The Shovel Guy

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In the winter months my landscaping business becomes a snow clearing service. I don’t actually do much of the work myself but I do man the phones, send the guys wherever they need to go and try to keep the customers happy.

This winter we’ve only had three storms so far and business has been slow. Earlier this week we were due to get snow and the clients were all calling ahead of time to make sure they were on the schedule.

The last two storms were at the weekend and nobody cares too much what time we show up if they don’t have to handle school runs and commuting.

We juggled things around as best we could to try and keep everybody satisfied. We make sure the tough driveways with steep gradients are well taken care of ahead of the easier ones and generally offer assurance that we will eventually get to everybody. Sometimes it means going out twice. It also depends on the storm window and almost inevitably we’re starting before the snow has finished. This was one such occasion.

The lady in question had called the office to make sure she was on our schedule. She needed to be out early in the morning. Her Mercedes rear wheel drive wasn’t good on snow and she really hoped we could help. One of my guys cleared her driveway at about 6am.

The snow kept falling and at 8am she called again to ask if we could come back. In her thoughts there was no way she could get the car out on the two inches of loose powder that had fallen since we’d last been. She pointed out that the snow wasn’t going to stop any time soon. I noted her address and number and cast my mind back to summer. If I had the right recollection she was well worth my personal attention.

Besides, all the crews were off and working, the phones were pretty quiet. I switched the telephone line over to the answer mode. There isn’t a plough on the truck I was taking so I grabbed two shovels and four bags of rock salt and headed out.

I parked on the street, not wanting to compress the snow on her driveway. I rang the doorbell. A stunning brunette answered the door, dressed in pajamas. She was about 28 years old, about 5’7”, gorgeous blue eyes. Her hair was clipped to the top of her head. I could see the curves of her tits and the shadowy outline of her nipples clearly through the thin white top of her pajamas. A very shapely figure propped one foot on top of the other keeping one bare foot off the cold marble floor in the her foyer. This had the effect of accentuating the gorgeous curves between her waist and hips and especially when she switched feet.

I started to explain who I was but she’d figured that out already “the shovel gives you away.” She had a gorgeous smile and a flirtatious twinkle in her eye. Wow!

“I thought you’d wait ‘til the snow finished.” She added.

I told her I could have but thought she needed to get out and on the road.

“I made arrangements to stay home.” She responded.

Now I wondered what all the fuss was about, if she’d told me that earlier I could have added her to the bahis firmaları end of the list for the crew. I suggested that I could come back later.

“How about a cup of coffee?”

“Sure.” I accepted.

She turned to walk inside and I followed. She had a superb ass, all in all a fantastic looking woman. I closed the door and followed her to the kitchen, she asked how I like my coffee and started pouring. She gestured me to sit down at the table. She asked how busy we were, she asked if I was the owner, she recalled seeing me a few times on the landscaping crew in summer. I removed my hat, and confirmed her suspicions. She said she thought it was me on the phone when she called in. Everybody else seemed to be a Mexican so she figured she’d got the right guy!

When the small talk was over she came right out with it….”Would you like to hang out and fuck until the snow ends?”

I nearly lost a mouthful of coffee but managed to maintain some composure. I put the cup down, stood and walked towards her with some dumb expression on my face. We kissed passionately, my cock began straining against her hip and she pushed back lifting her right leg around my left, opening herself and pulling me closer. She dragged me into her, she seemed very hungry for this and she felt very good in my arms.

Eventually she broke our kiss, held on to my hand and led me to the bedroom, she quickly stripped off the pajamas and walked into the bathroom, the shower started and called to me “I’ll be in here if you care to join me.”

I hurried out of three layers but by the time I got naked and entered the bathroom, she was already in the shower and steam was rising, I opened the door and stepped in. Her body was way more than the discreet promise her pajamas had revealed. She was utterly flawless in shape, form and proportion. Gentle curve met gentle curve of soft tan skin. The kiss began where we’d left off in the kitchen. The steaming cascade left us both with closed eyes and wandering hands. She pressed ‘pause’ (that’s a button right in the middle of my chest) and found two bars of soap, one she handed to me and we began to caress and wash each other sensuously yet vigorously.

Her foot came up to the side step offering me access to her sex. I gladly accepted. I worked her tits and ass for a while, she lathered my hardening cock. My left hand came down to her very neatly trimmed pussy. It was easily entered with my middle finger as my palm flattened against her mound. As I massaged her clit the middle finger on my right hand slowly penetrated her back door. Her head dropped against my chest and she started sucking and nibbling my nipples, the hand on my cock barely moved now as her pelvis thrust forward and back against my fingers. I could feel her weaken as an orgasm ripped through her. I pinched her lightly between ass and pussy as she slowly came down. She quivered and relaxed weak kneed against the tiled wall. She looked up at me, grabbed my face between her hands and kissed me “thank-you, I needed that.” I was still somewhat dumbstruck kaçak iddaa so there was no great reply from me, just a simple “my pleasure” followed by some deep lip locking. Her hand drifted back to my cock and her head followed

She licked and sucked as the water cascaded over us. She was very hungry for cock. She gazed up at me, paused, caught my eye and gave one deep long stroke that had my cock tickle the back of her throat. She held it there and I knew she could take more if she wanted to.

