The Stranger

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Jace trembled as he stripped naked and slowly knelt on the grass. The moonlight bounced of his shiny muscles,  as he sweated in the night time heat. Taking a deep breath,  he brought the blindfold to his face, placed it over his eyes, and tied it of. Now,  he would wait for the stranger who had instructed him to do this. The stranger who had promised him a long night of pain and pleasure beyond his wildest dreams.

Jace had been in position for just on five minutes,  when he heard the footsteps approaching. Swallowing hard, he clenched his hands in anticipation, knowing he was about to meet his maker. The crunch of the grass under foot got louder, as the stranger approached, coming to a stop right in front of Jace. He trembled in fear and excitement, wondering what would happen next.

The strong scent of leather and sweat invaded Jace’s nose, making his cock twitch. All that he could hear was his own breathing and the faint creaking of the stranger’s leather. After a seeming eternity of silence the stranger finally spoke.

Leaning in, his lips only centimetres from Jace’s ear he said: ‘You ready to be punished boy?’

‘Y… Sir,’ stammered Jace in fear and excitement.

Jace gasped as he felt the Stranger’s leathered fingers caresses his erect nipples.

‘You like that boy? You like the feeling of my leather against your nipples?’

‘Yes Sir, its so buttery soft,’ replied Jace.

‘What about this?’

Jace moaned in pleasure as he felt the leather brushed across his sensitive cock head.

‘Thank you, th…. thank you Sir,’ he whimpered in ecstasy.

‘Your cock is dripping already boy. Open your mouth and clean this glove.’

Jace opened his mouth, and accepted the strangers fingers. The taste of the leather mixed with his cum, made his cock so hard, it hurt.

‘Good boy,’ said the stranger ‘I expect this kind of obedience at all times’.

Jace just nods, his mind a muddle of wild thoughts.

‘Answer me boy!’

‘Y..Yes Sir. I will do anything you command’ says Jace.

‘That’s what I like to hear,’ says the stranger. ‘Be warned boy, i don’t tolerate disrespect. There’s already a long punishment session planned out for you. You don’t want me to extend it, believe me.’

‘Yes Sir. It won’t happen again.’

Jace feels the stranger take his hand.

‘On your feet boy.’

Jace gets to his feet. The stranger leads him, a strong grip on his hand. Jace is trembling now, his anxiety taking over. What was he doing, out here at night, completely at the mercy of a stranger? This was a bad idea. Maybe he should stop.

Noticing Jace’s apprehension the stranger spoke.

‘You will be punished hard tonight. But, I’m an experienced Master who has trained many young men, just like you. You will remember tonight, for all the right reasons.’

Jace started to relax. Something about the stranger’s voice made him feel safe.

‘Okay boy, it’s time to go. Your ass is begging to be punished,’ says the stranger, breaking his hold.

Leading Jace to the car, he sits Jace down and rubs his fingers against Jace’s cock. Jace gasps as the soft leather glides over his sensitive cock head.

‘I want you to listen to this on the ride,’ says the stranger, putting headphones over Jace’s ears.

Immediately he heard the sound of leather strap hitting flesh. Whack! Followed by a loudmoan of pain and pleasure. Whack! The sound of discipline alone was enough to get Jace’s cock rock solid, and the stranger knew it. He wanted Jace as horny as possible before etimesgut escort they got back. The hornier the boy, the harder and more passionate the punishment could be. Jace reached for his cock and stroked it. A sharp slap across his thigh let him know he was not to touch himself. But, the sting of slap only made him hornier.

It was a long ride back for Jace. He was so horny. But, he knew being disobedient would earn him even more punishment A while later he feels the car come to a stop. He feels the stranger take the earphones off.

‘How was that boy?’ asked the stranger.

‘My cock is so hard it aches Sir,’ replied Jace.

‘Better get used to it boy. I decide when you get to cum. That won’t be for a while’.

‘Yes Sir’.

The Stranger takes Jace’s hand and leads him inside. He goes down a flight of stairs and immediately Jace knows he’s in a sex dungeon. He can’t see, but the smell is a dead give away. Leather, cum and sweat, the most erotic scent ever.

‘In a minute I will leave the room, and you will remove your blindfold. You will pick three implements you would like to be punished with, and put them on the table. You will also choose what to wear during your punishment. Put it on, then put your blindfold back on and wait for me.

