The Sitter Pt. 04

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(All characters in this story are 18 years or older.)

“I did some research on that movie theater that June told me about,” Sherri said the next morning when Jake got up a half-hour after her. “Turns out it’s a private club that only paying members can get into. Apparently, that gets them around the public-sex laws.”

“Do I want to know what it costs to join a club like that?” Jake asked, disappointedly.

“Ten bucks,” Sherri replied.

“Oh!” he said brightly. “I’m surprised.”

“But that’s for a one-time non-participant guest pass.”

“Non-participant?” he repeated.

“Yeah. Look but don’t touch,” she said. “You can do whatever you want with yourself, your own spouse or partner, or within your own group, but you can only watch other people.”

“How would they know who’s who?” he asked.

“You get a wrist band.”

“But there are different levels of membership?” he said. “What’s it cost to be an entry-level participant?”

“It jumps right from guest-pass to Platinum,” she said. “Nothing in between. A Platinum membership costs $100 a year, but you also have to have a medical check-up—specifically for STDs—and sign a membership agreement that says that if you have sex with any non-member stranger—even outside the theater—that you’ll have yourself tested again before coming back.”

“That’s an interesting way of maintaining safe sex,” Jake said. “But it kind of depends on the honor system.”

“Honor and a $100,000 penalty clause,” Sherri said.

“Holy shit! Who the hell can afford that?”

“That’s the whole point,” she said. “It’s better to be safe—sex-wise—than bankrupt. Think about it,” she went on. “For us, we’re not going to go around poking strangers, anyway, but if it did happen to happen, all you need to do is go get another blood test to avoid that penalty; pretty good incentive. Hell, if you really did screw an actual stranger, you’d probably want to get tested for your own peace of mind, anyway.”

“So, with this Platinum membership, anyone can screw anyone … bareback?” Jake asked.

“There’s still the ask-nicely rule, and no means no, but aside from that, the possibilities are apparently pretty wide open.

* * * * *

With a much better combined income than Tina and Vic, Sherri and Jake paid for all four memberships, as well as their blood tests. The two kids promised they would make it up to them in sexual favors. Sherri and Jake told them that they already had, but that they were looking forward to collecting the interest.

* * * * *

In a small office off the lobby of the theater, a woman pulled up the online applications that the four had already filled out and then asked for their blood test reports. After a little typing, copies of each of their contracts started sliding out of the printer.

When she handed them out for signatures, Jake asked, “So, has anyone ever had to pay the penalty clause?” He wondered how enforceable it would be in court—not that he intended to test it.

“Oh, yes,” the woman said. “Not in our theater, here, but in a couple of our sister operations. Our legal department is very aggressive when it comes to violations. We’re all about safe sex in a safe environment.”

“Good to know,” Jake said as he signed. “So, how many theaters do you have? I thought this was the only one.”

“We have four in the US, another four across Europe, and then we own an island resort in the Caribbean, called Fantasy Key,” she answered.

“Oh, yes, I read about that online,” Sherri said. “A place where you can indulge about every sexual fantasy that’s legal between consulting adults. Does this membership get us in there, too?”

“It does,” she answered. “You’re all in the system, now, so you can use any of our facilities as long as you pay their applicable admission fee.”

As the woman reached into a drawer for their wristbands, she asked Sherri and Tina, “Are either of you currently capable of getting pregnant?”

“We’re both on the pill,” Sherri answered. “Why?”

“You’d get a blue-striped band if you were,” she said. “That tells the guys they need to use a condom for vaginal sex.”

“I had wondered about that,” Sherri said. “You seem to have the safe-sex bases pretty well covered here.”

* * * * *

Before arriving, the two couples had decided to go into the theater as if they were not all together. The women would go in first and then after a couple of minutes, the guys would show up as if they didn’t know them.

A little nervous but far more excited, the two women stood at the back of the theater, holding hands and surveying the scene. The lights were low but not off, and the movie that was playing on the screen provided plenty of additional light to see what was going on.

The room was small by theater standards with only six rows of eight seats each. It made for an intimate setting.

Looking around, Sherri noticed something and pointed it out to Tina. On the back of each seat there was a towel bar over which hung a hand towel. “Well, that’s thoughtful!” Tina commented. “You escort izmir can wipe the jism off your face and boobs without having to use your clothing.” She then pointed to a wire basket under each seat where, apparently, one tossed the used towels.

