The Shared Ride Ch. 4

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I slumped back in my chair behind my desk and my cock was still twitching a little and the sperm was leaking out of the end into Pt’s panties when the buzzer of the intercom brought me to my senses.

My secretary said Max and company was here. Should she bring them in?

I said give me a moment.

I straightened my clothing and put my cock away to rest and then went to the door of my office and opened it to greet my newest investors.

As I opened the door I saw the longest pair of perfectly shaped legs wrapped in black stockings and a short tight skirt with sling back heels on long slender feet sitting on the chair in the outer office.

My secretary with a grin on her face said this is Maxine and co.

I AM SOOO Glad TO MEET YOU I said like a schoolboy.

As Max stood up, my eyes followed her shapely body as I eyed her she accentuated her pose and on top of all the goodies I had already surveyed I noticed she was a beautiful redhead with piercing green eyes.

Shall we go into my office?

As we entered the office I grabbed the large chair and moved it to right in front of my desk.(for a better view)

I asked Max if I could take her jacket so we could start working right away.

No Max said that’s for later.

As she sat down and I crossed over to my side of the desk Max crossed her legs and I had the perfect view. She leaned back in the chair and commented how comfortable the chair was.

She said she just got in from Phoenix and it was a long flight and cab ride.

I told her if she wanted she could freshen up in my lounge and then we could start or maybe we could meet the next day.

Well if I could maybe I will freshen up.

Great I said I would leave for a while. Give me a call when you are ready.

I went out by my secretary and closed the door.

My secretary was still smiling when I walked to her desk.

She said you should have seen the look on your face, That Max has some body on her and is she good looking I could go for her myself.

I would love to see that.

It would cost you big time she said.

Kiddingly I reached for my wallet and said how much.

She winked at me and said we’ll discuss it later after the deal goes through maybe it will be our bonuses.

Do you think she would go for that I asked?

Well I’m not really sure but she troughs off the signs that maybe she goes both ways.

And how would you know that I asked?

I get around to a lot of clubs and see a lot of signs in her that I see in the clubs.

Like what I asked?

Well she sure shows a lot of leg and crossed her legs with a token beaver shot for my benefit which I might add I really enjoyed I just wish she had something a little lighter on so I could have seen her snatch.

What else I asked?

She sat on there and was dangling her shoe and took one off and was staring at my tits and licking her lips.

Man I said I didn’t know you were into the lez scene.

I not really. I really like both, sometimes at the same time.

Okay knock it off your getting me horny and I might make you pay.

Not until the deal goes through I said and then I will fuck your brains out Ann said.

I heard the door of my office open and Max said she was ready.

I winked at my secretary and blew her a kiss and proceeded to my office.

As I approached the office I could see Max was just out of sight all except for I leg and foot hanging from the side of the chair.

I also noticed she didn’t have her stockings on.

The creaminess of her calf and the smoothness of her foot told me she really took care of herself and I couldn’t wait to get around the desk to my chair it was right in front of her and I could see her legs all I want to.

As I approached the side of the chair those legs just kept coming and she was bare foot too as I rounded the corner of my desk there sat Max her skirt very high on he thigh bare legged and bare foot.

I looked into those green eyes.

She said I decided to get a little more comfortable if you don’t mind do you?

As I sat down I stared at her velvety skin on her legs and thighs and said not in the least

In fact you can get as comfortable as you want.

Does that mean to take more off? Max asked

That is up to you I said and hoped she would take it all off.

Okay Max said and crossed her legs so she could reach her brief case. When she leaned over to pull the case near to her, her skirt rode up her thigh exposing the white creamy cheek of her ass.

I could feel my dick getting stiff again.

As we worked on the proposal I got up and walked around to where Max was sitting I could smell the sweetness of her perfume and almost taste her.

After what seemed like forever we had most of the details ironed out and she was beginning to show her jet lag.

I asked Max if she had a hotel yet.

Max said she had left in such a hurry she didn’t have time to make a reservation.

I said no problem that I had plenty of room at my apt I just had to call home and tell ankara escort my wife.

