The Storm Pt. 01

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The strong wind was blowing the rain almost horizontally as I peered into the blackness trying to keep my four-wheel drive Ford on the road. The windscreen was doing it’s best to fog up in the humid conditions making forward vision very difficult. Suddenly I saw flashing lights ahead and, braking carefully, I slowed down to come to a halt beside a policeman dressed in a bright yellow raincoat.

As I wound down the window he shouted, “Sorry Sir, there are many trees over the road ahead and with this storm they won’t be cleared until daybreak. If I was you I’d backtrack to Bordertown and try and find a room for the night.”

After commiserating with the officer I did a U-turn and headed back up the highway, cursing my luck, as I had wanted to be home late that night. The rain seemed to be even heavier and my pace was slow as the storm intensified. Up a gravel side road on my left I suddenly glimpsed headlights shining at an angle into the dark sky. I slowed even more to a crawl and turned my car towards the lights. I saw a sedan sideways in a ditch with steam coming from the radiator, obviously it had not been there long. Stopping close to the sedan I reached into my back seat and grabbed a light cotton rain jacket and a torch. The driving rain hit me as I jumped from my car and splashed my way across to the other vehicle. I pulled open the passenger’s door and flashed the torch into the interior. There was a frightened looking lady in the driver’s seat looking warily at me.

“Are you ok?” I yelled. “Can I give you a lift somewhere?”

“Oh thank you for stopping, but……” She stopped talking and pointed into the back seat.

I shone my torch into the rear of the car where I saw a young baby strapped into a safety capsule. ‘Oh hell’ I thought, ‘That’s all we need’.

I looked back at the driver while trying to figure out what was the best thing to do. The rain soon drenched my jacket and I could feel myself getting soaked to the skin.

“Where were you heading for?” I yelled the question.

“To my farm, about three quarters of a mile up this road.” She answered, still worried but seemingly accepting that I was there to help her.

“Ok, I’ll try and tow you out of the ditch and up to your farm. I have a four-wheel drive so I should be able to manage it. Try and keep your front wheels as straight as possible, what side is your farm on?”

I caught a glimpse of a smile as she replied, “Oh my God, thank you so much. It’s on the right and the gate is open.” She paused then continued. “If you drive around the back of the house there is a covered verandah you can park under.”

“Good, don’t go away!” I shouted as I ducked back into the rain.

As quickly as possible I moved my Ford in front and attached my rope to both our cars. I was now drenched to the skin and mud was splashed all over my shoes and trousers. Slowly I took up the slack of the rope and said a silent prayer. The wheels spun in the gravel and mud, then gripped and gradually the sedan was extracted from the ditch. Gingerly I drove up the narrow gravel track with the rescued lady and her baby close behind. As I turned into the entrance to the farm I saw a sign saying “The Haven”, little did I know at that time how correct that sign was to prove.

I followed the driveway through a row of wind-blown poplar trees and soon the large old farmhouse could be seen through the pouring rain. I steered towards the rear of the house and as I turned the corner I saw with relief the covered entrance to the rear verandah. I pulled the lady’s car into the dry area, stopped, reversed a little to take the slack off the towing rope and went to assist with the baby.

As I squelched the few steps in my sodden shoes the lady was already out and unbuckling the baby from the capsule.

“Are you and the baby ok?” I asked as I wiped back the dripping hair off my forehead.

The lady looked at me as she gathered the baby in her arms and giggled out loud. “Oh I’m sorry to laugh but you should see yourself.”

I looked down at my soaked clothes and managed a rueful smile. “I’m soaked through, but as long as you are alright, that’s the main thing.”

“Oh we are fine, thanks to you, ummm, what’s your name?”

“Jeff Knight, and yours?” I replied, shivering a little as the wind blew through my sodden clothes.

“I’m Julia, and this is my daughter Rebecca. Jeff you certainly are my knight tonight.” Julia looked concerned. “Do you have a change of clothes?” I nodded and Julia continued. “You can have a hot shower and change in the guest room if you like, it’s the one at the end of the verandah.”

“That would be great Julia.” I smiled my thanks. “You had better get Rebecca inside out of the wind.”

“Come inside when you have changed.” Julia called out as she carried Rebecca up the steps. “The guest room isn’t locked.”

I grabbed my suitcase out of the back of my Ford and walked wet footsteps along the wooden verandah. The rain continued to pour down as I stripped off my wet clothes and left them in a pile outside the room. I opened the door to find a well-furnished room with a small bathroom. Maltepe Yabancı Escort It was good to shower, towel myself and put on dry clothes. After combing my hair I went back on the verandah and wrung as much water as I could from my saturated clothes. I hung them over a long clothesline that had obviously been used for many years under the cover of the verandah.

