The Shared Kitty Club Pt. 02

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Karyn woke up first the next day, still feeling sated. She got up and slipped into the living room area so as to not bother Joe. When he finally woke up an hour later, Joe found Karyn watching TV and texting friends. The couple quickly showered and headed to a diner down the street that Jack had suggested for breakfast, not surprisingly, he and Jen were there finishing their meal.

“Hey guys!” Jen yelled across the dining room. Karyn led Joe over by the hand and the couples chatted until a table was available.

As Joe and Karyn sipped their coffee waiting for their food, Jack and Jen swung by on their way out. “See you at the club later,” Jen said, looking directly at Karyn. “Everything is all set for a fun night.”

Joe felt there was more meaning in that statement than met the eye, but just then the food came and he remembered how hungry he was and dug into his breakfast.

After breakfast, Joe and Karyn navigated some of the usual tourist spots across the city, enjoying some of the unique attractions. As they walked, Joe tried to get a feel for what Karyn was looking to get out of the evening ahead. For her part, Karyn remained vague in her answers when possible, but admitted that the ‘no intercourse’ rule from the night before was no longer in play. This of course made Joe happy as he was hoping to hook up with Jen again. Karyn did not say so, but Joe assumed she wanted to do the same with Jack.

They decided to have a big lunch with just a light meal for dinner so they would feel their best at the club. They found a fun outdoor cafe where they flirted and teased while they dined. The young waitress even commented on how fun it was to see a “more mature” couple being so playful. When she found out the pair had been married 30 years, she was floored. As the couple left, the waitress stopped Karyn and asked the secret. “Good sex” Karyn replied with a wink as she handed the woman a card for the club. For now, it was back to the hotel for a naked cuddle and nap. After a late dinner, it was back to the room to get ready for the evening.

“I talked to Jen while you were still napping, she’s going to swoop you up as soon as we get there,” Karyn told Joe while putting on her make-up.

“Oh? Ditching me that quick?” Joe teased. “You must have special plans.”

“Maybe,” she teased back. “I want to try something new.”

“Care to share?” Joe was intrigued.

“We’ll talk all about it later, but for now, it’s a surprise, I’m sure you’ll love it.” Karyn smiled broadly, stepped out of the bathroom and began to get dressed.

Joe watched as his wife slid on a lacey pair of thigh highs and matching bra. After, she slipped into a black mini dress, the hem not quite reaching the top of the thigh highs. After a spin and wag of her ass at her hubby, Karyn announced she was ready.

“Wow, smokin’ hot,” Joe exclaimed. And no worrying about finding your panties later!”

“Nope!” Karyn gave Joe a wicked smile.

The couple arrived at the club a few minutes later and true to Karyn’s “warning”, Jen took Joe by the arm and headed towards one of the private rooms.

“Not working tonight?” Joe asked.

“No, last night made me realize I need to play more often, are you disappointed?” She replied with a twinkle in her eye.

“Fuck no,” Joe responded.

“Good, I have a surprise waiting in the room, one of our two resident unicorns,” Jen smiled as she pinched Joe’s butt.

“What the heck is a unicorn?” Joe inquired.

“Well,” Jen explained, “in the lifestyle, a unicorn is an unattached woman. They are hard to find and some don’t think they exist, so they are called unicorns. I think you will like Julie. She was married at 20, found out he was a serial cheater and was divorced by 21. Ten years later, she found her way here and in the last couple of years has really been like a part of our family.”

“Unicorn? Hmmm, learn something new everyday,” Joe laughed before giving Jen a kiss.

As they entered the room, Jen introduced her friend Julie. Joe was astonished. Julie was one of the hottest women he had ever seen. She was a petite Asian woman. She had long dark hair and greeted the pair with a huge smile. She was wearing a black corset and matching thong. The outfit accentuated her firm tits, toned legs and small, tight ass. Joe guessed that she was a c-cup, but on her small frame, they looked rather large.

“I think he approves,” Jen joked, “he’s speechless!” Now Joe, go sit on the couch, get comfortable and enjoy. Karyn told me about a fantasy you’ve had for years, it’s time you were able to experience it.“

Jen stripped down to a sexy black teddy and bent down to kiss Julie, easily a foot shorter. The teddy could barely contain Jen’s huge tits and her wide hips strained the small piece of material on her ass, causing each ass cheek to jiggle slightly as her lips locked with Julie’s.

Joe took off his pants and settled down into the couch, already hardening in anticipation as the women kissed. Quickly the kiss deepened, the pair ankara yabancı escort taking turns in taking the lead. As their arousal grew, their hands began exploring each other through the sexy fabrics they wore. Eventually, Julie freed Jen’s milky white globes from their sheer prison. Her large nipples hardened, expanding greatly and causing Joe’s erection to swell.