Oh Max said sounding a bit disappointed.

Hey no problem Tia is real liberal I can sleep between the two of you.


Max didn’t seem to object to what I said. In fact she replied sounds great. (Ann my secretary was right.)

Then all of a sudden I thought about Pt riding home with me and Phil still there with my wife.

As I was reaching for the phone it rang and Pt was on the other end.

Pt said I am glad I caught you before you got to the garage, listen Phil called and is meeting me for dinner and a show.

Hey that sounds great

So did you miss me today She asked?

Yes I did and I even used you little gift from this morning.

Pt giggled and said stop I’m blushing and getting horny.

Have you been bareassed all day?

Yes all day.

I saw a curious look on Max’s face after I asked the question.

Hey Pt I will see you in the am you have a good time and be as naughty as you want.

Be sure to tell me about it tomorrow and hung up.

I could tell Max was really curious now.

I dialed the apartment and Tia answered.

I said hi. Hey you wouldn’t mind if I brought a beautiful woman home to spend the night would you.

Tia said are you kidding?

No I said I really want you to meet Max, I know you will like her, She is our new investor in the business.

Just say yes when I ask you the question Tia said.


Is she good looking?


Does she turn you on?


Could I turn her on, and have her for dinner?

I think so

Could we both have her tonight?

Ann and I think so.

Okay hurry home I can’t wait. I think I I’ll get started now.

Okay we have some more to do and we will be there.

Hanging up the phone I turned and Max had taken off her jacket and under her silk blouse was the most beautiful set of tits wrapped in a lace bra.

As Max walked over to the desk with her tits jiggling under her blouse I noticed what I thought were rings on her nipples.

See I told you the jacket would come off later

Do you like what you see she asked in a teasing manor.

I would be a damn fool or gay not to and I would love to see all of you.

I can tell, you are getting a hardon.

You might see the rest but not yet and not here I don’t mix business with pleasure.

Then why don’t we call it a day, and get to the pleasure.

Sounds great lets go!

Max asked again if it were all right for her to go home with me?

Max had a lot of questions and most of them were about Tia.

What did she look like, How big was she, did she have a good body, and DID SHE LIKE SEX? Did she like woman or men?

As we got into the car after reaching the garage I watched those long bare legs slide into the leather of the seat and her skirt rode high on her thigh almost to her panties (if she had any on)

As I walked around the car I had a vision of my head buried in between Max’s thighs and eating her until she screamed in an orgasm and passed out. I felt my dick getting stiff again.

I opened my door and was about to get in the car and noticed Max had her shoes and her jacket off again. There she sat in and her white silky blouse and short skirt almost up to her ass.(WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT).

We started out of the garage and Max looked as if she were ready to sleep.

I said why don’t you put the seat back and take a nap we have about a two hour ride.

Can I trust you? she said

It’s a little late for that you are already captured.

I cant sleep when I am dressed it very uncomfortable she said I really don’t like clothes and I am part exhibitionist by nature.

Good then you could take off your clothes I said.

Does your wife ride naked for you?

My wife does everything for me. She is an exhibitionist also.

As she started to unbutton her blouse Max said it looks as though I can have some fun.

As she reached the last button she said your not going to have an accident if I do this are you?

Finish stripping and you’ll find out I said.

As she took off the blouse it revealed a lace bra holding a gorgeous set of tits.

I asked her if her nipples were pierced.

Max said your really observant yes they are would you like to see?

Yes I said.

Well you will have to wait I am not sure I want to ride naked with that hardon of your’s so close I don’t know if I trust my self.

Hey you stopped! I said.

Max said that she liked to tease.

Well tease some more.

Max reached around her back and undid the zipper of her skirt and slid it down her long bare legs.

Max looked horny as she sat there in her bra, and panties, with her long bare legs and, the panty strap going over her left hip

I gazed at her and made a mental image of the sleekness of her body the points.

Of her tits straining at the cups of the bra, the smoothness of the skin on her side, the leanness of her ankara escort bayan thigh all the way down to her feet which were neatly pedicure and the nails were painted a slight pink.