Julia called “Come in Jeff, I’m in the kitchen,” as I knocked on the door and entered the farmhouse, closing the raging storm behind me.

I stopped with surprise in the doorway of the kitchen. Julia was sitting at the table with the front of her blouse open and Rebecca sucking on a large firm breast.

“You don’t mind do you?” Julia asked, “Rebecca was long overdue for a feed.”

“Not at all Julia. Ah, can I make you a cup of coffee or tea?” I asked, quickly recovering my poise. “I sure could do with one.”

“A cup of tea you mean?” Julia giggled at her little double entendre. “Yes I’d love a cuppa, the kettle is over there with all you need.”

I busied myself making the tea, trying in vain to keep my eyes off my hostess’ breasts. When Julia changed Rebecca to the other breast she made no attempt to cover herself and I felt the familiar stirring in my cock. We made small talk and I found that the farm was a tax dodge and holiday home for her wealthy pediatrician husband who was at an orthopedic conference interstate. I sat on the opposite side of the table trying in vain to keep my eyes off Rebecca sucking contentedly on Julia’s large nipples. Julia told me she liked to get away to the farm by herself whenever possible, she was born in the country and preferred it to the city. When Rebecca had finished Julia left the kitchen while she took the baby to sleep in the nursery.

I cleared the teacups and wondered what to do next, was I invited to stay in the guestroom or should I make a move to go back to Bordertown?

That question was answered when Julia returned to the kitchen with a bottle of brandy.

“Care to warm the inner man a bit more Jeff? Let’s go into the living room, it’s more comfortable.” Julia flashed her lovely smile and I quickly followed her swaying arse up the long passage to the front of the house.

I sat on the expensive leather sofa as Julia poured me a generous glass of brandy. She brought the drink over to me and as she leaned forward the front of her blouse fell open again revealing both breasts. I felt she stayed in that position a little longer than necessary, but the moment was broken by the loud ring of the telephone.

Julia grimaced and moved to sit with her legs crossed in a large chair opposite me as she picked up the phone.

“Hello, oh hi darling it’s you.” Julia looked at me and screwed up her nose before asking, “How is the conference going?”

Julia chatted to her husband about what he had been doing and then told him of how she had been rescued from the storm. As she talked Julia uncrossed her legs and slowly spread them apart causing the light material of her skirt to ride up her thighs. I was almost hypnotized by the lovely vision right in front of me but forced myself to look up at Julia’s face. She was licking her lips and smiling suggestively at me as she chatted to her husband on the phone. Her free hand moved to the hem of her skirt and pulled it further up her slim thighs. I felt myself squinting as I tried to make out whether she was wearing flesh colored panties or nothing at all under the dress. There was no doubt of what she had in mind and the lump in my pants made my reaction to her display quite obvious.

I heard Julia say to her husband, “Oh yes darling, don’t worry, I will repay Mr. Knight for his help tonight. If he hadn’t come along heaven knows how long we would have been stuck there. Yes, ok Sam, take care, I’ll see you in a few days, bye. Love you.”

“Looks like you are enjoying the show Jeff.” Julia said with a laugh as she hung up the phone.

“Whew, yes very much Julia, very much indeed.” I said without taking my eyes off her crotch. “But you are married and I……”

“Stop! No need to go any further.” Julia interrupted. “Sam and I are selective swingers from way back. He has his secretary with him and they were in bed as we were speaking. Sam asked me if I wanted to fuck you for your help.” As she spoke Julia got up from her chair and moved towards me, unbuttoning the last couple of buttons on her blouse and pulling it free from her skirt. “So as long as we use condoms, and I have a good supply of them, anything goes.”

Julia knelt down on the carpet in front of me with her large breasts now completely uncovered.

Her eyes looked down at the carpet as she continued. “I’ve been a naughty girl exposing myself to you haven’t I Jeff? Do you like to spank naughty girls Mr. Knight in shining armor, Sir?”

My mind was racing and for a moment I was lost for words.

Julia looked up at me with concern. “Oh I’m sorry Jeff, I should know by now not to mention spanking. It’s just that……”

I interrupted, “No, no Julia it’s fine. It’s just that I have been interested Maltepe Yeni Escort in spanking for years but I’ve never met a girl who wanted to be spanked. And now, here you are, practically begging for it!”

