The Therapist Ch. 04

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As Anthony and Angela drove to Dr. McKensie’s office, Anthony knew he was taking a risk. Charlotte McKensie promised she would keep her counseling sessions with Anthony confidential. If Angela found out Charlotte had been giving him tutorials in how to have sex, it would be the end of their relationship. As far as Angela knew, both she and Anthony were virgins.

Anthony had told Angela that Charlotte offered to provide couples therapy and Angela was willing. Angela had met Charlotte once before, at Anthony’s parents house, and she liked her. She seemed down to earth. Angela was determined to do whatever it took to make her and Anthony’s relationship work. If that meant doing therapy, then so be it. Charlotte wanted to meet with Angela alone before she met with both of them as a couple.

When they arrived at Charlotte’s office, Anthony was more nervous than Angela. Angela actually seemed pretty composed considering the circumstances. Of course, Angela didn’t know about Charlotte’s “hands on” techniques. They had come to her office straight from campus and Angela was still wearing her cheerleading uniform. On warm days the cheerleaders wore short, short skirts and tight, form-fitting tops. This happened to be a nice, warm Autumn day.

Anthony took her upstairs and into the waiting room. It was late, around six in the evening, and the place was empty. The door to Charlotte’s office was closed. Anthony knocked on it lightly. When it opened, Charlotte and Anthony’s eyes met and for a moment Anthony thought his goose was cooked. But Charlotte covered well saying “Hello Anthony” in a professional, friendly voice. She turned to Angela.

“Hello Angela. Nice to see you again.”

“Nice to see you, Dr. McKensie.”

“Please. Call me Charlotte.” She opened the door, inviting Angela in. “Come in.”

Anthony gestured to the couch in the waiting room.

“I’ll just…hang out here…waiting. If that’s alright.”

“Suit yourself” Charlotte chirped and shut the office door.

Inside, Charlotte directed Angela to the couch. Angela sat with her knees together and her hands in her lap. Her skirt hiked up, showing off her lovely legs. Charlotte sat next to her on the couch.

“So, did Anthony explain to you what we’re trying to accomplish?” Charlotte began.

“He said you were willing to help us. To give us therapy.”

“That’s right. I’m an old family friend, as you know, and nothing would make me happier than to help you. You and Anthony.”

“We really appreciate it.”

“Why don’t we start by you explaining what it is you want to get out of therapy.”

Angela was already feeling relaxed. Charlotte was so easy to talk to.

“Well, Anthony and I have been going out for a while now. We want to…become more intimate…and we’re having some trouble doing that.”

“I see. What kind of trouble?”

“When we try to make love. It hurts. I think it’s because I’m too small for him.”

Charlotte watched her and immediately could see what Anthony saw in her. She was uncommonly beautiful with lovely-shaped green eyes and full, fleshy lips. She had the face of a model. She was also in very good shape, obviously.

Charlotte regarded her long, shapely legs, her well-porportioned breasts, her athletic, gymnast’s body. Yes, she was quite physically stunning.

“Why don’t we start at the beginning.” Charlotte smiled, putting Angela at her ease even more. “Are you a virgin?”


“Is your hymen still intact?”

“Um, I don’t think so. With all the gymnastics I do, I don’t think it is.”

“You think or you know?”

“I think.”

Charlotte smiled again.

“OK.” Charlotte continued. “What kind of sexual experience have you had?”

Angela shifted in her seat.

“Angela, are you comfortable talking to me about this.”

Angela looked her in the face.

“Yes. Yes, I am.”

“Good. Now what kind of sexual experience have you had.”

“Well, with Anthony, we’ve done lots of things. Just about everything. Except actual sex.”

“Can you tell me specifically what you two have done?”

“You know, feeling me up, that sort of stuff.”

“You mean Anthony has touched your body and stimulated you sexually.”


“Has he felt your breasts?”


“Through your clothes or touching your naked skin.”

“Touching my skin.”

“Do you let him play with your nipples?”


“And do your nipples get erect? When he plays with them?”


“Does he ever take your nipples in his mouth? Does he like to suck them?”


Charlotte nodded. Angela felt the room getting hotter.

“Angela, how did it feel for you when Anthony felt your breasts and took your nipples into his mouth and sucked them?”

