The Smell of Sex Ch. 04

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Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c)2001 by Couture

Part IV

Laura hurried back to her dorm as best she could. The infernal fan had dried her slick secretions on the outside of her sex, but as soon as she had pulled down her skirt and remembered her pussy gushing from between Dr. Adams feet, she quickly became even wetter than before. Her juices were running down her thighs and staining the back of her skirt.

The effects of the fan blowing on her sex had left her if anything….sexually much more sensitive. She could feel every bounce of her small breasts made as she walked back to the dorm. Her swollen nipples were so hard they hurt. Every time they slipped against the fabric of her shirt it sent jabs of pleasure/pain to her clit. Her wet sex was driving her crazy as well. She could feel her drenched labia as they slid against each other with every step. The sticky juices were drying as they ran down each her legs making it necessary to walk slightly bowlegged. It felt as though the very currents of the air caressed her distended clit. She almost collapse into an orgasm, when the little organ occasionally touched the fabric of her miniskirt.

I can’t wait to get back to my room! Mmmmmm….I’ll rub myself off the rest of the day.

But when she opened the door Laura found the room occupied.

Damn, the bitch is in, Laura thought as she opened the door. Then she stood and stared open mouthed at the sight in front of her. Monique was facing away from Laura up on a chair, stretched out, reaching up to hang up a poster. But what really caught Laura’s eye was that the young black girl’s bubble shaped ass.

Covered only by a thin pair of stretch white panties. The panties were slightly wedged between the two muscular ass cheeks and you could almost make out her dark crack peeking through the knit of the cotton.

“Thank goodness you are back Laura, I really need an extra set of hands. Come over here and help hold the bottom of the poster down.”

Laura dropped her book bag and with her eyes never leaving the black girls ass, held the left side of the poster. She tried to keep herself and as far away from Monique’s panties as possible, she didn’t trust that she could control these strange urges plaguing her today.

Then the lower corner of the other side of the poster came loose and rolled up.

“OHH .. Could you get the other side too Laura.” asked Monique.

Laura reached around Monique and held the both sides of the poster against the wall. This ended up bringing Laura’s face just underneath the bubble shaped black bottom. She tried not to look up, but soon couldn’t resist. She stared at the muscles moving in Monique’s ass as she shifted from side to side. She could make out the outline of her mons and the stray kinky black hairs peeking out of the crotch. When Monique moved forward a little bit, Laura brought her head foward as well.

When she moves back and contacts my nose, then technically it would be her fault not mine, rationalized Laura. Monique brought her plump bottom right on top of Laura’s nose. Much to Laura’s surprise and delight, Monique didn’t jerk away from the physical contact. Instead she kept working on the poster and rubbed Laura’s face all over her sexy bottom. Laura inhaled the scent from the panties and sex beneath, and soon she began to smell her own sex again too.. Laura became spell-bound and forgot where she was, instead she imagined she was with Goddess Goth and started rubbing her face over Monique’s ass and even between her spread legs, all the while inhaling the dark musky scent through the white panties.

“Well Laura you nasty Lez you, as good as it feels knowing that after years of slavery and discrimination, a rich white bitch like you is sniffing my black ass.”

“Girlfriend, get your face outta my ass, cuz I think you and me got some things to talk about…like what the fuck do you think you are doing? And what did your perv ass do to my panties this morning.” demanded Monique. “I left them right here and now they are gone.”

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…it was an (sniff) accident…please (sniff) don’t tell….p-p-please don’t t-t-tell..” Laura opened her purse and offered the wet stretched out panties to their owner. As she withdrew the one pair the second pair of black panties fell on the floor. At the sight of this Laura flung herself face down on her bed, and began bawling into her pillow.

Sensing victory, Monique sat down at the head of Laura’s bed spreading her legs around the sobbing girls head. “There…There Laurie lez. I didnt’ mean to make you cry. I’m just very disappointed in you is all.”

“I thought a good white girl like you wouldn’t be caught dead sniffing my beautiful black ass like some sort of lezzie slut” Monique petted the distraught blondes wet hair and then placed Laura’s head up into her spread lap. “I’ve always knew from the way try to out-do me, the way you looked at me like you was trying to undress me with your eyes or somethin’, and then trying to mess with my Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort boyfriend….girl you gettin’ all in my three foot of space.”