‘Yes Sir. Thank you Sir’.

Jace hears the door shut and removes the blindfold. As his eyes adjusts to the room his cock twitches. The first thing that catches his eye is the implement wall. Whips, straps, canes, paddles of many types adorn the wall. His cock twitched, thinking about the pain he’d be in as they lashed his ass. First he picked up a large leather paddle. He’d watched so many boys beg for mercy in porn, when it was used. He wanted to feel what they felt. Next was a brutal looking ratan cane. He’d always fantasised about being punished like a school boy. Then a large leather strap. He layed them on the table his breathing sharp. He was about to feel every one, lash his deserving ass.

Opening the cupboard the strong leather scent hit him like a tonne of bricks. His cock throbbed as he admired the incredible leather collection. Jackets, jeans, shirts, boots ties, hats, underwear, gloves. It was absolute heaven for Jace, who had loved leather since he was in his teens. He took out a beautiful biker style jacket and brought it to his nose. The scent was rich and heavy, and deeply erotic. A pair of tight leather jeans with a zipper on the crotch and ass also caught his eye. He knew his ass and cock needed to be fully accessible to his Master. But, this meant who could keep the leather on, as he was disciplined.

Looking in the mirror, Jace felt incredible. Tight leather jeans hugging his hard, wet manhood. leather shirt and tie, stretched over his muscled body. A buttery soft biker jacket, zipped at the front, and a exquisite pair of shiny leather boots. He ran his fingers down his smooth, shiny body, stroking his rock hard cock through the leather. He’d always fantasised about wearing full leathers like this. It felt amazing against his skin. He walked to the table and put on the blindfold. He then stood to attention, and waited for The Stranger.

A few minutes later he heard the door open. Footsteps approached him, and stopped in front of him. He whimpered as he felt the stranger stroke his shaft through leather.

‘Beautiful boy,’ said the stranger ‘how does it feel?’

‘It feels incredible Sir.’

‘Enjoy the softness of the leather boy. You’re gonna need it when my I’m etlik escort laying into your ass with those implements,’ says the stranger, unzipping Jace’s leather jeans at the back, exposing his muscled ass. He took Jace’s hand and led him to the the spanking horse. He ties Jace down, and adjusts the horse, so Jace’s cock and balls are crushed by his own body weight. He growls in pain, but, his cock gets even harder from the punishment.

‘You ready boy?’ says the stranger ‘it’s time you got what you deserve.’

‘Yes Sir!’

Whack! The first stroke lands. Whack! The cane stings like crazy. Whack! Jace grinds his teeth in pain. Whack! He had fantasised about this for so long. Whack!

‘How’d you like the sting of my cane boy?’


‘Its incredible Sir!’

Whack! Whack! Whack!

‘Fuuuuuuck! Thank you Sir!’ shouts Jace in pain.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

The strokes come one after the other, giving the young stud no reprieve. His ass burning like fire, as roars of pain escape his lips.

‘Those screams of pain are music to my ears boy!’

Whack! Whack! Whack!

The cane was brutal, but Jace’s cock remained rock solid.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

‘Been thinking about this since I saw your beautiful ass,’ said the stranger.

‘Th…thank you Sir,’ whimpers Jace.

‘Whack! Whack! Whack!

‘You’ll submit to me completely before the night is over. Every boy I bring here does.’

Whack! Whack! Whack!

Jace lost count of how many strokes he took. The caning went on long and hard. When the final stroke eventually landed, Jace’s ass was bright red, and covered in welts. His voice was hoarse from his roars of pain.

The stranger undid the restraints and helped Jace up. Jace immediately cradled his punished manhood and ass with his hands. Jace then feels the stranger’s lips on the back of his neck, softly kissing his sweaty skin. Jace’s cock twitches, as he feels the stranger caressing his tender balls.

‘How did you like my cane boy?,’ asked the stranger.

‘It was incredible Sir, thank you for punishing me so hard,’ replied Jace.

‘Bet you jerked of so many times thinking about this boy.’

‘Every night Sir. I’d imagine being with you, and feeling your leather and implements.,’ replied Jace leaning back to the strangers kisses.

‘Every night? You really are a horny boy, aren’t you,’ said the stranger ‘but don’t worry, you’ll be punished for every cum shot, stroke and filthy thought.’

‘Thank you Sir,’ replied Jace, drunk on the stranger’s touch.

