The Theater Pt. 01

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About a mile from my apartment is a porno theater. It plays hardcore porn films and is as seedy as it gets. Most of the people there are black and Latin men. I’m a petite white guy who has recently started to crossdress. Something about wearing slutty girls clothes makes me really horny.

I’d drive past that theater and imagine walking in dressed like a total slut. High heels, thigh high stockings, black gstring, mini skirt, lace bra and a wig of long blonde hair. I’d think about that at night and stroke my cock while I played with my tight smooth hole with a thin black butt plug I bought at a local sex store. Fantasy only. But sometimes, fantasies become realities.

One day, after I had been getting high on some really strong 420 and skiing a little, I got so horny that I decided to do something about it. I just wanted to tease some horny men with my sexy little body. Nothing more. I work hard staying in shape. Especially my legs and ass. I do a lot of stairs and squats so my ass is perfectly round. I shave my body smooth as well. If I’m feeling really sexy, I get a fake tattoo that comes off with rubbing alcohol and put that on. That day I looked in my bag and saw a queen of spades tattoo. I put it on, centered right above my ass. I put on a red lace g-string (that made my ass look really sexy) and a pair of skin tight black booty shorts. I pulled up the strings of my panty so you could see them. The booty shorts barely covered my ass and left the tramp stamp visible. I put on a pair of cowboy boots and a half crop top that showed off my smooth and tight belly. I packed a little carry bag with some poppers, analese, KY jelly warming lube, my buttplug, an 8ball of Coke and a one hitter with some really strong medical weed. I also put in a blonde wig and some lip stick.

I walked down the street like that. My round ass was moving back and forth and as the area got rougher, I noticed men looking at me. They would stare at my ass. I could feel their eyes on me as I walked. Pretty soon, I noticed three pretty big black guys following behind me. One of them walked up along side me. He said, “that emek escort is one fine round booty, baby.” I smiled and continued to walk towards the theater.

One of the other men walked up on my other side. He said, “you like to party with the brothers?” I looked at his crotch and nodded. He put his hand on his crotch and I could see the outline of his cock through his pants. He was HUGE.

A block before the theater is an adult bookstore. I went in there first to see if these guys were still following me. They all came in after me. I walked into the porn video section and picked a “preview” video of hot white girls getting gang banged by hung black men in the hood. While I was picking out the video, one of the men came up right behind me. I bent over to look at another box title and spread my legs a little. He pressed against my ass and I could feel his cock throbbing through his pants.

I went to the counter and rented the video. They put me in booth 3. I went in the booth and was so horny. There were 3 hung black men in the store who all wanted me. The thought of that made me crazy horny. From the booth next to me, I heard the voice of one of the men. “Hey baby, open the door. I’ll party u up.” Normally I would not have opened the door but I was really horny and needed some relief.

I unlocked the door and it opened and closed fast. A huge black guy came in and locked the door behind him. He moved towards me and sat in the chair. “You like to blow clouds,” he said as he fished out a little glass pipe from his pants. I nodded my head no and said that I’m a snow bunny. He stood up. He towered over me. I put my hand on his cock through his pants. “On your knees, bitch,” he said. I slid to my knees. He unzipped his pants and a 10″ semi hard black cock came out. I stroked it with my hand until it was hard. He was so thick that my hand barely fit around it. He pulled out a bag of Coke and made a big line for me and handed me a rolled up $100 dollar bill. I snorted up the line and felt my ass throb with anticipation. He put the pipe in my mouth eryaman escort and lit it up. I breathed in a huge lungful of white smoke. I started to cough and he clamped his big hand over my mouth to keep the smoke in. Something about that made me insanely aroused. He told me to stand up and show him my white ass.

I turned my back to him and slid my booty shorts down over my asscheeks. I reached back and slid my g string aside and spread my ass wide for him. He slid his middle finger in my mouth and I sucked it. When it was wet, he pressed it against my tight ass and I pushed back. “Hmmmm, nice and tight,” he whispered as he pressed the head of his big cock against my tight little hole. He slid a bottle of fresh poppers under my nose and I took a huge hit. My ass relaxed and I pressed back. His big cock slid halfway in. I started rocking back and forth on his cock until he was in balls deep. He wrapped his big hands around my waist and fucked me in long deep strokes. Just as he came, there was a knock on the door. I opened it a crack and a black hand handed me a thick black buttplug. “Figured that bitch ass is pretty open” and he was right. I bent all the way over and felt that huge cock pop out. The guy took the buttplug, lubed it up and pushed it in to the base. “Pull those shorts up, bitch.” I did. My body was tingling at the thought of the plug inside holding this man’s nutt inside my open and throbbing hole.

I got myself together and walked out of the booth. One of the other guys came over with a black snap on collar that said “whore.” He snapped a leash onto the silver buckle. The man who had just fucked me put his hand on my asscheek and walked me out of the store. It was still daylight. I felt so slutty being walked down the street like that.

When we got to the porn theater, they bought me a ticket and walked me in. We sat in the middle of the theater. There were a bunch of black and Latin men sitting and watching a hardcore interracial gangbang of a skinny white blonde girl by 5 thug black men. One of the guys took my bag and looked esat escort inside. He pulled out the blonde wig and lipstick and told me to go put it on.

I went to the small dirty bathroom. I put on the blonde wig and lipstick. When I looked in the mirror, I saw how hot I looked. I turned and looked at my ass. So sexy and juicy. There was a knock on the door. I opened it a crack and one of the other black guys came in. He pulled out some Coke and made me a big line on the toilet. I bent over and he told me to spread my legs. I did. He pulled the buttplug out with a pop and I could feel the warm cum from the other guy drip out. “Do the line, bitch,” I heard the man behind me grunt. Just as I snorted it up, he slammed his huge cock into my hole. I moaned as he roughly fucked my ass. I begged him to make me his nigga bitch and breed me. He pounded my ass hard then went balls deep and pumped his cum in me. After he pulled his cock out, he turned me around and told me to suck him clean. He roughly face fucked me. Then told me to come out to the theater.

Everyone in the theater heard him brutally fuck me in the bathroom. I didn’t bother putting my booty shorts back on. After I did another huge line, I walked back out to the main theater. I went back to my seat and could see a huge black cock. I sat down on it and felt it slide all the way in to my balls. Soon there was another cock down my throat and a cock in each hand. Just as I felt the man come beneath me, the house lights came on. “LAPD” I heard. “Nobody move.” At least ten police officers came in. I was mortified. We were all lined up facing the wall, hands up and legs spread. Cum was dripping out of my ass. One of the cops found my booty shorts and told me to put them on. I was so embarrassed. One of the other cops had my black bag and told me to come with him.

He and his partner walked me around the corner to their squad car. They told me to bend over and spread my legs while they searched my bag. They found my Coke stash immediately. “What is this,” he said as he held the clear baggie of white powder. I didn’t lie. “It’s Coke”. They put me in the back of the squad car.

“We are taking you downtown to twin towers,” the officer said. “This is not going to go well for you. You are dressed like a street hooker and you are going to be in a cell with a bunch of gang members. Hopefully you’ll make bail fast because if you don’t . . .”

I could only imagine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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