The Siren Sisters Pt. 04

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Author’s note:

I suppose that one could read this latest TSS chapter as a standalone story, but I suggest you start at the beginning with The Siren Sisters followed by TSS 2 and 3. There are several readers out there who have favorited the original siren sisters and I hope that subsequent chapters meet your expectations. I got some very nice comments from an anonymous commentor, feel free to PM me if you have comments or would just like to chat.

Obviously, Jade is a work of fiction, the wonder woman of sex and is a lifetime of my personal fantasies rolled into one character. I hope you don’t find the addition of other characters too confusing or distracting. I created them to explore other aspects of female ideals that could not all belong to Jade.

I have really enjoyed taking Jade on this journey, she has provided me with relief from the evils and disasters of real life. I started reading .com a year ago and quickly found that I had a head full of fantasies that needed a place to go. Here they are. I hope you enjoy.

End of Week Two Saturday morning

Because of the turmoil and security issues of Passenger change day, Saturday morning was the one morning Jade would allow herself to sleep in, since there was No SD with Rivka and Zev and skipping yoga for one day wouldn’t hurt her. Lars had called a general staff breakfast meeting in the conference room for 9:30 AM. Not all staff could attend because many were busy preparing for the arrival of the next group of passengers from the states. All the sirens were there, Larry and Rivka, (Zev had security duty). And a few key others. As people filled their plates with food, Lars cleared his throat.

“I have some announcements to make. First, Kat and I are flying out of Havana tomorrow to spend 5 days at the corporate office. We will be back when you dock back here next cycle. Second, while we are gone, Larry and Jade will be leading you, treat them as you would us. Also, we will be available via phone in case of DIRE emergency. If anyone calls us, they better have an exceptional reason. Third, the unpleasantness with the ‘brothers’ may not be behind us, my sources say they are lying low, but everyone must remain vigilant. Finally, Jade is leaving to attend to personal business next cycle, but I can speak for all of us when I say we expect her back after her week off.”

End of Week 2

Week 3 Saturday evening reception

Lars called everyone to the reception room 15 minutes ahead of the official reception so he could address everyone as a group.

“To reiterate, while we are gone Larry and Jade are in charge. Also, the trial period for Teddy and Shelly was short but went well, you are both officially Sirens. I will be introducing the four of you at reception, so I expect excitement and no small amount of buzz. We have some VIP guests this cycle and hope everyone represents the brand and enjoys their work.”

As the doors opened and the crowd moved in Jade noticed some gentlemen in Tuxedos, which was not standard attire on a Caribbean cruise. VIPs is right. The well healed are here. Tread lightly kids.

Week 3 Sunday

Jade and Larry spent the morning with Kat and Lars going over their temporary duties.

Stopping for a break from the list of duties Jade and Larry might be called on to take on, they all sat down for coffee and an early lunch. Lars and Kat were packed and leaving after the boarding crowds died down. “This looks like a ton of work. How will I find time to suck and fuck?” Jade asked Kat with a grin.

“Sweetie, just budget your time. Do you think teaching grade school as your other career path would have been easy? Or that working with us here you would be set for life? Multi-tasking. I have the utmost confidence in you and your Beau here.”

“On the plus side. Larry understands this stuff much better than I do. So, I will be more of his executive assistant. Rather than leading and making tough decisions. I will have to be careful. I hope HR won’t object to the occasional blow job that I might be required to provide to the boss.”

Lars, who had been eating finally added, “My gut is that Larry isn’t one to abuse his authority. I don’t have any worries about leaving you two in charge. Our course and ports are all set for the next month and the weather looks good so the captain and crew will have things well in hand. All you will really need to do is keep an eye on things. And make good decisions if anyone comes to you for advice or direction.”

Larry asked, “How often does that happen? Are we likely to be called on often?”

Lars replied, “A couple times a week or so. The only major event would be if a cyclonic system should develop in the east Atlantic. A fast-moving system could require a port schedule change, but those events normally don’t happen overnight. The captain oversees the safety of the vessel. Heed his advice.”

Kat added, “The most likely issues you will have to deal with will be food supplies. Since we like to always keep fresh produce on hand, we make pickups at almost every port. The last big problem was when we ulus escort got a bad batch of avocados. I had to jump through some hoops to find a reputable supplier at the next port to make up for the short fall. The chef and his staff usually inspect all food coming aboard so hopefully the well-oiled machine will function while we are gone. Sweetie, I am counting on you to find a diplomatic way to settle any disputes or logistical issues. You and Teddy did a great job working out the Derek problem. Bradley was thrilled with the fee and tip he received, if you catch my drift. These kinds of things don’t come up often but when they do diplomacy and creative solutions are important.”