The scene of the porn movie playing on the screen showed a busty, bubble-butt Latino girl bending over and eating the pussy of a skinny white girl who was lying on a bed. A handsome white dude with a pronounced tan line was fucking the Latino girl from behind, and a black guy was on the bed feeding the skinny chick his cock, fucking her mouth with her head tilted back.

Down in the front row—facing the wrong way from the movie—a black woman was kneeling in her seat with her head over the back. Behind her, a muscular black guy with no shirt and his dick out through his fly was driving his long cock in and out of her pussy.

On one side of her, another guy had his cock out through his fly and was stroking it slowly as he played with one of the woman’s dangling tits while watching the big black boner stretch her pussy lips open.

On her other side, a girl had one hand in her pants, obviously rubbing her cunt, while she glided her other hand over the black woman’s smooth, round ass.

In the next row, standing right in front of the kneeling woman, two guys were jerking off just inches from her face. One of the guys had his cock and balls pulled out through his fly, while the other had dropped his pants to his ankles.

As Sherri and Tina stood watching, the guy jerking off with his pants still on groaned, “Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum! Can I shoot in your face, lady?”

The guy fucking her—her husband maybe?—cupped his hand around her throat, lifted her head up and pushed her forward so her tits were hanging over the back of the seat.

“Blow your load on her tits!” he commanded as he continued to dive his cock up her cunt.

The guy’s hand flew up and down his dick, and within seconds he spurted a big load of thick white cum onto her bouncing tits. As he staggered back, the other guy then moved over in front of her, and asked the guy fucking her, “Is it okay if I titty-fuck her, man?”

“Go for it!” he answered.

The guy kicked out of the pants around his ankles, and then rubbed his boner through the ropes of jism the other guy had left behind on the dangling tits. He then cupped the big, supple orbs together around his cock and began fucking as fast as his hips would rock.

The guy fucking her pussy moved his hands to her shoulders as he continued to plow into her cunt, but she kept her head held high, exposing the slender throat.

In thirty seconds the titty-fucker was groaning and a long, thick jet of cum shot from his pee-hole all the way up the woman’s neck to her chin. He continued fucking her tits for another twenty seconds until he was spent, and then he staggered back and fell heavily into the seat behind him to catch his breath.

“Oh, fuck, yeah, my sweet little cum-slut!” the guy fucking her growled as he stiffened, obviously unloading his own load of jism deep inside her cunt.

As he slowly pulled out, the girl who had been sitting next to her rubbing her ass scrambled to the floor between the guy’s legs, and facing forward she leaned her head back onto the seat, right under the kneeling woman’s pussy.

When his dick slipped free, it flopped onto the girl’s face and she licked it as he pulled back while she reached up and cupped the twin globes of the woman’s ass.

As soon as the softening cock was clear, the girl pulled the woman down, planting her cum-drooling cunt directly onto her open mouth.

As the girl lapped, slurped, and sucked, the woman rocked her hips, giving her a hard, messy face-fuck.

Although reluctant to take their eyes off the live action, Sherri and Tina couldn’t resist the urge to turn toward one another and share a hot kiss.

As their mouths opened and their tongues danced they pulled each other tightly together and ground their thinly-clothed bodies against one another.

Suddenly, a voice from beside them said, “Well, well! Look who’s curiosity got the better of her.”

Recognizing the voice, Sherri broke the kiss and turned to look into June’s smiling face.

“Oh, um, hi,” Sherri stammered. “I, um, yeah, I guess you did kind of get my curiosity piqued.”

“I’m so glad!” June replied. “Who’s your friend?”

“This is Tina,” she answered. “Tina, this is June. She’s the woman at work who told me about this place.”

Tina extended her hand to shake, and said, “Pleased to meet you, June. Thanks for sharing the secret!”

June ignored the hand, put her arms around Tina, and gave her a more than friendly kiss. She then turned to Sherri and kissed her the same way.

“You didn’t bring your hubbies?” June asked.

“They’re pretending they’re spectators,” Sherri said, pointing to the two men at the end of one of the rows.

She looked over and Jake waved as he said something to Vic. Vic then waved enthusiastically, too.

“Brent likes to come izmir escort bayan in after things have started, too,” June said. “He’ll be here shortly.”

