The Sleep Study

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All fictional characters are over eighteen years of age.


“Telephone Pole!” It was a simple text on my phone, but I knew what it meant. It was from a busty over-sexed medical technician named Jennifer.

She was telling me that an overnight patient had sprang erection in his sleep.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nurse Diane Walker, Nurse “D” for short. I work at a sleep study clinic in a major medical facility.

I’m recently divorced so the thought of someone having a massive erection in one of the studies had my interest.

My first text back to her was, “Is he single?”

It was mostly a joke, but not really. It had been a long time since I had sex, even then, my husband and I were just going through the motions.

I was ripe for the picking.

So, you can imagine my reaction to the text, I was licking my lips and my pussy started to tingle.

My technician Jenny and I have worked together for over ten years and in that time we had developed a coding system. A small hard-on was called a twig, medium was a branch, and a large was called a tree trunk, the reference to trees was in relation to the fact that slang for sleep erections were called “morning wood.”

We had talked about a massive designation, but we hadn’t had any that large before, so we didn’t decide on one yet. Evidentially Jenny had seen a need and made one up.

I was getting impatient waiting for Jenny to answer my question then my phone bumped.

“Single, twenty five!”

She knew my next question would be his age so she answered it.

Needless to say I was intrigued.

At this point I need to say a few things about Jenny; she is a pervert, and her life is controlled by sex. But partners were hard to find and keep, she was slightly overweight and men found her overbearing personality somewhat repulsive, but that was Jenny.

Her infatuation with cocks were the focal point of her modifications to a specific computer monitor. In our study room a camera was pointed from the side at bed level. At this angle it was easy to spot sleep erections. We could put the view on her modified computer screen which had centimeter graduations on it.

It was this guide that was the basis of our rating system.

This was a Friday night and the ward was mostly deserted, except for the one patient.

I made it to the control room and Jenny was there fingering herself in front of the monitor.

I picked up the chart to learn about our test subject.

His name was Randy Jenkins, he was indeed twenty five and single. He had been sent to the clinic because he was falling asleep at work. He complained about being unable to get into a deep restful sleep at night.

I looked at the screen, although he was covered with a heavy blanket, the gauge said he was at least twenty five centimeters (nine inches).

Jenny was breathing heavy as she approached a hard climax when suddenly the monitors went wild. His heart rate was sky high and his breathing was labored.

We looked at the screen and he had his hands on his penis and was stroking it in his sleep. His body started to shake and we noticed a huge wet-spot developing in the blanket over the head of his cock.

He was having a massive wet dream. We’ve seen this before, but never strong enough to dance the electronics like he was doing.

He woke up and folded the top blanket over in an attempt to hide the spot. He clearly was embarrassed over what had happened.

Jenny and I looked at each other in awe. That was the biggest load we’d ever seen.

Jenny had stopped fingering herself and studied the screen.

“I HAVE TO HAVE THAT COCK!!” She exclaimed.

Needless to say having sex with a patient was highly unethical and could be considered rape. We’d both at the very least, lose our jobs.

But I have to admit, I wanted it too.

I İstanbul Escort thought about it, and tried to come up with ideas on how we can partake in that beautiful cock, then an idea hit me.

I picked up my tablet computer.

“Do you have any condoms?”

Jenny’s face lit up,

“But of course,” Jenny said as she reached in her pocket and presented a wad of prophylactics.

I took them in my fist and presented it to Jenny,

“Now, these are called sperm sample collectors!”

Jenny smiled, “Got it!”

“Ok, grab a crash cart and follow my lead….”

She ran down the hall, grabbed the cart and followed me to the patient’s room.

I swung the door open and we hastily entered the room.

“Mister Jenkins, are you ok, are you ok?”

He was startled and words escaped him.

“Our monitors are indicating that you have had a cardiac event, how do you feel?”

“I’m fine,” he said covering his mid area with his hands.

By this time, the wet spot had seeped through the folded blanket.

“Mister Jenkins, don’t be embarrassed, wetting the bed happens, it’s natural in these tests, happens all the time!”

“It’s only three thirty so let’s change that bedding for you and see if you can get back to sleep! The study is only partially done.”

“I’m fine, I’ll just try to get back to sleep!”

“Don’t be silly, you’ll never sleep in all that wetness.”

I took the blankets in my hands and pulled them off, he just laid there with his hands over his slowly deflating erection.

