The Snowstorm Pt. 03

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“Kill him,” Patrick screamed. “Blow his head off!”

Mary glanced up from the book she was reading — turned out Simon enjoyed romance novels and had lent her a stack of them — and grinned towards the guys. They were playing some ridiculous game where it seemed like the characters rode around on horses most of the time, but apparently, they’d now encountered some poor shop owner who wasn’t just letting them steal all his wares.

She closed her book around her thumb, marking her spot as she stared out the window. The snow continued to come down hard and the drifts were now at least four feet high. She’d grown up around snow but had never seen it this bad. She was grateful she was tucked up warm inside the house. She shuddered when she imagined what would have happened if the guys had never found her. She still didn’t know why she was out there.

As the men — boys when they were playing like this — continued to shoot some poor man in their game, she tried to think back to what she last remembered. She knew she’d been at work and remembered leaving for the day. She’d gotten in her car to head home and definitely pulled into the driveway. Steve’s car had been parked there too, which was odd since he usually worked later. And she knew she’d gotten her key in the lock and walked inside, but as hard as she tried, she couldn’t think of what happened after that.

She felt a bit lost. She guessed it didn’t matter right now, though. She’d asked to call Steve after breakfast, but the guys’ cell phones didn’t have signals, which made sense considering how far out they were and how bad the storm was.

A hand landed on her thigh, rubbing up and down. “You alright?” Simon asked. “You’ve been over here sighing up a storm.”

“Just trying to remember what happened,” she replied. “No big deal. I’m sure it’ll come back eventually. It’d just be nice to know.”

“We’ll find out once we can get out of here,” he answered. “In the meantime, want to help me make dinner?”

He stood and held out his hand which she grabbed a split second later. He wasn’t much good at comforting, but he was offering a distraction and she needed one. They walked over to the kitchen and Simon began pulling out some pots. “Can you grab the bag of shrimp from the fridge?” he asked as he pulled a bunch of herbs out of the cupboard. Mary could make a passable dinner but wasn’t exactly known for her culinary skills so the number of ingredients he was assembling were a bit intimidating. She pulled the bag of thawed shrimp from the fridge and placed it on the counter, looking at Simon expectantly.

He smiled but turned away after looking over her shoulder. Mary was a bit disappointed since he seemed to be ignoring her now but realized why as two heavy hands landed on her hips. She glanced back and saw Patrick leering down at her ass. He said nothing as he grabbed her hands and placed them on the counter then pulled back on her hips until she was bent over slightly. He kicked her legs apart, her glistening pussy on full display. His manhandling was getting her hot, as was the look he gave her seconds before he shoved his cock inside her.

They both moaned as he bottomed out then began to thrust. He reached around and began to play with her clit, forcing a gasp from her throat as her pussy spasmed in a mini-climax.

“Can you take it away from the stove, please?” Simon asked with a laugh as he put a pot of water on the burner.

Patrick grunted, then pulled out of her, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the couch. He still didn’t speak as he lay down and pulled her over top of him, settling his cock back between her thighs and shoving himself inside her. Mary placed her hands on his pecs and began moving herself up and down his length, grinding her clit on his pelvis each time she took him in all the way.

His hands clamped back onto her hips as he pushed hard up inside her, then pulled her down and crushed her against his chest. Mary squirmed, trying to move but he didn’t let go until two more hands grabbed her hips just above Patrick’s. Mark couldn’t resist joining in, it seemed. His fingers dropped to her pussy, still stuffed full of Patrick’s cock, pushing in alongside. He didn’t immediately pull out and finger her ass though, which she was expecting.

Mark had pushed first two, now three, fingers inside her and she could tell he was starting to work on a fourth. The stretch caused her to gasp, a little from pain but it quickly receded. Patrick let out a loud grunt then said “yeah man. Grab that cock. Jack me off while I’m çankaya escort inside her.” Mary pushed up slightly, realizing that the four fingers were indeed curling around Patrick’s cock. They moved in a bit deeper and she cried out, stretched more than she’d ever been. A second later she collapsed against Patrick’s chest, breathing heavily as she worked to relax.

