The STOP-Part 2

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Ava Addams

As I pull away from the curb, I’m feeling very fortunate to have been stopped by the hottest cop I’ve ever met. And even more fortunate that Josh wanted to have sex with me… and did. I’m still pretty horny thinking about our hot sexual encounter. For a guy who claims to have very little experience, he acted like a pro. I don’t think anyone has ever sucked my cock with the same enthusiasm as he did. I’m getting a chill in my chest just thinking about it. I need to get home and get a shower before my new lover shows up. If what he says is true, I want to make sure he has the time of his life tonight and experiences everything he can.

As soon as I hit the door, I start stripping my clothes off. My silk shirt has Josh’s dried cum on it and my pants are a little sticky, too(inside and out). I reach in and turn on the water and make sure it’s warm. I step in and let the water run down my body. I can’t help but to admire my own cock. I’ve been in love with it since I was a kid. We have a love/hate relationship that flares up when my cock makes me do things I shouldn’t. The desire is so great sometimes, I just have to beat it into submission. I hope I can depend on my cock to do what ‘I’ want tonight. I grab a body wash glove and some liquid soap and squirt it on. The feel of the rough glove hurts a little as I scrape off the dead skin. I start with my shoulders, then my arms, then my chest, and I work my way down to my balls. I scrub lightly and enjoy the feeling of all those soapy bubbles forming around my cock. I stoke it a little using the soap as a kind of lubricant. I close my eyes while I work the soap in and think about Josh sucking me off. It feels really good and I feel like I could jack off right now… but I can’t. Before long I come back to consciousness and open my eyes. This shower needs to be all business and I speed things up. I’m out in less than 5 minutes.

The first think on my agenda was to change my bed and clean up a little bit before Josh got here. I’ve got a wonderful time planned for him and I can’t wait to get in his pants again. I ‘m most interested in seeing the rest of his hot body, in and out of his uniform. It’s already midnight and I’m just finishing all the prep work I need. I chill a bottle of wine for the occasion and hope he enjoys it. Some guys only like beer. I hope he likes it. I hear a banging sound on the door and it startles me. Shit, Josh… where are your manners? Just used the damned doorbell.

I go to the door and I’m starting to get really pissed that he’s pounding so hard. What the hell is his problem? I hear a voice say, “Open up! It’s the Police!” What an asshole, I think. That uniform of his is going to his head. As I open up the door, he crashes through and knocks me on my ass. I fall back and yell, “What the fuck?!” I feel like I’m being attacked as I am wrestled to my stomach and pinned. Josh? What are you doing? “Shut up! You’re under arrest!” I hear a voice say. I’m a little freaked out and I feel cold metal wrapped around my wrists behind my back. I feel the guys full weight on me and it’s driving my face into the carpet. If I weren’t so scared, I might be turned on by the brut strength of it all. I’m not even sure it’s Josh… I can’t see. Without warning, I am hoisted up onto my feet and I feel pain in my arms as they are wrenched behind me. I struggle to look at my attacker but I’m being pushed forward. “Move!” I hear the voice say. “Into the bedroom.”

By now I’m really hoping it’s Josh, but I’m not really sure. He pushes me toward the back of the house and I kinda fall into my bedroom. He pushes me onto the bed with force and I land on my stomach. He seems to fall onto me and I feel his whole weight on my back. I feel his hot breath on my neck and he speaks into my ear, “You are my prisoner and will do what I say or I will hurt you badly. Got it?” I say, got it. I’m still not sure it’s Josh… I can’t see his face. I feel his rustling with the keys and he unlocks the handcuffs… but only one side. My one hand swings free and I feel less afraid. But then I feel my arm being stretched and the other end is locked onto the bed. I flip over and see that it’s Josh. But it’s not the Josh from earlier this evening. This one seems very serious and stern. He looks deep into my eyes and it feels like he’s cutting through straight to my brain.