Jace then felt the stranger take his hands and lift them above his head. He felt smooth leather around his wrists, the stranger cuffing him to the ceiling. He then felt the stranger undoing his leather jeans.

‘Look at the mess inside these boy. You really are a dirty pain slut,’ said the stranger. ‘I’m thinking a long hard round with the leather strap, should teach you.’

‘Thank you Sir,’ said Jace, breathing heavy in anticipation.

‘Count them of boy,’ said the stranger.


‘One Sir!’


‘Two Sir!’


‘Three Sir!’

The strapping went on long and hard. Jace was roaring in pain, but he loved it. He could feel every lash, bringing him closer to orgasm. Eventually he lost control, as the sting over the leather sent him over the edge. He bucked and roared in pleasure as he plastered his leather jeans with spunk.

‘Thank you Sir, thank you!’ he cried as the pleasure rocked eve gelen escort his body. He’d never had a orgasm as intense and pleasurable. He could feel the thick spunk trickling down his legs, and feel his balls contracting.

‘You’re gonna pay dearly for cumming without permission boy,’ as he continued leathering Jace’s ass through the orgasm.

As the orgasm subsided, Jace was overcome with emotion. He needed to see the man who had done this to him. Who had punished him so severely, and given him so much pleasure.

‘Pl…please Sir. Please let me see your face,’ he begged.

‘You ready to see your Master, are you boy? Youready to submit completely to me?’

Yes Sir. I’m yours, please Sir.’

Jace whimpered as he felt the stranger stroke his hypersensitive cock through the leather.

‘What if i told you, seeing my face will cost you a round with my riding crop? And that you’ll be stripped naked, so every part of your body is fair game for punishment,’ said the stranger.

‘Then I’d beg you to chastise me so I may see your face,’ replied Jace.

The stranger kissed the boy softly and slowly untied the blindfold.

Jace squinted as his eyes adjusted to the light. The stranger was broad and muscular. As he came into view Jace’s eyes began to focus. He gasps in shock.


Jace couldn’t believe it. How had he not recognised Coach’s voice. They spent every afternoon together, training in the gym, pushing their bodies to the limits. Now here he stood bound and in leather, having his just been beaten to orgasm.

The Coach leaned in and kissed Jace’s lips softly. He wraps his arms around him, and holds him close. Neither man says anything, but their feelings are clear. The attraction and love between them undeniable. Coach breaks his hold and looksJace in the eyes.

Jace gets on his knees and looks up at his Coach. He’s trembling with emotion and anticipation.

‘I want to serve you Master. I want to be your boy,’ said Jace ‘I submit my body and mind to you’.

Coach runs his fingers through Jace’s hair holds his face in his hand.

‘Be warned boy, I’m a very strict Master. I demand complete submission and obedience. In return I will make sure every one of your sexual desires, fetishes and fantasies are fulfilled. I will love you more than any man has ever loved you. But, make no mistake, your body belongs to me, and your cravings will be satisfied only if i say so.’

Jace is trembling hearing Coach speak this way. Both fair and excitement floods his mind, as he realizes what he is about to do.

‘I submit myself to you Master. I’m your boy, and promise to do my best to always obey you,’ says Jace ‘and if I fail you, i will beg you to chastise me.’

Coach gets Jace on his feet and kisses him. They make out passionately, hungry for each other. Eventually they break the kiss and Coach grabs Jace’s manhood through his

leather jeans. Jace whimpers in pain.

‘Get me the crop boy.’

‘Yes, Master, thank you Master.’

Jace hands the crop to Coach, and strips naked. Coach caress his naked body, and covers his body in kisses. Jace moans in pleasure, as he feels Coach put his cock in his mouth. The Coach sucks his cock and gently fondles his balls.

‘Th… thank you Sir, thank you Sir!’

Jace is about to shoot his load, his cock pulsing and throbbing. But, suddenly the Coach stops. Jace shoots a look of betrayal.

‘You don’t deserve to cum boy. You already have.’

‘But Coach…’

Coach grabs Jace’s balls and squeezes hard. Jace screams in pain.

‘I don’t tolerate back chat boy!’

‘I’m sorry Sir, Im sorry!’

‘Now get your leather jeans, I want you face down, ass up as you clean the filth of the leather.’

Jace did as he was told, face down,licking the leather clean, as Coach lay into his body with the crop.

Whack! Whack Whack!

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