“You ever been fisted, baby?” Mark asked. Mary shook her head on Patrick’s chest, too overwhelmed to even speak.

“This alright?” Patrick inquired with heavy breaths. “We can stop if it’s too much.”

“I-I’m okay.” Mary replied in a small voice. “Just go slow.”

Mark made a sound of agreement as he slowly worked his thumb inside her as well. It still wasn’t comfortable, but the idea of what was happening was making her pussy gush even more than usual. Her cunt made a squelching noise as Mark move his whole hand inside, then he stopped moving. They stayed like that for quite a few minutes until there was no more pain. Mary just felt full and lifted her head. Patrick was looking at her with a strange expression, both incredibly lustful but also a bit worried. Mary smiled slightly, then wiggled her bottom a bit.

Patrick moaned as she clenched her muscles around his cock and Mark’s hand. Mark took that as a go-ahead to start back up and moved his hand in a bit farther before reaching to wrap his hand around Patrick’s dick. Mary’s pussy stretched more as she now had the equivalent of a cock and a fist in her cunt. She panted quickly but was starting to enjoy the feeling.

Mark slowly moved his fist up and down Patrick’s dick making Patrick’s eyes roll into the back of his head. A moment later Mary felt Mark’s hand moving out of her and she let out a small mew of displeasure. “We’re gonna try something else,” Mark whispered to her as he settled behind her, his dick nudging at where she and Patrick were joined.

Mary whimpered as she felt Mark start to push his cock in alongside Patrick’s. It was a tighter fit, but after the prep he’d done with his hand it only took a moment before she was the fullest she’d ever been. She lay her head back on Patrick’s chest and took a deep breath as Mark began to slowly thrust inside her. All three of them moaned as the two cocks rubbed together inside her sopping wet pussy.

Mark picked up the pace, thrusting harder now. Patrick moved only slightly, letting Mark do the majority of the work, but his breaths were coming faster and Mary knew he was close to cumming. Mark began to hammer at her, and she crashed into the biggest orgasm of her life feeling a gush of liquid reach her thighs.

“Did you just squirt?” Patrick asked incredulously. “Fuck, I’ve never been with a girl who squirted. But I’ve also never fucked a girl with another cock in her pussy.” His words trailed off as the thrusts pushed him over the edge as well, shooting his cum inside Mary, groaning all the while. The feel of his jizz in Mary’s extremely wet and pulsating pussy must have been too much for Mark because he quickly followed, bellowing as he creamed inside her.

They all collapsed in a heap until turning their heads towards Simon’s huge grin as he began to clap from his seat on the coffee table. “Wow, Mary. That may have been the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see your pussy when they pull out.”

Mark let out a gruff laugh, then pushed up and slowly dragged his cock out, all of them letting out another moan at the feeling. He moved to the other end of the couch and sat down while Simon reached over and gently pulled Mary off Patrick’s semi-hard dick. Her hole hung open a bit, looking like it was trying to close. Cum clung to her lips and dripped out onto Patrick’s abdomen.

Simon picked her up and sat her upright on the couch as Patrick swung his legs down. Simon crouched in front of Mary and pulled her legs apart. He peeled her lips back, gazing at her stretched out quim and dipped his finger inside. He sloshed it around then withdrew it, putting his cum-covered finger to her lips. Mary sucked on it lightly and he groaned. “Think you can take one more?” he asked.

Mary laughed. “Just be quick, okay? I need a nap.”

