The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 25

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***** Writer’s note: A chapter more for your heads than your genitals. Nikki transformed!


Nikki was happy, but sleepy and tired after her weekend at her mom’s. Jack could see that. After her shower, he kissed her tenderly, picked her up in his arms, and carried her to her room. She was already asleep, when he laid her on the bed and covered her. He set Barrister at the foot of her bed to watch over her. God damn it! Sometimes, I think that frigging bear is scowling at me.

Folding a note that he’d written in pencil, he placed it under Barrister’s bow tie. Nicole would see it as soon as she woke. It read, I love you. We’ll talk later. I’ll call you after a bit to make sure you’re okay. Love, Daddy!

Making sure the doors were locked, Jack armed the home security system then headed for The Practice.

Perhaps as a direct result of their knock-down drag-out of the past weekend, Spencer greeted him with a simple, “Hello.” Conspicuously absent was his partner’s usual heckling, “So, Jack, how was the weekend? Did you finally get laid?”

Mary actually looked up from her desk at the absent banter. Puzzled, she nonetheless, went back to work compiling the various court documents for the pending case.

All-in-all, the office seemed to be working hard trying to put together the motions for the trial. Mary was being quite efficient at handling requests for documents; and, no new clients had popped through the sunlight-filled office door. Pulling out his new iPhone, Jack smiled. He hit speed dial. Jessica instantly picked up.

“Hey, sexy young woman!”

“Are you at the office?”

“Yeah! Wanna go get some coffee? I think the boss will give me a coffee break!” Especially, since I am d’ boss!

Jessica laughed and hit ‘Send’ on her video cam.

Jack gasped, “Oh, my god! So, you’re not always ravishingly beautiful when you wake up in the morning?” Her video revealed tousled hair, wrinkles on her cheek from the sheets or pillows, no makeup, and a frown signaling, ‘I haven’t had my coffee, yet. So, don’t give me any shit!’

Jess stuck out her tongue. “I am when I wake up after sex, Jack. Remember?”

“If you can get your hair under control, I’ll buy you a Starbucks’ latte.”

“Okay, fifteen minutes! Then come get me.” Amused, he watched the small screen as she glanced upwards, trying to blow some strands of hair out of her eyes. It had absolutely no effect; immediately the unruly wisps tumbled back down, completely covering her left eye. She’s cute. Definitely cute.

Waiting in coffee queue inside Starbucks, Jess heard Jack order ‘spanked cream’ for his coffee, she burst into giggles and had to step out of line. It took her three more attempts to control herself before she finally managed to place her own order without laughing.

Relentless, the sassy little barista couldn’t resist asking if she wanted her cream ‘spanked’, too. Fighting to keep a straight face, Jess instantly zinged back, “No, I take it black!”

The barista’s eyebrow shot up. “Yes, Ma’am, comin’ right up! You know what they say about coffee: ‘Once you go black; ya never go back’.” Which, of course, set off another round of laughter.

Jess was in a fine mood and still giggling when she sat down. “I gotta agree with you, Jack; that perky little barista is one irrepressibly naughty tease. But I like her; she’s funny and has a great sense of humor.” Contentedly sipping her coffee, she asked, “So, Jack, how did the rest of your evening go with Nikki? I mean, the part after Gallucci’s Pizza and and after you dropped me off at at my folks’ house?”

And Jack gave her a blow-by-blow account of what happened on his way home, which, quite possibly, was one of the most stupid things he’d ever done in his adult life. His keenly tuned lawyer sensors never even gave a warning about how she was reacting to his recitation.

With each detail, Jess’s smile faded; her eyes got darker. By the time he finished, she was hopping mad. Uh oh!

“Damn it, Jack! You had no right to tell her that; I was talking to you, not your daughter.” Fucking lawyers! Do you ever think something without it popping out you fucking mouths!

Attempting to become smaller than he felt, Jack progressively sunk lower in his chair. As he stirred his coffee, he began to worry he might bruise it. What did I fucking do? You asked. She was being a total shit! God, I hate disapproval.

“That’s great, just great!” she was seething, “I’m trying to be her friend; but now, thanks to you, I need to find a way to apologize.” She reached out and rapped on his forehead with her knuckles. It almost hurt! “What were you thinking, saying something that hurtful to her? Why do you always have to win? She needs to win sometimes, too. It’s part of growing up.” She stuck out her hand, demanding, “Give me your phone and go pee!”

“I don’t need to pee!”

“Oh illegal bahis yes, Jack Grant, you definitely do.”

“Jessica?” he waffled.