You’re mine tonight and you will do everything I say. I smile, but he seems angry. “Did I say something funny!” he roars. No, sir. I say. Now shut up! He grabs my shirt and rips it from the collar down with a quick pull. My chest comes into his view he slaps his hand down on my chest with a thud. He grabs one of my nipples and twists it hard. It hurts, but it also feels good. I can’t describe it. I look up at him and see him in his dark blue uniform; that hides his large frame. I’m dying to see what’s under the uniform, but I don’t dare let on. Josh lowers his head and sucks my other nipple hard. He’s really roughing it up with his lips and nibbling hard on it. Just when I think he’s done, I feel him bite down with his teeth. Fuck, that hurts! I try to push him away with my free hand, but he’s got his full weight on me. He starts kissing hard down my stomach bites at the button with his teeth. He uses one of his hand to undo the button and pulls down the zipper. I’m not hard yet, because I’m a little freaked out. Josh sticks his face in my pubes and breathes in deep and then exhales. The warmth turns me on and I feel my dick stiffening. He grabs my jeans by the waist and yanks them down. My dick pops out and Josh reaches over and slaps it hard. Ow! that fucking hurts!, I say. “Shut up!” he says and slaps my dick again. The hard slap stings, but it just makes me harder.

Josh strattles me and unzips his pants. “Suck me, faggot.” he says. I struggle Escort to get to a sitting position, but I’m trying to comply. “Suck me now!” I reach into his pants and pull out his half hard dick. I get into a sitting position and try my best to get my mouth around his half hard meat. I’m doing my best as I look up into his face. He starts to unbutton his shirt while he stares into my eyes. Once the shirt is unbuttoned, he unlatches his belt buckle, then he unbuttons his pants. He’s wearing a ribbed wife-beater and that gets me hot. I feel him untuck his shirt and take it off slowly. His shoulders are hard and well defined. I know this guy works out and loves to look at himself in the mirror. Probably the kind that gets so turned on looking at himself, he has to beat off. Suddenly he pulls his dick out of my mouth and stands up and say, “That’s enough for now.” Josh pulls his pants and boxers down and off in one movement. His body is hard with rippling muscles covered by perfectly smooth, lightly tanned skin. This is the hottest guy I have ever been with. But while I’m admiring him, I can’t help but to notice that he hasn’t taken off his gun belt yet. The black leather belt looks incredibly sexy hanging low on his trim hips.

I’m admiring his package now. His blondish pubes are nicely trimmed in a way that really accentuates his 7or8-incher and nice balls. His semi-hard penis seems to be calling to me. Josh advances toward me again and jams his cock in my mouth again. He puts his hand on the back of my head and pushes it in as far as it will go. I try not to gag, but he’s not giving me much choice. I try to pull away, but he won’t let up. Finally, he pulls out a bit and pushes back in; humping my face. I put my free hand on his hip to try to gain some control and slow him down. The gun belt is making all of this difficult to navigate. Without warning, Josh pulls out again and flips me over. “You need to be punished for not sucking my cock right”, he says. What? I’m gonna fuck your ass dry, he says. With that, he lines up between my legs and places the head of his dick at my hole. I have never done this dry and I’m not looking forward to it. I feel a little bit of precum touch my hole and I’m encouraged… maybe he was just kidding. But he’s not… he ram’s his full length into me in one stroke. Oh, Fuck, that hurts! Josh doesn’t seem to care as he keeps himself deep inside me. He pumps just a little bit and it feels like he’s jamming a tree branch into me. STOP! I yell… but he won’t. He seems to like that I’m in pain. This is NOT the romantic evening I had planned with him. I can feel the buckle of his gun belt pressing against my back. Oddly, I like the feeling and try to press myself against it. Then without warning, Josh pulls out and leaves the room. I collapse on the bed and bury my face into my pillow. My ass is burning with pain.