Tina was having a hard time believing that the woman before her in the clinging white tube dress was sixty-something years old! She had ample but not huge tits that were half exposed, a nicely rounded ass, and a surprisingly flat tummy. She was also a strikingly attractive woman with her short, naturally-grey hair, high cheekbones, a straight Greek nose, sexy downturned eyes, and wide full lips.

June put a hand on each of the two women’s backs and guided them back together, saying, “Please continue what you were doing when you were so rudely interrupted. That was sexy as hell!” She nodded to several of the other patrons who were looking their way, and added, “And I’m not the only one who thinks so. You have admirers.”

Sherri and Tina wrapped their arms around each other and went back to kissing and moving their bodies together, feeling even sexier—and nastier—knowing that they were being watched.

After a little while, June said, “You ready to up the ante?”

“We could have watched a porn movie at home,” Sherri answered with a smile and suggestive lilt to her voice. She held up her platinum wrist band, and added, “We’re all checked out and checked in. What did you have in mind?”

“Take each other’s clothes off,” June replied. It was almost more of a command than an answer to the question. That hint of domination from a coworker that she had always found very attractive sent an erotic tingle through Sherri’s body.

As Tina stood still, Sherri unbuttoned her blouse, and pushed it off over her shoulders, leaving her topless in her snug-fitting white jeans and looking sexy as hell!

Knowing she was being watched closely by June, Jake, and Vic, as well as a number of complete strangers, Sherri kissed Tina’s mouth as sexily as she could. She then ran her lips across her cheek over to her ear, nuzzled that for a moment, and then kissed her way down the younger woman’s neck. She continued kissing downward, over her chest, caressing her naked breasts with her lips, and sucking gently on her pert nipples. Continuing down, she lowered herself into a squatting position as she kissed down Tina’s belly.

Sherri kissed and tongue-poked Tina’s dimpled navel as she reached up and unfastened the button to her jeans and then tugged down the zipper.

Then with her palms gliding over her hips, Sherri slid her hands inside the waistband of the jeans, all the way around until she was holding Tina’s tight little ass in her hands and the jeans were beginning to peel away. She then rotated her hands outward and slid the pants off of Tina’s hips pushing them all the way to the floor.

Tina wasn’t wearing any underwear, so she now stood there naked in a room full of strangers, and it made her pussy tingle and her nipples harden.

As Tina stepped out of the legs of her pants, June told Sherri, “As long as you’re down there, dear, give your friend’s pussy a nice warm kiss.” Again, it was a command, not a suggestion, and Sherri willingly—eagerly—obeyed.

She leaned in and with her hands on Tina’s ass, she covered the bald pussy with her open mouth and snaked her tongue through the wet folds to taste the warm pussy-juice that made it clear how excited she was.

June—and nearly every person in the theater—watched Sherri sucking Tina’s pussy while squeezing her tight little ass-cheeks for a short while, and then she reached down, put a finger under Sherri’s chin, and lifted her up while saying, “That’ll be enough of that … for now. Stand up so your friend can get you out of that dress. We’re all anxious to see that lovely body, but watching you every day at work, I’m especially curious to see you naked.”

As she stood up, the two women looked around and saw that, indeed, nearly everyone was looking at them. Although both had enjoyed the thrill that being watched could give them, that had been with a very limited audience of people that they knew. This room full of strangers took that exhibitionist thrill to a whole new level for both of them and it made their pussies wet.

Tina and Sherri stood facing each other; Tina stark naked and Sherri clothed in a black, one-piece dress with shoulder straps, a deep, cleavage-exposing neckline, and a short hem that ended just below the curve of her ass.

“Take her dress off,” June told Tina as the older woman reached behind her coworker and pulled the zipper all the way down to the bottom of her back.

As Tina took the two straps and slowly separated them, pulling them over Sherri’s shoulders, she put her lips against her friend’s, and the two shared a steaming, sucking-and-biting kiss. The authority that June was exerting and that they were being “forced” to strip each other in public had them both on fire.

Sherri lowered her arms to her sides and the dress fell away to a heap on the floor, leaving her standing there in a black-lace shelf-bra that lifted her tits and left the erect nipples izmir escortlar fully exposed, and a matching garter that held up black stockings. She wore no panties, either.

