The Staff Conference Ch. 01

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Tracy finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it off.

“So, what do you think? Will you survive a week with all these crazy women?” she asked.

John already had his shirt off and was undoing his belt.

“Sure. I can take care of myself.”

Tracy let her jeans slide to her ankles before stepping out of them and tossing the pants onto the hotel room chair. John stood a few feet away in his boxers.

“I bet some of them think you’ll fuck them before the week’s over,” Tracy said. She unhooked her bra and casually added it to the growing pile of clothes.

Despite having seen Tracy naked dozens of time before, John still took a second to admire her full, firm breasts.

“Some of them may be right,” he said, pushing his boxers down his legs.

Tracy smiled at the man’s thick cock. Not yet fully erect, she knew it would only take her magic lips a few seconds to get him ready.

“Like who?” she inquired.

The two young teachers were now naked, moving together next to the bed. John reached out and touched Tracy’s nipples.

“We’ll have to see. Won’t we?”

Tracy held his cock and they both responded to the rush of sexual stimulation they felt, knowing that soon they would be fucking wildly.

John, 29, and Tracy, 27, clicked on John’s first day at the middle school. The tall, good-looking guy and the leggy blonde were dating within weeks. Their friendship was no secret among the other staff members. But his status as a single male hadn’t changed. Nearly all of the predominantly female staff had at least daydreamed one time or another of being with the amiable math teacher.

Together now for a week-long conference in central Florida, the small group would have plenty of opportunities to interact with each other in so many ways. Tracy did not fear losing her man. Or, if she did, she didn’t show it.

With her tongue sliding up and down John’s hardened shaft, it seemed unlikely to her that he would not eventually come back to her even if he did temporarily stray. She wrapped her lips around him and took him deep into her throat. She was on her back, anxious for the athletic figure hovering over her to begin pounding his cock into her wet pussy.

John didn’t need to be told what Tracy wanted. He moved down and thrust his cock into her with the amount of force that he knew would drive her crazy. He held her by the ass and hammered her until she moaned with desire. Then he took her nipple in his mouth, positioning himself so he wouldn’t miss a beat.

Tracy cried out as her man bit down lightly on the nipple. She clung to him and felt her orgasm build. There would be no prolonged teasing this time. This was fucking at its finest.

Tracy announced that she was about to cum and John gave one last lick of her nipple. Their heads were now side by side and the pair came together with their bodies acting as one. They kissed, hearing each other moan through long, violent orgasms. Near the end they rolled onto their sides while John continued to plunge his cock into Tracy. The last of his cum poured into her just as she began to lie still on the bed, totally spent.

They were motionless for a moment, heavy breathing the only sound in the room.

“God. And it’s only the first day,” Tracy sighed.

“And I’ve got so many women to do,” John added.

“Yeah. That’s right. Just who DO you think you’re going to do this week?” Tracy rolled onto her side, facing her lover.

“How many are there?”

“Fuck you,” Tracy said. “Start naming names.”

John smiled at her and then stared at the roof as in thought. “I bet I can get Lisa.”

Tracy frowned. She knew he might be right. “And Amy. But I think that’s it.”

“Yeah. Amy would be good,” John agreed. “How about Kathy?”

“Never. Too old. But you do like blondes, don’t you?”

“And Michele,” John said.

“Oh, sure. Rob the cradle. You probably want every first year teacher from now on, don’t you?” Tracy said, circling John’s nipple with her finger.

“Only the cute ones.”

She squeezed the nipple tightly, getting the expected response from him. “Anyway, I’m guessing Lisa and Amy and that’s it.”

“And I’m adding Kathy and Michele. What’s the bet?” John asked.

Tracy smiled. She wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity to play out a favorite fantasy. “The one who’s closest gets to tie up the loser. Anything goes.”

“Deal. I’ll try not to hurt you.”

“Hurt me,” Tracy said, rolling on top of him.

Chapter 1: Lisa

An hour before Lisa was to meet a group of teachers in the lobby to walk to dinner, she was stepping into the shower. The 35 year old brunette let the water run over her body from her shoulders to her toes. She turned and let it flow down her back, over her ass and onto her thighs.

