The Story of O Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Met

I awoke about 10 o’clock to the smell of bacon and eggs and went into the kitchen to find her busy cooking breakfast in her robe. We were both starved and wolfed down the food and were having a third cup of coffee when she asked what plans I had for them today, if any. I told her that I hadn’t really thought about it yet and asked if she had any ideas.

“How about going up to the Metropolitan Museum for the afternoon? I understand that they have a terrific exhibition of Impressionism which I would love to see.”

I told her that I’ve been wanting to see it also and that it was a great idea so we cleaned up the dishes, got showered and dressed and resisted playing with each other as we both knew we’d never get outside the bedroom if we did.

We spent a wonderful afternoon at the museum and, as we got to the final paintings in the exhibition, while admiring an absolutely gorgeous Renoir nude, O asked me to excuse her for a moment and she walked over to two women standing a short distance away. Both were very attractive and nicely built although one was young, he guessed mid twenties, and the other had to be in her forties or early fifties. They were engaged in deep conversation for some time and then O turned and walked back to me as they followed her.

“Darling, I want you to meet Odile and Bianca. I invited them to join us for dinner and then come back to our place afterwards.”

I looked at her in surprise and asked if they’re friends of hers and she told me that this is the first time she ever met them and that they’re visitors from France who are on a two week holiday here in New York. I knew something was in the wind because of the way the whole thing was unfolding and went along with it because they both looked interesting and O seemed to be captivated by them. I suggested a great Italian restaurant not far from the museum and called Franco for reservations on my cell. We walked the few blocks to the restaurant and I found out that Odile was Bianca’s aunt and had lost her husband to a heart attack a few years ago and had taken Bianca in to live with her as she had been recently divorced. Bianca was originally from Rome and had come to Paris to live with Odile about six months ago.

Franco greeted us at the door and showed us to a quiet table in the rear and took our drink orders. As we sipped our drinks, Odile told us that she’s an editor of a fashion magazine in Paris and that Bianca is a clothing designer for a French manufacturer. O asked where they lived in Paris since she has been there a few times with her husband and knows the city quite well. She knew the general area that Odile mentioned and, not being one to beat around the bush, came right out and asked them how their sex life was progressing in the city of love.

“Not bad, really” Odile answered. “We have a very nice café not far from our apartment which caters to gay and bisexual women and have met quite a few interesting women and couples there. We usually go there on weekends as we have each other often during the week. How about you two? How is your sex life here in exciting New York?”

O told her that she’s a fairly new arrival in the city but, after meeting me, her sex life is improving by leaps and bounds. I added that I have a fairly extensive group of singles and couples in the metropolitan area that provide an excellent outlet for my sexual desires.

“That sounds very interesting” Bianca said. “We’ve been trying to create a nice group of people in Paris and are slowly succeeding, although there’s a lot of trial and error involved. We only know a few couples as most of our friends are women that we met at the café.”

I asked her if they’re interested in men also and Odile told us that they enjoy having one or more men over on occasion for variety. We continued the conversation over dinner and by the time we finished coffee, we knew quite a bit about our likes and dislikes in the sexual area. I took care of the bill and asked if everyone was ready to leave. Bianca smiled and said that it was definitely time to go as she was quite wet already from the conversation alone. When we got outside, I hailed a cab and we were in front of my building in just a few minutes.

They were very impressed with the view of the park and city beyond as soon as they stepped into my apartment and after getting them some drinks, I took them out on the terrace and we sat down to talk. O had gone inside and came out on the terrace in her robe and suggested that we all get out of our clothes and slip on robes as it was much more comfortable. I told her that I had a couple of extra robes in the bedroom closet and she led both of them inside to change. They were back a few minutes later and Odile had let her hair down from the bun it had been in and looked very sexy with her dark wavy hair surrounding her very pretty face.

We sat and talked a few minutes and then O stood up and asked Odile if she minded if she took Bianca inside. Odile smiled and told her abidinpaşa escort that it was up to Bianca, not her and Bianca stood up and told her to lead the way. When they left, I asked Odile if she would like to go inside with me and watch the two of them get to know one another and she stood up and took my hand as we walked back to the bedroom. As we entered the room, O was standing next to the bed completely nude and Bianca was just slipping off her robe.

