The Slutty Femboy Next Door

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Jack’s life had been adequate for many years. He lived in a proper suburban house where he mowed the lawn once a week; He had a high-paying job, working on weekdays from nine to five; He had a well-trained dog, a German Shepherd named Buddy; He had almost everything he had dreamed of having when he was a kid. The only thing missing from the picture had been someone to share his life with. That changed when he met Casey.

When he had first met his neighbor’s son, Jack had instantly concluded that the young man was one of those stereotypical terminally-online gender-confused zoomers. The day of their meeting, he had been especially shocked by Casey’s accoutrement. Men shouldn’t show that much belly, or wear shorts that short, he had thought.

Jack had changed his tune a lot since then. He liked to think that he had grown more sympathetic with the plights of the younger generations, to their social justice values and such.

The truth was much simpler. Casey had awakened something in him, a truth that he had hidden from himself all those years. Jack had never married, for he had never met a woman that he had wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Seeing Casey’s fat boy butt packed tightly in a pair of booty shorts had made him realize why his relationships with women had never quite clicked.

And luckily for him, Casey had returned the feelings.


Like every other Saturday morning, Jack poured himself a cup of coffee while looking out the kitchen window. Outside, he could see his neighbor packing his car. Al was going away on a fishing trip for the weekend, leaving his son Casey in charge of the house. Jack watched the gray minivan leaving his neighbor’s driveway, then braced himself for the bubbly young fellow that would soon knock at his door.

A buzz came from his kitchen counter. Jack took his reading glass and struggled to unlock his smartphone. He had recently bought the damn thing to replace his flip phone, which still worked perfectly well. But Casey wanted to be able to text him and send him those weird maymay or whatever they were called. One thing that Jack couldn’t complain about though was the ability to send and receive pictures. His flip phone had been great, but it couldn’t receive high-definition femboy booty pics.

The doorbell rang before he had even managed to unlock his phone. He grumbled and pocketed the gadget before making his way to the front door. Buddy was there, excited to see who was coming in.

Casey didn’t wait for Jack to open the door; He came in as if he owned the place. Buddy’s tail wagged ferociously as he received pets and kissed from the kneeling newcomer. “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? You are! Yes you are!”

“Hey,” Jack mumbled, as if he felt bad to intrude on Casey and Buddy’s greeting.

“What’s up, old man,” Casey quipped after giving one last kiss on Buddy’s forehead.

He stood up, allowing Jack to get a good view of him. At five foot and four inches tall, Casey was almost a full foot shorter than Jack. He wore indecently short jean shorts that showcased his dumptruck ass, pink and white striped socks that went all the way up to his thick thighs, a pale pink crop top that clung to his hairless chest and a cute little black choker. His short blond hair framed his androgynous face perfectly. He had also put on a bit of makeup over his lips and around his eyes. All in all, he looked cute as fuck.

“I didn’t come here to just be looked at,” Casey piped up. He stepped towards Jack and grabbed him by the collar of his dressing gown. Jack let himself be pulled all the way to the bedroom, where he sat by the side of the bed. Casey then closed the door to prevent the dog from interrupting them.

“Fuck, I’ve been craving your elderly dick all fucking week.”

“Elderly? You know I’m still just in my forties, right?”

“I know what I said.”


“Look, you want your dick sucked or not?”

“I definitely do.”

“Good. Then shut up.” He stuck out his tongue to show that he was being playful.

Casey got on his knees between Jack’s legs and pulled his gown open, revealing the older man’s thick cock.

“Fuck, it’s so pretty!” He grabbed him by the balls and took half the length into his mouth. When he moved his head Escort Erenköy back, there was a bright red ring left on the spot where his lips had been.

“Pace yourself, boy, we got all weekend to play.”

“Mmmmrggblrm!” Casey responded with a mouthful of dick. He frowned severely before picking up the pace.

“Jeez, you’re a real fucking brat, aren’t you?”


“Fuck…” Jack had to take a moment to just enjoy the expert mouth wrapped around his dick. The first blowjob Casey had given him had completely rocked his world, and the slutty femboy was only getting better with time; He knew all of Jack’s sensitive spots, all the techniques that made him squirm, and he wasn’t shy to put his mouth to good use. Puddles of sloppy spit were slowly forming at the base of Jack’s dick.

“If you’re so eager to get your cute little mouth flooded with jizz…” Jack grabbed the cutie’s hair and started hammering his head down onto his cock, causing the fit boy to gurgle loudly.

“Guck guck guck gack garck ggrll!”

His throat was a tight fit, but Jack knew that his slutty little friend could take quite a pounding. In fact, Casey had often reprimanded him in the past for being “too soft” or “too nice”, so Jack had learned to be rough, but he was still struggling to be as intense as he could.

Casey made loud gagging noises as his head was slammed down again and again. His face was slowly turning red, his eyes rolled up, and black mascara tears were running down his cheeks, causing Jack to pull him off.

“Breathe, boy, take a moment.”

“Why the fuck you pulling me away!?”

“You… you were running out of air?”

“I had it all under control! If you’re too much of a pussy to make me gag, I’ll fuck my throat myself!”