Simon nodded and kneeled, lining his cock with her hole. He pushed in easily then stopped. “I can barely feel her wrapped around me,” he exclaimed. “You guys really did a number on her.” He pulled out and reached down to tilt her pelvis up towards him. Staring at her well-used hole, he began to jerk his cock. “It was so hot to watch. cebeci escort Both of their cocks inside you, stretching you out like a little slut. And when you squirted! It was amazing to see your juices running down your thighs. Absolutely beautiful.” His face scrunched up and he shoved his cock back inside Mary’s pussy and attacked her clit with his thumb, fucking her hard until she cried out, then held himself still as he dumped a third load inside her.

As Simon pulled out a huge ball of cum came with him, dripping down the leather seat. All three men gather around Mary, each taking turns to push a finger inside to feel how loose she was. Each man then took turns licking her lightly, Mark drawing another small shudder from her, until she was clean. As they pulled away Mary slowly stood, walking bow-legged towards the bedroom. “I’m gonna take a nap. Call me when dinner’s ready,” she said over her shoulder as she disappeared into the hall.

She collapsed face-down onto the bed, completely wrung out in the best way possible.

Mary awoke about an hour later to a gentle shaking of her shoulder. “Dinner’s ready, baby,” Simon whispered to her. Mary groaned and rolled over, whimpering slightly as her pussy throbbed. She squinted her eyes, wondering just how many times she’d wake up in this bed in pain. But what an amazing afternoon, she thought. It more than made up for her discomfort now. She had no idea sex could even be that wonderful, and she had been surprised each time with these guys.

She sat up slowly, Simon’s hand helping her against her back. It felt like everything from her abs down were tight. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood, a bit wobbly for a moment before she settled.

“You okay?” Simon asked. “We were all a bit worried after you went to sleep. I hope we didn’t take things too far.”

Mary grinned up at him. “It might take me a bit of time to recover, but I’m great.”

A look of relief crossed Simon’s face before he urged her out the door. Dinner smelled fantastic and Mary happily took a seat at the table, flinching only slightly as her abused pussy met the chair. Patrick placed a plate in front of her with flair and Mark filled up the wine glass to her right with white wine. They all took a seat, each with a plate piled high with some kind of pasta with shrimp and vegetables in a white sauce. It looked divine and Mary dug in with gusto.

They made polite conversation over dinner, Mary explaining her job at a laundromat, the first one she’d found after moving to the city when Steve got transferred and she’d moved with him. She was more interested in the woodworking the men described, each animated as they explained the furniture they made, mostly from reclaimed wood, but some smaller items as well which they designed and shaped over many months. They promised to show her their shop once the snow stopped and they could shovel their way over.

Dessert was a boxed pudding with some thawed raspberries. Patrick looked apologetic as he placed it in front of her, explaining that Simon was the chef of the group but he wanted to make her something. Mary smiled, more than happy with his offering.

After dinner they all helped clean up, Mary drying the dishes as Mark washed and Patrick put them away. Simon mostly stood around, claiming the cook didn’t clean, which was only fair. They then retired to the couch in front of the TV, watching some horrible comedy from the 80s that all the guys seemed to know off by heart. Mark kept the fire stoked and Mary cuddled between Simon and Patrick, content to fall back asleep as they finished the movie.

She woke up later to hear them talking quietly, the movie clearly over.

“I think we need to take a break with her for a couple of days. She’s not complaining but I think she’s pretty sore,” Simon explained.

“You’re right. She’s actually pretty fun to be around too, even without sex involved. I won’t mind just hanging out for a couple of days while we wait for her hole to tighten up,” Mark said.

“Douche,” Patrick replied as a smacking sound filled the room, clearly hitting Mark for his coarse words.

“You know what I mean,” Mark whined.

“You realize I have two other holes, right guys?” Mary asked, all three of them swinging their heads towards her, not having realized she was awake. She laughed and sat up. “And I just had a wonderful nap, so I’m wide awake,” she said in a suggestive voice. “I’m not sure I could do anal tonight but should be up for it çukurambar escort tomorrow. In the meantime…” She held up both of her hands and grinned.