June reached out and traced a finger around one of Sherri’s swollen nipples, and said, “Someone has come dressed to impress!” As she took a light grip on the protruding nub, she asked, “Did you come to play, too?”

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Sherri moaned as she felt a drop of pussy-dew escape her cunt.

June reached out her other hand and cupped Tina’s naked breast, squeezing gently and forcing the little pink nipple into a cone. “And how about you, Tina? Are you excited to have so many eyes appreciating your naked body? Did you come to share your wonderful charms with strangers?”

“Oh, yes!” Tina agreed.

“Oh, that’s marvelous!” June said as she reached over to take a towel from the back of an adjacent seat. She folded it into a long narrow strip and then put it over Sherri’s eyes as a blindfold. As she tied a knot behind Sherri’s head, she added, “Let’s keep them strangers for a while.”

With a quick shake of her head Sherri could probably have flipped the makeshift blindfold off, but the thought of total strangers doing whatever to her body while she couldn’t even see them had her so excited that her pussy was fully soaked and beginning to dribble.

June then surprised her coworker by covering her mouth with her own and giving her a hard, passionate kiss.

Sherri responded immediately, sucking and chewing on the older woman’s lips and pushing her tongue into her mouth.

When June pulled away, leaving Sherri’s mouth open and searching for the vanished lips, she said, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that, Sherri. I am so glad that you’ve come here tonight!”

Sherri just stood there panting, and moaned, “Oh, me too!”

Picking up another towel, June turned to Tina, and said, “And I am so happy to meet you. I’m sure everyone here wants to meet you, as well.” She turned Tina around, and said, “Look at all those eager faces devouring your lovely young body with their eyes.” As she fit the blindfold over her eyes, she added, “Let’s see if you can figure out who’s who while they enjoy your body physically, too.”

June leaned in and gave Tina a hot kiss, too—which she was expecting—but then added the surprise of cupping her naked pussy with one hand and wiggling a finger through her soaked pussy-lips.

Tina moaned into June’s mouth as she sucked and bit her lip.

June then lifted her hand and inserted the pussy-flavored finger between their lips. After they sucked and lapped it clean, June broke the kiss, and said, “Let’s see if we can find the two of you a seat, shall we?”

Taking each of them by the hand, June led the two blindfolded women to the middle of a middle row. She then had Sherri sit in her seat, but had Tina kneel in the adjacent one facing the other way, her cute naked ass up and pointed at the screen.

June then guided Tina’s face to Sherri’s and gently pushed their lips together. As they kissed hungrily, Tina moaned, “Fuck! I have never been so frigging hot in all my life!”

“Oh, shit! Me, too!” Sherri groaned.

“The night is still young,” June said to both of them. “Let’s see if we can’t push that temperature even higher.”

While the two women kissed, June placed Sherri’s arms on the arms of the seat, and then using two more towels, she tied her wrists down.

“Oh, fuck!” Sherri moaned into Tina’s mouth. “She’s tying me to the fucking seat! Sweet Jesus, I’m so horny right now!”

Towels make very poor restraints unless the person being restrained wants to be held in place, which was certainly the case with Sherri.

When she finished with Sherri’s first wrist, June lifted Tina’s face from her friend’s and positioned her straight in her own seat. “Put your hands over the back and hold onto the towel bar,” she told her.

Tina complied and then felt coiled towels being wrapped around her two wrists simultaneously by a pair of unseen accomplices.

With the two blindfolded women willingly secured to their respective seats—one sitting and facing forward and the other kneeling and facing the other way—June stepped back and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the buffet is now open.”

Almost immediately, Sherri’s legs were lifted and held apart—apparently by two different people—leaving her naked ass and drenched cunt completely exposed right at the edge of the seat. She could hear a little shuffling, and then she felt a soft mouth cover her pussy.

She sucked in her breath as the person—she was envisioning a man, but couldn’t tell for sure—began to suck and wiggle their tongue through the dripping folds of her pussy. They pushed their face hard against her mound, and with an open mouth, they rocked their head back and forth vigorously, grinding their nose into her clit as their tongue lapped sideways across her splayed cunt-lips.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Sherri groaned at the first touch against her pussy that had been excited since she had strapped on her garter belt at home, and that had gotten exponentially hotter and wetter since June started giving her commands. By the time she was bound and blindfolded in a room full of strangers, her cunt was ready to explode all on its own.

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