“Go piss off, Jack! No ifs, ands, or buts about it!”

Jack placed his brand new iPhone on the table and rose. “I’ll be right back. Apparently, I need to go take a piss.”

Jessica picked up Jack’s iPhone. She hit the speed dial for Nicole. Nikki answered, thinking it was her dad from the caller ID.

“Hi, Daddy.”

“Hi, Nicole, it’s Jessica. Please listen before you hang up on me!” she pleaded. “I’m sorry for using your Dad’s phone, but I don’t have your number. Can we talk?”

Not at all pleased, Nikki was surprised; but, evidently, it was inevitable. “Okay.” We are talking!

“Nikki, I want to try to be friends, if that’s possible. I’m not the enemy. Yes, I’m fucking your Dad; but I’m not an enemy to you. I’m not trying to take him away. I’m not trying to marry him. We just fuck. Nothing more. Can you get past that?” It’s just great sex, Nikki. Can you understand that at your age?

“Does he know you don’t want to marry him?” I bet you haven’t told him you’re only using him for sex.

Jessica laughed. “I think right now, marriage is the last thing on your dad’s mind. Sex is another issue. He’s constantly horny.” Which is pretty unusual for a man of his age. Sometime, I probably should ask him why he’s so constantly horny.

“Yuck! Too much information!” Of course he is, you Dumb-Ass, he’s horny because he’s thinking about me.

“Look, Nikki, maybe we should talk in person. I hate phones; it’s hard to see what the other person is thinking. I’m much better in person.”

“I don’t know. I’m pretty busy today,” Nikki hedged. I was going to go play some ‘Skyrim’. Lady Swallow needs to feed! Bwah ha-ha! Or, maybe I’ll do my nails. Or, if I get really bored, I could go see if dad’s been looking at porn on his computer. Yep, all in all, I have a pretty full day planned.

Jessica pressed, “I have an idea. We need to talk, and talk takes time. I wanna go shopping in Portland; driving to Portland takes time. Maybe, we could talk while you drive?”

“While I drive? Can’t we take your car?”

“Nope! I don’t have a car. Borrow your Dad’s Jeep and let’s go shopping in Portland. You’re going to be going to college there in the fall. I’ll show you some really neat ‘girl places’. I promise you’ll like them.” Hell, by the time we’re done, you may even like me!

Her interest piqued, Nikki flashed back to all of Jessica’s fancy packages in the Jeep that evening before Gallucci’s Pizza. Oh, those stores!

“I don’t have a car, either.” Maybe it’s time to talk to Daddy about getting me a car for college!

“Then, ask your dad for the Jeep. If there’s one thing I know about your dad, it’s that he’ll do anything you ask him to. And, if he hesitates, all you have to do is give him a good reason.”

“What reason? I don’t really need new clothes!” He won’t do ‘anything’ I ask. I’ve almost begged him to fuck me and he hasn’t. At least, not yet.

“Nikki you’re going to college in the fall; of course, you need new clothes. But, I have a better reason. Tell him you want to spend some time with me. Tell him you want to have a chance to be alone with me to talk. Just you and me on our own; and, no daddy to get things confused. Try that!”

“Is he there with you now?” I bet he is, ’cause you have his phone. I wonder where you are. Ha, probably in bed. Yuck, I’m talking to my dad’s girlfriend, while she’s in bed with him. Could life get any more tawdry?

“Yeah, he’s here, but he went to the bathroom. We’re having coffee at Starbucks. Call him in an hour, after he drops me back at home. If he says ‘Yes’, then call me. I’ll text you the number, right now. Okay?”


Jessica laid the iPhone down and waited till Jack returned. “Is she going to call me?”


“Nikki wants to spend time with you? She actually agreed?” Jack was surprised that Jessica had somehow managed to get Nikki to agree. How the hell did you get her to agree?


“Did you have to bribe her?”

“Yep!” Jessica’s smile was as broad and mysterious as a Cheshire Cat’s. Wait for it! Make him ask. He won’t be able to resist!

“How’s the coffee? Is it okay?” Jack try to act casual, as though he had other things to do. She just nodded, took another sip, and smiled at him waiting patiently. Finally, after an uncomfortable couple of minutes, he gave in, “So, what was the incentive?”

“Incentive? We just decided that we ought to spend some time together. Maybe get to know each other a little better, since being around you means being around each other. I can’t imagine what you’re talking about Jack.”

“Yeah! You know … the bribe?”

If possible, her smile got wider; but, she smugly refused to say a word.

“Okay, I’ll ask nicely,” he sighed. “Please?”

