The Surprise

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Big Tits

It was starting out to be a great evening. The kids were all at overnights and it was all about adult fun. I said that I was about to slip off into the shower and asked you if you wanted to join me? You had replied, not at this time and you were going to run somewhere quick. So, I gave you a kiss and headed off into the shower.

I started to take off my clothes in front of the mirror watching my every move. I love watching myself in the mirror as I seductively take off all my clothes. When I was done I climbed into the shower and started my water. As I waited for the water to get nice and hot I was rubbing my hands up and down my body. My hands went from my thighs up into the crease between my legs, up farther around my belly button, and up until they were coupling my breasts firmly. I then noticed the water was warm enough, and started the shower streaming down on my naked body. I just stood there and let the water fall down on my glistening wet body taking it all in.

I started to wash my face. Then worked my hair into lather, threw in some conditioner and started to wash my body. Now this was my favorite part since usually by the time I am all soapy I’m aroused, and being the only one in the house, I thought to myself what a better time to cum all over my shower.

I put my soap on my loofa and got it all full of white suds. I started washing my body with my neck first, then moved down. I came to my round tits and always paid a little more attention to them when I was washing. I then worked my way down and came to my slit. MMMMMM! I usually just swabbed the loofa over it and then finished with my hands. I love feeling the soap allow my hands to slide so nicely over my body as I rub both my hands over my soapy pussy. There is nothing like having a squeaky clean cunt. I then decided that I wasn’t going to cum, I was going to wait until he got home and then tell him to make me cum. So, I just kept brining myself to climax while touching all my pink parts over and over. I finished up with my shower and did the usual stuff like brush my teeth, and ofise gelen escort comb my hair. I then went and cuddled up in bed since I knew he would come looking for me when I wasn’t out in the living room.

I dozed off for a bit and then heard the key unlocking the door. I heard the door open and I heard whispering. I just thought he was talking to himself but continued to hear it. The lights were all off and they were never turned on. I then heard him enter the room through the door and I knew I was in for a surprise since no lights were turned on. I heard clothes dropping on the floor and was totally ready for what was about to come. I was awaiting the anticipation of it all. I could feel my pussy starting to already get so wet. I then felt the bed start to move as it was climbed up on. Then the covers were moved off of me and my pussy was opened up and my clit was feeling a warm tongue on it. Oh, it felt so good. I started to squirm pretty much immediately since I had almost came 6 times in the shower but had stopped myself each time.

I then felt fingers going in and out of my wet pussy. Now, it was at this time I noticed that it wasn’t who I thought it was doing the licking and sticking. I looked up in the dark room and to my surprise seen a hot little ass up in the air, with him standing behind her with his hands around her feeling up and down her back as she was licking my pussy so well. This was HOT! It was what I have been waiting for now for so long.

When he knew that I knew he just smiled and I asked for the lights to be turned on. After the lights were turned on I saw the woman. Wow, was she a looker. She had long hair up in a pony tail wrapped around so I wouldn’t have felt it on me anywhere. She had a dark complexion, a beautifully toned body and a smile that when she looked up at me and made eye contact was amazing. I hadn’t heard her talk yet. I said that I wanted to see him plant his hard cock in her pussy. It didn’t take long before that happened. Just watching his otele gelen escort face as he penetrated her for the first time was like nothing else. I could see already within a couple of minutes he was ready to cum. So, I told him that I wanted to taste her on his cock. He then came over and dangled his cock in front of me until I grabbed it and he then pushed it into my mouth. Oh did she taste good. His cock was all white and creamy and I enjoyed lapping it all off of his cock. She then started sucking my clit so hard that I could barely take it. She was sucking and fingering me. I loved feeling her fingers going in and out of my dripping wet pussy. She knew I was almost ready to explode all over in her mouth.

She took one hand and started grasping my nipple between her fingers squeezing them harder and harder. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I had held it in already for way too long. I started to moan out in pleasure, my whole body was tingling at this point as I started to shake between breaths. As I started to cum my pussy was gushing all over her face. She was going nuts as I started to gush. I then grabbed her hair and pulled her away as I started to squirt out several feet. I was clamping my mouth around his cock so tightly. She then pushed hard enough to get back down to lick my clit until I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was screaming stop, stop, STOP!!!!!! It is now your turn!!!

She got out from between my legs and he moved his cock away from my face and got up. I then got up next to her and laid my hands on her soft skin while pressing my lips against hers. We shared a very soft meaningful kiss before I asked her to get on all fours. After she got on all fours I admired her beautiful body for a few seconds and then started to place my head under her body. I didn’t have to say much to him as he knew what I wanted him to do and got into place to stick his very hard throbbing cock up against her wet cunt. I then started to lick her clit. While I was licking her clit and caressing her sincan escort sides he started to again penetrate her slowly. Thrusting every so gently into her wet crevice. I saw his head disappear as I was looking up trying to see as much as I could see at the time while licking her vigorously. She started to moan out in pleasure with her Ohhhhhs, and Ahhhhhhhs! I then got up from under her and wanted to get a good view. I got up above her asshole and watched him slide his cock into her wet pussy. Everytime it came out I could see how wet she was as it was left all over his cock. I then started licking her asshole and spread her ass cheeks apart. I then told him to fuck her asshole.

I watched him slowly pull his cock out of her wet pussy. I then got in place to lick all of her off of his cock once again. I spit on his huge cock and licked her asshole just before he placed the tip of his cock at her opening. I watched him slide it in inch by inch. I could her hear moaning from the bottom of her gut as she took him all in. He got to the end and slammed the last couple inches into her hard. She shrieked out in a pleasureful pain and started screaming out louder and louder. Telling him DON’T STOP! DEEPER! HARDER! MORE! MORE! HARDER!!!! I got up in front of her and started kissing her, muffling her sounds then I slid back under her the best I could so that I could lick her clit until she came all over my mouth. I started licking her soft clit that was so hard. I then started fingering her cunt. She was dripping down my arm. I was finger fucking her while at the same time she was getting fucked by my man in her tight ass. That was soooo hot! There was nothing more sexually intense to me then watching my man please another woman. I know what it feels like so I know what she must be feeling.

As she started to shake, I started to lick faster, and faster. I heard her moaning get labored and shallow. I knew she was about to cum. I started sucking on her clit as hard as I could while I fucked her with my fingers and felt her body up and down with my free hand. I loved feeling her shake and move all over. He then pulled his cock out of her ass, moved up and shot us both with his white cum all over our faces and chests. It felt so good to watch him grasp his cock with his hand and shoot it. She then turned to me and licked it off of me, and I licked it all off of her. We then shared a kiss, and laid down on the bed to pass out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32