sound of his voice moaning, vocally, begging, begging for more as he was pinned and made helpless under his serpent domineer.

“Ri.. Ri! More!” he cried out. She grinned. He would scream her name until his voice was hoarse. She had all night. She would return to Mayla the messy remains of a cum stained slut, exhausted. Scarlett wouldn’t be able to walk for a week after she was finished. She would be insatiable with this delight to entertain her.

Mayla had a somewhat sleepless night. She didn’t doubt many of the guests who hadn’t overly indulged in her drinks would have shared a similar experience.

Mayla had heard many different groups copulating in her rooms before. She didn’t encourage it, they often left a mess, but they tended to tip well, so she didn’t outright ban it either. This was different though. The creaking, the moaning, the wet noises, even listening to it, Scarlett’s voice was somehow more sexual, it spoke to her on a primal level and made her a little horny and very jealous. She should’ve been his first. Should’ve laid her claim.

She did eventually awake from a light sleep to the sound of silence, no more creaking, no more pounding, no more moaning. She sighed, resigned as she pulled herself from the comfort of her bed, ignoring her pleading morning wood. After a blowjob from the elf the night before last, using her own hands just wasn’t the same anymore.

She rose, washed and dressed, going to the kitchens the kitchens to start making breakfast for the early risers and early comer, unlocking the tavern and serving those that wanted it. No sign or sound of Scarlett, no sign or sound of the Naga.

After the sounds she had heard last night she was sure he wouldn’t stay. It sounded like he had been turned out something special, ruined, likely. He would run as far and as fast from her tavern as he could and never look back. The naga would’ve pounded him into oblivion. She wondered if he was even alive. She had been an idiot.

“Can I get a coffee?~” Came a light airy voice from the counter.

“Mm? Sure.. How do you take..” she paused, turning. She fixed her eyes on Scarlett, blinking over at her curiously. He was wearing his serving girls dress, his hair brushed and smooth, his eyes alert and his make-up, amazingly, on point. He raised his hands, tossing his fiery locks back and tying them into a ponytail as he got ready to help her.

“Cream and sugar please!” he responded brightly with a smile, then pursed his lips. “I think Ri could use a drink sending up to her room too… She kind of passed out after the fifth hour.” he giggled cutely.

She stared at Scarlett. Not only had he survived a Naga, she could see several sets of bite marks on his shoulders, but he had outlasted her? Fucked her until -she- couldn’t take anymore?!

“You.. With her.. All night? Until she gave in?” she asked, incredulously.

“Well sure? I mean until she couldn’t take it anymore and blacked out..”

She stared at him and he eyed her, a little concerned. “Are you okay? You seem a little..” He hesitated, “Oooh I see.”

She looked at him confused, then followed his gaze down to the tenting bulge that had formed in her own dress. She blushed brightly and did her best to cover it up. “A-ah don’t mind that I just can’t believe-”

“Quickie in your room?.. Mines maybe a bit messy at the moment.. I’ll clean it up once our guest leaves.” He smiled enticingly, nodding his head towards the back.

She blinked at him then around the room. The few patrons there wouldn’t miss her for a few minutes, but, a quickie? Really? She opened her mouth to object but he was already walking to the back.

She followed him, watching him sway his hips as he walked, his juicy rear cruelly hidden under his skirts teasing her onwards. He let himself into her room and walked over to her bed, bending over and leaning on it with one hand as the other moved up his skirts.

She could see his own cock and balls, smooth and pale hanging between his soft thighs, the defined bubble of his gorgeous rear drawing her in as, with his skirts bunched up on his lower back he reached back and sank his fingertips into the softness of his ass, parting it slightly for her, offering himself to her.

“W-why are you doing this so suddenly?..” She asked, so quickly he had gone from shy and demure to an enticing little slut.

“Her venom hasn’t really worn off yet.. She said she used so much it might not for days.. Maybe weeks..” He bit his lip and looked over his shoulder at her, shaking his thick rear at her. “Please fuck me Mayla?.. Let me help you..”

She didn’t need asking twice. Lifting up her own skirts she let her cock nestle between the softness of his cheeks, sliding them forwards and backwards and applying spit until her cock glistened.

With one hand on her own skirts and one on his hip, she guided the tip of her shaft to his waiting little love sleeve, pressing into him slowly.

His ass stretched to accommodate her but was, surprisingly, wonderfully tight around her, it milked her cock so perfectly, she’d never felt anything like it, she wanted so much more. She sank her cock to the hilt inside him in a single push, putting both her hands on his hips and grinding into him as he gasped and moaned, legs and knees together now as he leant forward, looking over at her, eyes lustful.

“Scarlett.. Fuck that feels so good.. You feel so amazing..” she cooed as she stirred her cock deep within him.

He bit his lip sultrily and pressed back against her, his eyes pleading, “Come on hurry up~ This is supposed to be a quickie, just fuck me, we have guests to look after!”

Mayla nodded and tilted her head back, closing her eyes as the room filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, their bodies joining as she didn’t make love to her elven lover, but she fucked her elven slut, his moans feminine and girlish, the pleasure he was feeling obvious in his voice. She would fuck him, fill him with her cum, then they would get to work.

Every day. She promised herself this. Every day she would fuck this perfect ass in the morning. And maybe at noon. And twice in the evening if he was free. Life was fucking amazing.

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