“Oh shit!” Julia cried loudly. “You’re not having me on are you? This must be my lucky day. First you save Rebecca and I and now this! I don’t know how many men I’ve frightened off when I’ve asked them to spank me. Sam tries but his heart’s not in it, I have dreamed about being properly spanked for a long time.”

I recovered quickly and mock-ordered, “Be quiet brat and put your hands on your head.”

Julia’s mouth fell open in surprise then she smiled widely in delight. “Oh yes Sir!”

Once again she looked down at the carpet as she obeyed my instruction.

“Julia, quite honestly I have never spanked anyone, but I have read many articles and stories for years. If you will bare with me, ha ha, I’d love to give you your first spanking. If it doesn’t work for either of us, just say so and I’ll hit the road, ok?”

“Don’t hit the road Jeff please, the only thing I want you to hit is my arse.”

I took a few deep breaths and thought to myself, what would Matt do in this situation? This seemed like a scene from some of the stories I had read on my computer. Take charge Jeff, that’s what she wants, just take charge.

“Stand up Julia and take off your blouse and skirt.” I instructed.

With an excited look on her face Julia quickly stood and slipped the blouse from her shoulders and threw it on the floor near the phone. Her heavy breasts rose and fell with her breathing and the nipples looked rock hard. Her nimble fingers soon had her skirt sliding down her legs and she kicked it away across the floor. I saw she was wearing a skin colored thong and my cock jumped in anticipation.

“Pick up the skirt and blouse, fold them neatly and put them on the chair.” I ordered. “Let’s keep the room tidy young lady.”

“Oh I’m sorry Sir.” Julia quickly followed my instructions and returned to stand in front of me. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were sparkling as she stood at attention.

I stood in front of her, my height advantage giving me a feeling of power and control. My hands reached out and took the weight off both her breasts and Julia shivered as I ran my thumbs over her nipples. I let go of her right breast and my left hand caressed her cheek, then slid around the back of her neck. Julia moaned as I rubbed the back of her neck and then yelped in shock as I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back.

Looking directly into her eyes I took a deep breath and said, “Julia you are now under my control and you are to obey all my instructions. If anything gets too much for you then use the traffic lights safe word.”

“Traffic lights?” Julia grimaced as I continued to pull on her hair.

“Call red if you want me to stop immediately or you can use amber if you want me to back off a bit, understand me Julia?” I was amazed at how calm I was feeling as I issued the instructions.

“Yes Sir, I getcha,” Julia replied, “Does that mean I can call green if I want more, Sir?”

Still holding Julia’s hair I took a step to the right, pulling her with me. I let go, sat down in the centre of the leather couch and patted my knees.

“Right sassy brat, lie down over my knees, it’s time for your first proper spanking.”

Julia held her hands together under her chin in a sign of prayer, looked at the ceiling and then at me, grinned and quickly placed herself over my thighs.

We both jumped as there was a loud clap of thunder outside, flashes of lightning lit the windswept garden as I ran my right hand over Julia’s buttocks. She shivered as I rubbed slowly in circles, occasionally pinching the skin between my thumb and forefinger. A feeling of calmness swept over me as I raised my hand and brought it down with a soft ‘smack’ on her arse.

“Oh God yes!” Julia moaned, “Green Jeff, green!”

“Shut up brat, I’m calling the shots here.” I retorted as I quickly resumed our first spanking.

“Spank, spank, spank.”

My hand rose and fell, softly at first but slowly increasing in intensity in tandem with my confidence. Julia’s cheeks bounced delightfully each time my hand landed and slowly the white color changed to a soft pink. She gave little yelps of enjoyment as the spanks started to sting each time they landed. I couldn’t believe my luck at the way the storm outside had brought this delightful lady into my life.

“Spank, spank, spank!”

The whacks were harder now as I fell into a slower rhythm, and Julia’s legs were kicking each time my hand landed. Despite the noise of the storm outside each slap could be heard in the room, as could Julia’s cries that grew louder.

As I stopped to remove the thong, Julia reached back and rubbed her hand over the warm flesh.

“Oh Jeff, this is so good, mmmmm I’m lovely and warm aren’t I?” She cried exultantly. “Keep going please, I’m nowhere near amber.”

My fingers slipped under the elastic of the thong and started to pull them down Maltepe Masaj Salonu over her cheeks.

“Yesssss, take them right off Sir, touch me, fuck me, I’m all yours!” This gutsy lady squealed.

