The Sorority Sisters: Creme No. 03

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Crème is bisexual, but she told me when we met that she currently wants to play only with women — a reasonable Soft Boundary condition, I thought. When her fantasy of eating a Black woman’s pussy came up, I ordered her to turn the fantasy into a reality for herself. I basically told her to go out, find and seduce a Black woman, or a Black couple, and eat the girl until they were both satisfied.

Crème is quite shy, so I knew carrying out such a task was going to be tough for her. It was, and her first approach to a strange woman turned out to be a humiliating experience. But like a good, obedient sub, she kept going.

This is Crème’s account of how she carried out her assignment, and how it turned out. I hope you enjoy her delightful sluttiness.





I just now got home. I am so tired. But I have to tell you about my night before I crash. Susan, I completed the task you gave me. It was incredible — better than I could ever have dreamed possible. I can still taste her.

I suppose I should back up and start at the beginning. I left my apartment about 10:45 and headed towards the city. I thought I would try several clubs in an area where I figured there would be mixed races. There are several clubs within a two block area. I had been to one of these a long time ago with friends and I remembered seeing people of all races there so that’s where I started. It was about 11:30 when I got there. The place was really crowded so I thought I would have a decent chance there of finding someone. Susan, I can’t tell you how excited I felt. The adrenaline rush was so intoxicating as I thought about my hunting mission and why I was there. You were so right about that.

I had fun just watching the people…looking for the right woman to approach. Susan, there were some Black couples there. I thought about it, I really did. I talked to quite a few people, White and Black. I was getting hit on quite a bit, too. I guess being alone I looked available. I even danced with a few guys but I made sure they kept their distance and made it clear that I was not interested in hooking up for the night. I was looking for my own Beyonce’….ha, .ha. It got to be after 1:00 and I still hadn’t found the right woman. Then I spied a fairly attractive chick. She was about my age I think. I worked up enough courage to start a conversation with her and then quickly steered things to why I was there. As soon as I told her I was Bi and submissive and that I found her attractive she got mean on me. She called me a fucked up bitch and walked away.

Boy, that was a blow to my pride. I decided to leave and go down the street to another club, one that I had never been to before. The second place had a cover charge. For a second I thought, is this worth it? Maybe I should just go home, maybe it’s not my night. But then I said fuck it, gave the bouncer my $10 and walked in. It was a good decision, Susan. There were even more people here than the first place and the music was better and really loud. I got lucky and found a seat at the bar. It was a good spot for people-watching.

After awhile I noticed this group of 4 or 5 Black women that were apparently together, obviously friends. Several of them were attractive but one in particular interested me. She was really hot, Susan. I kept thinking about your email and the fantasy image you created for me. This was the Black princess I wanted! These women were a little older. I would say my princess was close to thirty. She carried herself well and seemed to have a maturity about her I found appealing. She was dressed really well too. I could tell her body was smokin’ hot. I thought I would make one more attempt before calling it a night. These women were taking turns coming to the bar to get drinks for their group, and they would usually come near where I was sitting. I prayed that my girl would take her turn, and she eventually did.

God Susan, I was shaking so badly with excitement and arousal. I could feel my heart beating like crazy and I wondered if I would be able to get the words out of my mouth. This woman was better looking than the first chick. She was so sexy. I told myself it was now or never. If she brushed me off too, I figured so what, no one knows me here anyway and I would just go home and masturbate about what might have happened. I started talking to her while she waited in line to place her order. At first it was just small talk but then I started using your ideas. I told her I was very nervous talking to her and Betturkey she gave me a funny look and asked why. That was my opening. I started telling her about being a Bi submissive and that I had a dominating mistress. I even mentioned your name! Her eyes were very wide and she wasn’t saying much at this point. Right before she placed her drink order I told her how attractive I found her. I got a little closer and began whispering so only she could hear me.

I told her that I would love to kneel down in front of her to pleasure her with my mouth…to submit to her…to fuck her with my tongue, and have her cum in my mouth. God Susan, once I got going I couldn’t stop. I think it was pretty obvious how desperate I was to pleasure her. She had this shocked look on her face, but I was encouraged even though she hadn’t said much because she didn’t tell me to get lost. I asked her if she was interested. Then the bartender brought her the drinks she had ordered.

She looked at me and said, “You are a pretty wild chick.” and then she told me she had to deliver the drinks to her friends. She turned and left without saying another word. I thought I had struck out again but then about five minutes later she came back with her drink.

She walked right up to me and said, “All those things you said…you were serious, weren’t you?”

I smiled at her and said, “Definitely”.

She started asking me some questions about my lifestyle, and more questions about you. She told me that she had never done anything like this. At one point she told me she thought I was cute. I think she must have started fantasizing about having my face between her thighs. I asked her again if she was interested. When she told me that she lived about five miles away and that maybe I could follow her home, I nearly fell off the bar stool.

She then said she had to tell her friends something. She said one of them rode with her and that she was going to tell them she suddenly got a bad headache and needed to go home, and have her friend catch a ride with one of the others.