“Then my brain started clickin’…I knew then you were just trying to get in my panties. I mean why else would you think my man would be interested in your no- tit no-ass self. ”

“I know you think I’m a stupid black girl, cause you make better grades on your tests than me. But see, where you are all book sense, I gots common sense.”

“So I decided to test your white ass.”

“First, I left behind a pair of panties this mornin and made sure to get them nice and smelly for you. First I went joggin in them bitches…then when I came back I rubbed myself off till I came like a mug. Ha Ha…I pointed that there video camera at them and left them on the flo’ for you.

“I know that seems kind of mean, but you’ve been such a bitch to me, I had to do something. Let me direct your attention to exhibit A, this here video tape shows my dyke-ass room-mate stickin her snooty nose in my nasty panties and frigging her pussy almost to death.”

“I think my fave-rite part…is the end when you put them stinky bitches on like they was some sort of treasure. Hee Hee, I bet your ass smelled reeeaaal good today for all your high and mighty friends.”

“Then tonight, when I axed you to hold the poster for me. Why you plum rubbed your stuck up face all over my black ass like you wanted by be my little lezzie ass ho. Now didn’t ya you little lezzie slut?”” Monique said stroking the crying girls hair.

Laura lay crying into the dark girls lap, the urge to stick her nose in the musky panties so near her face was very strong, but she resisted and turned over to face Monique, instead staring at the black breasts hanging inches from her face. She enviously looked at her large nipples visible through the thin cotton.

“I’m sorry Monique, I don’t know what has gotten into me lately. After this weird dream I had this morning I have found the smell of panties irresistible. I know what I did today was horrible, yet I just HAD TO masturbate when I smelled your panties. I couldn’t control myself, but I’m not a lesbian, I like boys. I was in a rush and put on your panties by accident, I didn’t steal them. They were too tight and I went to the bathroom at school where a Goth girl tried to help me and I smelled her panties too and then I came again. I messed the panties up and then had to go bare wear and my teacher caught me with no panties on. I lied to her and told her I had a medical condition and she expects me not to wear panties again for several weeks. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I’m not a lesbian, I’m not a lesbian….please help me, I’m not a lesbian” Laura blubbered. “I’ve just developed this obsession for panties today.”

“Laura Lez, I think you a stuck up, spoiled assed, under-developed lezzie who can’t help but want my beautiful black body. I mean look at me, then look at you…Damn I know I look goooood girl, but you suffer from no-ass-at-all and no-tits-at-all. I tell you what though…. I’m willing to give ya the benefit of the doubt.”

“See, I’ve read in my psych books that sometimes people get what’s called an ‘acute fetish’. You know, folks like sissy cross dressers are like that. They can live their lives like normal folks and then alll of a sudden they get the dumbass notion to wear women’s clothing and turn into perves.”

“According to my books the only treatment can to cure these pervs is to make them get used to that shit…”

“I think they call it de-cent-sit-ti-za-shun. “

“Anyway girlfriend, they are made to wear extremely sexy women’s clothing all day. They have ta’ walk in 5 inch heels and wear them tight ass corsets all 24/7. They find out what they like in their mind is much different than the real world, cuz wearin dem clothes all da time is a bitch.”

“Girl, what we gotta do is negative reinforce your ass just like that. But you gotta be willing to give it a shot, ok? You gots to do exactly as I say. Keep in mind, I might say some pretty awful things or make you do things that you don’t like, but it is all for your own good. Understand?”

“So I got one question to ax you girl…”

“Are you gonna do what I say?”

Laura couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She had never in her life imagined how kind people could be, when confronted by a disgusting sexual deviant…like herself. Monique is right. I’m not a lesbian, I’ve got an acute panty fetish, and the girl has good intentions even if she was a little dim witted. Laura’s troubles appeared not so bad for the first time today. She started crying as she was overcome with emotion from her dorm mate’s kindness.

“Thank you. Thank you Monique, I’ll try to do anything you say…”

Laura, sobbed as she hugged Monique’s waist, but all the while the musky smell of sex from the dark thighs was overpowering.

“First of all, lets get deze nasty clothes off of your ass.” then Monique started stripping a compliant Laura of her clothes. Shortly Laura was standing naked Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort save for her pink pumps and blushing prettily in the center of the dorm room.

Laura tried to cover herself with her hands as best she could, looking down at Monique’s feet and occasionally sneeking sly peeks at her panties.

“Now…now…It’s okay to look at my panties if ya wants too Laura. That’s how we gonna get you de-sens- it-zides, to overcome your lezzie love of my panties. So for the rest of the day, I’m going to walk around in my undies and you gonna clean the room spic and span.”