Well why don’t you take the rest off your starting to drive me nuts.

I know as she hooked a finger in to her bra strap and slides it down her shoulder,

I can see your dick starting to stand, why don’t you let the bad boy out.

Max reached to the other strap and slid it down her arm.

Sitting there with the cups of her bra just barely covering her great tits she giggled a little bit and said if I take it off you take him out. Okay?

I unzipped my fly.

Max reached to the front of the bra and undid the clasp and released two perfect tits.

I could not resist I had to put on the light to see them.

The slope from her upper chest down toward the nipple was perfect and went to two perfect pouty aureoles, The nipples were so perfect they looked as though they came out of a magazine.The nipples themselves were full and pushed out by the two rings passing through the nipple just before the auriola, suspended from the rings were two good size diamonds.

Okay she said your turn.

I reached into my pants and had a little bit of a hard time getting hm out as he was stiff as a board and oozing a little bit of pre cum.

Max said leave the light on. I want to see the bad boy.

She leaned over toward my side and got so close I could feel her warm breath on the head of my cock, Max stuck out her tongue and swabbed the pre cum off the tip and then sat up I sighed.

Don’t be in such a hurry she said we got all night.

As I sat there driving with a raging hardon I looked at her and drank in her beauty and just got hotter.

She said okay little boy are you ready for the rest? With that she snapped the strings on her panties and slipped them off her crotch.

After she had them off her crotch she swung around in the seat and spread her legs so I could get a good look at her hairless cunt that had a little moisture on the outer lips.

Well now that your naked are you going to take a nap or, help me out before I get blue balls.

Max flipped around and I could feel her breath on my ear as she licked my ear and began to nibble on the lobe, her hand was now on the tip of my cock feeling for some more pre cum.

She stroked the tip of my cock.

And smearing the pre cum around the head getting it real slick.

As she began to slide her hand up and down the shaft.

Gliding over the bulbus head and rotating her thumb around the crown .

Sliding her forefinger around the underside,

She really knew how to give a hand job the fact that she was nude and had a body to kill for. Had nothing to do with the fact I could feel my load starting to build up and all of a sudden Max stopped dead and slid over in the seat. And said put the light out.

I said please don’t stop now I am soo close and this load is a heavy one.

We better stop now or that cop is going to ask some funny questions when he stops us.

And I don’t want to give him a show right now Max said.

I looked in the mirror and could see the cop was trailing me so I continued along as Max was trying to put on her blouse and skirt without being to obvious.

As we approached the parkway his lights went on and I pulled over, covering my cock with my jacket.

As we pulled over the cop put on every single light and flooded my car even though it has window tint the car was light up like a christmas tree

By this time Max had at least gotten her skirt and blouse on and sat there she looked pretty sexy bare legged and bare foot and her blouse unbuttoned half way down.

As the cop approached I lowered the window and said can I help you officer?

Are you all right I noticed you were weaving a little bit just wanted to check.

Well we were talking and I guess I caught up in the conversation.

As the cop moved around to the door he looked in the car and saw Max sitting there with silky blouse no bra, short skirt up to her ass and bare foot and her panties on the seat next to her.

The officer said well I can see you folks are fine and having a good time but I do have to ask have you been drinking tonight?

No honest officer.

As he looked at Max he said Well I am giving you a warning for now you be careful and wait till you get home for the next conversation.

Thanks officer.

I rolled up the window and put out the light signaled and got back on the highway.

Max started to laugh and seemed to be turned more than before.

As we rolled up to the toll booth she was taking her blouse off again as I left the toll booth Max was working on the skirt and was beautifully naked again.

Max reclined the seat back, and began to stroke and caress her body from her neck down. Moving over her shoulder, and along the sides of her breasts. Stroking down to her nipples and tugged on her rings. I watched as her nipples extended about an inch and a half as she continued escort ankara to stroke and pet herself and draw little tiny circles on her flat belly working down toward her perfect pussy.

