The team treat

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This is one of my first stories please critique it and give me any advice. I am planning more in this series.

Tina was team manager for the Harleem township highschool. She was a pretty, if slightly plump, girl. She stood 5’4” tall, 125lbs with large 36 D breasts. Her light brown hair fell to just below her shoulders. She was 15 years old and had a bubbly, friendly personality.

As team manager she took care of the water, running new balls out and that sort of thing. Her other important duty lay in minor medical treatment. She would bandage ankles and wrists, apply ice to strained muscles, etc. This had her in the locker room quite often. The boys in the locker room would walk around in various states of undress, including complete nudity. They were used to her being there and never bothered hiding their nudity from her.

One evening in early September would change everything. While the team members were all showering, Tina was called in to wrap the knee of Josh Stevens one of the running backs. As she worked on him she bent over to make sure she was getting it tight. Her face was just inches from his naked cock.

“While you’re down there why don’t you suck me off.” He said smirking.

“Fuck you, Josh” she shot back.

“Shit, Tina. I know being around all this cock makes you wet.” With that he grabs the back of her head and grinds her face against his rapidly hardening penis. “You’re just looking for an opportunity to get your holes filled.”

“Stop it Josh, this isn’t funny!”

“Damn right it isn’t!” He snarls. Jerking back on her hair he causes her to gasp in pain. With her mouth open he forces bayan escort gaziantep his hard rod between her lips. “If you bite you’ll be sorry bitch!”

She begins to cry as Josh rapes her mouth. He uses her for several minutes until Tina can hear voices getting closer. She begins to hope that the others will stop this.

“What the fuck!” a voice yells. “You won’t touch the rest of us but you’ll suck him off?”

“Hey guys…” Josh replies easily “There’s plenty for everyone. Why don’t you get her pants off so that you can use the other end.”

Tina is terrified and begins to struggle. She has had to fend off several advances from various team members before. With them naked and surrounded by their friends, and her in a very precarious position, it isn’t hard to see how this will end. Josh holds her on his dick while the others move in and begin to disrobe her. It only takes seconds and as her naked flesh is unveiled questing hands discover that, despite her terror or perhaps because of it, she is dripping wet.

“Hell yeah, this slut is begging for it.” Announces Jamal; the huge black center. He steps forward and places the head of his massive cock against her pussy lips. He pauses momentarily before slowly pushing his way into her well lubricated cunt. She groans as he penetrates her. Tina’s mouth groaning around his cock pushes Josh over the end and he begins to empty himself in her.

She swallows it as best as she can. Josh withdraws from her mouth and another boy takes his place. Jamal’s vigorous thrusting and the dozen hands mauling her breasts are driving cim cif gaziantep escort her closer and closer to her own orgasm. Jamal can feel himself getting closer as well. He picks up the pace slamming into her harder and harder. Finally he shouts and launches his load deep into her cunt. The powerful blasts drive her over the edge and cause her to buck and moan in the most intense orgasm of her young life. The cock in her mouth pulls out and covers her face in teenage spunk.

“Get her up so I can lie down and have her ride me.” Comes a voice through her haze. Hands lift her momentarily and then impale her on another cock. Yet another enters her mouth.

“Hey, there is a new hole for someone.” A voice says from the crowd. In her dazed state she doesn’t comprehend what the words are saying. Horror dawns on her as she feels a pressure against her tight asshole. She renews her struggle to escape. But, there are too many of them and they are too strong. The pressure against her anus never lets up and soon her virgin ass is forced to yield to an iron hard intruder. Waves of agony wash over her as the huge head finally pushes past her barrier.

The cock in her ass and the one in her cunt quickly find a rhythm and begin driving into her body with bruising force. Slowly the searing pain in her ass starts to fade and transform into a burning pleasure. Eventually the pleasure builds and yet another orgasm tears through her body.

For almost 2 hours her body is used by the football players on both the Junior and Varsity teams. As each boy came he would fill her hole cinsel bilgiler with his cum or cover her body. Each boy had her at least twice. Many would have her 3 or 4 times. Her eyes were matted shut. Her hair was a sticky, matted mess. And Rivers of cum leaked from her well used cunt and asshole. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she shuddered through.

“What the hell is going on in here!” An older male voice yelled. It was Coach Conrad’s’ voice. “I told you Jackasses to get cleaned up and changed hours ago.” His voice got closer and a hush fell over the crowd. At 6’6 and weighing well over 300 lbs everyone feared the coach.

“Will you look at this! Well it’s about time that worthless slut did something to help out around here.” He said with a leer. “Stand back boys and let me show you how a real man fucks a slit like this.”

Tina heard his zipper descend. Suddenly powerful hands grabbed her thighs and lifted her legs off the ground. Without warning a massive tool speared deep into her pussy. Her well stretched and lubricated slot easily devoured his pole. Still its sheer size took her breath away. Coach Conrad began to immediately saw in and out of her snatch.

For twenty minutes he held Tina up and fucked her body mercilessly. When he felt himself ready to explode he rammed as deep into her fuck-hole as he could get and pumped his full load into her.

As full of his massive cock as she was, Tina felt every pulse of his seed travel its length. The sensation drove her to her final shuddering orgasm of the night. When Coach Conrad was finished emptying himself in her, he dropped her to the floor. He turned and started walking away.

“Someone get her under a shower and get your asses out of here.”

Tina was dragged into the shower room and left under a running shower. As she heard the sounds of the team members fade she could only think of one thing. She couldn’t wait until tomorrows practice.

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