“Your woman is built quite beautifully” she said to me and I agreed as I told her that her niece was also. Bianca and O got on the bed and were in each other’s arms with their hands roaming all over their bodies as they kissed. I walked behind Odile and kissed her neck as I slipped off her robe and told her how much watching O with another woman turned me on. She told me that she has the same reaction when she sees Bianca having sex with another man or woman and turned to face me and opened my robe and slipped it off my shoulders. She looked down at my rapidly rising organ and exclaimed, “Mon Dieu, it is beautiful!” and grasped the thickening shaft in her hand and held it as she led me to the bed.

“Let’s sit here for a few moments and watch these two making love as it really turns me on very much.” she said as she continued squeezing my shaft and playing with my balls.

I suggested that she lay back against the headboard and watch them as I got to know her better and she smiled and told me how thoughtful I was. When she lay back and spread her gorgeous thighs and revealed her sexy crotch to me, I was mesmerized at the sight and went down on her as if in a trance. Her pussy was dominated by large labia which were swollen and slightly parted showing her pink insides. Above that was a very large clit hood which came down almost to her opening and was quite prominent. I couldn’t resist taking her labia between my lips and sucking each one as they were so beautiful. When my lips closed over her flesh, she moaned and ran her hands through my hair as she told me how good it felt. As I sucked her labia into my mouth, she gave me a running commentary on what O and Bianca were doing and how sexy it looked.

I loved her flavor and her aroma was turning me on even more as I slid my tongue into her hole and tasted her juices. When I moved up to her clit, I saw a little head appear from the folds of skin and it looked like a little cock to me. I ran my tongue over it and she gasped and told me that I will own her completely if I take it in my mouth and suck it for her. I needed no further urging and wrapped my lips around the tiny head and started drawing it into my mouth as I teased it with my tongue. It started to grow in my mouth and soon I was sucking on a little cock and she was going wild.

“Suck it, mon cher! Don’t stop, it feels soooo good!” she cried out.

I loved sucking the little organ and getting such a wonderful reaction from her so I continued and soon she raised her hips off the bed and held my head in her hands as she cried out in orgasm and wet my face with her juices. I waited for her to stop shaking and murmuring before I lifted my head and asked if she wanted more.

“Not for the moment, cherie. I would like to taste you now so please change places with me and tell me what our friends are doing while I’m busy enjoying myself.”

I got up and changed places with her and noticed that Bianca was sitting on O’s face and having her nipples tweaked while she was being eaten. She smiled at me and told me that she enjoyed watching the expressions on Odile’s face while I was eating her and was now looking forward to seeing the expressions on my face. I lay back and Odile started licking the insides of my thighs as she slowly moved up towards my towering erection. I was horny as hell from eating her and as she got closer to my shaft, I saw the precum leaking out of my cock slit. She noticed it also and quickly moved up to the crown and flicked out her tongue to capture a large drop before it slid down.

“Mon Dieu, it is so sweet! It is like nectar!” she cried out and covered the entire head with her lips as she began to draw more juices out of my organ.

I was in heaven as she fed on my precum. She was lovingly sucking on the crown as she cupped my full balls in her hand and kept sucking up my nectar and moaned in delight each time she swallowed another drop. O asked Bianca to trade places with her as she wanted to watch me being sucked and as soon as Bianca lay down, she lowered her crotch to her mouth and closed her eyes in rapture for a moment as Bianca’s mouth covered her pulsating pussy. When she opened them, she looked at me with glazed eyes and told me how sexy it was to watch Odile sucking my cock so beautifully.

I was in another world as Odile knew how to suck cock and soon had me climbing the walls in passion. Then I saw O looking at Odile’s ass and could see the longing in her eyes as she gazed at her gorgeous labia peeking out altındağ escort from her sexy thighs. She told Bianca to keep sucking and lay down between Odile’s legs and started kissing and licking her ass cheeks slowly working her tongue and mouth to those irresistible labia lips. When her tongue probed those delicious petals, Odile lifted her hips and spread her legs to give her more access and O lost herself in the delicious crotch.