Her hands rose over her stomach until resting on top of her ample breasts. She closed her eyes and pushed her palms against eryaman escort her sensitive nipples. Lisa imagined that they were John’s hands. The new, young, male teacher was now the official heartthrob of the school and the shy, married woman could only dream of having him.

Lisa grabbed the small bar of soap and placed it between her legs. It rubbed against her pussy, then along the folds of skin protecting her clit. She pressed harder and felt the nub harden as she envisioned John removing his clothes outside the shower. Lisa could see him through the thin curtain. John stepped into the shower with her, his long, thick cock hanging between his legs.

Lisa moved the soap up to her tits, spreading the bubbly film over her chest until her nipples stuck out even farther. After a few seconds, the soap was back between her legs.

She held the soap in her palm while inserting her middle finger inside her soaked pussy. With the soap massaging her clit, she slid the finger in and out, picturing John forcing his body against hers.

Finally, Lisa put the soap back in its dish and began to work her clit even harder. Her free hand was on her nipple, ruggedly squeezing and rolling it. In her mind she was kneeling down, putting John’s rock hard cock between her lips. She let him push it deep into her throat, licking it with her tongue the entire time.

Two fingers rubbed against her clit–the soap, water and her own juices combining to make it feel as if she was rubbing an ice cube. Except she was hot, aching for his cock inside her and needing to cum.

She bent forward at the waist. Her own body was trying to escape the onslaught of her hands. But she continued to stroke the most sensitive areas until arriving at the brink.

Five more seconds and she would cum.

Lisa’s mind was spinning with images of John cumming in her mouth, his cum trickling down her chin as she tried to take it all in. She more she stroked him and sucked on his shaft, the more he came.

Then her hands pulled away from her body and she leaned against the back of the shower. Her body screamed out with lust.

“Oh my God,” Lisa whispered to herself, trying to catch her breath.

She rinsed off, purposely avoiding any contact by her hands. How was she going to dry off without cumming, she thought? Lisa stood in the shower for another couple minutes to allow her body to return to normal, then stepped out.

Half an hour later, John and Tracy walked into the hotel lobby. They spotted a small group of familiar faces and headed that way. Soon, all of the staff members who said they wanted to go out to dinner were present. The small crowd managed to agree on a location and set off into the night.

John found himself walking next to and chatting with Lisa. Her above average intelligence and above average bashfulness intrigued him, not to mention her mature good looks.

She was dressed in a light weight sweater and skirt that showed off her pleasant figure. Lisa was definitely one of the members of the party that John hoped to see around the pool as the week progressed.

Tracy was walking well ahead of John and Lisa, amidst a group of women talking much too loud for his liking. Within two blocks John and Lisa had fallen off the back of the mob.

“Is being with all these women going to drive you crazy?” Lisa asked with a smile.

“In what way?” John said straight-faced.

Lisa giggled. “All the talking.”

“Oh. Well, I’m getting a little used to it in the school lounge. This is just a bigger version of that, I guess,” he said.

“I’m glad you’re going out with us, Lisa said. “I get tired of listening to all of them talk.”

“You’re not much of a talker?”

Lisa smiled. “Not much. Only when I have to.”

“Do you want me to leave you alone?” John asked, knowing it was a loaded question.

“Of course not. In fact, tell me more about you.”

John filled in the parts about his life story that he didn’t think Lisa already knew. In the meantime he managed to extract little nuggets about Lisa. Like the fact her husband traveled a lot and that maybe she’d like him to get a job that kept him home a little more. And that she was afraid her thirteen year old daughter was going to be “a wild one.”

When the group got to the restaurant and were escorted to their tables, John and Lisa sat together. Tracy was at another table, but strategically faced the two new friends. John was sure it was no coincidence.

The dinner went by fast. As much as John tried to join in on almost all the conversations, he and Lisa found themselves talking to each other more often than not. The walk back to the hotel was much the same as the walk to the restaurant, except for the fact John was now frantically thinking of ways to spend more time with Lisa. The most obvious way…getting her into his room…wasn’t being ruled out, but he thought it unlikely.

