The Shower , the E-Mail

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(Real life event, names have been changed and removed for privacy)

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To: You

From: Me

I had been reading the stories for a while, hot beyond belief, my panties wet with the sexual thoughts roaming through my mind. My fingers naturally slowly rubbing my swollen clit, getting me to the point of orgasm then stopping just like the way you tease me. Torturing myself a couple of times before realizing my thoughts of you mixed with the stories were going to kill me if I didn’t do something soon. I glanced over at the drawer that held my toy in it and slightly smiled, my fingers running up and down my wet slit as I imagined thrusting it in and out of me. A low moan escapes my mouth and I stiffen afraid of someone hearing me, then I laughed realizing…I was home alone.

Grinning I thought up what I intended to do; I still needed to jump in the shower, so why not have a little water play. I grabbed a clean pair of panties, my housecoat and my toy from the drawer then hurried into the big bathroom. Turning on the water I carefully placed şişli escort a clean towel on the toilet seat and grab a washrag. Then I laid my toy on one of the two small seats within the shower. I debated over what I wanted to do first wash myself or play, again I grinned, I would wash myself. I soaped up my washcloth and ran my hands over my body, caressing and rubbing, letting the hot water wash the soap off then applying more. I groan aloud and smile to myself knowing that I could be as loud as I wished during this playtime…if only someone could have been there to listen.

My eyes moved to my razor as I proceeded to shave my legs, and the other normal areas, then I ran my fingers through the growing hair between my legs. It had been a few months since I had been completely shaven; it was time to shave again. I loved the way I felt when I was bare, my skin smooth and rubbing against my thighs, causing a tingling sensation whenever I’d walk or sit down, more so against my panties. Again I groan and lather myself up with escort aksaray shaving cream then began to slowly shave away the hair. My fingers teasing my folds as I moved and tugged on them to make sure I got every last bit of hair. My legs were shaking so bad as my body was on fire, the heat from the water adding to my excitement. Finally I was completely bare, my fingers tracing my folds satisfied with how smooth I was, one circled my clit bringing back the need, the reason I brought my toy to the shower with me in the first place.

I reach for it, turning, putting my back against the wall as I slide down, my knees bending. The hot water beating down on my exposed clit, as I slowly rub myself, then I stick a finger into my warm wetness. I groan again, louder this time and relish in the fact I could cry out as loud as I needed to. I bring the head of my toy to my entrance and slowly apply pressure. As it stretched me I cried out softly, from the pain. The big head larger then my fingers as it slowly entered me, I imagined it was you pressing my back kağıthane escort against the wet shower wall. That it was you squeezing my bare breast as I begin to move the toy inside me…

I cry out and move it faster, my other hand moving to my swollen clit, rubbing furiously as the pace of my toy speeds up. Groaning over and over again as I thrust my hips against the toy, my legs shaking so hard I can barely stand anymore. I sink down to the floor of the shower on my knees, the water pouring over my head and back as I lean forward my hand grasping the toy in me and forcing it harder in me. My hips rising as I rock back and forth on my knees fucking myself harder and harder. My cries and moans echoing through out the shower stall, becoming high pitched as I close my eyes tightly feeling as if I’ll explode. With one last thrust inside I scream out and I feel my body tear apart mentally, convulsing on the floor of the shower as I ride wave after wave of orgasm. Slowly I remove the toy and lay there slumped over, catching my breath. When I felt I was able I stand I shut off the water, grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my wet hair before I stepped out of the shower. A slow smile plays across my satisfied face as I realize what email I’m going to be sending you next.

Hope you had a good lunch, I did 😉

Love you,

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