Jade smiled, “I can do that.”

Kat took a deep breath and slid a thick envelope across to Jade, “One more thing, I have a favor to ask. Here are the keycard and keys to my condo and my car. Building management knows you are moving in. I have had some wardrobe boxes and other packing material delivered. Would you go through my closet for clothes you think I can and will be able to wear here and ship them to me. I brought my favorite personal items with me last time I arrived, but if you find anything you think I should have please include it. Other than that, make yourself at home at the condo and enjoy the view.”

“Kat, can I at least pay you rent?”

“Not now, let’s table that discussion for when you get back.” Jade’s mind was racing, she had developed a plan for her place and spoken to her cousin, her week off was looking like it would be a very busy ‘rest’ week.

After Lars and Kat left, Jade called an impromptu meeting of the sisters and brother.

“OK everyone, nothing is really going to change. This week should be business as usual. Since bookings for this evening are non-existent, I am wondering if we can grab dinner as a group and then do a pub crawl to build some buzz for this week’s schedule, Sort of a grand meet and greet. Any objections? Does anyone mind if we include Larry?” Everyone thought it was a great idea and from past positive experiences all the ladies were more than happy to spend time with Larry, and he with them. Jade wasn’t the only one who liked being the center of attention. As a group they decided attire should be slut casual. Daring was the order of the evening. They were to meet at one restaurant that was light on reservations because it wasn’t included in most packages and was a little pricy. Jade reasoned that an appearance there of her group would stimulate passenger interest.

They arrived at 7:00 and got a table for 12 so there would be a couple extra seats. They could spread out and invite people to join if they felt like it. They chose to be seated at the outer edge of the open-air dining area so people passing by could see them. Rivka joined them for food and then swapped out with Zev who was overseeing security while she ate, so he could have his dinner. The table was lively and eye catching. Jade wore a gossamer pink top with no bra and lavender side tie bikini bottoms that would be one of her gifts to Larry tonight. Larry was wearing black running shorts and a short sleeve Hawaiian shirt in a reddish sunset pattern.

Most of the Sirens were either going commando or wearing bikini bottoms. Sid was in her favorite form fitting shear yellow dress, which she had adopted as her signature look. Rose was in a cerulean tit hugging tube top that showcased her breasts and nipples stopping well above her matching short shorts. Ling wore a colorful full body wrap that was sort of a sarong and just covered her breasts while it was tied to provide a high slit up to her right hip. Ines wore some very short jean shorts that didn’t even cover her ass cheeks and a vest top with only two buttons buttoned to keep her breasts at least partially covered. Shelly was in a Polynesian sarong style outfit in hot pink and red. Rivka was dressed for work since she had duties and hadn’t planned on drinking and partying that night. Teddy also went with shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

Couples walking by stopped to admire the group and chat. Everyone made sure to tell people how marvelous dinner was, and to let them know that they were out for a pub crawl. One 30s couple even sat with them to have a drink. Once Jade explained who they were, the conversation got interesting rather quickly.

Bill explained, “Doris and I are swingers, our usual group are about our age or a little older and mostly fit and good looking, but they aren’t the beautiful people you are.”

Bill and Doris got some knowing smiles. Jade commented, “I am sure you can find another couple to hook up with while you are here. In any case you should get tested at medical, it is a free service and if you would like to book one of us for a play date that would be a necessary first step followed by a background check. Also, all of we ladies are bisexual.”

Doris smiled, “That sounds inviting, but we would probably be more interested in a foursome if any of you are couples.” Jade grinned at Larry. And then at Teddy.

“Well, Larry here and I are a couple and have done some threesomes and I am yenimahalle escort sure I can persuade him to participate if you are interested in us. Or if you want to go for an evening that is a little more exotic, Teddy would be happy to join you with Sid or Ling or Rose. As Doris eyed Larry and Teddy, Bill looked like a kid in a candy store drinking in Jade, Rose, Sid and Ling. Shelly pouted.

Bill said softly, “Damn this is a tough choice.” Everyone laughed.

