The Tanning Salon

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I love my job, I guess that I am happier than most because not only do I love what I do but I also work for myself. I own a tanning salon, I love greeting people and being there to answer their questions, they are more like friends to me than customers and I would hate it if I couldn’t be there everyday. Although I never expected the perks that seem to come along with the job, and the perks make the job even better.

It had been a slow day that Wednesday as the weather was very ominous and drizzly as well as chilly, Steve a steady daily customer had come in and we were sitting and chatting and joking as we always do before he tans. We talked a little about our screwed up relationships, joking about how we were ready to just get into another one for money not love etc… I love joking with Steve, he makes me laugh and smile, and being 10 years my younger and in fit shape he is nice to look at as well.

Steve was making jokes and flirting about going to dinner, running away together. ” Ok Linda, what do you say that we just get out of here, go eat some dinner, and find a nice motel somewhere”

“Well Steve I don’t close for another hour and a half, but after that sure I am all yours.” I smiled and laughed knowing he would never be serious, and that being married I could never go there.

We chuckled at each other as Steve sauntered down the hall and into the diminutive room where the tanning bed was. I heard the door shut, and I started to image him naked as I heard his clothing come off. I heard his belt buckle clink against the chair as I assumed that he laid his slacks in the seat. I could hear his hands running over his body as he smoothed the lotion across his perfect form, his tan muscles firm yet not overly large, then his six-pack tummy, and sweet sexy chest. I was getting damp in that secret place just thinking about him, I tried hard to recover and think about something else, I mean after all I am married even if I am separated, I shouldn’t even consider such a thing. But then I have been so lonely, and sexually in need of some real Manley attention.

It seemed like only moments that Steve was in the bed, when I heard the bed shut off it knocked me from my daydream about him, and he began to sing to the radio. I giggled and smiled, ” Are you trying to win me over with the singing now Steve?” I asked in my flirtiest voice.

” Yes is it working?” Steve chimed with a confident manner.

” Well if they play “Unchained Melody” and you sing to that, then you will be in trouble,” I replied

Steve laughed and said that he would have to remember that. Now I could hear his clothes going back on, the dampness had grown and I was now feeling a slight tingle between my legs, a considerable throb even. I was going to have to go home and really work myself over well.

Steve exited the room and headed out the front door, he smiled as he left, ” See you tomorrow Linda have a great night.”

” You to Steve, and behave” With a wink and a smile Steve was out the door and in his car. For the next hour I couldn’t get him out of my mind, and I just kept thinking what it would be like to have Steve touch me, kiss me, and have his cock fucking me. As I cleaned the tanning beds I found a watch in the room that Steve had just been in I figured it was his and put it in the office to give to him the next day when he came in, Alanya Escort I then vacuumed the floors and turned out the lights. Now ready to close, I had emptied the cash drawer and turned off the open sign and gone into the office. I was filling out the deposit slip for the evening’s sales, when I heard a knock on the door.

I peaked through the window and to my shock it was Steve, I opened the door and he laughed as he told me that he thought that he had left his wristwatch in the room. I smiled softly at Steve as an odd feeling crept over me.

” Yes you did, I put it here in the office for safe keeping let me get it for you.”

” Thanks so much I love that watch and would hate to have lost it.”

I entered into the office, and as I reached for the watch on the desk I felt hands slide from behind me and cup my large breasts, it was Steve and he pulled me close to his chest, I gasped in shock and he nuzzled his face into my neck, kissed my neck and ears and whispered softly into my ear.

” Please Linda, don’t make me stop. You know you want me, and we can have a great agreement so that you get what you need and I tan for free.” Steve spoke with declaration in his voice; He wasn’t evil but had a force and an attitude of control.

My head spun, I knew this was wrong but I needed this so much, it felt so wonderful to have a man want me this much again, even if it was for ulterior motives. I closed my eyes tightly, breathed deeply and leaned against his chest and tilted my head to the side giving him better access to my neck.

Steve continued to kiss and lick and suck my neck as he groped at my tits, I was in such disbelief as he was so hot looking and I being overweight, and almost 40 and separated, I kept thinking to myself why me, why me.

I stopped asking myself why, and became spellbound in the passion. Steve had turned me around and kissed me softly, licking my lips, and holding me close. Then his kiss became more determined and deep, his mouth covering mine, his tongue penetrating my mouth intensely. I could feel Steve’s hard cock pushing against me, and his hands now inside of my shirt grabbing at my fleshy mounds as he backed me against the wall. Our passion grew, and we were groping each other and kissing frantically. Steve pushed me hard against the wall, looked at me and without saying a word lifted my shirt up over my head in a hard fast movement, he then began to suck my tits through the thin material of my bra. I placed my hands on his head, holding him close and tightly, moaning as he suckled my nipples to a rigid stance that the bra couldn’t hide. My Nipples were slightly rough in texture and had grown to a size I didn’t know that they were capable of, my large 44 DD’s loved this kind of attention and I prayed that it wouldn’t stop.

My thong was getting so sodden with my cunt juice that I was sure that the crotch of my jeans were also getting tacky, It was so passionate I needed to feel his cock in me now!

Steve pulled his mouth from my tits, and I moaned loudly in displeasure. He backed up a bit and then began to unbutton and unzip my jeans, looking me in the eyes and saying nothing to me. I felt his hands slide into the waist of my jeans, and he began to slowly push them down as he leaned in and seductively bit my neck and shoulders, he crouched at my feet. Then Alanya Escort Bayan he lifted first my left foot then my right. Pulling the leg of the pants from each foot as he did so.

