The Silver Fox

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I’ve never been a woman thats like older men, I’ve always preferred them closer to my own age. Well, my mind has been changed. It’s all thanks to Drew.

Things hadn’t been good in the bedroom department in my marriage for awhile. I have a high sex drive and my husbands is snoring. I’ve tried to spice things up but he is always ‘too tired’. So I decided to try something, to put my desires first. That’s how I found myself signed up for AFF.

There had been some chatting, a few pic swaps…I even made out with a guy only for him to ghost me. One particular Tuesday, I opened my messages and saw I had a new one from wolfman49. He was 49 and his listed city was not near mine. On my profile I had specified I was looking for men 26-40. 49 was a good bit past that. His profile picture was a pretty toned chest with salt and pepper chest hair.

I opened the message and read, “Hey, how are you? I’m in the same situation looking for some skin to skin contact and the excitement of someone new…you? I’m in your area.”

Well that fixed the distance issue but there was still the age thing. I’d never been attracted to anyone that much older than me.

I replied back, “Hey, I’m pretty good thanks. You’re a bit outside my preferred age range…”

“Ah ok cool. Im 5’ll”, 185 and in good shape,” he responded with a picture of himself attached. He was at an NFL game. And he looked much younger.

I couldn’t help myself. “Well from what I can see, you are pretty fit/good looking. Can I see a better picture of your face?”

And he gave me one. He had some wrinkles around his eyes and mouth but a kind smile on his handsome face. Without his hat i could see greying hair but it didn’t bother me.

“Well that’s good enough to keep me talking,” I let him know.

He replied, “Ok, cool! I live in Little Rock but Im your area often for work.” We exchanged IM names and started chatting there.

“Hello again, I’m Drew”

“Hi there Drew, I’m Amanda.”

From there we talked about what brought us to AFF. We both were married, with kids, but in sexless or not enough of sex type relationships. We both craved the passion and desire and excitement that we used to have. We both loved our spouses but needed your needs met.

We talked about what kinds of this we had been missing. The kissing, the touches, feeling wanted…

Before long be had to go. He was in town for a business meeting and had to leave. We planned to talk more. The next day we did. We talked about erogenous zones, what positions we liked and disliked. And the sexual chemistry started to build. He was smart, and I liked that. It was easy to talk Ümraniye Escort with him.

Finally, Drew brought it up. “Do you think we can meet before I head back? I’d really like to.”

I let him know the only day that might work was Thursday. And that would be if he could make it between 1-3pm. I had someone coming over shortly after 3.

He said he thought he could swing by on his way out of town, he’d be passing my road anyways. We talked late into the night and finally said sweet dreams.

Thursday arrived and I was a nervous excited wreck. He messaged me his timetable for leaving and I decided I was going to hop into the shower really quick and maybe park at the gas station if he had not heard back yet.

I was so nervous my hands were shaking as I lathered up. I was also excited though. That someone was coming over who thought I was hot, that wanted me, that was a turn on.

I took a little longer in the shower than I’d meant to. I unlocked the front door (or so I thought), climbed under the covers and checked to see where my husband was. ‘Location not available’. I started to freak out just a little. I called and he didn’t pick up, and then I texted and got no reply.

I messaged Drew who was now literally 3 mins away from me at the gas station and broke the news. “I’m not 100% sure where he is. This usually only happens when he is out in the boonies. We’d probably be safe but theres always a risk.”

I saw the words appear on my screen, “I can wait a bit longer, keep trying him. It would suck to be so close and not be able to see you.”

So I called my husband again and this time he picked up. It was hard to hear him but he was still at work, at least 75 mins away. I immediately told Drew, “The front doors unlocked, just come back to the bedroom, last door on the left.”

“I’m on my way!”

I dimmed the lights, opened the door to the bedroom and arranged myself under the covers. Next thing I know, I heard the front door open and close. Footsteps are coming down the hallway. My heartbeat quickens. I see a figure come into view.

Its Drew, just as he looked in his pictures. He walks over to me, looking down at me under the covers. “Wow. Hi there.”


He’s smiling big and his blue eyes are shining with excitement. He leans in closer and kisses me. His lips are soft and tender. I catch my breath as his lips find mine. We kiss again and his hand pull the covers back and then finds my breasts.

He squeezes them as we embrace. I reach out, put my arm around his neck and grab onto his hair. His tall frame pulls closer to me. My lips part and our İstanbul Escort tongues find each other.

The kiss finally breaks and I say, “I think you’re a little overdressed.”