“Cept, you ain’t gonna be able to wear clothes, cuz I gots to see when you get all wet for my beautiful black body. If you can’t help yourself from doing something pervie, then you gotta tell me so I can record it on tape. Then we gonna start a treatment journal and you gonna write down how many times you think or do nasty things during the day.”

It was humiliating trying to do anything under the watchful gaze of the young black girl. Laura was used to looking down her nose at the inferior loser, but now she could swear she was the one being looked down upon.

“You did a nice job organizing my clothes, now go get a sponge and put some hot soapy water in the sink and clean yo nasty ho’ juice off my nice clean floor.” ordered Monique, who sat watching TV absently rubbing her cotton underwear between her fingers.

Watching the scantily dressed black girl and following her orders naked had left Laura in a constant state of arousal. She was humiliated thinking of what a perv she must look like as she mopped the floor on her hands and knees, with her swollen sex blossoming, and juices from her sex streaming down her thighs.

“You drippin’ on my nice clean flo’ again bitch. Do somethin with your girlie cum!” demanded Monique.

‘I’ve got to remember she’s just treating me bad for my own good,’ Laura told herself as she swallowed her anger. The poor blonde was naked and didn’t have anything but a nasty sponge in her latex glove covered hands. She couldn’t imagine placing either on her near her sex, so she scanned the room for an alternative.

‘Ah Hah. I’ll sure show her how smart I am,’ Laura thought as she sat down on her pillow, rolling her hips to blot up all the excess moisture from her sex and thighs.

“That’s *real* smart Laura, given’ yourself a little present for later on tonight I see.” sneered Monique.

Laura, blushed again. She hadn’t thought of that. This girl is always two steps ahead of me. Laura got down on her hands and knees and started cleaning up the floor again. By the time she had finished she had blotted herself on her pillow three more times.

“Ok pervie, you did an alright job with your chores today. Relax on your bed while I do my exercises.” Monique started exercising, leaving her blonde roomate trying to watch TV. However, the things the black girl was doing made watching the tv quite impossible.

Laura looked out of the corner of her eye, watching her dorm mate jump and bend as the tight white cotton underwear did little to conceal the shape of the sex beneath. Monique’s beautiful round ass and large breasts jiggled sexily under the blondes gaze. Perspiration had made the cotton transparent, displaying Monique’s dark nipples and sex clearly. The young blonde was going crazy with lust.

“I see ya watching pervie. Come here and get on the floor with me. That’s right come on. Crawl closer you little white lezzie. Come now it is alright Laura, I’m not mad. You did very well today.”

Laura knelt down on the floor in front of Monique, who was still exercising. Closely watching the girls panties creep into her sex and she did lunges.

“18-19-20…whew…Do you need to masturbate?” asked Monique innocently.

Laura blushed and nodded her head then looked down at the black girl’s sweating sex. “Then tell me pervie. You got’s to say it .. You got’s to learn to get over these nasty things.”

Laura blushed, looking directly at the darkening crotch of her dorm mates thin panties.

“NOW!” ordered Monique.

“I…um…I need to masturbate” whispered Laura.

“That’s it .. Let it out .. Louder. Don’t hold it back. .. Come on .. . Tell me you need to finger-fuck your sloppy white cunt.”

“Please…don’t make me say that.” begged Laura.

“Fine you must not need to fuck it tonight anyway.” said Monique as she grasped each side of the crotch of her panties and began to lift the up and tightly pressed into her sex. The moisture grew even more, allowing Laura to see every fold of the girl’s still covered sex.

Laura tried to be strong, yet the constant teasing and arousal by Monique and her professer had destroyed her pride. “Please Monique, I need to to f-f-finger-fuck my s-(sniff) s-loppy white cunt”. ‘It is for my own good after all,’she thought.

“Better .. but I still can hardly hear ya .. Now speak it right out.”

“Monique .. Please .. I um .. I NEED TO FINGERFUCK MY (sniff) SLOPPY (sniff) WET…CUNT (sniff)”

“Now don’t ya feel Maltepe Vip Escort allll..better? ” Monique said petting Laura’s head. “Well, what are you waiting for pervie? Go on…Do the NASTY!”

Laura brought her hand down to her sex, then hesitated. As she looked up at Monique’s watchful eyes, she pleaded, “PLEASE! I ah..can’t .. um .. do it while you’re watching me.” Laura was crying from her frustrations and needs.

