The Silver Fox Ch. 01

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The drive lasted 40 minutes. Even though it was the last working day of the week, one can enjoy a nice, liberating song only so many times when one has chronic road rage. By the time she left the city behind and turned onto her driveway, Mabel was beyond annoyed and exhausted. She jerked the car into its spot and stepped out, banging the car door shut. Walking towards the house, she wanted nothing more than a long hot shower to wash the week away. She opened the door with her

key and walked in, dropping her bag and laptop on the shoe rack, almost knocking a vase over.

“You’re tired.”

She turned to look at the figure lying on the couch and smiled wearily. He was reading – glasses perched on his head, his dense salt and pepper beard tapering to his sternum, his almost-white mane resting haphazardly on his shoulders, his tall and broad frame only made more evident as he held the small book in his hands. Even fully clothed, he was a sight to behold. She knew there was no one luckier than her on this planet, as she kicked her shoes off and walked towards him, climbing on his lap, laying her head on his chest.

“You said you were busy tonight.”

“I finished the piece as fast as I could; I knew you’d need me.”

He stroked her hair, her long black tresses flowing down her back, holding her close. She sighed deeply, smiling, burrowing deeper into him, inhaling his scent, so overcome with relief; a few tears escaped her eyes.

“Oh darling, it was one of those days, eh?”

He held her at arm’s length, straddled on his thighs, watching her tired, teary face as she tried to hide it and pulled her in a kiss; soft and firm, but soft, so soft. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back, harder, deeper. Their tongues played around as initial hesitations gave way to urges and wants and needs, and soon enough, they were wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing, sucking hungrily, their fingers exploring everything they could.

As they moved closer, he unzipped her skirt and pulled it above her waist. His fingers touched bare skin as he pushed her panties away, the stockings beginning to roll off. She lifted her hips enough to let him take it off as she got rid of his shirt, kissing his neck, biting his shoulder, leaving a trail of little marks. He grunted, leaning in and biting the nape of her neck in return. Moving his hands along her back, up her sides, his palms cupped her tits as his mouth moved south, unbuttoning her shirt with his teeth. She laughed, moving her hands to his pants, pulling them away; and felt bare skin.

“You’re escort çapa a nasty lill perv aren’t you, Mr. Fox”

“Are you sure about ‘lill’? It’s almost an accusation, Miss Kay, you should know better.”

She chuckled and spread her legs further, allowing him to begin sliding his ‘not-lill’ erection inside her wet pussy. He pulled her bra away and buried his face in her tits, sighing and groaning as her tight little snatch engulfed his dick, inch-by-inch. Her hands were on his face, caressing his beard, yanking at his hair, kissing and nibbling on his ear as she rode him, gently but steadily, enjoying his cock getting harder inside her. He pulled off her shirt, pulling the skirt over her head, grabbing her by the hips as she moaned into his mouth, pulling her closer.

“Fuck…you drive me crazy, love”

She smiled as he said those words, grinding into him, rotating her hips as she rode him. He pushed his head back and moaned out louder, before lifting her legs and turning her on her knees, getting behind her.

“You’re mine, darling. You’re my nasty lill fuckbitch, you hear that?”

“Ye..yes, Yes master, just yours”

He pulled her hands behind her back and held them in place, sliding a pillow under her head, and began fucking her hard. Her delicious moans coupled with her tight pussy and the ready submission always drove him over the edge. He loved it when she submitted to him like this, spontaneously; sliding so easily, seamlessly into her role, her reality for that moment. He pulled her up, close to him and cupped her ample bosom, leaning in to suck on her neck, tasting her. Moving a hand to her clit, he rubbed it hard, pinching her nipple, his throbbing dick so deep inside her, his mouth on her shoulder.

“Oh fuck yes, oh-my-god yes…please…please don’t fucking stop, oh fuck I’m…oh fuck you’re gonna make me cum…”

She went incoherent after that; although this was almost an invitation to stop and tease her, make her beg for it, he did not. He was feeling quite generous that day. So he went in harder, faster, stronger. She came amidst bucking hips, loud moans, panting and clenching pussy and toes. He kept going, lengthening her orgasm as much as possible, she kept bucking from the high till she couldn’t stay on her knees.

Of course, this wasn’t over.