I told her I was going outside to wait for her and downed the rest of my drink. A few minutes later she came out and we each went to our cars. I was so filled with adrenaline now! I could hardly believe how lucky I had gotten on my first hunting mission for Black pussy. I was going to have some and I couldn’t wait. When we got inside her apartment she started eyeing me and said, “Well, how do you want to do this?”

I asked if we could go to her bedroom. I so wanted to recreate the scene you had given me. I asked her to turn a small light on and she lit a couple candles, which was perfect.

She let me start undressing her. I tried so hard to keep my hands from shaking. She could tell how aroused I was and I think that turned her on. She let me kiss her a few times. She tasted so good. I had her sit on the edge of the bed just like you described wearing only her panties, a black lace thong.

Susan, she was so hot, so sexy. She had an incredible body, and I wanted her badly. I asked her to remove her panties. She said, “No. If you want my sweet Black pussy then you take them off.”

My heart soared as it became apparent that she wanted to play the dominant role with me. I think she knew how excited that would get me. I reached up to begin sliding her panties off but she stopped me, apparently I was moving too fast for her. She told me to take them off slowly so we could both enjoy it. I could feel my own pussy dripping wet. I knew that I was going to have an orgasm, without even touching myself. Susan, I swear it took me about five minutes to remove her thong as I covered her beautiful brown skin with soft wet kisses.

I had her lie back on the bed and pull her legs up. There it was, Susan, right in front of my face in all its beautiful splendor. My first Black pussy. Susan, I can only pray that it won’t be my last. I cradled her open thighs in the palms of my hands. She was wet already so I knew she was turned on. Her aroma did somehow seem distinctly different than anything else I have experienced. I could see the folds of her cunt and how pink it was inside. The other thing that was different was her pubic hair. She was closely trimmed but she still had a nice patch of hair. Her hair was more wiry and springy than a White woman. It felt different against my cheek, against my tongue. I liked it.

As I gazed at her beautiful cunt, she began to talk dirty to me. She started to really get into playing the dominant role. She called me a slutty Betturkey Giriş White whore, a cunt eater, and she said I had better be a good cunt eater and swallow all her cum. I couldn’t deny my pleasure any longer, the pleasure I so badly wanted, so badly needed. I began feasting on her buttery cunt like it was the last one I might ever get to taste. It was heaven, Susan.

Soon after I started eating her she could tell that I was really into it and she said, “Boy, you sure like my Black pussy, don’t you?”

I just kind of softly moaned in response and assumed that was good enough. I was sure wrong about that. She placed her hand on my forehead and pushed me back away from her juicy cunt a few inches. I was initially startled and looked up at her. She said, “I asked you a question.”

I quickly replied, “Yes, I love eating your Black pussy.” She smiled at me and pulled my face back into her cunt.

Her pussy had kind of a unique taste. It was a bit musky and somewhat tangy but as I dug deeper to get more of her thicker cum there was a certain sweetness to her. She was incredibly delicious and so much fun to eat.

About a minute later she said, “I think you were born to eat Black pussy weren’t you?”

I now knew she expected a verbal response from me so I paused and told her, “Yes, I was born to eat wet Black pussy just like yours.”

Then she said something like, “That’s good. You’re going to eat me until I cum in your mouth, aren’t you?” I just breathed out my lusty answer in a whisper hoping that was good enough. And I continued to work my mouth and tongue in her now sloppy cunt. I took her whole pussy into my mouth, sucking her lips and lashing her clit with my tongue.

Soon she was moaning like crazy, writhing gently on the bed cover. I kept at her and very soon I could feel her getting close. I took her clit in my teeth and gently bit her sensitive little organ. She came immediately, pulling my head into her and squeezing her thighs so tightly around my head I thought I was going to pass out. But I just held on and carried her right through her climax, and I came with her at the same time without touching myself. I think she pissed a little, or maybe squirted, but it didn’t taste like urine.

She relaxed her thighs a little after her first orgasm, and I just continued to pleasure her with my mouth and tongue. She was so wet that my face was covered with her sex juices. I slurped up what I could, and then I tilted her back slightly, and raised her legs. Now her puckered anus was in full view. You know how much I like to eat a girl’s ass hole, don’t you, Susan? Remember Bethany?

When my tongue first touched her hole she said, “Oh, shit, girl. You really are a dirty little slut, aren’t you?” I got turned on by the way she was talking to me, just like I do with you. I began to lick her ass crack, but she put her hand on my forehead and pushed be back out of her crotch.

She said, “I asked you a question, you White slut. Answer me.”

I said, “Yes, ma’am, I am a dirty little slut. I like to eat your wet cunt and I want to lick your Black asshole for you.”

“Then do it, slut. Eat my Black ass, and eat it good.”