I can hear Josh in the bathroom with the water running; not sure what he’s doing. Then there’s silence and I can hear him walking through the house. After several minutes he returns to my room and is now totally naked; even without his belt. In one hand, two glasses… in the other, the chilled wine I had planned. Almost like someone with a dual personality, he sits on the bed next to me and starts talking sweetly to me. “Can I get my prisoner something to drink?” I look up at him, totally baffled, and say softly, “yes”. He pours two glasses of wine and puts the bottle on the end table. He hands me my glass and we clink them together. In my head I’m thinking, “what the hell just happened?” We each take a few sips and then he takes my glass and puts them both on the table. “So… you wanna make out?” he says. He doesn’t give me a chance to respond before he’s got his mouth on mine and he’s kissing me passionately. His tongue finds mine and we’re tongue fucking each others’ mouths in no time. He has an incredibly powerful tongue and I feel like he’s overpowering me. He pushes me back and gets on top of me. Our naked bodies are together for the very first time. Losing myself in the moment, I can feel his hard cock rubbing on my smooth stomach. He’s grinding into me a little and I think my dick is getting a rubdown from his thigh. No matter… it feels good. Then I think to myself that this guy refused to kiss me a few hours ago, nows he’s making me his bitch. As I slide my hand across his smooth muscular back and down to his tight ass, I’m frustrated that my other hand is locked up. “Would you please unlock this?” I ask. He replies softly, “no”. Why not? Because you’re my prisoner.

So what are you going to do to me? I ask. I want to make love to you, he replies. Then he kisses me again softly. I feel his hand reach down and pull my left leg up to my chest. Then slowly, while looking deep into my eyes, he pulls the other leg up. I can feel his penis dabbing at my hole with precum. Don’t hurt me again, I say softly. “I won’t.” I feel his finger pressing at my anus with something cool and slippery. I close my eyes and relax. Josh is on me again and kissing my face lightly. He kisses my forehead and around my face, but doesn’t touch my lips. I feel his lips on my eyebrows and he nibbles them… something I’ve never felt before and it’s very nice. He plants kisses all over my face and down my neck and I start to tingle all over. While this is going on, I feel him start to enter me slowly. He is very gentle and pushes the head in slowly and then pulls out. He pushes back in and out several times. I whisper in his ear that I’m ready for all of him now and he pushes it in steadily up to his balls. I can feel him hiking up on his knees to push in at least another half inch of his manhood. He doesn’t move as we continue to kiss and I am totally full of his cock. I get a little antsy for some stimulation and I try to move my hips to get him going. He doesn’t Escort Bayan move for several seconds and then starts to slowly move his hips in a circular motion. The feeling is new for me. I’m used to being pounded. But the circular motions seem to stimulate the prostate and it feels wonderful.

I can feel my own cock starting to stiffen from the stimulation. The prostate stimulation seems to get me really hard. I try reach down and grab my own cock so that I can make the most of this. Josh pushes my hand away and grabs my cock in his fist and starts to jack me. It feels so good I feel like I could shoot my load. He continues to grind into me but stops jacking me. He leans back on his heels and pushes deep into me with short shallow thrusts. He’s rubbing that special spot and I’m starting to really squirm. I start flailing around on the bed while he’s poking me and I just want to cum. He holds up my legs and pushes a little deeper (if that’s possible). Before I know it, I’m at the brink of orgasm and I’m panting hard and I tell him I’m going to cum. He pushes away my hand when I try to jack my own cock. But he doesn’t touch it all. Without realizing it, I begin to shoot my load all over my stomach without touching my cock. I can feel it pumping out and I look down at the huge puddle I’ve just made. My cock continues to spasm even after I’ve drained my balls of every drop. Josh is still pumping me and rubbing my prostate. The orgasm spasming just continues on for about 20 seconds. It is the longest orgasm I’ve ever experienced and I can even feel my anus contracting around his huge cock. The shock waves wash over me from crotch up to my chest. I can almost feel it in my chest.

