The Surprise

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Melanie must have fallen asleep waiting for John to get home that evening. He was taking a little longer than usual to get home from work, and she had a hard day herself, so she decided to wait for him in bed. It was a cold December night and she fell asleep with her clothes still on under the cover of numerous blankets. John arrived home a little after 9 p.m. to find his wife fast asleep. “Perfect,” he thought. He grabbed the blindfold and hand cuffs from the dresser drawer and began to restrain her to the bed. She would love the surprise he brought home for her…it was the least he could do after the many times she had surprised him in the past. As he was snapping the cuffs closed around her tiny white wrists, she stirred and awoke in a state of surprise.

“Honey, what are you doing?” she said in a tired voice.

“Shhh, my love, just relax,” he said as he put the blindfold over her still sleepy eyes.

She was now deprived of her senses and feeling quite vulnerable. She had no idea what to expect from him and that both excited and scared her. She heard what she thought was him leaving the room for a minute and then she heard footsteps approaching her bedside.

“Now sweetheart,” he said, “I’m going to take off your clothes, just relax and don’t say a word.”

He began to unbutton her top and he opened it as far as he could. He wasn’t able to take it completely off because of the cuffs, but he did his best to open it wide, exposing her very full breasts. Her nipples stood hard from the cold air and he caressed them as his hand passed to her pants. He unzipped them and started to pull them down her legs, taking her black satin panties with them. There she lay, his beautiful wife, exposed to the world. All of her perfection lay before him waiting to be ravaged. She squirmed a little, and muttered, “It’s so cold in here.”

“Silence,” he whispered, “things will heat up in a minute.”

She felt his hands starting demetevler escort to explore her body, running over her breasts, down her bellybutton and brushing her inner thighs. But something about this seemed unusual, it took her a second to figure it out, and then she knew.

“Oh my God!” she yelled out.

She had felt two sets of hands on her, one obviously her husband’s and one set belonging to a stranger.

“What the hell is this? What’s going on?” she asked.

“Honey, I’ve brought home a gift for you,” he said.

And with that statement, she felt a tongue slide into her mouth. She accepted it and began to reciprocate; the soft, sweet tongue that was filling her mouth was not that of her husband, but of someone unknown. It felt like silk gliding across her lips, so warm, so soft, she beckoned it deeper. Whoever was kissing her was also fondling her left breast, and doing a good job getting her nice and wet. It was then that she heard a soft moan escape the lips of her unknown partner. It was a moan too soft to come from a man. She knew at that moment that he had brought her a woman.

She was scared at this realization, but it also excited her. She had always wanted to be with a woman and John had always known about her bisexual fantasies. As the woman’s mouth left her lips to suckle her breast, Melanie felt her husband’s hands starting to move up her inner thigh and brush her pussy lips. She bucked up underneath the woman to meet John’s hand. She had never wanted him to touch her so badly. She was wetter than ever before and longed to feel something, anything inside her aching body. His index finger spread her lips and found her clitoris immediately. He knew her body so well, and he knew where to rub to drive her insane. He began rubbing her clit with his thumb in a circular motion, focusing on the top part of it…her ultimate weakness. She groaned dikmen escort with pleasure as his cold hands slipped along her wet slit. As his thumb rubbed her, she heard him whisper “Go ahead” to the unknown accomplice. At that moment she felt two hesitating fingers enter her. She moaned out as she felt the stranger’s hand inside her; she felt the woman’s long fingernails scrape her lips upon entering.

She didn’t think it was possible to experience more pleasure than this. Her husband was attached and suckling to her left breast while rubbing her clit vigorously and the stranger’s mouth was around her right breast with her fingers inside her. A louder moan escaped her and she felt her legs begin to tremble. John took this as a cue to apply more pressure to her clit and she heard him tell the woman to speed up. Melanie felt the fire beginning to start in her loins and at its peak she came hard while her body thrashed on the bed.

She heard the two of them quietly laugh as they backed away from her pussy. What she wasn’t able to see was that John had grabbed the woman’s fingers that were just inside his wife and put them into his mouth and sucked them clean. Melanie felt John getting between her legs; she wouldn’t have known which assailant it was if she hadn’t felt his enormous, hard cock brush her thigh. He put the tip of his cock at her opening and Melanie felt the woman mount her face. Melanie could smell her cunt right over her nose. She reached her tongue out to taste the woman’s flesh and she felt her jump in surprise.

“Now, Melanie,” John said as he spread her pussy lips with his hand, his cock still poking her, “be as nice to her as she was to you, eat her out like a good girl.”

Melanie opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out meeting the woman’s hot lips. She began to search for her clit. She allowed her tongue to search for a bit, lathering and soaking elvankent escort the woman until she tasted wetness. She then used the tip of her tongue to give long and firm strokes to the woman’s very swollen clit. She heard the woman moan and at that moment, she felt her husband enter her swiftly and forcefully. It was so unexpected, that she let out a moan herself while working on the woman’s clit. This excited the stranger and Melanie could feel her starting to ride her face while her hands fondled her breasts.

John was pounding her now, letting out a grunt with each thrust and making sure to go as deep as possible, just the way that Melanie liked it. He lifted her legs a little and used the angle to hit her g-spot over and over. Melanie could feel herself getting close to orgasm. She began to lick and suck the woman’s pussy faster and faster, bringing her closer to her orgasm. As the two women were getting themselves ready to explode, they heard John starting to give his usual pre-orgasmic moan.

“I’m gonna come girls, are you ready for me?” he asked.

“Yes” hissed the stranger.

“Mmmhmm” Melanie moaned on the woman’s clit, knowing that it would drive her over the edge.

At that moment, John released his load into his wife, setting off a chain reaction of orgasms. As his juice was spurting into her, she came around his dick and with that, the strange woman orgasmed on Melanie’s face.

Melanie could feel not only her husband’s cum flowing down her thighs, but also the woman’s juices flowing down her cheeks. It was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. John unlocked her cuffs and took off her blindfold. The light hit her eyes and she was blinded for a second, but when her eyes adjusted she looked over at the two bodies on either side of her. Her husband lay on her right side, panting and smiling and to her surprise, her best friend, Danielle, lay on her left side recovering from the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced.

“Oh my God, Danielle!?!” Melanie said while laughing.

“Yes,” Danielle replied giggling, “you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

The three of them lay laughing in bed, amazed at what they had just done and all of them secretly hoping that they would be able to do it again very soon.

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