Teddy chimed in with, “I can highly recommend my brown sugar gal Sid.” Sid flashed Bill a brilliant smile and then blew Doris a kiss. Rose hadn’t said a word, she just simply cupped her breasts at the sides and pointed her nipples at Bill and Doris. After they finished their drinks, they stood, and Doris led a dazed Bill off so another waiting couple could take their seats. Before they left Sid stood up and whispered in Bill’s ear, “Don’t take too long to decide.” and gave him a hug and a kiss while Teddy did the same to Doris.

Tom and Emily had heard the initial pitch and after conversation. They had questions of their own. Emily filled the table in, “We aren’t swingers but have been trying to spice things up a little. I have never been with two men at once, never had a DP. My birthday just passed, that might be a nice present for me, don’t you think Honey?”

Tom had a sparkle in his eye when he said, “If that will make you happy Beautiful, it would be great. Do you just want a threesome or a foursome?”

“Really?! You are a doll.” Emily squealed with excitement. “Is a threesome OK so I can be the center of attention? Who should I pick? How about the giant at the end of the table?” Dressed in black he looks dangerous and if he is proportional, I bet he is huge.

Zev had been listening and looked up from his steak and gave Jade a questioning look. Jade answered, “That Giant is the co-head of our security staff. He is a giant in all respects but isn’t really part of our courtesan services team. We would have to clear some hurdles, like getting consent from his wife and having you sign a waiver indemnifying us against damage to your person due to his size. If you insist on Zev, I will make the necessary inquiries, but…” Larry locked eyes with Emily trying to telepathically tell her that he was available. At the same time Teddy reached across the table to take Emily’s hand and smile at her.

Tom, broke the silence, “That is a lot to think about, let’s go and discuss it in private Em.”

When they left Jade broke out laughing, “They are probably going back to their room to fuck themselves to exhaustion. I doubt they are as serious as Bill and Doris. I get the feeling Emily is enjoying the titillation factor. This conversation is making me wet too. Larry, Zev sorry to pimp you boys out but I know you would be equal to the task if called upon.” Jade signed the cheque, and everyone finished their drinks so the troop could wander off to their next stop. Poor Zev went back to work. At the next bar they broke up into two tables, side-by-side, Jade and Larry and Teddy and Sid at one and Rose, Ines, Ling and Shelly at the adjacent table. As usual they drew stares from two good looking late 20s guys. The guys pulled up chairs and ordered a round for the ladies at Rose’s table. Jade’s table attracted the attention of a couple of Guys in their early 50s. Because the two tables were in close proximity and the noise level was manageable Rose explained the services situation.

One of the older guys, Andy, asked, “So what you are saying is that we could have a tryst with any one of you lovely ladies?” Jade responded, “That is a very nice way to put it Andy, as long as you pass a medical exam for communicable diseases and a background check, you can get to know and spend intimate time with the girl of your dreams, or girls if that is your dream.”

Andy had that look. The look that said the wheels in his head were spinning like crazy. “We heard from Len that this was the cruise to be on. He recommended you, Jade, and/ or your friend Ling. But Rose looks absolutely amazing. Once in a lifetime breasts, flawless skin.”

“Plus, she is a sweetheart. Ling and I would love to do a threesome with you, but I guarantee that you can’t go wrong with any of us. And I know that for a fact.” Hearing that, Rose got up to introduce herself to Andy. She accidentally brushed his cheek with her right nipple, “Oh sorry Andy. I am European. I need to be more respectful of people’s personal space.”

They chatted a little until a very distracted Andy decided to leave and stop in at medical

Rose then made a decision, she walked over to Shelly and whispered in her ear, “Join me in the ladies room?”

They walked off hand in hand for effect. Once the door closed. Shelly grinned, “We doin’ drugs?”

Rose looked shocked, “No! I don’t do drugs. I just wanted to ask you for a favor. The guy sitting next to me at our table is acting weird. All he does is stare at my tits. I tried talking to him but all he is giving me is one-word replies. Plus, he has his foot on the leg of my chair and he is bouncing it constantly, I moved away twice, and he moved his foot back both times. I am not feeling small talk today so would you mind switching chairs with me?”

“Rose, this isn’t a hand-me-down, is it? Some kind of charity for poor Shelly?”

“No, Shell it is not like that. The bouncing is making me tense and making my tits giggle. Help me out, please?”

“Sure.” Shelly said, giving Rose a hug.