I was leaning against the wall, trying to breath steadily, moaning softly, Steve remained crouched at my feet, his hands descending over my flesh and back up my legs, then over the insides of my thighs. My hips stirred slightly with his moves as I moaned more. I began to speak to tell him how much I loved what he was doing to me; Steve reached to my mouth, placed his index finger across my lips and said…

” SHHHH… Don’t say a word, just do as I direct you to.”

I was not going to argue, Steve stayed crouched, he lifted my right leg up and placed it over his shoulder. Pushed my thighs slightly apart, then he slowly slid his hand over the threadlike material that covered my pussy lips; they were inflamed and pouting out the edges of the thong. But I couldn’t help but act in response to the touch of his fingers. I got a whiff of my female aroma, it was sharp but it was sweet and made me even hotter.

” MMM… you smell wonderfully hot and horny, bet it has been along time since you have had this done.” I just moaned and shook my head yes to his words.

Steven wasted little time, he pulled the thong to the side and began to lick and suck at my inflamed well shaven twat as it throbbed in his lips. I yelped in pleasure and forced my hips forward to push harder against his face as he was now licking and sucking harder than I can ever bring to mind any man ever doing to me. My clit jumped at each touch of Steve’s tongue and teeth, my liquids flowed out and down onto the inside of my thighs, and I was so close to cumin all over his face I couldn’t stand it.

Steve inserted two fingers into my cunt and began to finger me profoundly and relentlessly, yet slow deliberate strokes. I fucked my hips onto his hand, wanting to release the surge of pleasure so much.

” Oh yeah that’s it, feels good to get that cunt fucked doesn’t it? You’re so wet and hot, and you taste so good. I can’t wait to feel you cum on my fingers and face, so I can lick up your juice and really savor your nectar.”

I was going insane, it felt astounding and I needed to climax so badly I couldn’t stay silent another moment. I began to implore and beseech like a real cum slut would.

” Oh yes Steve yes, I want to cum for you, I need to cum for you, I need it so much it hurts. Yes that’s it fuck my wet twat, harder suck my clit oh god yes….”

Steve fingered my cunt with a firm pounding action, he sucked and lapped at my clit, it was only seconds and I felt the wave hit me in the most intensely overwhelming manor I could recall. My legs buckled and quivered, my cunt succumbed to his fingers, the juices flowed from my pulsing hole and down Steve’s arm, Steve savored and drank the tasty fluid as it gushed, I screamed in pleasure and felt woozy as the surge subsided and left me enervated. He had to hold me tighter against the wall to keep me from falling, my breathing began to slow, and I relaxed a bit, and then whispered.

“Steve. That was amazing… thank you.”

Steve grinned like a Cheshire cat and lowered my leg to the floor, I was still leaning against the wall, and my eyes closed trying to regain composure. I heard Escort Alanya Steve unzip his slacks and he methodically removed them and folded them placing them on my desk. He then turned to me and placed his hands on my shoulders and forced me to the floor. His hard cock was sticking right in my face; he grabbed his member with his right hand and pulled my head closer.

” Now you little cum slut, suck my cock until I tell you your done.”

There was a rude reverberation in his voice, hardened and insistent, but it made me want to please him all the more.

I wrapped a hand around his cock and began to lick it from the base of his sack to the tip of his head. I slowly stroked up and down as I did so, Steve held my head tighter with handfuls of hair tightly entangled between his finders. He pulled my face closer to his crotch and grunted an animalistic tone.

I opened my oral cavity wider and slowly let his cock enter into my warm, wet hungry orifice. Steve moaned a pleasurable moan, and began to hold me tighter yet by the hair. His hips swaying in the motion with my mouth play. Softly I grasped his balls, gently squeezing and needing them, causing a deep gurgle in my throat caused his cock to tremor in my saliva cave. I could feel Steve’s passion growing and his balls tightened under my touch, pre-cum oozed steadily and I licked enthusiastically at the white glistening fluid, And sucked with vigor on his massive hard throbbing pecker.

Steve was really fucking my face hard, hitting the back of my throat and causing me to gag, but I could tell that he was close to spilling his seed and I wanted to feel that in my cheeks and on my tongue, down my gullet. Just as the vein in his cock swelled to amazing proportions, he withdrew from my face, pulled me to my feet by my hair, spun me around and bent me over the desk chair.

His foot kicked my ankles further apart, his right arm wrapped under my hips pulling my ass up high and near his crotch, I felt the head of his dick press against my cunt lips and then jammed in full and deep, I gasped but loved the way that his cock stretched me open and packed me full. I could feel Steve’s cock hammering my cervix as it slid in and out, and he pulled it out just far enough with each stroke to cause the brim of the head to hit that squashy squishy spot beneath my clit that causes electrical energy to serge through my body.

I was bent over the chair, head against the wall, feeling Steve in my cunt, I screamed in delight…”Harder yes harder god that feels so good!”

With that Steve’s hand grabbed the hair in the back of my head again as he pulled hard, he shoved deeply and smacked my ass hard several times causing a sharp heat to race from my ass to my cunt and as he did the last few strokes I felt his jism shoot into my pussy and fill me, Steve roared like a lion, his guttural tones reverberating through the room and echoed through my ears, he then with drew his cock and with his hand jerked the last remnants of seed onto my ass and back leaving my skin glisten under the heavy streams.

Steve was breathing hard, and leaned against me for a few moments in an effort to catch his breath. He then stood up and began to redress, I excused myself to clean up just enough to get re-dressed myself so I could head home.

As we were getting ready to head out, Steve kissed my forehead, and asked if it was worth it. I said well enough that bi-weekly sessions should keep him tan all summer. And with that we went our separate ways, and now when he comes in to tan, we have that little look we throw each other’s way. And I love knowing that next week, will be time for another round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32