Once ulus escort back inside the lobby of the hotel, the group began to break up. John and Lisa brought up the rear, again.

“Would you like a drink?” Lisa asked to John’s total surprise.

“Sure. If you want.”

Lisa led them into the lounge and chose a table near the darkest corner of the already dark room. John enjoyed her taking the lead. He sat across from her and they soon had drinks in front of them.

“Is Tracy going to be jealous?” Lisa asked calmly.

“Tracy? I don’t know. You’ll have to ask her.” John watched Lisa cross her legs, exposing more of her finely shaped thighs. She was watching for a reaction, but he gave her none.

“Would your husband be jealous?” John queried.

“Yeah, right.”

The tone of Lisa’s answer alone told John everything he needed to know. There would be no need to bring his name up again.

Two drinks later, the couple was leaning forward on the table. Their hands were oftentimes inches apart. Their faces closer than at any other time all night.

Then John felt Lisa’s leg brush against his and he felt the reaction in his cock. She responded as though it was a mistake, but he doubted that. He wanted to jump over the table and take her right there in the shadowy lounge.

“If I’m keeping you up…,” John began to say.

“Not at all.” Lisa couldn’t cut him off faster if she tried. “In fact, if you want to join me in the room…”

John looked at her gorgeous green eyes and nearly melted. She wasn’t going to finish the sentence.

“Let’s go,” he said.

They paid and exited the lounge into a nearly empty lobby. The elevator ride was an effort for John. He wanted to pin this woman against the wall and explore her body with his hands. Instead, she fished around in her purse for the room key card and led John down the hallway of her floor. He watched her ass sway under her skirt as she walked a step in front of him.

Lisa stopped at her room and swiped the card. She opened the door quickly and turned on the light. John felt his heart pounding like he was on a first date. He wondered what she felt.

“There are some drinks on the table. Grab whatever you want,” Lisa said as she entered the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

John looked at the collection of beer and wine in the ice bucket. Only a few ice cubes remained. Water surrounded the cans and bottles.

He decided against anything more to drink and sat down. A few seconds later, Lisa rejoined him. Her hair seemed a little neater and John thought he sniffed a new, delicate scent.

“You’re not having anything?” she asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“No, thank you.” He attempted not to stare at the long legs crossed in front of him. Lisa made no attempt to pull her skirt down, leaning back onto her hands to show even more.

They chatted for a few minutes. Finally, Lisa rose from the bed and poured herself a small glass of wine. John watched every graceful move. He could reach out and touch her if he wanted. And he wanted to.

Lisa looked directly down at him and took a sip.

John got up from the chair and took the glass from Lisa’s hand. He put it on the table and moved close enough to her that their bodies nearly touched. Their eyes locked together.

John put his hand on her brown hair. When she didn’t resist, he pulled her towards him and put his lips on hers. The kiss instantly became passionate. Hours worth of longing to touch each other flowed into a loving embrace. Their tongues collided as John grabbed the woman behind the head and forced his mouth tighter onto hers.

Lisa moaned as their bodies rubbed against each other, hands beginning to explore. John felt the woman’s breasts press against his chest. She felt his cock begin to harden.

No words were spoken as they kissed. His hands skimmed across her ass, then up her back and inside her sweater. Her skin was warm and soft to his touch. Lisa held him by the hips for a second, then forced a hand between them until finding his cock.

John felt the back of her bra, then quickly moved his hands around to the front of her chest. He felt the material of her bra crumple in his hands as he massaged her breasts. Lisa had the length of his shaft under one palm, gently rubbing him harder and harder.

The kiss ended and they stood face to face, touching each other and feeling their arousal increase by the second. When John forced Lisa’s breasts to compress under the force of his touch, she sighed, “Oh, John. Yes.”

He lifted her sweater. Again, she didn’t deny him his wish. John pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. He looked at her well-tanned skin, which disappeared under her bra in the form of large, firm breasts. His fingers traced the outline of the bra while Lisa unzipped his pants.

John reached around and unhooked Lisa’s eryaman escort bra. Slowly, he lowered the straps until they slid down Lisa’s arms and the bra fell off. She undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor.

