The Teaching of Matilda Pt. 02

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“Now, spread your legs a bit more sweetie.”

Matilda did as she was told, her heart thumping, as Julia took to her knees, and with a big smile, motioned her forward. That red-topped muff moved in and was inches from her face. Julia was eager, it had been a month since her last lesbian session, and she adored it.


She had been divorced 5 years, her husband had been chasing his 18-year-old secretary and the dumb schmuck got her knocked up. She had thrown him out of the house, and out of her life. She had been furious and had sworn off men forever. Masturbation had only eased her sexual desire a little bit, and one night, after getting tipsy with her college friend Sally, they had ended up in bed together.

It had a bit tentative, until Julia felt the warmth, the sexual press of Sally’s body, the gentle kisses and soft, caressing hands, and she felt the old taboos about same-sex love shatter, and she had welcomed Sally between her thighs. The night was hot, sex-filled, and wildly satisfying, and 5 years later, she had enjoyed a score of female lovers, and now, she was for ladies only, no men needed or wanted.


Julia gazed up at Matilda’s sweet cuntal plane, this was the most exciting time, greeting a new lover properly. The fact that it was her son’s girlfriend just made it even more exciting.


Matty was trembling, she felt the sides of Julia’s face nuzzling in, then…MMMMM oh god, the wet, slick tongue sliding all over her pussy lips. It made pleasure surge through her body, she felt Julia grasping her hips, pulling her in tight, and the sizzling pleasure as her cunt was expertly munched.


Julia knew how to eat cunt, her 5 years of exclusive lesbian loving had made her an expert, and she made sure that Matty got the benefit of that experience. Her hot breath was puffing against her, her tongue wriggling upwards into her vaginal space, getting that tasty flow of juices. Julia felt Matilda’s hands reach down, cradling her head, stroking her hair, eager to let Julia know how much pleasure she was feeling. The encouragement spurred her on, wiggling her tongue deep inside, running it around and around her hot pink tunnel, then licking upwards, bringing her tongue out with an upward flip to graze at the stiff, hard, eager rise of Matilda’s clit, her coos and soft cries of pleasure were like music to Julia’s ears, and Julia felt it was time for the coup de grace.

She pulled back and purred, “Now, I’m going to stick my tongue out as far as I can. I want you to ride my tongue with your clit, rub it back and forth, give me a face fucking, Matty!”

Matty was sizzling hot, she felt Julia’s fingers parting her labia, and the pressure of Julia’s tongue pressing tight against her clit. She felt the kaçak iddaa waves of pleasure as she started to ride her face, grinding her clit against the hot, wet tongue.

“Mmmm, Mmmmm, oh fuck that feels so good!”

Matilda was very wet, Julia felt her juices flooding over his mouth and face as she kept up the pressure. She could feel Matilda’s clit, which had been pliant, stiffen up hard, swelling with the sensations, until Matty grasped Julia’s head tighter, and really pressed her clit down hard, riding the length of Julia’s outstretched tongue, her clit was hot, throbbing and bulging with arousal as she started to shake.

“Ffff-fuck yesssssssss, oh yes, FUCK!”

Matilda was squealing with pleasure, and the dam broke. Her shriek of pleasure filled the room, and she let fly. Her juices exploded, a flood of gushing girl cum pouring out, Julia’s face soaked with a sheet of cum, as she gushed a torrent, she rode that crest, mopping Julia’s face down, as Julia drank deeply of the rich flow.

As the orgasm ebbed, Matty felt dazed, then she looked down, and saw Julia’s face, wet and soaking, and was amazed. She had no idea that she could explode like that.

Julia rose up, her face glazed from the rush of juices, and cooed, “Your turn now Matilda, give my pussy a good licking, we all need to have our first time.”

Matty was eager to make Julia feel as good as she felt, and she took to her knees, aware of the subservient nature of being on her knees. Just like she was a subservient little cocksucker for her son, she felt the surging of lust as she was ready to be a subservient little cunt licker. She watched Julia stepping towards her, and as her pussy loomed in closer, Matty got her first up-close view.

Matty felt a bolt of pleasure as Julia’s beautiful sex was only inches from her mouth. It was wildly erotic seeing her boyfriend’s Mom straddling her upturned face that close and it ramped up her arousal to a fever pitch. She was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. The heat from between Julia’s legs warmed Matty’s face. She smelled the scent of Julia’s arousal, hot and musky, and it made her dizzy with desire. Her bald, bare opening was lined with juices, everything was dewy wet. She was entranced by the sight of Julia’s hot crimson love flesh as it hovered above her.

Matty thought, ‘I’m going to munch the cunt of my boyfriend’s Mom.’ The thought sent a bolt through her, now, she couldn’t wait to taste Julia. She ran her finger along the pink trail, hearing Julia’s soft moan as her finger slid inside her hot tunnel. Her tongue quickly followed, sliding along Julia’s luscious pink inner lips. Once Matty got a taste of Julia’s musky sap, she couldn’t stop. Matty pulled Julia’s pussy against her face, and she ate her out ravenously.