As my anal clenches Josh’s cock, I hear him start to breath erratically. He starts to whine a little and announces that he’s going to cum. He starts breathing through his teeth while he pounds away at my hole. Just as I think he’s going to blow his wad into me, he pulls out and holds his cock in his hand and jacks himself. He blows a huge load that lands on my stomach, chest and face. The distance he shoots it is amazing, and the load he blows is very impressive. He cum is more watery than mine and is probably a result of his saving it up for me. My load may take a little longer than this young stud, but it’s thick and creamy. I have alot of cum on my stomach and I’m staring down at it in amazement. I can’t help but to stick my fingers in out combined sperm and rub it around. it’s a really cool feeling to rub warm cum into my skin. Josh reaches down and sticks his fingers in it, too. I love having his fingers on my skin and I close my eyes while he plays in the puddle. I’m really surprised when Josh bends over and starts licking some of the cum off my stomach and swallowing it. He seems to be tasting it like fine wine; taking in the taste, the aroma, and the texture of the juices from our loins. I remember my first taste of cum… it seemed so unpleasant. Now I’d pay money for a tasty load!

Josh bends down again and slurps up a huge mouthful of our sperm and holds it in his mouth. He slides up onto me and our stomachs touch with just a thin layer of slippery sperm between us. Before I know it, Josh starts to kiss me and pushes a mouthful of sperm into my mouth. It catches me surprise and I cough a little. I have to admit that I am thoroughly turned on by his actions and I pull him down into a passionate kiss with the sperm mixing with our saliva. After a while, I decide to swallow as much as I can and he follows my lead. “You’re a fantastic lover, Josh.” Do you really think so, he asks childishly. Yes, I say, I really enjoyed you. And if you cut me loose, I’d like to reciprocate. To that he says, “oh, I couldn’t do that. Then you’d be free and might run away.” Run away? Shit, Josh…haven’t I shown you how much I want to be with you tonight? “Well, ok, then… I’ll let you loose if you promise not to try to escape.” Is this guy for real????

It’s getting late and I’m a little tired. I hand Josh his wine glass and I take my own. I admire his body while I sip. He doesn’t seem to notice that I’m tasting him with my eyes. How in the world did I get so lucky to have this handsome and masculine man in my bed tonight? I reach down and stroke his chest lightly. My hands wander all over him and I cup his balls with my hand while I drink my wine. He doesn’t respond but doesn’t complain, either. This is the first time I’ve gotten to hold his balls in my hand. I love the feeling of the soft sack and gently squeezing his large nuts between my fingers. They feel like spongy eggs and I know that are making new sperm for me to suck out of him. I’m wondering what I can do for him now that he has treated me so well (after practically raping me). I have some ideas, but I’d better make sure he’ll let me do it to him.

“Josh? How about a nice back massage after your long day of work and for fucking me so well?” He smiles and says ok in that soft kid-like voice. So I’m off to the bathroom to find some lotion; I pick one with a light scent and draw a sink full of hot water to warm up the bottle. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and see that I’m still covered in cum; I look like a whore. I take a wash cloth and dip into the hot water and wipe myself clean. The warmth of the cloth feels good and I feel a little better. After a few minutes I return to the bed and find Josh laying on his stomach with one leg up. This position gives me a great view of his ass and just how muscular he is. I fully planned to get more intimate with his ass, but now I can’t wait to get my hands on him. As I approach the bed, I can see that he’s sleepy. Although I’m ready for a full night of lovemaking with him, I’d certainly understand if he needed his rest. Having him stay the night in my bed is the most wonderful thing I can think of. Bayan Escort Waking up and seeing him there would be a dream come true.
I kneel on the edge of the bed and he says, “where have you been?” Just getting some stuff, Josh. He flips over onto his back and gives me one of his killer smiles. Roll back over, this is supposed to be a back rub. “Well I wanted a front rub.” No, the back first… and if you’re a good boy, I’ll see what I can do for your front. OK? He breathes out and says, Okaaaayyy. Now that he’s on his stomach, I straddle his lower back. I love having my naked skin against his. My balls are resting on ass crack and I’m looking forward to rubbing against him while I rub his muscles. I squirt some lotion into my hand and it’s nice and warm. I take some extra lotion and apply a think layer to his upper back. His back is so muscular and I can feel the hardness of his muscles slipping under my fingers. He moans lightly and I’m certain it feels good. I’m pretty good at giving massages and I work each muscle group like a pro. The lotion makes everything move so quickly and feel so good; but it’s actually the stimulation of the muscle that benefits him most. I work the lotion in as I massage his neck and upper shoulder region. Working the neck muscles up into the back of his head has him squirming. That is my forte… loosening up the neck. After several minutes I move down to the torso and work my magic. All is well and I give his muscles a gentle workout. As I move to his lower back I find myself sliding my dick between his cheeks. This is the part where I get turned on; my cock looks like a hotdog in a bun. A little precum starts to form and I find myself sliding my dick up and down his crack. His ass is so smooth and hairless; I’m wondering if he shaves it. It feels great against my shaft.