“It’s illegal bahis siteleri time your daughter got a new pair of shoes, Jack Grant.” And, I know just the place to take her

That surprised him. “I thought it was mothers who take their daughters there.”

“Usually, but sometimes one best friend takes another best friend there. Especially, if there’s no mom to do it. And, I’m about to become Nikki’s best friend.” Well, maybe not; maybe just ‘best friend for a day’. I haven’t forgoten MacKenzie.”

“You’re pretty sure of yourself.” Best friend, huh? I think you’re forgetting MacKenzie.

“No, Jack, I’m not at all sure of myself. But, I am pretty sure of Philo Foote. If he has one of his moments of genius, she’ll never forget this afternoon. And, at least, we’ll be friends.”

But, Jack wasn’t listening anymore; he was daydreaming, absorbed in erotic memories Jessica in that very shoe store. God damn, I wish I could be there; but, what the hell. What possible harm could it do for Nikki to get new shoes? I mean, it is not really magic. It is not dangerous or anything like that.


“Huh? Sorry, for a moment there, I was lost in thought.”

“One more thing.”


“We’ll need your American Express Card.”

“You’ve never asked me for a credit card before.”

“And I’m not now. Give it to Nicole. Just be a good father, and fork over the credit card for your daughter on her way to college. You might as well get used to the feeling. Believe me; she’s gonna ask for it again before Fall gets here.” Jesus, Jack! You have a daughter headed to college. Haven’t you thought of all of this, already? You haven’t, have you?

Jack laughed. True enough.

“And, she’s going to ask you if we can borrow the Jeep for the afternoon.”

“My Jeep? I don’t really like that idea,” That’s my Jeep! There’s not a scratch on it. Take it to Portland? No way! They’ll leave in some friggin’ crowded parking lot, where someone will get careless and hit it with their door when getting in their car. Nope! No! Definitely a bad idea! I am going to have to say, No!

“Jack, your girlfriend and your daughter are going to Portland for the afternoon. Would you just rather buy her a car or loan her the Jeep, Daddy?” Jesus, Jack, wake up! She’s going to need things before the summer is over.

Jack was thinking hard; she could almost see the tiny little lawyer-wheels spinning in his brain. Risk versus benefit? For Jack, a very tough question indeed.

“Jack, listen to me. We’ll only take the Jeep as far as Hillsboro,”she argued. “Then, we’ll take the MAX. No one will have an accident with it, scratch or dent it in the parking lot at the MAX Station. And, we’ll park it far away from all the other cars.”

“You promise?” he asked petulantly.

“Like the good little girl and former Girl Scout which I am, I cross my fucking heart!”

Jack Grant knew a good deal, when it presented itself. “Done and done … car and card! Got it!”

Once Jack had dropped her back home, Jessica made two more calls. She called Destinee Chavez and Philo Foote to let them know that she was coming up and bringing someone very special shopping with her. She thought for a second and called her aunt, Justine d’ Noir, as well. ‘Second Skin’, ‘Cheekies’, and ‘Well-Heeled’. I’m such a clever girl, she congratulated herself, Oh, this should be fun.

Almost exactly an hour later, Nicole called. “I can’t believe it! He gave me the credit card and the Jeep. I’m on my way.”

“You remember where I live?”

“Yeah! Trust me, I haven’t forgotten anything about that night.”


Fifteen minutes later, Nikki picked up Jessica. She was wearing her summer dress and sandals. The Jeep’s Bose stereo system was belting out ‘Not yet a woman!’ by Britney.

‘Cute! But, still a little girl! ‘Not yet a woman!’ Jessica smiled, We definitely need to change this image.

An hour later, they were in Hillsboro, parking the Jeep safely at the Fairgrounds MAX Station.

Exactly twenty-seven minutes after that, she and Nikki stepped onto Pioneer Square in downtown Portland. They were two cute, adorable young women on a beautiful summer day in the City.

First, Jessica took Nikki to see her Aunt Justine. Almost forty-five minutes later Nicole was the proud owner of an exquisite new dress, unlike anything she’d ever worn in her whole life. Prepped by Jessica beforehand, Justine d’Noir had given a great deal of thought to the young woman her niece was bringing. After meeting Nikki, she casually allowed the girl to look on her own; then, offered a number of suggestions. Trotting in and out of the dressing room with several selections, she patiently did her job; but, wisely, she’d saved the best for last. An absurdly simple, but versatile dress, it subtly adapted to the occasion or intentions of the woman wearing it.