“Now…now .. Don’t be going back on our deal. Remember we doing this for you. Come on do the nasty”

” .. for ME .. “

“Here, I’ll make it easy for you, cause you did such a fine job doin your chores.” Monique walked over to her desk and brought her desk chair back in front of the kneeling Laura. Then Monique sat down, keeping her sex in front of Laura’s face and spreading her long black legs. Next she placed her feet on top of Laura’s shoulders and applied pressure, pushing the girl down on all fours directly in front of her pussy.

Monique now moistened a right index finger in her mouth, moved her hand beneath her panties stroking her own sex.

“Now look here .. See.. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Go ahead, my little lezzie .. It’s your turn. I done show’d ya mine .. You show me yours.”

Laura stared at the mouth watering sight in front of her as Monique’s fingers worked inside her panties. Overcome with lust, Laura reached underneath and started playing with her aching clit. With the overwhelming sensation of the coming orgasm, she brought her left hand behind her and fucked two fingers in and out her of her dripping sex as she stared at the beautiful masturbating black girl in front of her face.

Monique started rubbing her feet all over Laura’s face and body, before finally grabbing Laura’s head between her feet and then pulling her face directly into the transparent cotton covering her pussy.

“That’s it. That’s what you need….sniff my panties you dim-witted bimbo. Oh yeah…rub your face in my juices. Play with your tiny tits little girl. Wouldn’t you love to have tits like a real woman? shouted Monique as she tugged on her own nipples underneath her bra.

An ashamed Laura, nodded her head in the black girls crotch. ‘Why do these panties turn me on so and why does each insult make me wetter and wetter?’, Laura wondered. She began pulling on her nipples as her roomate had ordered.

“Oh God- oh baby..fuck that pervie pussy for yo momma….”

Laura began to thrust her fingers into her gushing sex. The white girl stuck her nose as far into Moniques sex as she could get through the cotton panties and inhaled the dark girls musky aroma and sweaty secretions.

Monique was in heaven looking down at the Ice Queen, who had her nose stuck in her dark pussy while she thrust her fingers into her sex. ‘Hmmmm…well the Ice Queen has melted and she is dripping all over the place.’ Monique laughed to herself, as she looked at the cum dripping down Laura’s thighs.

“Ugh…ohh..pervie bitch slut…”

“ugh…ahh…white ass sniffer….”

“Oh fuck..brown noser…eeeoowww.” Monique gasped as she climaxed on Laura’s face.

After Monique’s orgasm faded, she frowned down at the masturbating blonde. “Enough of that pervie stuff girl. Enough I said!” The black girl pulled Laura’s hands away from her sex. “If you were going to have it, you would have done it already.” “Please…so close…” moaned Laura, her hips still thrusting in search of a now fleeting climax.

“Maybe we’ll let you try again later, but for now I’m hungry and I’m sure you are too.

Monique put on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, “Laura, I’m going out to get us a pizza. I won’t be gone long, but you are to remain naked and you are not to masturbate until later on. That includes squeezing your thighs together, like you are right now pervie.

Laura blushed under her room mate’s stern gaze. Laura couldn’t understand why her body seemed to have gotten a mind of its own. She did not even realize she was squeezing her thighs together.

“Unless, you are walking, I expect you to keep at least three feet of space between those knees girl, so you don’t try to cheat.” Monique waited staring at her blushing room mate, who looked like she wished to be anywhere else at this time. “Starting NOW…” Monique demanded.

Laura slowly spread her legs, her skin clung together deliciously from where her juices had stuck her thighs together. She looked down at her wet swollen sex, her lips parted indecently, ‘My juicy quim, my whore’s cunt’ she thought. “Laura, I’m leaving the video camera on to make sure you follow my instruction. Go ahead and record your sex journal for the camera, while I’m out,” Monique said as she closed the door behind herself.

While Monique was gone, Laura managed do the recording without masturbating .. but not without crying and getting incredibly turned on. Laura tried to find some excuses to walk around the room, so she could rub her thighs together. The poor girl thought she was being inconspicuous, but the exaggerated motion of her hips swaying and the manner in which she placed one foot well to the outside of the other when she walked left little to the imagination. Finally, the room was clean again, then she even managed to get some home work done. Although it was difficult, since consciously keeping three feet of space between her knees made keeping her mind off her aroused sex impossible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32