By now she had spread her pussy lips and was stroking the entire length of her pussy lips and rub her clit in little circles. She would stroke the entire length, and insert one long finger into her love hole, and use her thumb to work her clit almost in one smooth stroke.

Don’t you wish you were over here right now?

You bet I do

Can you feel the heat of my pussy on your lips and in your hand she taunted.

Max started to cum she was thrashing and moaning and breathing like she was drowning she gurgled and hissed and convulsed.

After she released her grip on her pussy she said good night and lay there naked for the rest of the ride home.

Each toll plaza I came to I made sure I went to the booth with a guy and turned on the light for them to get a peek at my cargo naked and sprawled an the seat next to me.

As we were getting close to the apartment I reached over and rubbed her tits a little and gave her nipple rings a little tug

Max opened her eyes and said is that the best you can do?

I said we are almost to my place are you gonna get dressed?

Do I have to she asked?

No if you want to walk from the garage to the apartment Naked its okay with me.

I was hoping she would.

Good I will do that

Do you think your wife will mind a naked woman at her front door?

I don’t think so I think she is looking forward to it in fact she might be naked herself, would you mind that?

Hell no bring her on then we can both strip you.

I think I will call her so you can talk to her.

Okay Max said.

When Tia answered she asked where are you I am really horny thinking of you two out there.

What are you wearing right now I asked

Nothing except my open backed slippers the ones you like.

Max said hi. It sounds great.

Tia said and what are you wearing?

Max giggled and said nothing.

Tia said he really likes that he must really be turned on.

Infact his turned on to about 9 inches or so.

I wish I was in the car with you

I Can’t wait hurry before I finish by my self.

I hung up.

I didn’t believe Max would walk to the apartment nude but when we got out of the car she gave me all of her clothes, shoes and purse and walked in front of me.

As she walked I watched her ass jiggle and her legs flex and I got a hardon.

I told her where to go as we got close and I said was going to stand back and let her ring the bell.

After she rang the bell she stood there right in front of the door naked as could be and a big smile on her face.

When Tia opened the door she was just as naked and smiling like the cat that ate the pussy.

Come on in she hugged Max and put her arm around Maxes waist gently stroking her ass and squuezing Max’s tit as they walked into the apartment.

When Tia answered the door naked and I saw both her and Max naked together I almost shot my load right then and there. Their asses were almost Identical round and smooth their legs were long and tapered as if molded by a sculpture their skin looked soft yet pliant this was a dream cum true.

I followed them in and placed Maxes clothes on the chair in the hall I didn’t think she would need them for the rest of the night, and I couldn’t wait to get out of my clothes.

As I entered the hallway both woman grabbed an arm and got real close to me and ushered me toward the bedroom and I said wait I didn’t have anything to eat yet.

We’ve got plenty for you to eat in fact lay down on the bed dinner is served hungry man

As I laid down the girls began to get my clothes off and as they twisted and turned I was loving every movement of Tia’s tits and her nipple rings I noticed that the ends of her nipples had diamonds sticking ot of them (Phil must have done them today that was the sexiest thing I just had to touch them man they looked and felt great Max like them to and said she wanted to have hers done the same way .

As Tia finished striping me Max climbed to my side and then straddled me pushing her bald pussy right into my waiting mouth,

I spread the lips with my tongue.

As I poked and prodded until her monstrous clit peaked out from the folds it was so big it looked like a miniature penis I curled my tongue around her clit and sucked on it a little an gently tugged moving her clit back and forth.

I was eating Max and she was loving it and showing her gratitude began riding my face and grinding her cunt and ass down with every stoke. I quickly slipped my tongue from her pussy and swabbed her asshole, which made her jump a little

Max squealed she never had that done before and loved it.

I suddenly felt Tia’s warm breath on my balls.

And all of a sudden she engulfed the head of my cock and began to nurse the tip, and swabbing the head and took the entire length into her mouth and deep throating my Dick carefully stroking up and down on my cock I could feel my load of cum welling up my Dick head swelling and it started pumping and my cum spewed out of the end of my Dick and Tia was moaning that she was ready to cum. She had been finger fucking herself the whole time.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32