And the word canlı bahis siteleri ‘woman’ was its key, its mystery, its allure; the dress could be worn demurely or seductively—day or evening. It was no dress to be giggled about—or Oohed and Aahed—by teenage girls shopping in an Outlet Mall on the Oregon Coast. Cut low to just barely above the breasts, it was off-the-shoulder with wrist-length sleeves. Its fabric was a soft knit-blend, which clung to every curve, but gracefully hung to a provocative four inches above Nikki’s knees; each side of its skirt was enticingly slit, suggesting a host of possibilities. And it was pure white—virginal white.

Nikki was not merely satisfied; she was glowing. For her, the dress made only one statement: This is a woman!

Next was ‘Cheekies’. There, Nicole met Destinee Chavez, who encouraged her to try on several pairs of white panties, white leggings, and white-lace bras. After a few minutes, Destinee exited the dressing room and approached Jessica.

“Very innocent. Is this Jack’s daughter?”

“Yes, I’m trying to be friends. Not sure it’s working. Any suggestions?”

“Yeah, I think that one wants to be a ‘big girl’. Incidentally, is she into girls?” I bet she is!

“Not sure, yet.” She is, but I’m not telling you, Destinee.

Destinee thought, then pulled out a white-lace see-thru bra and a matching pair of white lace thongs with a white lace butterfly embroidered in. They were crotchless, though not obvious about it. They simply opened when the woman opened her legs. If she was sitting demurely, they looked perfectly innocent.

“Do you have a pair of white, gartered-leggings or hose?”

“Of course!” Destinee searched through another drawer. “These are just like the ones Jack bought you, only white.”

“They’re sheer!” Jessica had to smile.

With a smile of pure mischief, Destinee whispered conspiratorially, “See if she’ll let you help her try these on.” She’d played show-and-tell after shopping with Jessica more than once. Indeed, these are sheer. Sinfully sheer!

Jessica knocked on the dressing room door. “Nikki, it’s me. May I come in?”

A short pause a rustle of cloth, then, “Sure.”

Jessica opened the door, not at all surprised to see Nikki standing there barefoot in the summer dress.

“Destinee thought you might like these. Would you like to try them on?”

“Is Destinee coming back to help me?”

“No, she has another customer. Besides, she knows I’m friends with your dad and asked if I could help you till she gets free. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure. I mean, I guess. If you don’t mind.”

“Check these out.” Jessica held up the stockings, and Nikki’s eyes lit up. No, that little girl’s eyes just dilated. “So, would you like to try them on?”

Nikki nodded her head, the hint of a smile playing on her lips. Jess was delighted, Now, we’re making progress.

“Are you really gonna stay?” Nikki asked, hesitantly.

“If you like.”

The pause seemed to go on and on as Nikki considered; finally, she nodded her consent. Are you going to watch me try stuff on?

Jessica stepped forward. “Raise your arms.” Let’s see how comfortable with your body you are. More importantly, let’s see how comfortable with me you are.

“But, I don’t have any underclothes on.”

“That’s why we brought you here, remember?” Jess teased.

Nikki raised her arms; and Jessica lifted the summer dress up and off of her. Nikki was telling the truth. No panties and no bra. Well, well … just look at you. You’ve got nothing to be shy about. Jesus, Jack, when she discovers boys or men, life as you know it is over.

Nikki saw Jessica studying her. She thought she saw a thought, playing across Jessica’s face. “What?”

“I’m just thinking that Jack doesn’t know how very beautiful you are. I don’t think he understands you’re definitely not a little girl anymore.” No, I’m pretty sure he is utterly fucking clueless.

She handed Nikki the hose. You have no hair there, yet. That’s freaking virginal-looking.

“Nicole, do you shave down there?”

“No. Why?”

“You’re as smoothe as a baby, there. Your sex is so innocent looking, like a little girl’s. But the rest of you is … smokin’.” Not so innocent looking!

Carefully tugging the hose up, Nikki released the thin waistband with a snap. turning to look in the mirror. She saw the tiny satin-ribbon bows and reached down with her fingertips to touch them. “I like these. But, are they twisted?”

Oh, Nikki, Jess thought to herself, from anyone else I’d think that was a come-on. But you’re so young and naive, it really is what’s called an innocent question.

Jessica looked down; she knelt. “Let me see.” Nikki watched herself in the mirror as Jess took a hose top on one of her legs and patiently adjusted it back and forth till the bow was exactly in the center. She did the same for the other leg.

Nikki took a deep breath and turned to face Jessica. “Do they look okay?”

“Okay? Nikki, you look good enough to eat.” The second the words were out of her mouth, Jessica blushed a beet-red. “Oh, God! Did I say that out loud?”

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