Showing me that and slowly releasing my cock was enough for her. She administered a loud, wet slap on my butt as she stood and rotated away from me.

She washed herself all over, shampooed and rinsed. One more kiss and we were stepping out. We took little time toweling each other off. I followed her lead and dropped a towel on the bathroom floor. She led me to the bed, she lay back and spread her legs, she looked at me, then at her mound, inviting me to eat what was an amazingly beautiful and delicious pussy. I ate her to an orgasm. The more I sucked the better she tasted and the more she flowed the more I swallowed. I sucked and licked her pussy, I pulled her lips into my mouth and sucked hard. I circled and sucked on her clit and hooked a finger deep inside her, pressing against it with the flat palm of my other hand. In minutes she was bucking and screaming through an earth shattering climax. My cock demanded it’s own piece of the action.

She unwound from her second orgasm and invited me up to kiss her, she certainly had no hesitation in letting me know what she wanted, she sucked herself from my mouth and delighted in her own taste. She lingered on my lips and chin, sucking my tongue and swirling her own around it as I pulled her deeper into me. She urged me higher, my cock found it’s own angle as she opened her mouth to receive it, first sliding it across each nipple and watching it as she moved it around like a joy stick. She dipped her head to flick at it with her tongue, she planted long soft kisses on the head and sucked the pre-cum from my slit.

She sucked the head in and flicked her tongue across and around it in alternatively fast and slow motion. She gazed into my eyes to judge my response to each move she made. She nibbled and kissed, licked along the shaft, sucked on each of my balls as she cupped my sack, finally she held my cock firmly against her cheek and pressed a finger against my ass.

She directed me lower by tugging my cock away from her mouth. She held my head against her breasts making it absolutely clear that I was expected to linger and suckle her breasts and nipples. I did until her moans and movements had me slide further down. Her hand reached for my cock. She slid the head against her sex and I entered her tight wet sex slowly.

She opened to me as I held myself above her, sinking slowly further inside with each tight, deliciously gripping stroke as my back bent forwards and my head dipped to suck and flick her nipples some more.

I began fucking her harder, she grabbed on to my ass kaçak bahis and pulled me in hard, she vocalized her demands that I fuck her hard and I did. I swear I almost saw a tear and decided against questioning it. I felt my own orgasm approaching. I stopped and pulled out. I hovered above her briefly and stared into those deep, lost eyes. She exclaimed her annoyance, pushed me onto my back, straddled me and sunk herself back onto my cock. All the way down. Our pubic bones were hard against one another, her juice trickled over my balls as a squelching, slow, deep fuck began. She leaned back and slammed down harder, feeling me rise up to meet her she cried out “fuck yes, cum inside me.”

I thrust into her as she bottomed out on my shaft. I felt myself swelling, pumping as if ready to burst. She controlled how much she got and she wanted it all. She jerked forward and stared me in the eyes “will you eat me if I let you cum in me?”…… she had me at that point where I’d agree to anything. I nodded “yes” and she tightened around me and had me exploding a huge load inside her.

She kept milking me, spasm after spasm shot threw me, my head spun, my body shook beyond me. Shot after shot, her perfectly timed contractions squeezing every drop at the perfect moment. I came hard and relaxed slowly.

She watched me. Smiling as she enjoyed the changing expressions on my face. Slowly she leaned forward, she whispered to me “tell me when you’re ready”… I asked her to give me a few minutes…. to let me find the feeling again. She waited, kept herself tight around me and with the thought that a promise is a promise, I rolled us over together.

My cock slipped out of her as I slid down the length of her body. No time for second thoughts, I clamped my mouth to her sex and started licking and sucking. It was all good. In moments she exclaimed her good feelings “sexy” was the word she used first, she writhed beneath me, “very fucking sexy.” My hands wandered up and cupped her breasts, I flicked her nipples between thumbs and index fingers. “Oh yeah, right there, so hot, fuck yeah.” I swallowed at just the right moments, when her breath was out, when she was ready to shriek as she inhaled, my sounds, her sounds, her feelings took her away and she enjoyed another delicious head tossing orgasm.

As she came down I slowed my sucking and licking. I moved back to her face and we shared a delicious, wet, juice filled kiss. Our tongues danced, we both swallowed and licked.

The storm was over, she thanked me and I thanked her. We told each other how good it had been. She asked if I’d be back.

I told her what I still know to be true; it all depends on the weather.

She knew what it meant. She left for the bathroom, this time closing the door.

I shoveled the driveway, spread the rock salt and went back to the day. If we needed a feeling, we’d found it. If we needed peace, we’d shared it, however temporary it was. If we needed a final memory of us together, we’d created one so vivid and we’d confirmed the knowledge that it never was so good as it was with us.

Sometimes we regret what didn’t work when so much of it did. It’s not always so simple to weigh the good versus the bad or to focus on the positive. I’ll keep shoveling until I figure it out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32