The Shock of Recognition

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It was Susan! — I mean Mark’s wife, Susan — standing there in the middle of the room talking to Tad! I was sure of it even though she had rinsed her naturally red hair an awful shade and had sunglasses on. What was she doing here in the big city so far from the little college town where Mark and I served on the faculty? And more than that, what was she doing at an orgy?

I had been traveling to these sex parties every three months or so for a couple of years. They were strictly heterosexual and primarily for couples, but single women came free and a few very desirable single men were allowed to participate for a hefty fee. Reality, not political correctness, rules in these things.

I looked around but Mark was nowhere to be seen. Not surprising, seeing as how he was the leader of the campus inter-faith organization and one of the most repressed people I had ever met. As I was still getting over the shock, Tad, the evening’s MC, stepped up to the front of the room with Susan’s hand in his and announced that the evening’s only initiation of a first-timer was about to begin.

“This lovely newcomer has consented to be the prize in our voyeur’s session raffle which will take place in thirty minutes. Buy those tickets now!”

This was a regular feature of these shindigs and one that I always looked forward to. One attendee, often a newcomer or one that was more alluring than the others, was raffled off and the lucky winner (guy or gal, depending) got to bed her (or him, depending) in the middle of the floor while the rest of us watched. Call me devious, but as soon as I heard the announcement I began thinking of the best way to cheat.

I had lusted after Susan since we first met at a faculty forum and I wanted this chance! Tad was a buddy and owed me for a lot of favors that I had done him in grad school. I took him aside as soon as I had an opportunity and explained my need. It wasn’t difficult. Tad’s a climber and is always willing to grease the skids when he sees a chance to score. He made no secret that he was anxious to get out from under his obligations to me — and even to put me into his debt for a change — so he willingly agreed to fix the raffle.

I wasn’t surprised to see that the blindfolded girl with the small, firm, and very bare tits who pulled the winning ticket out was Tad’s assistant at the office and his devoted sex slave. They had entertained the guests more than once with their Master and Slave act and it was obvious that it was real. She would do anything he told her to do.

When it was over and I had “won,” I went to another room, took off my clothes and put on a robe. After that, I deliberately stayed in the dimmer recesses of the room and waited for my cue. Susan was led to the center where the light was bright from an overhead spot. Two of the other women began slowly to strip her clothes from her revealing her legs, her high firm, medium-sized breasts and finally, with Alanya Escort the removal of the final garment, her thick reddish bush. It was her ass that I looked at. The ass that I had gazed at every time the opportunity presented itself at parties and dinners and faculty functions, the ass that turned heads when she walked down the street it tight jeans or a snug skirt. It was smooth and generous, high with the tautness of youth and round with near-perfect voluptuousness. The two globes sat snuggly together with a tempting crease between and sat impertinently atop the softness of her long, round thighs. Taken all together, she was everything that I wanted and seemed to be deliberately put together to drive me crazy with desire.

The women attendants stayed by her side, caressing her voluptuously although I thought I saw signs of discomfort on Susan’s face. Those who weren’t acquainted with her probably didn’t notice. The women brushed their hands across her breasts, paused, kneaded and felt her nipples boldly. They stroked her thighs. They even allowed their fingers to trail through the thin hair between her thighs. At last they took her hands and lowered her onto her back on the floor.

“Will our winner come forward please?” Tad prompted.

I walked out of the shadows, slipped the robe off and stood there naked, pleased at the murmurs of appreciation from the women in the room. I looked down at Susan on the floor. She gave no sign of recognition and I knew that her eyes must be closed behind the dark glasses. I knelt, my knees on either side of her waist, and settled onto her thighs. She stiffened and her head rolled to left and right but she made no sound or protest. Finally, she turned her face to me and saw me for the first time. Her mouth opened in a soft gasp of recognition but she said nothing.

I brushed my knuckles over her breasts, riffling her stiff pink nipples. I caressed her shoulders and ran my hands down her sides till they were under her glorious ass. I lifted her and squeezed her cheeks, then let her down again. I bent forward and, without a word, kissed her hard and deep. She hesitated for only an instant, then opened her mouth and accepted my tongue willingly. Carefully, I shifted my weight to one knee and pushed her legs apart. I settled myself between her sleek, athletic thighs and without waiting, slipped into her already-wet cunt. She sighed deeply and embraced my shoulders. Her pelvis rose to meet mine.

I fucked her slowly for several minutes, listening to the sighs, murmurs and comments from the others who were watching our every move. She responded eagerly, her face flushing with the heat of excitement. Her cunt was well lubricated and slid easily up and down my shaft. I realized with satisfaction that she had wanted me as much as I had wanted her.

After she settled in with my rhythm, I increased the tempo and brought her to a minor orgasm — as Alanya Escort Bayan much as was possible for her, and surprising considering the newness of the situation in which she found herself. I continued at a slower pace and felt her begin to melt into me again. Then I withdrew and arched my body to her face. I pressed my cock to her lips and she took it with no hesitation art all. She sucked strongly and I came on her face as the sounds from the spectators grew with appreciation.