Julia kaçak bahis let out cries of pleasure, Matilda’s cock sucking skills were easily translating to great cunt licking skills. She felt Matilda’s tongue dipping deep into her fiery center, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding Matilda’s mouth. She started flicking her tongue against Matilda’s straining clit, intent on licking her to a wild orgasm.

Julia growled, “Now, stick that tongue out baby, and let me ride it!”

She smiled as she saw how eager to please Matilda was. Julia reached down, parting her lips, and she let out a loud moan of pleasure as she slid her clit along the length of that hot, wet teen tongue.

“Ri–Right there,” Julia whimpered, her eyes closed. “Mmmm keep that tongue right there, baby, ah-ah-ah!”

Eager to follow orders, Matty did so, she felt Julia holding her head in position, and she could feel her starting to slide her clit up and down the length of Matty’s outstretched tongue.

Julia murmured, “Oh, so good, mmmm, so good.”

Matty felt the wet flow against her face, Julia was very wet, her juices were flooding over Matty’s mouth and her face. Matty felt her keep up the pressure, holding her head in place as she pressed her clit down harder, giving Matty her first lesbian facefucking, Julia clit was hot, throbbing, and bulging with arousal as she started to shake.

“Sweet little cunt licker, gonna make me cum, fuck, fuck FUUCCKKK!!”

Julia was squealing with pleasure, and a huge rush of her cum poured out, it felt like Niagara Falls as she gushed a torrent of girl cum all over Matty’s face. Julia rode that crest, mopping Matty’s face down, as she squirmed and writhed with pleasure.

Julia looked down at Matilda’s face, saw the glaze of juice she’d deposited, the hot, shine of lust, and she knew that Matilda must be wildly hot, and she was eager to relieve the pressure. She lifted Matilda up, and her lips came down, pressing insistently against Matilda’s lips. Matilda opened her mouth to the kiss, and she felt Julia’s tongue race in, licking, probing, eager to play. Matilda’s tongue rose up, and they kissed heatedly, tongue-filled swirls of passions, moaning into each other’s mouth.


When they broke the kiss, before Matilda could say another word, Julia pulled back the bedsheets, purring, “Come to bed Matilda, we still have time before my son gets home.”

Matilda watched through lust glazed eyes as Julia climbed into bed, and lay back, her eyes hungry, beckoning her to join her.

“Let’s 69 sweetie, you’ll love it.”

Matilda followed Julia’s directions, as she squatted over her face, Matilda could feel Julia’s nose sniffing at the lips of her pussy, letting out coos of pleasure as she felt illegal bahis Julia’s tongue start to delicately lick at her pussy lips.

Matilda felt the tip of Julia’s tongue softly probing at her entrance, and she let out a moan of pleasure as Julia’s tongue speared in. Matilda quickly stretched out, she could smell the heated lust, oh god, the fiery scent of Julia’s pussy was making her own pussy throb, and in that classic 69, breasts were pressed against bellies, and mouths cleaved to hot, wet cunts.

Matty slid her tongue along Julia’s labial lips, listening to her drawn-out growl of pleasure. The feel of her boyfriend’s Mom’s mouth feasting away at her juicy heat was beyond spectacular. Matty was hot, ready, and eager to please, and she plastered her mouth tight against Julia’s gushing heat, licking, kissing, and tasting. Both were eagerly sampling the copious flows from between each other’s thighs, climbing up, becoming hotter and hotter.

Matty grunted, growled, her body started to tremble with her impending orgasm, it took only a few more loving passes of Julia’s tongue caressing her clit, and Julia felt the vibrations of a pussy muffled shriek against her as Matty’s girl cum gushed forth, giving her a very juicy wash. The feel of Matilda’s cum against her face made Julia explode almost immediately, she felt a rush of juices pumping out, giving Matilda another rush of the mingled passions.

They lay sprawled out afterward, breathless, floating on the clouds of post-coital contentment. After a few minutes, Julia drew Matilda into an embrace, nuzzling and caressing.

“Matilda my sweet, I want you to be a part of the family for a long time. I have many wonderful ways to show you how satisfying lesbian loving can be. With my son’s cock, you’ll have the best of both worlds.”

Matty was hooked, she knew that if she didn’t go both ways, she’d miss half the fun, and she whispered, “I’m all yours to teach Ms. Martin.”

Julia cooed, “Since we know each other much better now, call me Julia, sweetie, and what do you like to be called?”

Matilda whispered, “Call me Matty.”

Julia cooed, “Matty, oh yes Matty, I will pleasure you in so many ways. As Ron will be home soon, I think it’s time to call an end to our discoveries, for now. There will be many more things for you to learn, enjoy and revel in Matty sweetie.”

Later that night, in bed, Matty masturbated furiously, she ran the images through her mind like a film clip, being a subservient cunt licking living sex doll for Ron’s Mom. It just drove her wild, and when she exploded, she squirted like a hose, holy shit, it felt like her body was shaking apart as hard, wrenching spasms shook her body to its very core.

Laying back, sprawled in ecstasy, Matty knew that she would be a very compliant subservient sex doll for Julia. Mmmmm. she could feel a purr deep inside. as if something that she had wanted all her life had locked into place. She could hardly wait to service Julia again.

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