The Substitute Teacher

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None of the names are real in this story or the first one or the future ones. Any character in this story or maybe chapters to come are 18 or over. I would like to thank Signore Calcio for the idea for this story. Thanks to Angel Love for editing assistance with this story.


Before I start I think I should introduce the two main characters of the story. The first is Sonia who is Latin American and has a very sexy tan. She is 5’5″ and works out a lot so she is in very good shape. She has a very nice pair of average sized tits that are very perky for her age and her nipples really stick out in whatever she wears. They really get a lot of attention from the guys. She has a trimmed pussy that her friend Julie really likes, who I will talk about next.

“So are you subbing for anybody tomorrow?” asked Julie.

“Yeah I have to sub for Hank. He is the PE teacher,” said Sonia.

Sonia and Julie are very close and intimate friends. Julie is a petite blonde and her hair is a little shorter than shoulder length. She is 31, and her breasts have grown a little larger in the past three years since nursing her baby. Sonia and Julie work out with each other and do a lot of other very intimate stuff together.

“So are you going to have some fun with the guys as you always do you naughty girl?” Julie asked, slapping Sonia’s cute ass.

“MMMmmm don’t do that here. You know how that gets me wet. We don’t need anybody seeing that,” Sonia said as she blushed a little knowing that she leaked a little juice.

“Oh come on, my husband hasn’t fucked me in a week and I’m so horny I could almost grab any guy here and fuck him silly,” Julie said that as she laughed.

“MMMmmm well lets get out of here and we can have some real fun,” Sonia said after she grabbed Julie’s ass and gave it a squeeze.

The two ladies walked over to the showers while holding each other’s asses and almost ever guy in the gym was watching them. One guy even dropped a weight on his foot. The ladies saw ankara escort the attention they were getting and they giggled and gave each other’s ass a good slap. They get to the showers. They are not the female showers but the male showers and since there is nobody else there they get naked. You can tell that they are both wet already.

Sonia reaches out to Julie and wipes some of the juices off her shaved and smooth pussy and licks it saying, “MMMmmm you taste so good Julie. Let’s get in the shower and we can have some real fun.”

“MMMmmm after you,” Julie said, with a smile as she watched Sonia’s ass shake getting in the shower.

Julie runs up behind Sonia and rubs her crack in her ass and then starts rubbing her tits and stroking her pussy with her other hand.

“MMMmmm Julie your hands are magical,” Sonia said, while moaning and purring. “MMMmmm well we are just getting started honey.” said Julie, as she started to pinch Sonia’s nipples and rubbing her clit.

“MMMmmm stop playing around Julie. I am really horny and can’t stand it!” complained Sonia, as Julie kept pinching her nipples and fingering her pussy with one finger.

“Alright you got it you horny slut,” Julie said, as she kept rubbing her ass into her crotch.

Julie started adding another finger to Sonia’s pussy and kept rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples hard. Sonia started caressing Julie’s ass and sucking on a finger. She moved her hand around slowly inserting a finger into her ass. They both started moaning and purring really loud. Just then a black guy walked into the showers and heard them.

“Hello. Is someone there?” asked the black guy as he walked toward the shower.

The guy walked over to the shower and pulled the curtain open. His towel dropped and his dick gets an instant raging from what he sees in the shower stall. He is 8 inches. The girls turn around but keep doing what they are doing and see his hard on and they both smiled.

“Well are you going to join ankara escort bayan us big boy?” Julie cooed, as she stared at his hard cock. He stepped in and closed the curtain after him.

“I sure will,” he said, as he entered.

He walked around to the front of them and started sizing up Sonia’s body He started stroking his cock and a bit of pre-cum oozed out as he watched the two girls having fun.

“MMMmmm why don’t you let me do that for you sweety?” Sonia asked. as Julie started fingerfucking her fast with two fingers now and kept pinching her nipples.

“Alright sure,” he said as he started walking toward the two girls.

Sonia stretched out her arm and started rubbing his cock. The pre-cum was lubing it up good and he was starting to get wobbly in the knees. She could tell he was about to cum because she could feel it in his balls and his cock.

“MMMmmm Julie I think he is about to blow. Why don’t we get our shower?” she asked, as she pointed and stared at his throbbing cock.

“Sure I really need one bad,” Julie said as she stopped playing with Sonia.

Julie took her fingers out of Sonia’s pussy and licked them clean. Then she knelt down in front of the black guy and Sonia followed her.

“Well come on we are really dirty and we need our shower. Are you going to give it to us big boy?” Sonia asked as she grabbed his cock.

“I sure am,” he said as, he took his cock in his hands.

He began stroking it slow from the head all the way down to his balls. He did this for a few minutes, and then Sonia took his cock from him and started jacking him off fast. He started to moan and she could feel the cum traveling form his balls to his cock.

“Get ready Julie, he is about to give us a powerful shower,” Sonia said just as the guy’s whole body stiffed up.

Sonia kept stroking his cock very fast and was rubbing his balls with the other hand. He started to tense up and that is when it happened. A long stream of warm cum escort ankara shot out of his big cock and hit Sonia right in the mouth and another one came out and hit her forehead. Julie takes his cock from Sonia and aims at her mouth and another shot hit her right in her mouth. For the next minute or so he shot strand after strand. He finally leaked out the last bit of his load. The ladies were soaked in his black seed.

“Clean my cock off. Clean.” the black guys said, as she shoved his cock in their faces.

They both started licking the big cock from head to his balls. Sonia took it in her mouth and sucked it clean. Julie took it in her mouth to get the last drop.

“Thanks ladies that was the best orgasm I have had in a while. Maybe you can give me your phone numbers and we can do this again,” said the black guy as he stepped out of the shower.

“Actually we don’t give out our phone numbers but we are always here at the gym so whenever you see us just come on over and we can have some more fun. Thanks again for the shower,” they both said in unison as they flashed their wedding rings as he got dressed a left.

The ladies took the next 5 minutes to lick the cum off of each other. They licked it off their tits and their ass and legs and all over their bodies. They shared the cum in one very passionate kiss. They took a real shower now to get the rest off and got dressed.

“MMMmmm we have to stop by here more often and get another shower because that one tasted really good,” Sonia said as she put on her bra.

“Yeah we do but we should go now. Our husbands may wonder were we are,” Julie said as she put on her boots.

They got fully dressed and left the gym with contented smiles on their faces and their hands on each other’s asses.

“You are sure going to have fun tomorrow in your class Sonia,” Julie said as they left the building.

“MMMmmm I plan on it. You can check in on the class if you want to or I could just tell you what happens the next day. Bye sweetie,” Sonia said, as she kissed Julie on the lips and got in her car and drove away.

The next story talks about her subbing for the teacher and the “fun” time she has with the students. I would really appreciate comments whether positive or negative. Thanks.

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