The Snow Lodge Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

100 vanilla scented candles placed at random around the room. An expensive bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and M your body returns to its natural state of bliss.

I slip my hands up over your pussy, and you moan a protest about their absence. I move them to your belly, and gently massage you there. I slowly move my hands down the sides of your body, draining more residual tension. And then move up to your breasts, but only give them a passing stroke as I move to your shoulders.

I move from straddling your thighs to a new position, Pendik Escort without breaking contact with your body and my hands. I sit on the floor just above your head. And begin working my fingers into the knots in the tops of your shoulders.

I apply some force here with my hands as the knots are hard and filled with bad energies. I work my thumbs up the sides of your neck to your ears, and massage their lobes, and then move them down the back of your neck.

Lifting your head, I roll it as I massage away your Kurtköy Escort stress. I make long pulling strokes with one hand, and my other follows after it, each one following the other in unceasing waves of pressure.

I place both hands one atop the other, on your forehead, and apply gentle but firm pressure to the ridge of your eyebrows. I hold this for several moments, knowing that the last pockets of tension are draining away from your face and body. Then, as lightly as possible, I put each of my thumbs on your Maltepe Escort eyelids. A draining unlike anything you’ve ever felt evokes a snowflake of grey light in front of each closed eye.

I stroke my fingers down the contours of your face. Your lips pucker and pout as I massage the muscles around them, and I groan inside my head as I imagine a hundred things that I want to do to your lips, and them to do to me.

Finally, I slide my hands down onto your chest. I slowly smooth my fingers into the flesh, and then deeper down into the muscles that lie beneath. I move my palms down to cup your breasts, and then down to the sides of your chest and back up to the top again, and repeat the slow deep sliding pressure of my fingers smoothing out the last bits of tension . . .

End Part I

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32