I moved my tongue back and forth between her pussy and her asshole, trying to push into her holes and sucking her flesh noisily. Her crotch was now a swamp, with a mix of my saliva and her juices, and the sounds of my love making were filling the air. So was the scent of her aroused cunt. When I was concentrating on her clit I slid a wet finger into her asshole, and she jumped and yelped. And came again, loudly this time. As I continued to finger fuck her ass and suck her cunt, she came again. And then again. She began to chant a simple prayer, “Oh god, oh god, oh sweet Jesus. Oh FUCK.”

She liked grabbing my hair and grinding her pussy into my face. God Susan it was incredible. I could have eaten her Black pussy for hours. In fact I may have. I lost track of time and just lived in her cunt, drinking her cum and juices.

Finally, after who knows how many orgasms, she arched on the bed, her hands clenching the bed covers, and then she collapsed flat. I lay there quietly now, slowly licking and drinking her copious juices. But even the lightest touch on her genitals made her jerk as if in pain.

“Please, no more. I can’t take any more.”

So I just sat there with my head resting on her damp thigh, breathing in the heady aromas of her over used pussy. As I gazed close-up into her swollen and open cunt, I slowly fingered my own and Betturkey Güncel Giriş had a final, small orgasm.

Susan, I was so pleased with myself. I had seduced this beautiful stranger into her own bed. I had stripped her and eaten her lovely Black cunt, and had brought her to a string of powerful orgasms. And here I sat on the floor, fully clothed, between the splayed legs of this naked, sprawled woman, my wet face inches from the pit of our shared pleasure. Nothing was said or done about her returning the favor. Somehow we both knew that this was how each of us got our pleasure.

When she finally sat up and pushed me back, she said nothing. We were both exhausted. She just stood, a little wobbly it seemed to me, took a short silky robe from the closet and put it on. Then she took my hand and gently, still silently, led me to the front door. There she said, “Girl, you are really good. I wish my boyfriend could do me like that.” After a pause, she added, “My name is Danielle. What’s yours?”

She asked for my phone number and of course I gave it to her. As she was writing it down I asked if I could have her number. She gave me this funny smile and said, “As long as I have your number, I know how to get in touch with you.”

Then she opened the door, kissed me lightly on the lips, and pushed me gently outside. As I walked to my car I heard the door shut and the lock click home.

Susan, I just now got home. I am exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open and I don’t feel very well. I don’t know if it was all the alcohol I drank or if I am coming down with something. I have to go to bed.

Susan, I can still taste her pussy on my tongue. I absolutely loved it! And I love being yours.

Good night my love.


PS Why do you think she didn’t want to give me her phone number, Susan?


Post Note:

It took a day of two for my girl to regain her equilibrium. No flu, no cold. I think she may have just drunk too much — wine and woman.

It turns out that eating pussy is Crème’s first choice for satisfying sex. Here’s the note she sent to me:

Oh Susan,

Yes, I would love to do Danielle and a girlfriend of hers together. God what a fantastic experience that would be!

Isn’t it crazy how much I love eating pussy and making girls cum with my tongue? I still remember the moment when I realized how strong my submissive nature was and that pleasuring another woman was my absolute favorite sexual activity?

It was about 5 years ago and I was with a woman who was about 15 years older than me. I forget who seduced whom, but anyway we were kissing very passionately. I love kissing! We stopped for a moment and she remarked about how much she loved my tongue, how alive it was, how eager it was. Then she said, “I’m going to love feeling your tongue in my pussy. That is what you want more than anything else in the world right now, isn’t it sweetheart….to get your tongue deep inside my cunt?”

I remembered looking at her and just nodding my head. A couple minutes later that is exactly where my tongue was. And I have never looked back since that moment. I knew then that this is how I was going to get my greatest sexual pleasure.


Crème’s recent behavior with me indicates that her self assessment was accurate. (See also: The Sorority Sisters, Crème No.2, Eating Bethany’s Ass.) She is definitely submissive, and she enjoys being that way. As with all submissives, having someone else make the decisions and taking his or her orders, relieves the pressure to act. And by obeying another, it takes away much of the guilt for the actions taken. (I’m not responsible; Susan made me do it.)

This liberating effect of ceding sexual control to another person is also evident in a recent adventure I had her undertake. Having learned of a buried fantasy (Crème No.1,) I “ordered” her to carry it out in real life. It took her a while to find a suitable partner, but she did. She then arranged to spend a weekend alone with him at a friend’s home.

Highly aroused by the kinkiness of the situation, she abandoned herself to this sinful, taboo sexual tryst with him. He licked her to countless orgasms; she gave him three blow jobs, drinking his cum; and he fucked her several times. He wore no protection, of course, so his abundant cum filled her cunt and then leaked out of her abused pussy both days, and continued to soil her panties as she drove home on Sunday afternoon. And they say dogs are a man’s best friend.

She suffered some guilt and humiliation afterwards, but not enough to prevent her from going back for a second sexual romp not long after. Being “forced” to be naughty is such a help.

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments. My girls thrive on you feedback to them.

Susan James


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