The Society

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“Welcome”. A butler said as he opened the door. At least, I think he was a butler. He was well dressed and holding a tray of fruit in one hand while opening the door with the other.

It had taken months to enter this door. I looked over at my wife, Lisa. She was gorgeous wearing a tight fitting silver sequined dress, low cut in the back revealing her smooth back and slender waist. It plunged in the front exposing her perky full breasts. Her brunette hair was silky and outlined the perfect features of her face with kissable lips and high cheekbones.

We had heard about this place through elite social circles. Some would call it a swinging club, I guess. But that would be like calling the World Series a little league game.

The deposit to join was six figures alone. Sure it seems like a lot but I had friends who joined golf country clubs for as much. We had other interests however.

Then there were the background checks, blood tests for infectious disease and even an orientation class. At the orientation class we first signed extensive non-disclosure agreements. This place had to be kept secret, known only to the elite who joined and shared discreetly with potential elite members.

It was truly an exclusive club, but I understood there were hundreds of members. They were hand selected by current members for their wealth, physical appearance and emotional stability. Not to mention their high sex drives and willingness to participate in lurid sex and of course, their ability to be discreet.

I had supplied the necessary documents at the gate along with the password I learned in orientation. A guard typed on a computer and did some other checks before opening the gate. Another guard met me as I reached the house – a mansion really.

He checked my papers again, looked at my photo ID I supplied and asked a few questions. I had learned in orientation that everyone had separate passwords and identifying phrases, which helped the security. So when he started a casual conversation, I recognized how to answer his questions.

My wife, Lisa was asked similar questions. A valet parked my car and here we were.

We both have voracious appetites for sex and involved ourselves with some private swing clubs in the past – but nothing like this. We found that after sharing each other with other people, our sex back home became even more intense. I’d never find another mate like Lisa. She was gorgeous, intelligent and shared my sexual desires. Seeing each other in the throes of passion with someone else only heightened our desire for each other – like a drug.

So now we were entering the big leagues.

Background music played softly, people were mingling and to the casual observer this could be any other high society gathering. That would soon change.

“Brad. Lisa. Welcome.” Said Bob Thorten, our host. Though he was in his fifties, he was tanned and as muscular as I. His wife extended a hand toward Lisa then myself. She was a beauty and athletically fit herself.

Her dress was tightly fitting and slightly longer than Lisa’s. She certainly took care of herself with toned biceps and muscular calves that shown just below her dress.

“Are you ready?” Bob said.

“Sure.” I said taking Lisa’s hand.

“We’re looking forward to it.” Lisa added giving my hand a squeeze.

“Let’s get started with initiation then. Everyone is ready to get going.” Bob said.

“Now? I mean we hate to interrupt everyone, they seem to be having a good time.” I said.

In orientation we were told a little of what to expect during initiation to the “Society” was what they called it. At first, Lisa and I thought they were kidding – you know, just trying to see if they could shock us into not joining as if a test to see how wild we were. But Bob assured us that orientation was accurate. We were told in general what to expect.

Now we had to demonstrate that we had no reservations about the types of things that went on here before we could be accepted as full members- wife swapping, lesbianism, homosexuality, masturbation, exhibitionism and more. If you weren’t accepting of all the types of sexual activity permitted within the group – they didn’t want you as a member.

Every member was at least bi-sexual, enjoyed watching their spouse being fucked by strangers and being watched themselves. You clearly had to have no revulsion to fucking a man or a woman and no jealously whatsoever. If you said you liked all these types of group sex – fine.

But the members wanted to see, to test us. We had to prove ourselves worthy of the sexual quality and level that they expected. They also wanted to see that we were a stable couple and not just some voyeurs or that one of us talked the other into joining.

A true appetite for this lifestyle was what they looked for, they said- lust and desire and to be in each other’s eyes regardless of what happened. These folks were true sexual connoisseurs and they could spot a real couple from a fake. We were told they would test our kızılay escort resolve to the fullest and that meant our attraction to this level of sexual appetite would be explored.

The initiation was real and we were to be the main attraction we were told. It would take several nights to complete in fact. This was just the beginning – and we had no idea how far it would go.