“Um, aksaray escort it was exciting.”

Charlotte nodded again.

“Exciting. I see.”

“What other kind of experience have you had? Has he stimulated your vagina?”

Angela looked down at her feet.

“Yes. Yes he has.”

“How has he stimulated your vagina, Angela.”

She gulped. “With his fingers. Rubbing me. And… with his mouth.”

“I see. So he uses his fingers AND his mouth. Good.”

The conversation was much more graphic than Angela had expected. She was starting to feel a tingling in her body, between her legs.

“Does he ever put his fingers inside you?”


“How does that feel?”


“Does he put his tongue inside you?”


“How does THAT feel?”

“Really good.” Angela could feel the pussy getting wet.

“So you enjoy it when he licks your vagina.”

“Very much.”

“Does he stimulate your clitoris as well?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Good. Good.”

Angela felt her heart thumping now. She was having a little trouble breathing.

“When Anthony does this, when he stimulates you with his fingers and his tongue…do you get very wet?”

“Yes” she said, breathily.

Charlotte reached out her hand, gesturing along Angela’s thighs. The tips of her fingers barely grazing her skin.

“When you feel his tongue deep inside you, caressing you, when he licks your clitoris over and over, does that get you very wet?”

“Oh yes” she panted, her legs falling open slightly.

“Do you reach orgasm, Angela? Do you come when you feel his tongue inside you? Licking you?”

“Yes!” Angela was so turned on now, hearing those words, remembering those feelings. She felt her pussy was dripping.

“Angela, do you masturbate?”

Angela was shocked, momentarily.


“I just wondered if you masturbate? Do you touch yourself. Here.”

Charlotte’s hand touched high up on Angela’s leg, on her inner thigh.


“When do you masturbate?”

“Um, in bed. Sometimes in the shower.”

“Do you orgasm when you masturbate?”


“What do you use to stimulate yourself?”

“My fingers.”

“Is that all?”

Angela thought a moment.


Charlotte nodded.

“Angela, I’m going to ask you to do something unorthodox. I do this only because I think you are an intelligent, well-adjusted young woman with a healthy attitude towards sex. Angela, I want you to show me how you masturbate.”

Angela started.


“I know this may sound unusual but it’s very important that we understand the core issues if we are to achieve the breakthrough that will allow you and Anthony to lead a healthy and happy sex life. You DO want to lead a healthy and happy sex life, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I don’t see how…”

“Angela, I’m a professional. I know what I’m doing. Don’t you trust me?”

“Well, yes, I trust you but…”

“Good. Because if you don’t trust me, and let me help you, then we’re not going to get anywhere. We might as well end the session right now. Is that what you want?”

“No. No not at all.”

“Then I need you to do exactly as I tell you.”


“Now, pull off these panties and hike up your skirt and show me exactly how you masturbate.”

Charlotte reached under her skirt and pulled down her bikini panties, revealing a neat, blonde patch of pubic hair.

Angela lifted her hips to help get them off.

“Good. Now, just lay back against these pillows. That’s it.”

Angela closed her eyes and moved her hand up her thighs, hiking up the short skirt. Her pussy was already sensitive and wet from Charlotte’s questioning. Her finger slipped between the folds of her pussy and she let out a long exhale. She started to rotate her hips to rub herself against her hand. She was already in a high state of arousal, thought Charlotte.

“That’s it. Rub yourself. Good.”

Charlotte was finding herself getting turned on by the sight of this luscious young woman touching herself. Angela had such a fit lower body, such a tight ass and firm thighs, it made Charlotte’s heart pound. Seeing her moving her ass and raising her hips in a slow circular motion was making Charlotte’s own pussy throb. Her hand moved to her crotch instinctively.

“Now slip your finger deep inside, that’s it. Slide it in and out. Find out what feels good and then do it. Follow the feeling.”

Angela’s eyes were closed and she was losing herself in the whirlwind of sensation. She was getting so hot and bothered by Charlotte’s questions that this was just the relief she needed. With her eyes closed, she didn’t notice that Charlotte had begun touching topkapı escort herself too, fingering her pussy just as Angela was.

“Feel how wet you are. How wonderfully wet your pussy is. Ohhhhh. Doesn’t that feel good. Yesssss.”