“Your underwear is soaked, it’s ok, and we keep dry ones here for that very reason!”

I acted like I didn’t want to disturb the probes and wires on his body so I took a pair of scissors and made two cuts, one on each side of his legs and pulled the soiled cloth free.

I looked at it and put a puzzled look on my face. Then I took some of the gooey wetness on my fingers and tasted it.

The patients face turned all shades of purple with humiliation.

I offered the shorts to Jenny who took her own sample on her fingers and put it on her tongue and rolled it around in her mouth.

Then she seized Randy’s penis in her hands and squeezed it. A small milky droplet appeared and formed on the head of his semi-erect cock.

Jenny and I looked at each other as if we were pondering a diagnosis.

“Looks to me like it was a ‘Nocturnal Emission’,” I said quoting the medical term.

“What does that mean,” Randy asked.

“It means you had a wet dream,” said Jenny, still savoring the semen on her tongue.

I asked him a couple of questions,

“How often does this happen to you?”

“Does it usually wake you up?

“It’s only happened a few times, it’s very rare,” he said, feeling uncomfortable with my questions.

“You know all the probes we taped on you will let me know when you are lying!”

“I can see it all on my tablet!”

“Is this true,” he asked Jenny.

“Well yes, they are very sensitive,” Jenny said winking at me indicating she was playing along with my ruse.

“And the sensors are indicating you are not being truthful!”

“We are just trying to help get to the bottom of your problem, we have total confidentiality.”

“Well, I’m not sure, but yes, it usually wakes me up.”

“That changes things,” I said,

“We need to find out the events that led up to your emission this morning!”

“Do you remember what your dream was about?”

“I can’t remember!”

I picked up my tablet and pretended to hit a few keys,

“Mister Jenkins, if you keep lying to us we’ll never get to the bottom of your problem.”

“Ok, ok, I remember the dream vividly,” he answered, eyes darting over to Jenny.

“Was the dream about Jenny?”

He sheepishly nodded his head yes.

“Mister Jenkins, I think I’m beginning to understand your sleep issue, Anadolu Yakası Escort I suspect that you are suffering from Sexual Polydipsia.”

“Sexual Polydipsia, what’s that about,” he asked, starting to open up a little.

“It means that you have a thirst for sex that isn’t being quenched!”

“It looks like it has mutated itself into a sleep issue.”

“We have seen this a few times here,” said Jenny playing along with my falsification.

“We have medical tests that we can use to diagnose the condition,” I said, continuing with my con.

“With your consent, we have a series of tests that we can perform to help us understand your issue, can we have your consent?”

“Tests? Such as,” he asked, seeming to buy into my crap.

“It’s a series of visual and physical stimulations!”

“You want to solve your problem don’t you?”

“Well yes, I guess,” he said being hesitant.

“Ok, I give my consent, what happens now?”

“First, we have to attach another monitor probe!”

I walked over to a supply drawer and took out another stick-on probe. I placed it on his balls just under his cock, I also wrapped it with tape, anticipating the possibility of it loosening and falling off. I took an empty lead and attached it to the probe.

I looked over to Jenny and her shoulders were bouncing as she tried to hold back laughter. I picked up my tablet and pretended to check the feed from the new attachment.

“Ahh, yes, it seems to be working good, now for the visual stimulation.”

I took his enormous cock in my fist and looked at my watch as if I was checking his pulse or something, then I nodded to Jenny who instantly knew what to do.

She removed her top and un-hooked her bra, her rich, supple breasts fell out. She started seductively licking her nipples.

I still had Randy’s cock in my fist as it started to pulsate, I checked my watch again. With my other hand, I moved the tablet and pretended to read it.

“Good, good, we are getting somewhere now, Jenny, please continue!”

Jenny eagerly removed her bottoms and her soaked underwear. She had always told me that her pussy lips were large and full and she wasn’t kidding. They were huge and deep rose colored.

Jenny just stood there and started fingering herself again.

“Excellent!” “Now for some physical testing.”

I took the very tip of his erection in my mouth and started sucking on it. I swirled the head of it with my tongue.

Randy closed his eyes and started moaning.

“Ok, please keep your eyes closed as we continued with the test.”

I nodded to Jenny and motioned with my head towards our captive patient.

She knew exactly what to do, she walked over to Randy and started rubbing her tits on his face forcing her nipples in his mouth. They both started breathing heavily.