“Interrupt? Nonsense. They are all tired of the formal attire, drinks and small talk. They love initiation nights. Come…”

Bob led us to the center of the room and tapped a glass.

“The initiates have arrived.” He announced.

Suddenly as if on queue – the music changed to one of those low elevator music tunes but was erotically charged at the same time. Everyone drifted to the edge of the main floor.

I looked up and realized the main room had a high expanse ceiling. A balcony went all the around the second floor which looked over into the first floor. Where Lisa and I were standing we could see to the second floor above the room all the way around.

Everyone on the first floor stood under the balcony that wrapped all the room supported by elegant columns. We stood alone in the middle of the expanse. Soon a few doors above them opened and more people stood on the balcony that surrounded the room above us.

As everyone seemed to know their place, the lights dimmed. The chatter quieted. The erotic music played softly.

“Induviae extrico.” Bob announced.

With the Latin command for clothing extraction which we learned in orientation, women reached behind them, some helped by their husbands, and unzipped their elegant dresses. Dozens of gowns then simultaneously fluttered to the floor. The sight was amazing.

These once elegantly dressed women now looked more like a high budget broadway show – garter belts, sheer stockings and lace bras of all sorts were revealed – hidden by the expensive garments that concealed them. And the women were all gorgeous, shapely and erotically sexy.

They then helped the men un-button shirts. Some just un-buttoned them completely and left them open so their bare chest was revealed. Others stripped off their shirts entirely. Like the women, they were all in shape, muscular in various stages of athletic fitness. This was truly a hand-selected group.

We looked at each other. We new what command was next. It would be a command to offer us to the group. Only we would not be allowed to partially undress. We had to reveal every bit of our sexuality tonight.

“Offero.” Bob looked at us and stepped back.

Lisa smiled. She actually was enjoying this. She was an exhibitionist first if anything and having dozens of gorgeous people watch her reveal her body was exciting to her – I could tell.

It was exciting the members also. As Lisa reached around to unzip her gown, some of the men and women were rubbing themselves. Many already had erections, which they nursed beneath the fabric of their tuxedo pants as her sequined gown sparkled in the subdued light and fluttered to her feet.

Lisa is a gorgeous woman. Her legs are long and slender, her breasts full and her waist is narrow. She had chosen not to wear panties, knowing she wouldn’t be wearing the dress long. The members seemed to approve. Her pubic area was clean-shaven and smooth. She wasted no time unsnapping her bra and revealing her breasts as well.

I tried to be just as smooth, but was probably a little clumsier flipping off my shoes and socks then unbuttoning my shirt. Lisa helped me strip my pants off and before we knew it we were naked. Already I had an erection, which seemed to please the group. One woman was reaching in her panties rubbing her pussy and a couple of men had pulled out their dicks and were stroking them. They were already beginning to enjoy the show.

We stood there for a while it seemed. Dozens of eyes explored our nakedness. Someone collected our clothes and we were truly alone amongst the crowd. Then Bob raised his hands and gestured toward a stairway at the end of the room.

“Instituo-ui-utum.” He said, which was the order to begin.

A naked woman and man walked slowly down the stairway. Behind them were half-dressed women carrying various items on silver trays – the items appeared to be all sorts of lubes, dildos, feathers and such – anything the couple could possibly need I guessed.

The couple was completely naked except for masks covering their eyes. They were not cheap Zorro eye masks either, but black leather ones that just covered the eye area with oval slits to see from and nothing else. They smiled softly and their eyes glistened with desire as if they wanted to devour us from behind the masks.

Their harem stopped short of us and knelt. The couple walked over to us and began to run their hands over our bodies. The woman felt me up first, then massaged Lisa’s breasts and ass.

The man did the same. He rubbed Lisa’s shoulders, then breasts before touching her ass. maltepe escort He then walked over to me and unceremoniously stroked my erection and ran his hand over my ass as well.

As they examined us – their harem pushed two silk covered mattresses nearby. They were king sized. The sheets were silky smooth.

The man walked over to Lisa. They stared at each other. Lisa’s breasts were heaving in and out with anticipation. He moved closer to her face. Lisa didn’t move.