Charlotte was inserting her fingers deep in her own wet pussy, grinding her hips against her hand.

“Now find the clitoris. That’s right. Pull the hood back and rub it, yeah like that. Like that.”

Charlotte was fingering her clit too, just like Angela. In a way, Charlotte felt like this beautiful young girl was rubbing her own pussy. As she watched Angela’s grow more excited, she could feel her own orgasm approaching.

“Can you feel the wave starting to build? Are you getting ready to cum?”

“Yes. Yes.” Angela was biting her lip, her fingers rubbing her clit faster now.

Charlotte was tipping over into her own orgasm, rubbing her clit and leaning back against the couch with her eyes closed. Angela had her eyes squeezed shut, sucking in her lower lip, and was fingering herself with relish. Her orgasm crested and her little body twitched and trembled as she came. When she finally opened her eyes, Charlotte was watching her. She had no idea Charlotte had gotten herself off as well.

“Wow. That was amazing” said Angela. “I’ve never done that with anyone watching.”

“You did very well, Angela.”

“Did I? Did I do it right?”

“Of course you did. There really isn’t any wrong or right. Just what feels good to you.”

Charlotte stood up and walked behind the desk. She brought back a leather bag, the size of an overnight satchel. She sat on the couch and placed it between them.

“Now, Angela. I’m going to share something with you that will help you take your sexual experience to the next level. OK?”


She opened the bag. Inside was an assortment of sexual implements, including a set of dildos of various sizes.

“Now that you’ve gotten yourself warmed up, I want you to try one of these.”

Angela’s eyes widened.

“Angela, have you ever seen a dildo before?”

Angela shook her head.

“These can be used to supplement your sexual experience. They’re like toys and they come in a variety of sizes.”

One by one, she removed them from the bag and lay them on the couch between them. She started with the smallest, a six-inch, narrow sheath with a tapered end. Then, a seven inch one of soft rubber that roughly simulated a penis shape. Then, an eight inch, thicker, heftier, with pseudo veins in the side. Finally, she pulled out the biggest one, a massive twelve inch model with a huge circumference and a giant, swollen head. Except for its size, it was quite realistic.

Angela looked at them, eyes wide and mouth slightly open.

“Now. Which one of these most closely approximates Anthony’s penis?”

Angela didn’t say a word, she just lifted her index finger and pointed to the twelve inch giant cock.

“I see. So Anthony has an extremely large penis? That does present a challenge.”

Charlotte had proposed the private meeting with Angela when Anthony threatened to end their sessions together. She told him she wanted meet with Angela to help them get over the sexual issues that had damaged their relationship. In fact, Charlotte had another motive. An ulterior one. She was desperate to keep her physical relationship with Anthony from ending. She thought if she could get inside Angela’s head, she could convince her that their physical incompatibilities were insurmountable. She could show Angela that a man with a smaller penis would be better match for her. Angela would then end the relationship with Anthony and Charlotte could have him for herself.

“So Anthony has a penis this size?”

Angela nodded. Charlotte thought a moment.

“Angela, do you mind if I examine your vagina?”

“Um, OK.”

She leaned back against the couch. Charlotte lifted her legs and spread them apart. Angela’s pussy was wet and glistening. Charlotte gently placed her hand on the mons and slowly moved it in a circular motion.

“Just relax. Let your body relax completely.”

Charlotte took her time and when she thought Angela had relaxed enough she let her fingers slowly slide down into the warm, wet crevasse of her pussy. God, she is really, really wet, thought Charlotte. She slipped one finger into her pussy and was struck by how tight it was. Angela squirmed. Charlotte slipped a second finger inside her. The walls of her pussy pressed against her fingers. So tight. So warm, wet, and tight. She probed her deeply and Angela felt a wave of heat wash over her body.

“Angela, you have a very tight vagina. Very, very tight. It feels really, really good.”

She was fingering Angela now, imaging a cock inside that wonderfully sarıyer escort tight little pussy. Her fingers where sinking into her and back out, in and out. So wet. So tight.

“You’re very lucky to have such a tight vagina. Men love to feel you squeezing against their hard cocks. It feels so good to fuck a tight pussy like this one.”