I looked down when it was over and saw her pretty face streaked and splattered with my semen. She was breathing hard and looking up through her shades at me. She smiled and ran her tongue around her lips. I scooped up more on my fingers and she obediently sucked them clean, caressing my hand and cock as she did.

“I loved that!” she whispered.

“See you later,” I replied.

I saw her with two other men that night. One, a middle-aged business type, stood behind her with his erection in the crack of her ass while he felt her up. He came, sending a small rivulet of pearly come down her thigh. The other, an athletic-looking stud, fucked her hard and fast on the sofa while two other couples watched appreciatively. When he collapsed on top of her, she peered over his shoulder and made eye contact with me, smiling contentedly. When they were finished, one of the women leaned in and kissed Susan hard on the mouth. I noticed that she returned the kiss with some enthusiasm.

She seemed to revel in the sex and love every minute of it. I finished the evening with Kristen, a tall, voluptuous and very genuine Scandinavian blonde who was one of my favorite partners. Kristen had a soft cushiony body and the texture of her skin was like warm velvet. Her tits were double handfuls and she was an expert at fellatio. I was soon drained by her practiced lips.

Later Susan and I sat on the same sofa where I had watched her before, exhausted, and drank hot cocoa (really!). We were both fresh from the shower and had on long, snug terrycloth robes. She was a bit shy, now that we were talking as if we were at a faculty party. She pulled her robe around her and smiled.

“I was glad you won the raffle,” she said. So I told her that I had bribed my way into winning and she laughed. “I figured! I’ve known that you’ve wanted to — to get together with me for a while now. A girl can always tell.”

“I don’t remember making a secret of it.”

“No. But you flirt very quietly — and very well!”

“How did you find out about this little organization?”

“From you, actually. I went snooping in your bedroom during your Christmas cocktail party. I found the letter inviting you here and sent off my own inquiry and here I am!”

“Good. Now can I see you when we get back, or — are you going back?” It was as close as I came to asking about her domestic arrangement.

“Oh, sure! In fact, I hope we’ll Escort Alanya see each other often,” she replied. She continued when she saw the question in my eyes. “I’m supposed to be at my sister’s cabin in Maine — no phone or e-mail.”

“There’s still danger.”

“There’s always danger — I hope.” She smiled and that was all we needed to clarify her situation.

“I should tell you something,” I said after a moment. “I really get a kick out of having other men’s wives. That’s one of the main reasons I come here. A lot of the “single” women are merely unaccompanied — like you. I just thought you ought to know that about me before we begin any sort of arrangement.”

“That’s OK. You can call me anytime you feel that urge.” Her hand found mine and caressed softly. “I’d love to be your occasional companion or your affaire du jour — or your slut or your slave — or whatever you desire at the time. Just — make it interesting, that’s all I ask.”

My heart skipped a beat but I managed to hide my response. “Next time, wear your rings,” I said.


We sipped our cocoa for a few minutes in silence. Then she leaned against me and asked, “Are you completely exhausted?”

“Well . . .” I started.

“Because,” — She drew her hand from the pocket of her robe and slipped her wedding rings on her finger. — ” I’d really love to — well, anything you want to do again — before we have to go.”

I felt myself stir. She slipped to the floor between my legs and smiled up at me. Her hand had found my flaccid member and was slowly stoking the fires within it. I prayed that Kristen had left me something — anything — to make one last effort with. I felt it grow a little.

“M-m! We’re making progress!” Susan whispered. “I think I know just what to do now.” She dipped her head and soon I was at full mast and aching for her. I drew her up from between my knees by her elbows and laid her on the couch. Her eyes grew big when she realized that she was not going to do all the work. She opened her legs eagerly and pulled me down by the hips. She reached between us and guided me into her hot pussy, her eyes glowed into mine with perfect lust and appreciation. Her ankles locked behind my back. I got my knees beneath me, gripped a double handful of her soft, springy bottom and began fucking her with long, slow thrusts.

We made love slowly and intensely. She held my face in both hands and licked it with broad strokes of her tongue. Her lips slid onto mine and her tongue thrust into my mouth with urgency. She uttered little mewing sounds and I knew then that nothing in the evening had touched her inner depths — that I was about to do so. Her fingers dug into my buttocks and she held me fast while she rotated her pelvis, grinding against me, seeking her orgasm. I held still and let her satisfy herself. “Oh, God!” she cried softly, “Oh, please! Please!!” Finally she caught her breath, held it as she arched off of the sofa against me, then let it out in a rush and fell back against the cushions. I slid slowly in and out of her as she lay quietly beneath me until I spilled my last load deep inside her. I held her close for a time. Then we rose and went to the showers again.

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