He kissed her. Their tongues mingled. Lisa wanted to embrace him but he pushed her arms back down. When their kiss parted he looked at the masked woman.

She came up to me, tilted her head and our lips met as well. Her tongue darted into my mouth and our tongues swirled. I too wanted to touch her but didn’t after seeing the man push Lisa away.

While we kissed the man had pointed to the bed and arranged for Lisa to get on her hands and knees on the silk bed. When the woman finished kissing me, she pushed me to my knees and turned my head toward Lisa and the man who was now kneeling behind her.

His dick was smooth and hard. He looked at me then at my wife. Her ass was luscious, her pussy peeking between her legs. The masked man positioned himself behind her and aimed his dick at Lisa’s pussy.

He penetrated her smoothly. Lisa gasped and breathed deeply. She then smiled and enjoyed the sensation. The masked man then began to fuck my wife. His strokes were methodical and smooth. I even began stroking my own dick as they fucked.

All I could think about was that this wasn’t terribly kinky so far. Lisa and I had watched each other fuck other people in the past – it was an exciting thing for both of us and one reason we were here actually- coupled with the fact we liked to explore all areas of our sexuality.

But just as Lisa seemed to get into the rhythm of being fucked by the masked man – he withdrew. I then realized how this initiation was informative to the members.

As soon as Lisa began enjoying being fucked by a mysterious masked stranger while I watched stroking myself – it was clear we both gained pleasure from the experience, so the masked couple moved on. And move on they did.

The masked man quickly stood, Lisa’s wetness glistening from his dick. He walked over toward me.

Maybe they figured it would be too easy to let me fuck masked woman just yet. Any man could have done that and the hardest thing would have been to not cum too soon. So he clearly had other things in mind as he stopped in front of where I knelt. His dick wet from my wife’s pussy inches in front of me. He said nothing and put his hands on his hips which he thrust slightly in my direction and widened his stance. It was clearly an invitation.

While Lisa had quite a few women she’d slept with – I had sucked only two men’s dicks. Once in college as an experiment, I guess you’d call it and once when Lisa and I had a ménage-a-trois with a guy that Lisa thought was really cute. Lisa said it appeared I liked it and quite frankly it did turn me on. It turned her on as well, but we never repeated it.

So if masked man thought I’d hesitate to make love to that gorgeous erection that had just penetrated the pussy that I also loved so much – he was wrong. It was the perfect combination if you asked me.

Immediately I reached up and grabbed the base of his dick and guided it toward my mouth. First I kissed the head of it then allowed the smooth head to slip between my lips, which glided over the rim then onto his shaft.

I tasted Lisa. The familiar aroma of my wife and her juices caused me to desire his dick even more. I sucked him down my throat then pulled his hips toward me by gripping his firm ass. Masked man rocked in and out of my mouth slowly as I began making love to his dick.

Soon I sensed movement and masked woman had crawled over to Lisa. First she kissed her for what seemed an eternity, their mouths locked together, their tongues searching for the other, swirling in each other’s mouth. They then embraced and their bodies entwined on the silk mattress below them.

As I continued to suck masked man I couldn’t discern which leg or ass belonged to whom out of the corner of my eye as they groped, fondled and kissed each other’s body.

But again, as soon as we began to enjoy the sex – the masked couple withdrew from us as if satisfied with our performance.

Masked woman left Lisa and then lay on the silk mattress next to me. She spread her legs wide and rubbed her pussy as her eyes met mine. It was clearly another invitation.

My heart began to beat faster as I knelt between the slender legs of masked women. Although her pussy appeared shaven, there was a fine wisp of blond hair barely visible on her pubis. It was incredibly sexy and she rubbed her pussy as I knelt – her knees splayed wide on each side of me.

Rather than plunge right in, I teased her – rubbing my dick on her shiny pussy. A sheen of her wetness sparkled mamak escort between the pink lips as it passed between and over her flesh colored folds.

Masked man had pushed Lisa onto her back on the mattress next to us. He didn’t tease her however. He plunged his dick inside her, still wet with my saliva and maybe some of her juices from their doggy style fuck moments earlier. Lisa smiled then closed her eyes as he penetrated her and started to vigorously fuck her.