Angela’s body was starting to shake it felt so good. Charlotte was getting hot too, from watching her, and feeling her luscious pussy.

“Any man would love to put his hard cock into this warm, wet, tight pussy. Feeling you squeeze his cock with your hot wet cunt.”

Charlotte was using her thumb to massage Angela’s clit while her fingers fucked deep into her pussy. Angela felt her orgasm overcome her once again. Charlotte felt her pussy contracting against her fingers.

“Oh God, when you cum you squeeze his cock even harder. It feels so good when you cum. Cum, baby. Cum.”

By the time Angela’s orgasm subsided, Charlotte had collected herself again.

“Angela, the good news is your hymen is no longer intact, AND you have a wonderful, somewhat small, and tight vagina, which gets very wet when your excited. Some man is going to be very grateful he gets to make love to you. He’s going to love feeling his cock inside your wet, hot, tight vagina. However, that man must have a penis more like this, than like this.”

She was gesturing to the smallest and largest dildos.

“You mean I can’t be with a man like this?” Angela said mournfully. She put her hand around the biggest phallus.

“I’m afraid not, dear. You see, this is the penis of a phenomenally-endowed man. You need a man who’s closer to average in size.”

“But I want Anthony” she said, her voice catching. She held the giant phallus to her chest. It crossed from her stomach, over her breasts to her cheek.

“But don’t you see that this size man is better for you? Look, take this penis. Imagine your lover making love to you with this?”

Charlotte lifted the smallest dildo and pressed it against Angela’s now swollen labia. She rubbed it slowly up and down her slit. She pressed it into her folds and the head entered her, causing her to gasp. Charlotte moved the dildo expertly, massaging Angela’s pussy as only a woman knows how.

“Now doesn’t that feel good? Imagine a man on top of you, a man who loves you, wants you, pressing his rock hard cock into you like this.”

Angela lifted her hips to accept the dildo. Her eyes were glued on the phallus, watching it enter her. She was being fucked by someone. Not Anthony. But by a woman with a dildo. Still, she WAS being fucked. For the first time.

“See how it slides so easily in you. How it goes in so deep. How good it feels. Look, you’re so wet you’re making it glisten.”

She was right. Angela’s juices were coating the ersatz cock, she was that wet. She started to rock her pelvis, imagining being fucked by her imaginary lover.

But surely that lover could be Anthony! Surely she could take a bigger cock inside her. She reached over and grabbed the seven inch dildo, thrusting it in Charlotte’s hand.

“Use this!” she cried, wanting to show her she could handle the bigger dick.

Charlotte was puzzled for a moment and then quickly swapped the dildos. The new, bigger dick was now pressing into her. The bulbous head spread her pussy and she gasped.

“Do it! Put it in me!” she cried out.

Charlotte pushed the long schlong slowly into her wet pussy. Angela felt it penetrate her, filling her. It felt incredible. Charlotte could see Angela was reaching new heights of ecstasy. She wanted Angela to love this sized cock. So she would forget about Anthony.

“This is the perfect size for you, Angela!” she whispered. “Doesn’t it feel unbelievable?”

Angela nodded her head vigorously. She couldn’t even speak now. Charlotte kept pumping her with the dildo.

“This is the most excited you’ve ever been! This feels better than you’ve ever felt!”

Angela tipped her head back. The cock was filling her insides. Her breasts heaved. She thought she might pass out.

“Let it out, Angela. Let me hear how excited you are!”

She let out a long, moaning, breath.

“No, I want you to let yourself go!” Charlotte implored. “I want you to be loud!”

Charlotte plunged the dildo into her pussy. Angela raised her hips and and let out a loud shriek.

“That’s it. Let your pleasure flow through you. Vocalize it. Scream it!”

Again, she pushed the phallus deep into her pussy, filling her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Angela let out a long, loud scream as she came.

In the other room, Anthony heard Angela’s shriek and jumped from his seat. Angela never made noise during sex so it couldn’t be that. He decided to investigate. He eased open the door to Charlotte’s office. On the couch, he saw Angela, head back, moaning, her legs spread wide, and Charlotte pumping her.

“What the fuck?” he muttered to himself.

They were so entranced they didn’t notice him. So, he decided to watch.

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