He grins and says, “I think you’re right!” He stands upright, he’s talk, nearly 6ft. He pulls hos shirt over his head and I see his toned chest and arms. Next the pants come off.

I scoot over on the bed to make room and he quickly climbs on and over me. The kisses start back and my eyes close to take it in. They start becoming deeper, more passionate. Our hands begin to wanded, exploring each others bodies.

I reach down, grab onto his cock and nearly shout out. It’s so thick I barely can put my hand around it. My arousal level heightens instantly and I can feel myself getting wetter.

I moan out in pleasure as his fingers have found my clit and started rubbing it.

“I want to make you squirt all over Amanda.” He leans to the side and slides 2 fingers into me. He starts out at a slow pace, his blue eyes watching me as I leaned back into the pillows.

My moans become louder as he continues. “You can go a little harder if you want, that’s what normally does the trick.” And that’s just what he does.

I can hear my wetness grow louder as his fingers thrust into me faster and harder. “Yes, yes. Squirt on me baby,” Drew says quietly.

I close my eyes and before another minute passes I can’t hold on anymore. I give in and release. I can feel my muscles squeezing his hand and a large spray of juices coming out of me.

“Oh yes!” Squirt for me!” His fingers thrusting a few more times before pulling out, dripping onto me. He says, “That was incredibly hot. I need to feel that on my cock.”

My mind instantly thinks of how big and thick he felt when I grabbed him. I need to know what he feels like in me. The thought consumes me. I lean into him and we embrace again. I wrap my legs around him and look up at him with my big brown eyes giving him permission.

I feel his head at my entrance. He moves just a little and as it enters my wet pussy I can’t help but groan in pleasure. His head alone is stretching me so good already. Slowly he enters me a little more, inch by inch. My muscles gripping his thick cock so tight

Finally, he is all the way in. “Oh my god Drew, I haven’t ever felt this full before.”

“Mmmm do you like it?” He says with a smile, and then leans in to kiss me before slowly pulling back out.

“Like would be an understatement.” I groan as he thrusts back into me. “Your fat cock makes me feel so good.”

He leans in and kisses me slow and deep as he builds up Anadolu Yakası Escort a little speed. Relentlessly thrusting into me, moan after moan. My walks gripping his big cock so good. You can hear how wet my pussy is.

I want to cum on his cock so bad, to drench it with my juices. “You can be a little rougher.” He didn’t need telling twice.

His pace quickens and I’m finding myself on edge in no time. His lips continue to find mine on and off. I cant hang on any more. “Drew, do you want me to cum on you, I’m so close!” I say about to scream out while his cock still is thrusting.

He says excitedly on my ear, “oh yes, cum all over my cock. Make a mess on me.”

And I do. My eyes close and a large amount of warm fluid forcefully sprays out of me all over him. He continues to thrust making more and more come out.

I finally stop and set my legs down from around him and off the bed. Without skipping a beat he says, “Turn over, I know you like this one too.”

I move to the center of the bed and roll over onto my tummy. I’m laying in the wet puddle I just creates but I don’t even care. All I can think about is getting his cock back on me.

He lays over me. His strong legs spreading mine apart just a little bit. He kisses my neck and without warning thrusts that big cock right into me, deeper than before.

I cry out in ecstasy, “Fuck Drew, that feels…” and I trail off into a moan as his oace has quickened. His thrusts fill me so completely every time.

He leans down and whispers in my ear, “Where do you want me to cum?”

My first thought was that I wanted all that cum in me, filling me, running out of me. But we got busy so quick I wasn’t sure if he had been snipped or not. I was on the pill but still, we needed to play it safe. I finally decide, “on my back.”

Not even a minute later, without warning, I orgasm again. I squeeze his cock and gush all over it as I moan out.

This sends him over the edge. He pulls his huge cock out of me. I feel a few drips of cold sweat hit my ass as he positions himself. Seconds later I feel hot streams of cum hit me all over my back. Seems to last for a few minutes.

When he’s finally drained he lays next to me, eyes so bright and energetic. “That was incredible!” He leans in and kisses me. He then hops off the bed, grabs a towel and helps me clean my back.

I roll back over and we kiss a few more times before getting up and cleaned up. He gets dressed and far too soon it seems he gives me one last kiss, tells me we’ll talk soon and walks out the door.

I walk back into the bedroom and survey the sheets. There is a puddle that takes up a good 20% of the bed. I quickly strip the sheets and throw them into the washer.

I cant help but think how crazy it is that a man nearly 20 years my junior could fuck me like that. I can’t help but wonder when we will do it again. What a silver fox.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32