The sight of Lisa being fucked again was overwhelming and the desire to fuck this masked beauty beneath me filled my loins. I pressed my dick against the masked woman’s pussy and slowly pierced her with my erection.

She closed her eyes briefly until I was fully impaled within her. But before I could withdraw and began to fuck her she opened her eyes and pulled me on top of her. Her hand wrapped around the back of my neck and she pressed my ear to her lips.

“Don’t remove yourself from me. But don’t fuck me. Don’t move. Don’t cum. This is a command.” She said.

My heart skipped a beat. We were told if we were given commands, that they must be followed to the letter. Masked woman pushed against my chest so that I was back in a kneeling position between her legs, leaning slightly over her with my hands supporting me on both sides of her. My dick was still fully inserted within her pussy as I knelt there.

Masked woman turned to look at Lisa and masked man just in time for masked man to begin grunting and groaning. It was the first real noise of sex since we began that filled the room.

As his grunts grew louder, I sensed movement over at the staircase. Masked men were slowly making their way down the stairs – at least five, maybe six. Each was fully naked and slowly rubbing an erection.

Behind them was the same number of women – masked and naked. The men and women were all beautiful and the women would either rub their pussies or occasionally suck one of the dicks of the men as they all gathered to one side.

The masked man fucking Lisa was clearly cumming. He grunted and started thrusting forcefully into her pussy. Lisa was clearly enjoying it as well. But before he seemed to fully finish, he withdrew from her. A final stream of cum arched onto the silk mattress as he stood and another naked man took his place.

The next man began to pump furiously into Lisa just as the first man’s cum began to seep out of her pussy. I wanted to move my own hips and fuck my own masked beauty but I had to bite my lip trying to subside the desire to fuck her.

Lisa was about to cum. She tossed her head back, but the second man withdrew quickly and simply jacked himself off – white cum erupted from the tip of his dick and streamed onto Lisa’s pussy and abdomen.

It seems neither one of us was allowed to cum – not yet.

My dick wanted to explode. Two women crawled beside Lisa and began to kiss her and suck her breasts. But they wouldn’t touch her pussy. They purposely were taking her near orgasm then bringing her back down before she slipped over the edge.

Two other women lay in my view and started having sex as well. They would suck each other’s pussy, breasts and kiss before rubbing their pussies together then starting all over again.

I still resisted the urge to fuck the pussy, which held my dick. Sweat beaded on my forehead. I tried looking around the room to distract myself of my wife being pleasured to the edge and gorgeous women making love around me while my dick was impaled in one of them.

It didn’t help.

The crowd of society members was in various stages of undress. Some were rubbing themselves or a mate nearby – other couples were kissing or sucking – while a few were openly fucking away as they watched the floorshow of which we were the central attraction or entertainment for that matter.

I think I moved just a little because masked woman pressed her thighs against me. My dick was throbbing.

“Soon, very soon. It will be worth the wait.” She finally said.

When Lisa’s breathing slowed another masked man knelt between her legs. He took some lube from a silver platter and began working glob after glob into her ass as he slowly finger fucked her asshole.

A smile appeared on Lisa’s face. She wanted to cum and she was enjoying the sensations of this stud massaging her ass.

“Do you like?” My masked woman asked.

I nodded.

The masked man put another finger into Lisa’s ass.

“Your wife wants it in her ass, doesn’t she?” The masked woman said.


The masked man knelt between Lisa’s thighs and pressed his lubricated erection against her puckered ass.

“You like watching your wife being fucked, don’t you?”

“Yes.” I whispered.

Masked man pushed himself into my wife. The folds of her ass slowly accepted him, each fold enveloping around his dick.

“You like watching women.” Masked woman said.

“Yes.” I replied noticing the women were still making love to each other nearby.

“Your wife liked it when you told her you sucked a man in college. She liked it when she saw you suck a man that shared your bed. It fulfilled a fantasy for her.”

I looked at the masked woman and nodded again.

“She has always wanted to have her ass and pussy pleasured by many men – filling her with cum.” The woman smiled.

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