The Sons Club Ch. 02

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Alex, my 18 year old son, opened his eyes yawning. Squinting at the bright sunlight streaming in through his bedroom window. He felt refreshed and his strength had returned after a long night of activity last night. He grinned realizing that the activities apparently had not stopped as of yet. He stretched and arched his back feeling now fully the attention his strong hard cock was receiving under the blankets. Lifting them aside he groaned “Mommy, don’t you ever get enough?” He looked down at my blonde head slowly bobbing up and down as I suckled on his sweet young cock.

I tilted my head, opened my baby blue eyes and spoke around his meat. “Good morning sweetheart.” My head then continued to stroke up and down as I pleasured my baby boy.

“Breakfast is ready” my husband shouted from downstairs. “Better cum soon Alex or it will start to get cold.”

I redoubled my efforts but my son stopped me. “Mommy I need to rest a bit. Lets go eat.”

Reluctantly I let his cock plop out of my mouth, wiping the pre-cum from the corner of my mouth and we stood up to go downstairs. Alex was completely naked, I wore a very short, skimpy white and pink lace babydoll and when we entered the kitchen I saw my husband Chet was wearing only a pink apron.

“How adorable darling” I giggled.

“Oh stop it Marie,” he grinned. “I had to put on something so I wouldn’t get burned and this was on the kitchen stool.”

“I’m just noting how adorable you look honey” I grinned.

Noticing the exceptionally large bulge in the aprons front I just grinned my evil grin. Chet and I had been married over 20 years and had had three children. Our oldest son Greg (21) and our daughter Lacey (19) were both away at college. Our youngest Alex still lived with us and I personally was in no hurry to see him leave. My husband was a stocky man of 48, semi bald head, clean shaven and very strong. He also had an 8 inch thick cock. A perfect bull.

Oh by the way. My name’s Marie. I’m a 45 year old blonde nymphomaniac and proud of it.

My son pulled out my chair for me and he and I sat down while Chet served us. He was a great cook as well as an extremely open minded lover. I loved my boys so much. Oh and in case you’re wondering my other children play as well. We believe in total family togetherness. We are one big fucking happy family.

As we ate I wiggled my feet in both of their crotches. Feeling their cocks both harden.

“Marie honey you’re insatiable” Chet smiled. “Didn’t you get enough last night?”

I gave my husband an innocent look and said “Oh sweetheart you know the more I get the hornier I become. So no… Mommy didn’t get enough.” My eyes lowered and I gave them both my most sultry stare. Both of my boys gulped and lowered their eyes. Their cocks though both pulsed and became noticeably stiffer from that look. I love the effect I can have on men when I really want them.

I do so love being a slut.

Just then there was a knock at the kitchen door. Turning I could see Sara’s husband Mason outside the door. Sara’s family and ours were identical in many ways. Most specifically we were all into open family loving. We have not had many couplings yet though between gaziantep escort ilanları families. So far I and Alex had been with Sara and her son Keith but that was it. I couldn’t wait for the circles to grow and her husband Mason was one Hell of a man. I’d love to feel him in my cunt.

Mason was a very handsome man of 47, dark black short hair, somewhat tall, built and as I opened the door to him I saw a nice sized bulge in his pants. Mommy still had it.

“Morning Marie. Chet. Alex. How are y’all doing today?”

“Oh we’re fine” I said staring right at his bulge and gently running my free hand over my own breasts. There was no way he wouldn’t see that considering how extremely skimpy the top was. My breasts were falling out completely and my nipples were quite hard.

He grinned. “Fine day.” He stepped into the door. Both of my boys were finishing their meals and starting to get up.

“What can we do for you darling?” I asked rubbing his bulge firmly.

He blushed a bit, stumbled slightly and said “Sara asked me to see if you were free to come over and talk with her. Alex too if he can. She would have come over to ask herself but she and Keith are a bit busy right now.”

I felt his dick stiffen even more. Yeah I thought. They’re fucking and he knows it. I grinned to myself.

I turned to my husband “Do you mind if I go talk with Sara a while honey? You two men can entertain yourselves a few hours?”

“Of course babe” My husband nodded. He was smiling lewdly and I could see Alex staring at Masons package. I didn’t know if Mason was bisexual but my son is bordering on gay and I know my husband has bisexual urges so I knew they would be fine alone together.

“Okay lovers, We’ll be back in a few” I wiggled out the door still half naked and walked towards the open fence between our two yards. Alex almost reluctantly followed. He was still stark naked. His hard semi erect cock swinging between his legs as he walked alongside me.

“Fuck your wife is hot!” Mason whistled softly staring at my ass as I walked away and turning to Chet.

My man agreed, looked Mason up and down approvingly, invited Mason in and closed the door.

Passing through the fence and approaching the back porch door Alex and I started to hear soft grunting and the distinctive sounds of passionate sex. Keith was definitely fucking his mother. Not really wanting to interrupt them Alex and I paused until the ruckus settled down a bit. After quite a bit of screaming and their obvious orgasms that is. I opened the door and we both stepped in. “Yoo hoo. Sara darling.” I gleefully summoned her.

Both Sara (43) and Keith (18) came out of the bedroom within seconds. Both totally naked, sweaty and both with cum dripping from their lower regions. Sara ran to me laughing “Its so nice you could come by Marie” I faked a little repulsion (ooooh) as her pussy dripped Keiths cum onto my foot and then laughed, dropped to my knees and started to lick her pussy clean. She laughed and pulled my head forward for several seconds grinding her mound into my face.