Odile was deep throating my organ and swallowing around the thick shaft and milking my orgasm out of me. Before I knew it, my penis started jerking and hot cum spurted deep down her throat. I watched her happily gulping down each load and sucking firmly on my shaft to get more out of my balls and then got an extra sensation in my cock as she started moaning in orgasm herself and sending ripples of vibrations through my throbbing penis. It seemed as though my spasms would never end and then finally they ceased as the last load of cum shot out of my balls. Odile kept sucking deeply on my penis and kept moaning as O kept sucking the last of her juices out of her hole. Then I heard O’s muffled moans as she experienced orgasm also and the four of us collapsed in satisfaction to slowly recover from our beautiful highs.

I got all of us some cold drinks and we sat back on the bed and talked about how beautifully we got along sexually.

“As soon as you are ready, I want your cock inside me” Odile said.

Bianca added that she too, wanted it and, since Odile had already had some of my cock, she wanted to be first. Odile smiled and told her that it was alright with her as long as she didn’t hog it for too long. O looked at both of them and asked if she could get a piece of the action also and they looked at each other with grins and shrug their shoulders as they told her they’d think about it.

I wanted to find out something that I had been wondering about all afternoon so I asked O,

“How in the world did you know that these two were ready for sex when you saw them in the museum?”

She smiled and told me that when we had first entered that salon to look at the last group of paintings, she had noticed two very attractive women looking at her and had more or less kept her eyes on them while we were moving about the room. She saw the look of lust in both their eyes as they looked at her from head to toe and, by the time we reached the last few paintings, she couldn’t resist going over to talk to them.

“I’ve seen that look many times before and knew just what they were thinking so when I walked over to them, I was pretty sure we’d get together. My only reservation was whether they were bi and when I found out they were and that you being present wouldn’t be a problem, I closed the deal.”

“I’m so glad you did, my dear” Odile said. “I don’t think we would have had the nerve to approach you that way.”

Bianca agreed and mentioned that if O hadn’t walked over, she and Odile would have fantasized about having her in bed as they had sex that evening and that she too, was happy that O read their minds so perfectly.

O told them that since they were her guests, she was going to prepare me for them and make sure that I was in the proper condition to service their every need. With that she rolled over between my legs and started playing with my flaccid penis before taking it in her mouth. Just before she did, she looked up and told them that one of her favorite things was feeling my organ get hard in her mouth and then went down and took it between her lips and began lovingly sucking the soft meat. Odile and Bianca were fingering each other as they watched and when O began moaning as my penis got larger, they were trying to decide which hole they wanted filled first and Bianca told her that she definitely wanted my cock in her vagina before anything else.

I looked at them and told them that I had a say in this also and I wanted to do something else entirely. They looked at me questioningly and I told them that, as soon as I was ready, I wanted the three of them on their hands and knees so that I could fuck all three of them in tandem. I stemmed Bianca’s hurt look by telling her that I would start with her first and then move back and forth between them.

“It’ll be a little like “Russian Roulette” as the lucky one will receive my orgasm” I told them and they laughed and told O to get me nice and hard as they couldn’t wait to begin.

When O’s talented mouth had my penis fully erect, she got up in triumph and the three of them got on all fours in front of me. I approached Bianca and rubbed the head of my cock over her already wet and lubricated vagina and pushed it inside to her gasp of pleasure. O played with Bianca’s nipple and Odile did the same on the other side as I started stroking deeply into her and felt her pushing back to get more of my organ inside. I was at the stage where I could maintain an erection without cumming for a long time and I fucked Bianca until bahçelievler escort she cried out and wet my penis with her orgasmic juices. Then I pulled my organ from her cunt and moved over to Odile where I fit the head to her slit and fed it inside to her loud sighs of pleasure as it filled her hole. Bianca and O lay down on either side of her and sucked her erect nipples as I fucked her and she was moaning constantly as I stroked back and forth in her beautifully tight hole.