He slapped Jack’s hand away and then started throating the thick dick with as much intensity as when Jack was controlling his movements. Copious amounts of spit and precum dribbled down onto Casey’s chest, staining his girly top. He didn’t care. He was motivated to suck Jack’s soul out of his dick, even if he had to suffocate in the process.

He kept going for a remarkably long time, as if he was trying to prove how strong his lungs were. Casey’s workout routine included a decent amount of swimming, so he was pretty good at doing demanding physical exercises with limited air intake. But he did eventually stop, if only so he could give his attention to Jack’s big manly balls.

They locked eyes as Casey sucked in both nuts. His cheeks bulged obscenely from having such a massive scrotum filling his mouth, and he gave Jack a playful wink while he cleaned the big balls with his tongue.

“Jesus Christ, your mouth is divine, darling.”

“Gaaaah!” Casey pulled out the huge ball sack from his mouth. “You like my mouthpussy, Daddy?”

Jack was still baffled by all the terms his naughty concubine kept using. Casey really liked to refer to several of his body parts as “pussies”, with mouthpussy being one of the relatively tamer ones.

“Yeah, I love your mouthpussy. You’re doing a great job.”

“Thank you Daddy! You know how much I looove when you praise me.”

“A good boy like you deserves to be praised.”

Casey’s mouth trembled. “You really think I’m a good boy?”

“Yeah, and you’re going to continue being a good boy and take care of Daddy’s fat dick, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” He nodded vigorously. “Yes I will! I’ll be such a good boy for you Daddy!”

His lips wrapped back unto the large cock in front of him and Casey’s mouth got to work again.

Jack lasted particularly long in bed, which had baffled Casey in the beginning. The femboy’s previous partners had all been quick shots, at least in comparison to Jack. Of course, now he was absolutely enamored with the fact that his Daddy’s dick stayed hard for so long.

He sucked sloppily, with pauses every once in a while, to taunt or praise his Daddy.

“Fuck, your cock taste so good, I can’t think straight when it fills my mouth, I just want… it. All of it. It’s sooo good!”

While Jack’s dick filled the boy’s throat, Casey undid the button and the zipper on his tiny girly shorts. Jack couldn’t see the femboy’s dick, but the movement of his shoulder implied that he was rubbing himself içerenköy escort while sucking his dick.

“Gaaah, fuck, Daddy. My panties are so fucking wet, my useless little sissyclitty is spewing precum all over, I think I might cum from just sucking your huge delicious fuckpole!”

“The way you talk is so nasty.”

“Thank you,” he replied with an innocent smile, which clashed with his spit-covered chin and messed-up makeup. He was soon back on the dick, taking it whole. Watching him easily throat the entire cock was impressive.

Jack felt himself getting close, which he disclosed with a series of low grunts. Those sounds thoroughly encouraged Casey; His head was moving faster.

Jack grabbed the boy’s hair when he came. He tried to slow him down as a thick load of sperm shot out of his dick and directly down Casey’s throat, but he kept trying to move his mouth at full speed.

Eventually, he managed to pull the slutty minx off, and the last few ropes of cum flew towards Casey’s face and chest. He seemed absolutely delighted to have been covered with and fed semen, licking his lips and looking slightly hazy.

Jack had just ejaculated, so he needed a moment of rest; Casey had other ideas. The young man climbed on top of him, while greedily holding onto the big quivering cock.

“Wait, baby, you gotta give me a minute or two before I’m good to go again.”

“If your dick’s not ready yet, then I’mma use your mouth, old man.”

Before he could push him off, the naughty young man had gotten on top of Jack to kiss him romantically on the lips. Well, it might’ve been more romantic if Casey’s lips didn’t smell of cock and cum. He also smelled strongly of cheap, trashy perfume.

Casey wore the kind of off-brand perfume that could be bought in the bargain bin at the drugstore. A five-dollar bottle that smelled like back-alley tramp. Jack absolutely loved that smell, and his boytoy knew that very well.

The cock-scented lips left, soon to be replaced by an ample bubble butt. Casey’s shorts were gone, and underneath it he had been wearing a pink thong. Behind the thin strip of fabric, Jack could see the jeweled butt plug that he had bought a few weeks back.

A dainty manicured hand pulled the thong to the side, while another slowly pulled on the plug. Jack had (or rather, was) a first-row seat on the scene, watching Casey’s asshole widen as the thick toy slowly made its way out.

“Ooooh, I can’t wait for your big daddy dick to fill my boypussy! I’ve been toying with myself all week, but no toy will ever be a match for your fat veiny fuckshaft!”

With a loud “pop”, the plug pulled out, leaving Casey’s asshole gaping and dripping lube. And then, the stretched-out butthole went down against Jack’s face. He did not hesitate to stick his tongue out, giving the femboy a passionate rimjob. His hands clasped down on the thick thighs above him, eagerly kneading the soft flesh.

“Fuuck, eat that bussy Daddy!” He grabbed Jack’s dick and slowly jerked it, slowly but surely getting it hard again.

Jack gasped for air when Casey got up from his face. He clearly didn’t have his younger friend’s lung capacity.