My son did the same for Keith. Sucking Sara’s juices and gaziantep escort bayan ilanları Keith’s cum off of his cock. It popped back out shortly later totally clean and dry.

We both wiped our mouths and stood after several seconds, smiled, embraced (their bodies were moist and sweaty) and I asked “What can we do for you Sara darling?”

“Well I was thinking of a few things babe. Now that we all know everything about one another I felt we should get everyone completely involved. Our husbands too maybe” she looked at me a second to see if I would object. “I also wanted to mention I have learned of a few other mothers in the area that have been fucking their sons and thought what a wonderful idea it would be to perhaps start a “Mothers Sons” club.

I lit up and lewdly grinned at her. This woman could easily out do me in sluttiness… Well… Almost. “Oh that sounds like a fabulous idea Sara darling!”

My son Alex was starting to rub his naked body against my back and ass and Sara’s son Keith was doing the same to her. Sara started feeling me up again, fondling my breasts while our sons were both getting very stiff hardons. “What do you think Mommy?” Sara asked with a wicked smile sticking out her tongue and pressing it into my mouth in a wet kiss.

“Do you think we and our sons would enjoy a Mothers Sons fuck club?”

We all moaned softly and sexually.

“I guess everyone likes the idea” I sighed. Both of our sons turned us to the back of the couch, bent us side by side over the back and drove their cocks deep into their own mothers pussy from behind.

Sara and I put our arms over one another while our sons high fived and fucked us.

“To the Mothers Sons club then” I screamed as our sons screwed our hot cunts.

“Mommy I’m cumming!” my son screamed.

“Me too Mom!” Sara’s son grunted.

Thrashing under the boys Sara and I both orgasmed. Spraying the back of the couch and the floor she and I were filled completely with our own sons scalding hot cum.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

My husband offered Mason a beer and the two of them sat down on the sofa in the living room. “My wife is an endlessly horny bitch” my husband stated offhand. Mason had to grin at Chet sounding so masculine in the pink apron.

“Oh I know what it’s like Chet” Mason said taking a slug. “I’m actually rather happy Sara and Keith are fucking so often. There is no way I could keep up with that woman.”

“Seems we have very similar situations fella” Chet smiled. “Alex and I fucked Marie almost all night last night and the nympho slut woke up horny. Started blowing our son while I made breakfast. She wore us both out and wanted more.”

“Yeah. Sara’s no different. We have been swinging most of our married life so I’m glad to have found you and your wife and son. I prefer to keep the sex between people we know at this stage in our lives.”

“Chet grinned. “You know they’re probably fucking as we speak.” My husband started staring at Masons bulging crotch again.

“Oh I’m sure they are” Mason grunted taking another sip of his beer. Moving the bottle a little escort bayan gaziantep ilanları too deep into his mouth and then slowly sliding it back out.

My husband smirked and grew harder under his pink apron.

“Right now Sara’s talking to Marie about starting a Mother Son club,” Mason said staring now at Chet’s growing bulge.

“Oh that’s a great idea. It’ll certainly keep our ladies and boys happy.” My husband started to lift the aprons edge, exposing his hardening manhood. “Perhaps we can find something to do as well since they’re bound to be occupied quiet often now.”

Mason moved over next to Chet, took his hand and lowered himself to his knees. Pulling the pink apron completely off of my husband he fully exposed Chet’s hot masculine body and large cock and pulled it into his mouth with no hesitation. Neither man had had such sex very often but the situation seemed right to them.

Masons heads moved slowly up and down on Chet’s hard cock while Chet held the back of Masons head, thrusting into his mouth. Mason was fully into cock sucking mode now and stroked Chet’s big hard cock in and out of his mouth.

Marie and Sara, who had come back to Marie’s house to tell their husbands about the newly formed club both stared through the back door at the scene and smiled. “Perhaps we should leave them alone to get better acquainted” Marie said, rubbing her cum dripping body against Sara’s. Both girls giggled and walked back towards Sara’s home where they had left their sons who right now were doing the very same thing as their fathers.

“I do love seeing our boys happy” Marie said softly. She licked Sara’s ear as they walked and fondled each others breasts.

Entering Sara’s home the girls walked past their sons who were going hot and heavy on the couch and into Sara’s bedroom.

Marie could still smell the delicious aroma of hot sex in the room from Sara’s earlier episode with Keith. They fell onto the bed together to talk about their new club but within moments the talk was abandoned for some serious girl play and pussy eating.

Licking one another for several minutes and a few orgasms our ladies fell into one anothers arms and started to discuss the proposed club. They talked while their fingers rotated on, and slightly in, one anothers mounds.

They cuddled and coo’d while discussing membership, how many people they should let in to the group, would husbands be included, how often and where they should meet, etc… there was actually a great deal to discuss. While they were inclined to just let the get togethers happen as they happened they did realize there had to be some kind of order to avoid problems.

They basically settled on a group system where the Mothers would plan the next meeting at each one. Before the action started. Their sons would not be allowed in the planning meetings. They of course would be brought in right after the planning session to fuck their Mothers and one anothers Mothers.

There would obviously though be many unplanned spontaneous get togethers.

Marie groaned at the prospect of what they had created and dove between Sara’s legs yet again. Sara immediately flipped over and returned the favor. Girls groaning and young males grunting filled the house.

Marie’s house had gotten rather loud as well.

Both houses shook with screams and orgasms for the next hour or so.

So the Sons Club came into being. The membership drive was going to be a blast for sure.

For the moment though all was happy in the neighborhood and the cum flowed in rivers.

Kisses, Licks and Lust – Mommy Marie

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