They returned to the table and switched seats and drinks. The foot bouncing continued so Shelly leaned over and placed her hand on the guy’s knee. She gave it a squeeze and rub up the thigh and asked “Why so nervous honey? What’s your name?”

“Too much coffee and beautiful women, I guess. My name is Alex or Al.”


“Nice to meet you, Alex. Maybe you should have a cocktail. What are you drinking?” Shelly asked as she signaled the server. He is very handsome. I think I like him, Thanks Rose. Shelly thought as Alex smiled at her and she began to get wet.

Alex replied, “Nothing yet.” To the server, “A rye Manhattan for me and another…”


“For the lady.”

Shelly confided, “Alex, don’t let me drink too much I get loud and very flirty.” And I will attack you, grrrrrr.

“We can’t have that then, can we? Shelly, I have to tell you I was fascinated with the red head’s tits, but you are a much nicer conversationalist and so sweet.” I hope I taste just as sweet to you when you eat my dripping quim. Shelly mused.

“Oh, Alex if you only knew. I am very oral. Very oral indeed. I love a good conversation. Do you happen to speak French?” Rose smiled over at Shelly and winked. Thank you for this Rose. I owe you one.

Alex replied, “Je parle le langage de l’amour. That is about the only thing I remember from high school French. That and ‘Où se trouvent les toilettes'” Shelly giggled at that. Finally, a sexy woman who likes my bad jokes. Even if she is getting paid to enjoy them. Maybe she might really like me.

“The French I learned wasn’t usually on school exams and if it was that was frowned upon. Cheers!” Ha, blow jobs for a better grade. I would love to see if he likes my blow jobs.

“I just have to let you know that if we are going to be spending any quality time together you will need to get tested.”

“I know, my cousin was here a couple weeks ago and told me all about how it works, I got tested and passed yesterday.”

“Alex, Bae, I don’t want to be too forward but other than this pub crawl I am free this evening. Would you like to call our service and whisk me away for a French refresher? This might be too much information, but I do speak Greek too.” Shelly just gets better and better. I need to fuck her. Down boy.

Alex made a call and Shelly went to talk to Jade. “Mom, I met a boy, he is all tested, and we are going to look for a little privacy. Don’t miss me too badly.” She said with a huge grin.

The second Cosmo was kicking in and Shelly said a little too loudly, “G’Bye everyone. Rosie, Thank, I Love You!” She then took Alex by the hand and led him off.

Eventually, Alex’s wing man who had also been tested left with Rose, Andy and his buddy had gone to get tested. And the remaining revelers went to their next stop.

On the way to her suite Shelly started singing a Midnight oil song after Alex asked where she was from. “I come from the land down under. Alex, if I call you possum don’t worry it means honey or bae to us Aussies. Here’s my room. C’mon In, possum.” She already has a pet name for me. She really is sweet.

Alex followed Shelly into the suite she shared with Ines. Shelly was feeling very amorous and told Alex just that, “I am usually the last woman to get picked. The fact that you chose me first is making me so happy and horny, I almost can’t contain myself. As they entered Shelly’s bedroom, the rise and fall and sway of her hips mesmerized Alex and Rose’s breasts were almost forgotten. “Do you want to see my ass and knockers naked, possum? You can undress me if you want.” Please. Get a grip girl, don’t scare him off. He isn’t likely to run since he has already paid. But you want both of you to have the best time ever. You are such a needy pathetic little trollop.

“Shelly, you look like a birthday present.”

“I look even better in my birthday suit.” Shelly whispered as she pulled him close. She kissed his neck and breathed in his ear. Alex found the tie to her dress and managed to undo it one handed. Shelly took hold of the edges of the cloth and unpeeled it slowly making an event out of revealing her swollen nipples and blonde bush. “Would you like me to be a soft vulnerable damsel or a warrior Queen ravaging her captive?” She pulled Alex’s head to her breast and moaned. “Please, take me? I am yours. Every bit of me.” She loved being worshipped and Alex was doing just that. He was breathing hard and sucking her nipple like it was the best thing he had ever had in his mouth. Shelly moaned, “That’s it. Just like that. Make me yours. I want you so bad it hurts. Alex might be thinking that she was acting, but she really meant it. Shelly was trying to decide how she could prove to him that this was more than a work encounter for her, so she developed a plan. Alex’s enthusiasm for her nipple excited her deeply and beads of her woman honey started to drip out of her. What is it about you Alex? How are you having this effect on me. I feel like a school girl.

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