Casey turned around to face him, placing his ass right above the hard dick in the process. Jack bit his lip when he felt the fat buttcheeks pressing around his dick. The lewd femboy teased him for a while, rubbing his sizable ass up and down against the shaft.

Jack couldn’t help but look down at Casey’s crotch and the tiny bulge tenting his girly underwear. What particularly turned him on was the size difference; Casey’ small dick on its own was pretty hot but watching it side by side with his own much bigger cock was always a delight for Jack.

“Please, Daddy, wreck my shithole!” Casey was humping his dick faster now.

The tip of his dick pressed against Casey’s anus, and then it slipped in. The feeling around his cock was divine, perfectly tight and warm. He had to control himself, lest he’d start going at it at full intensity from the very beginning.

He let Casey lower himself all the way down on his pecker, merrily watching the young man’s face. Despite all his earlier bravado, Casey always turned into a mushy mess when his ass was stretched out around Tuzla escort bayan his daddy’s dick.

“You like that, boy?”

“H-Huh huh!”

“Tell me what you like.”

“I love when your huge boy-breaking fuckrod fills me to the brim. I can feel it pressing against my bitch-button, I might just… oooOoooOOOooh!”

His dicklet was fully stiff, and it twitched behind the pink fabric. The wet spot where his precum had been pooling was growing larger. He was about to erupt, and Jack knew it.

He pulled Casey down into an embrace, kissing his big pouty lips, then grabbed his fat ass and started pounding.

Jack was thrusting his hips up and down while at the same time pulling his boytoy’s bubble butt in rhythm. The room echoed with loud high-pitched moans as Casey came. Jack kept hammering the femboy’s asscunt, fucking him hard and fast.

After a while, he rolled around so that he could lay on top. He spread Casey’s legs and pulled them up until the femboy’s ankles were over his shoulders.

“Breed me Daddy,” he cooed, while gazing up lovingly.

Jack pounded his plaything roughly, encouraged by the lewd moans emanating from the drooling mouth under him.

“Fuuuuck, your daddy dick is destroying my prostate, you’re gonna make me cum agaiiiiii- oooh ooOOoh!” His voice turned into a high-pitched squeal.

Casey’s tongue lolled out and he struggled to form words, showcasing the intensity of his orgasm. That was usually what happened when he fucked him in this position, as it gave him the perfect angle to hit the boy’s most sensitive spot.

Jack was not done, however, even if Casey had already orgasmed twice. He changed positions a few more times, fucking him doggystyle, mating press, and finally in reverse cowboy.

When Jack reached his own climax, Casey’s plump jiggly booty was bouncing wildly on top of him, filling the room with uncouth squelching noises.

“I’m going to cum…” Jack muttered while his hands grasped hard on the fat ass in front of his eyes.

“Fuck! Fill my sissypussy full of your potent nutsludge, daddy! Put a baby in me!”

Jack came. His hands grabbed the ample butt and pulled it down to stop Casey from moving further. He was balls deep inside his boytoy, enjoying the simple pleasure of filling his ass full of cum. Each time a new rope of jizz shot through his dick, it made the shaft twitch; Each twitch propped a moan and a shiver out of Casey.

When his orgasm subsided, he slowly pushed the femboy off and then sprawled out on the bed to rest for a while. From the corner of his eyes, he watched as Casey fetched some tissues to clean the river of creamy splooge that was running down his thighs.

“That was nice,” Jack said, feeling genuinely happy in that moment.

“This is nice,” specified Casey as he climbed on top of him. “My butt is gonna need a lot more dick today.”

“Yeah, we’ll pick this up again tonight.”

“What? Tonight!? I’m not waiting this long to get fucked again!”

“You wanna go a third time right now?”

“Yeah!” He was rubbing his big bouncy butt against Jack’s crotch, trying to rile him up again.

“No, I can’t go again this soon. Hell, it’s a miracle you were able to get me hard again so fast for the second time.”

“But my bussy is still hungry! You need to fuck me again!” Casey placed his fist on his ample hips while glaring down at Jack. He appeared offended by the older man’s physical limitations.

“Jesus Christ, you are way too horny for your own good.”

“And you are too old for your own good!” he replied, before huffing loudly and crossing his arms.

Jack really enjoyed his relationship with Casey, but the boy could be very demanding sometimes. Had he also been nineteen, he would’ve gladly fucked him non-stop for the entire weekend.

“Can I at least worship your dick? I could kneel down between your legs while you do whatever and just, you know, kiss and lick and suck your huge perfect daddy dick. And then, if you think I’m doing a good enough job fluffing you, you could fuck me again. I wouldn’t have to wait until tonight to get bred again.”

Jack stared back with a curious look. “Hell, I can’t say no to such a kind offer.”

“Thank you Daddy! I promise I’ll do a really good worship job!”

Casey jumped on top of him and gave him a big hug. A whole weekend with that ravenous sex-fiend, that was nothing short of heaven for Jack. He dropped a kiss on Casey’s forehead and then returned the hug, wrapping his arms tightly around the androgynous cutie.

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