Slowly I peeled the thong lower; the thin material stuck for a moment in Julia’s crack then came free. The panties were quite damp to my touch as I slid them down Julia’s thighs and calves and finally off over her feet. I slapped my hand between Julia’s thighs and she obediently spread her legs wider. I slipped my hand between her thighs and ran the flat of my hand over her trimmed, wet pussy. Julia moaned at my touch as another tremor of excitement flowed through her nude body.

“Whack, whack, whack, whack!”

I suddenly resumed the spanking with harder blows, my fingertips now getting close to her arse hole and pussy. Each spank stung my hand considerably but Julia’s cries only told me how much she loved this new experience. The soft pink color was now much brighter and glowed brightly each time the brilliantly white lightning illuminated the room. Her legs were kicking with each hard spank and I was having trouble holding Julia on my lap. ‘What would Matt do now?’ I thought to myself and grinned as the answer came into my head.

I stopped spanking and instructed, “Stand up Julia!”

Julia turned her head around so she could see me and pleaded, “Please Sir Knight, keep going, I need more!”

I pushed Julia off my legs and she slipped onto the floor on her hands and knees. She clambered indignantly to her feet and stood with her hands on her hips looking at the lump in my pants.

Before she could make another brattish remark I rose quickly, grasped her left arm and ordered, “Over here to your chair, kneel on it and lean against the back rest with your bum stuck out!”

I grabbed her clothes from the chair and threw them over near the door. I firmly guided Julia into position with her lovely arse sticking out just begging to be touched. I turned the chair slightly so Julia was facing a large mirror in the wall. She turned her head to look at me and gulped loudly as she saw me slide the leather belt from my trousers. I took up my position and Julia gasped as I flicked the end of the belt lightly against her pink skin.

“Eyes front Julia, watch yourself in the mirror.” I ordered and grinned as she quickly obeyed.

As I raised my arm there was another bright flash of lightning, I counted to seven and brought the belt down firmly across Julia’s arse. My timing was spot on as the crack of the belt on her flesh matched a loud crack of thunder.

Julia’s head jerked back and she shrieked, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Yes!”

That was all the encouragement I needed and again the crack of the leather belt made Julia’s body jerk. Twin red marks criss-crossed the pink skin as Julia steadfastly maintained her position. I was aware of my hard cock but I concentrated on making Julia’s fantasy come true.

“Crack!” – “Owwwwwww”

“Crack!” – “Yiiiiipppes”

“Crack!” – “Ouuuuuch!”

I watched Julia’s face intently as I gradually increased the force of each lash of the strap. A few tears slid down her cheeks as the pain level increased and I was ready to stop the moment she used the safe word.

“CRACK!” – ‘Owwwwwwwww!”

“CRACK!!” – “Oh noooooooooo!”

“CRACK!!!” – “Yah, ohhhhhhhh amber!”

“Keep going?” I asked as I dropped my arm.

Julia nodded as if she was unable to find the words. Her body was shaking and more tears were flowing

“CRACK!!!” – “Oh yeeeeeeeeeessssssss!”

“CRACK!!!” – “Ohhhhhhhh God!”

There was another bright flash of lightning and again I counted to seven.

“CRACK!” – “Aiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee, Red Jeff, Red!!” Julia screamed as she collapsed over the back of the chair.

I quickly dropped my belt and stood beside her, stroking her back with a hand as Julia sobbed. Again she rubbed her hot arse cheeks with a hand and moaned as she felt the heat of her skin.

Julia turned her head and looked me in the eyes. Two words came from her panting mouth, “Fuck me!”

I grinned and stood, pushing my pants and undies to the floor.

“In the drawer.” She gasped, pointing to the small table holding the phone.

I pulled open the drawer and to my relief saw a packet of condoms; this lady was well prepared. I pulled a condom from a pack and with shaking hands rolled it onto my hard cock.

“FUCK ME SIR!” Julia screamed as another flash of lightning lit her glowing body.

Julia stayed kneeling on the chair with her lovely red arse pointing in my direction. I stood directly behind her and moved her legs a little further apart with my hands. I took my cock in hand and rubbed the tip of it up against her anus, then moved it down against the opening of her wet cunt. Back and forth I rubbed, from her pussy lips to her arse, teasing and tormenting her. Julia moaned, not knowing exactly what I was up to. I paused, held her hips and pushed my cock against the wet entrance to her pussy. One of her hands directed my cock as I jerked forward and she gasped as I pushed it fully into her pussy. I stayed motionless for a short time, both of us enjoying the different feelings we were experiencing. I slowly withdrew and then pushed back again, once again entering her to the hilt. Gradually the rhythm increased, Julia setting the pace, moving back and forward as I stayed as still as I could.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32