“Now Jenny, let’s see if we can replicate his emission!”

Jenny moved away from his face and got up on the bed and straddled him, her pussy juices dripping onto his now engorged member.

Just before she started doing him cowgirl style, I stopped her.

“Jenny, we will need a sperm sample, here, use this collector!”

She slid the condom over his engorged manhood.

She mouthed “Thank You” to me as she slammed down hard, ramming his massive erection deep into her vagina.

She pounded on his rod, thrusting it deeper and deeper into her.

Randy sat up a little and started fondling Jenny’s breasts, struggling to suck her nipples into his mouth while humping back on Jenny’s rhythm.

I started getting the feeling we had been had, when he ripped off all his wires and flipped Jenny over on her back, then he had her scoot up and he buried his face into her waiting pussy.

He expertly worked his tongue over her pussy lips, starting an all-out assault on her pink bud.

Jenny moaned and groaned Üsküdar Escort and started screaming,

“Oh fuck, oh fuck” then she squirted all over the sheets in a mind blowing climax.

He moved up and inserted himself back into her, and kept thrusting his cock into her women hole.

I removed my clothes, sat, and watched. I was so horny and couldn’t wait for my turn which opportunity showed itself as Randy laid on his back and Jenny started fucking his tongue.

There was that magnificent cock, a throbbing pole, just waiting to be exploited and made mine.

I slid another condom on it, jumped up on the bed, and poised myself to bear down on it.

It’s by far the largest cock I’ve ever taken so I did it slow. I humped just the tip of it and slowly worked my way down. It felt so good to have his mammoth probe deep into my love tunnel. I bottomed out on his cock and the head mushroomed and hit a spot I never knew existed. Powerful surges of delight flowed through my body as I worked his manhood over and over that spot. My body tingled and I shivered with delight.

Just as I recovered from my second orgasm Jenny dismounted his face and collapsed on the floor trembling with aftershocks.

Randy still wasn’t done with me, he flipped me onto the bed and lifted up on my hips putting my exposed ass into the air.

He proceed to ram my love garden from behind doggie-style.

We had a mutual climax and we both collapsed onto each other on the bed.

When I awoke it was almost eight AM, about time for the cleaning crew to start for the day.

Jenny got up and went into the shower to wash off all the sweat and bodily fluids generated during her interlude with Randy.

I sat up and started dabbing my crotch with pop-up wipes.

Randy removed his full condom and sat on the bed next to me.

“I have a confession to make!”

“I didn’t really have a wet dream, I was just trying to get a hard erection to impress Jenny. I knew she was watching from the side view camera.

“So I faked sleep and lightly stroked myself.

“You wanted to impress Jenny?” I asked somewhat surprised.

“Ever since I saw her and her inviting breasts I had wanted her. Then when she bent over me to attach the probes and had her tits in my face and felt her warm breathe on my neck I knew I had to have her.”

“My plan was to impress her with the size of my cock, then ask her out when I left in the morning.”

“But she had me so riled up just thinking of her made me cum and cum hard.”

“Then when you and Jenny burst into my room with that lame story about needing extra testing, I decided to play along. I found it hard to just lay there at first, then as the ‘Test’ progressed. I decided to remove my probes and take the initiative.”

We could hear Jenny cooing as she showered.

“I know medical people are forbidden to date their patients, but does that include technicians?”

“Well, as far as ethics, that ship has sailed, but as far as asking her out, that’s a gray area at best.”

I noticed that just talking about Jenny made his man-probe engorged and throbbing.

I stood up and said,

“Go for it,” while nodding my head towards the bathroom.

He got up, stroked himself a few times while pondering his next move.

I got dressed and reached into my pocket and handed him the last two condoms.

He took one and slid it on his oversized erection and proudly followed it as it pointed to the shower.

I instantly heard squeals and moans.

I decided to go to the front and intercept anyone who tried to go back there until they were finished.

It was over an hour later before Jenny and Randy came out hand in hand.

Jenny gave him a wet French kiss good-by.

I had printed out his discharge papers. I handed them to him,

“You’ll see I put the text results as inconclusive, I’ll just make something up as the reason.”

As Randy waited for the elevator he turned to me,

“When you make up a story, try to make it at least half-believable next time!!”

Jenny gave him her phone number and he kissed her again.

Then he left…

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