Then she touched him through his boxers. He was hard…long, thick and hard. She felt a shiver go up her spine.

When John put his hands on her bare breasts, the tingling between Lisa’s legs reached an unbearable level. She could feel her panties begin to cling to the damp opening.

Her hand reached inside the front of John’s boxers. She gripped his cock and slowly stroked it. At the same time, his mouth surrounded the end of one of her breasts. At the first contact of his tongue on her nipple, Lisa moaned.

John used his hands to push the breasts up to his mouth. One after the other he licked and sucked her nipples, kneading the soft skin of her breasts in his palms.

Lisa pulled his cock out of the boxers. It was fully erect now…she assumed. It was certainly bigger than her husband’s, at least from what she could remember.

“God, how long has it been?” she asked herself.

Her mind was thrown back into the present when John lightly bit down on one of her nipples. Lisa clutched his cock even harder.

“Sit down,” Lisa whispered into John’s ear.

When the young man was seated on the edge of the bed, Lisa pulled off his pants, shoes and socks in virtually one motion. From her knees, she reached up and pulled down his boxers. She watched John’s cock slide back through the slit in front, only to reappear as the boxers were removed.

Lisa took a second to marvel at his magnificent, naked body. She wasn’t sure her nerves would allow her to get back onto her feet. But the desire overtaking her provided the impetus she needed.

John looked up at the other teacher as she unfastened her skirt. It fell to the floor and John’s eyes focused on Lisa’s tiny panties. The outline of her pussy was clearly evident under the thin material.

Lisa hooked her thumbs inside the waistband and pushed them down. As she bent over, her breasts hung invitingly close to his face. John simply watched, knowing that more was to come.

Lisa allowed him to examine her nude body while she eyed the cock pointing stiffly up at her. Then she stepped forward.

She straddled John’s legs with her own, and sat down. Lisa took his head and guided it to her right breast, wanting more of the delicious sensation his tongue created when it flicked back and forth across her nipple.

Lisa inched her hips forward and let her body rub against his cock. Then she put her hand behind it and pressed it to her stomach. She rolled her palm over it and then up and down the shaft, feeling the thick head get bigger and bigger.

“I want to fuck you, Lisa,” John said softly.

The woman didn’t answer. She just got on her knees on the bed and placed her pussy directly over his cock. John leaned back and watched as Lisa began to lower herself onto him.

He grabbed her by the hips and held her in place as they started to fuck. Lisa was glad she was as wet as she was. John was the first man she’d been with in ages and her tight pussy needed all the help it could get to fit him in.

She wanted to cry out with delight at the pleasure of having a cock sliding inside her once again. Nervousness prevented her from cumming immediately, which she realized was a blessing in disguise.

The couple bucked and rolled, with John eventually ending up on top as they lay diagonally across the bed. He held Lisa’s arms over her head and drove his rigid cock into her until he couldn’t hold back any more.

“I’m going to cum. Should I pull out?” he asked.

“Don’t you dare.”

Lisa couldn’t, or didn’t want to, say anything else. She just wanted this young man to fuck her until they both collapsed.

John gave her one more verbal warning, then shot the first long stream of cum deep inside her.

“Oh, yes. John. Harder, please.”

She thought he would force her off the bed as he shot load after load into her. Soon, her own orgasm commenced. Her body shuddered as she wrapped her legs around John’s waist. He lifted her by the ass and the extra contact she felt inside her pussy caused another orgasm to begin.

She thought it would never end and totally lost track of what sounds she was making. All she knew was it was the hardest she had cum in her lifetime.

Before long, they were side-by-side on the bed, his hand on her breast.

“Oh my god, John. That was magnificent,” Lisa managed to say.

“You were great,” he replied.

When they caught their breath, Lisa rolled over and watched John get dressed. She wondered when, or if, she’d ever get this chance again.

Tracy was lying naked on John’s bed when he entered his room.

“Lisa?” she asked him.


“How was she?” Tracy was on her side, gazing at her boyfriend as he got naked.

“I’ll tell you all about it in the shower in the morning,” John said as he crawled on top of her, beginning his kiss at her neck and working his way down.

Note: The conference continues in upcoming chapters.

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