Her hands drifted down to the laps of the men on either side of her, grasping their cocks and jerking them, never happier that they’d implemented the “always naked” rule. Both Patrick and Simon groaned, slouched down, and moved closer to her to give her better access. Mark moved to sit in front of her on the coffee table, his cock rock hard.

Mary leaned forward, opening her mouth in invitation, still wanking the men beside her. Mark stood and moved forward, grabbing his dick and slapping it on her face before sticking it in her mouth. She groaned as the bittersweet taste of his precum hit her tongue. She backed off a bit and said “you’ll have to fuck my face. I can’t do it properly while jerking these two.”

Mark sighed in mock disappointment, then smirked and shoved his dick back in her mouth. Patrick and Simon each put a hand on her back, keeping her steady as Mark began to thrust in and out of her mouth. All of them were moaning, already close to cumming. Mary imagined they’d been discussing the many ways they’d filled her with cum in the last 48 hours and were already a bit hyped up.

Patrick pushed her hand off him and stood, taking himself in his fist and jacking his cock quickly. Simon soon followed suit until she had one dick in her mouth and two on either side of her face. Mark grunted and her mouth began to fill with cum. She swallowed some but allowed the rest to drool down her chin. He pulled out, spraying the last few jets over her face, one hitting her forehead while the second two hit her nose and spread out over her cheeks.

Seeing her with a face full of cum, Patrick and Simon stroked faster, almost simultaneously adding their loads to her face. It hit her on her cheeks and forehead mostly, but she opened her mouth and managed to catch some in there was well. As they finished, she tilted her open mouth towards each of them, showing off her prize before swallowing. She then reached up a hand and began wiping the cum off her face with a finger, pushing it into her mouth until she couldn’t find any more.

“Thank you, gentlemen,” she smiled. “Because of my raw situation down below, I’ll forgo the rule about you always having to make me cum when you do. But you’ll owe me extra when I’m ready.”

She turned and sashayed back to the bedroom, feeling sexier than she expected after receiving a facial. The men followed behind, enamoured with her beyond belief. She seemed to be open to every sexual fantasy they’d had while remaining down to earth. Plus, she had a full, round ass and great tits. She was really like their perfect woman.

Mary quickly washed her face and brushed her teeth then walked back towards the bed. The men were sitting or lying on the bed, clearly waiting for her.

“Come here, baby,” Simon said, patting the spot near the headboard between him and Mark. Mary crawled in and lay down, watching as Patrick passed Simon a small tube. Mark reached down and spread her legs.

“Simon’s going to put some ointment in your pussy. It should help with any pain you’re still feeling,” Patrick said as Simon opened the tube and squirted some clear gel on his fingers. “It’s an antibiotic cream with a numbing agent.”

Simon dropped his hand and gently inserted two gel-covered fingers up her pussy, twisting them around to fully coat her insides. Mary could see that even this was getting him turned on as his dick began to rise. She looked at it doubtfully — there was no way she could stay awake to get him off again. He laughed when he saw the direction of her gaze.

“Having my fingers inside you is always going to be hot. But don’t worry. I don’t think I could cum again tonight if I tried,” he chuckled. He looked serious again immediately as Mary let out a small moan. His hand had brushed her clit and the numbing was starting to work on her sore pussy. Patrick looked at her inquisitively and she blushed.

“Same here,” she said. “I’m not up for anything else tonight, but having one of you finger me, especially while thinking about having two cocks in one hole, is going to get me hot.”

All three men laughed and Simon withdrew his fingers before twisting the top back on the tube and passing it back to Patrick. Patrick climbed into bed on Simon’s other side and they all slid down to put their heads on the pillows as Mark drew the blankets up.

Mary snuggled against Simon’s chest and thrust her ass to rest against Mark’s groin, something that made him moan as if in pain but reach his arm around her hips and tug her bottom against him. Very quickly Mary heard their breathing level out as they fell asleep. She soon followed, wrapped up in the arms of the men who’d given her the best orgasms of her life feeling only a little guilty as she thought of Steve.

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