She collapsed on the couch, trying to catch her breath, his still-hard dick sliding out of her wet dripping pussy. He raised her ass, got on his knees and dived in. Lapping her wetness from her thighs, he made his way to her pulsating womanhood, drinking in her juices. eskort istanbul He shoved his tongue in her pussy, milking it for every drop of her cum, while his finger found its way to her arse, rubbing, prodding it. He loved the way she struggled and cried out every time he pinned her down and ate her out. Once he had his fill, he shoved two fingers in her pussy, his mouth on her clit. She gasped out loud, biting down on the pillow, arching her back off the couch as he touched her sensitive G-spot. Soon enough she was screaming, trashing around on the couch as waves of her second orgasm ran through her.

He kept at it long enough till she stopped screaming, her body still sensitive. She was still panting, blacking out. Ignoring his raging erection, he nestled her in his arms and held her till she had recovered enough. He then proceeded to carry her to the bathroom where they had a quick shower, bathing each other. She barely had energy left to do anything else as they got into bed, cuddling under the sheets as sleep crept in.

The next couple of days that constituted the rest of the weekend were not much different. It involved much more of this, food, reading, this again, errands, food and some more of this. And soon enough, the alarm rang for Monday morning.

He was still asleep, so she tip-toed her way to the bathroom, getting ready and kissed his forehead before she left. Mondays seemed extra-cruel when she had to leave before him for work because he got to stay in bed longer. The day could not end sooner.

Work kept her busy all day and soon enough, it was time to leave! She raced to her car and hurried home, it was her turn to cook today. She took the exit off the expressway and drove till she reached the little colony of houses where she shared her home with Renard. She drove the entire length of the main road and stopped at the end.

She could not find her house.

Thinking she missed a turn, she backed up and counted each turn that came ahead — 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B and 2B. There was no road leading to 1B, her house. That was weird. She parked her car at the side of the road and got out, trying to find the route. It was around 5:30 pm but not dark and soon enough, she found a weather-beaten trail where the route for 1B should have been.

“Damn, this needs to be weeded or something!”

She got back in her car and drove the 3 minute route off the colony main road to her house and gasped. She knew what the house looked like, she had chosen the colours of the patio and the outer walls. She saw it this morning. There was an old, dilapidated, eskort bayrampaşa ruined structure in it’s place.

She sat in her car for what seemed like forever, not able to comprehend what her eyes could see. Stepping out of her car she walked to the cold, rusted half-bent metal gate, touching it, wishing it would jolt her back to reality. She shook her head, rubbed her eyes, drove to the main road and back again, but do what she may, her beautiful, cozy house would not come back.

Almost in tears, she drove over to 2B, hurrying down the driveway. She had met the owners once, the Blythsons, and although they were the usual insufferable family with 2 kids, they let her and Renard have their privacy. That was the hallmark of this colony.

Mrs. Blythson opened the door, saw her in tears and politely enquired of the matter. She blurted everything out and asked for help. Mrs. Blythson apologized and said she did not understand.

“What do you mean you don’t understand, we met a few months ago when your kid got lost in the woods behind our house. I need your help! Could you please let me come in at least?”

At this point, Mrs. Blythson’s face changed. She stepped out of the house and closed the door behind her.

“How did you know my son got lost in the woods some time ago? How are you involved? The police found him. He simply fell asleep while playing under a tree. I don’t know you, who are you? Why do you know this?”

“I’m Mabel Kay, I live in 1B with Renard Fox, we have been living there since almost 6 months now, we’ve even met once, we helped you find your boy Oliver, what are you talking about? How can you not know me?”

In one step, Mrs. Blythson walked into her house and closed her door, locking it behind her. She made the call to her husband first, then to the police, locked all windows and doors and gathered her two kids in a safe room on the first floor. Mabel did not understand what happened. She tried knocking, banging on Mrs. Blythson’s door some more but when that didn’t work, she went back to her car and drove to the demolished 1B. She could not think, she could not process it. Where was her house, where were her things? Where was Renard? This wasn’t her home. Was this her home?

Renard worked in his workspace behind the house in a converted shed. She walked past the gate and tried to find it. There was nothing but overgrown flora and some fauna around her. The structures were rickety too. And as she tried to enter the building, she heard something creak as a brick fell on her head.

The police found her an hour later, unconscious near the entrance of the old dilapidated building. Her emergency contacts were called and she was taken to the hospital. She woke up two days later, screaming.

“… no, give me back my house, please, Renard, let me in, Renard!”


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