I snap out of my horny coma and remember that I’m supposed to be soothing his muscles and I work on his lower back. His back muscles are very tight and I have alot of work to do. I work for about ten minutes on his lower back; apply more lotion as needed. I then work some lotion into his buttocks muscles and thighs. A butt massage can be the very relaxing if done right, and I was sure to do it… with a little bit of a sensuality. Josh is thoroughly enjoying his massage and he moans a little from time to time. I’ve got both of my hands gripping his cheeks and spreading his cheeks at the same time. I get a little playful and start moving some lotion to his hole and rubbing it in. He likes it and lifts his ass up a little. I’m just teasing him, but he asks me to keep going. I squirt some more lotion on his anus and rub my fingers in a circular motion around the opening. I can feel my prick getting harder. I’m really enjoying this and I slip a finger in slowly. Josh likes it and pushes his butt up further. “Are you gonna fuck me or not?” he says. No, I’m just gonna tease you. You’re MY prisoner now. He giggles. I get the lube from the table and lube up my stiff cock. I tease him by sliding my dick between his cheeks. I’d be find just doing this because it feels great. Finally, Josh blurts out, “please fuck me now!” I decide to comply and I put the head of my dick at the opening. He opens easily and I slide the head in. This could very well be his first time because he grunts a little and I can tell he’s in pain. I should really make him pay for boning me dry, but I’m having pity on him. I pull out and get a different tube of lube that has a desensitizer in it. I quickly apply some to his anus and work it in. I give it a minute to start working and I try to enter him again. This time it goes much smoother and I slide my whole cock into him. He’s slow to start, but gets into it pretty quickly. I loved hearing him beg me to fuck him and hear him say, “oh, yeah” alot. He gets up on his hands and knees and starts pushing back on my cock; driving it in deep.

Josh is pretty worked up and I’m pounding his ass from behind. He seems to like the rough play and is very vocal about it. Fuck my ass! he screams. Fuck me hard! Make me cum! Wow… who is this animal in my bed? Just hearing his cheerleading, I’m am really horny. I’ve already come once, no twice, this evening. I’m not sure a third is in my immediate future. But Josh is riding my cock and it feels good. I finally get both hands onto his hips and do my best to ram him as hard as he’s begging for. The moaning, screaming and begging he does just brings me to an incredibly horny level. I feel the orgasm building in my crotch. I yell out to him, “Josh… I’m gonna cum”. “Oh yeah! Shoot your load inside me!” No sooner are those words out of his mouth and I start to ejaculate. I just about pull my dick all the way out and plunge into him deep. I hold his hips and dump my load deep into his ass. I hold him in place as the orgasm contractions subside. I collapse on top of him and he eases down on the bed with my cock still in him. Oh, fuck, Josh. That was awesome! I breath into his ear. Josh tells me that he had never been fucked before and that I was his first. He thanked me and said I was a great lover. There’s nothing like getting a virgin ass for the first time. I’m glad it turned out so well… sometimes it doesn’t. Josh said that he could actually feel my sperm inside him and thought that was cool. As my dick softened, I pulled out and some cum dripped on the bed. I was feeling very proud of myself as I wiped it up with a cloth.

Josh rolled over and asked where his front rub was. I threw him the bottle of lotion and told him he’d have to do it himself. He did just that and I enjoyed watching him stroke himself. It’s always a real turn on for me to see someone jacking themselves. Especially when it’s such a hot guy. Josh came pretty quickly and blew his load on his stomach. I helped myself to it while it was still warm and savored the taste before I swallowed it. It was sweet and a little creamier than his last load. We kissed and fondled for quite awhile and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32