She was pushing back and meeting every stroke as she told us how good my cock felt inside her and kept asking me not to stop what I was doing to her. After some time, she pushed back and held herself tightly against me as I felt her body quiver and heard her cries of ecstasy as her orgasm overwhelmed her. I kept my penis deep inside her until she gradually calmed down and then withdrew it slowly. As it slid out of her cunt, it was wet with her juices, and Bianca moved around quickly and covered my shaft with her mouth as she sucked it clean and then lifted her head to tell me how delicious that was.

I told O to assume the position and as soon as she presented her gorgeous ass to me, I fed the head inside her vagina and started moving it around as Odile and Bianca sucked her nipples. I fucked that gorgeous hole of hers until she cried out in orgasm and pulled out as soon as she calmed down. Bianca knew that it was her turn again and got into position as I pushed my cockhead inside her wet hole and began fucking her while the other two worked on her breasts and nipples. I went through all of them once more before my orgasm arrived. I was stroking into Bianca when suddenly my organ swelled and started jerking as it shot my load into her hungry vagina in one spasm after another until they finally stopped and my balls were drained.

When I came back down to earth and withdrew my penis from her hole, Odile was waiting and quickly took it in her mouth and licked it clean. When she was done, she lifted her head and told me that her niece’s juices tasted even better when mixed with mine and asked if I could bottle them and ship them to her in Paris. I told her that I’d look into it and O suggested that maybe we could start a business and make some money out of it.

While we were resting and having drinks, I asked them how long they would be in the city and Odile told us that their flight back was on Sunday afternoon. I asked if they would like to come over Wednesday night and party with a very nice and unusual couple and Bianca asked,

“What do you mean by unusual?”

I told them that I hadn’t met Gary as yet but was told that he was very good looking and well built but that his wife Toni was not only gorgeous and beautifully built but also had some very special talents that I was sure they would flip over. Odile said that they would love to come over and I told them to plan on arriving about eight pm and that we’d have snacks and food here so they needn’t bother with dinner. I also suggested to O that she call Toni in the morning and tell her its going to be a sixsome instead of a foursome. Odile looked at the time and told us that they’d better go back to their hotel and get some sleep as one of her business contacts was coming over early in the morning to pick them up for a day of sightseeing around the city. They got dressed and we saw them to the door and told them we’re looking forward to seeing them on Wednesday.

When they left, I congratulated O for having picked up on the vibes that Odile and Bianca were sending her in the museum as they turned out to be great sex partners. She smiled and told me that she’s always had a sixth sense in that regard and will be my bird dog from now on. Since we both had busy days coming up during the week, we decided to go to bed and get some sleep but wound up discussing Odile and Bianca and the events of the evening and as soon as she saw my penis get hard, she wanted it inside her. We slow fucked and talked about the girls’ reaction to Toni when she undresses and I bet her that they are going to go wild and probably won’t want to go back to Paris. O’s very talented pussy worked its usual magic on my cock and it wasn’t too long before I pumped her full of cum as she joined me in orgasm and we both promptly fell asleep.

The next three days were hectic for me as I had important presentations to make and outside of masturbating while talking to O before falling asleep one night, I hadn’t had any sex and when Wednesday came around, I was quite horny just thinking about the night ahead. O showed up around six thirty and had some snacks delivered so that we’d have some sustenance for the evening’s activities. We showered and slipped on our robes and I put out some joints in case anyone wanted a smoke. I lit one up and we shared it while sipping our drinks in the living room as we awaited their arrival.

About ten to eight, the intercom rang and I was told that Toni and Greg had arrived. When I opened the door to their ring, I saw a big, good looking guy with a broad smile standing next to gorgeous Toni. He held out his hand to me as they entered and I felt the electricity as we clasped hands and it seemed as though he felt it also from the curious way he looked at me. I kissed Toni and brought them into the living room where Toni introduced O to Greg.

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