The women continued to explore one another. Joe sensed a familiarity between the women, he was sure that they had played together before. Jen loosened Julie’s corset just enough to free her tits. Her hard nipples were much smaller than Jen’s. Joe enjoyed the contrast of the small brown nipples pressed against Jen’s snowy white skin.

Without breaking the ever more urgent kiss, Julie slipped off her thong. Joe took in her muscular ass and legs as she slowly slid the small panty off. Next, Julie found the snaps on Jen’s teddy. As she undid the last one, the flaps sprung open revealing Jen’s freshly waxed pussy. As they moved, still embracing, Joe was able to enjoy the contrast of Jen’s smooth waxed pussy to the neatly trimmed, but thick dark bush Julie flashed.

The ladies broke their long kiss and dropped to their knees in front of Joe. Jen motioned for Joe to stand, then grabbed the waistband of his boxers and slid them down his leg and off his foot. The women looked up at Joe, smiling briefly, before resuming their kiss. Joe’s rod was aching as it tried to grow past its limit. He understood that he was to let things unfold and not try to lead the action and man, he was loving the show so far. He was hoping that Karyn had found some fun too.

The women broke their kiss, Jen lowered herself and began kissing Joe’s pulsating cock while Julie laid down on the couch next to them. Jen positioned Joe so that Julie had access to the underside of his hard rod and balls.

Joe’s cock ached as they slowly, so slowly, began to kiss his shaft. Once again he had the feeling that they had done this before. They worked as a team. As Julie would kiss from the tip to the base, Jen would go from the base to the tip. After what seemed forever, they would change direction, but always at the same measured pace. Joe squirmed. “Patience big boy,” Jen cood. “We wouldn’t want your biggest fantasy to be over too quickly, no would we?” Jen flashed a wicked smile at Joe before resuming her task.

As Jen returned to licking the topside of Joe’s raging tool, she set into a rhythm that matched Julie’s, each going up and down in choreographed precision. This new thrill drew a moan from Joe’s lips and a wide smile spread across his face. “No, no, we would not,” he replied.

The women continued for several minutes, sometimes in rhythm, other times in opposite directions. Julie also spent a good deal of time sucking Joe’s balls from below, one at a time, gently sucking one in, swirling her tongue around and releasing before taking the other. Joe looked down amazed at the beauty of the two women and the tenderness they were showing to his manhood.

With just a wink from Jen, Julie broke away from her task. As she stood, Jen told Joe to sit on the couch. The two women kissed again, this time it seemed deeper, more urgent to Joe. They continued kissing as they kneeled before Joe, holding his swollen cock in his hand. The women moved their kiss until just the tip of Joe’s cock was included in it, their tongues swirling together and around the glistening shaft. As the kiss broke, Julie, by Joe’s right hand, began stroking the steel hard rod while licking its tip lightly. Joe could feel her firm tits and small hard nipples press into his thigh as they busted out the top of her corset.

Jen began running her hand up and down Julie’s thighs and over her tight ass as Julie took Joe’s cock completely in her mouth and down her throat. When she had him fully, she playfully nuzzled her nose into Joe’s closely trimmed pubic hair. After a slight delay, Julie began to lustfully suck Joe’s pulsing member while Jen pulled her hair away to give Joe a full view.

As Julie bobbed up and down on Joe’s cock, swirling her tongue on the tip each time, Jen began sucking and licking Joe’s scrotum and balls. Jen gently sucked both balls in her mouth and flicked her tongue across the surface sending jolts of pleasure to Joe’s core. Just as he thought he was going to explode, she backed off, and kissed Julie before taking over Julie’s role in taking Joe’s cock deeply in her throat. Jen wrapped her hand around Joe’s shaft and began stroking and sucking in unison. Joe loved seeing her wedding band wrapped around his engorged tool, it reminded him of how horny he would get seeing Karyn’s ring wrapped around a big cock.

Meanwhile, Julie began suckling Jen’s huge tits, spending attention on her long, thick nipples drawing low moans from Jen’s throat. Joe loved seeing her dark complexion contrasting with Jen’s very pale tone. Julie broke away and moved back towards Joe. The two women now bahçelievler escort each took a side, licking down the soaked pole in unison. Joe knew that too much of this action would finish him quickly, but so did the women. Breaking the dual action, the women began taking turns deepthroating Joe’s aching pole. The women went faster and more urgently with each change. The friends encouraged one another, their dirty talk getting Joe back into his pleasure brain.

Joe knew he was past the point of no return, but held on as long as he was able. Sensing his impending orgasm, the women switched up again. They each began licking the tip of Joe’s cock, swirling their tongues in opposing directions. At the same time, Jen wrapped her hand around Joe’s cock, swelling for its final release, and stroked vigorously.

“OH! F-F-F-F-UCKkkk YEAH!” Joe bellowed as he let loose a powerful orgasm, built to its max from the uninterrupted attention of the two gorgeous women.

After the first two thick sprays spread out across their faces, the two women took turns accepting several shots of the salty cum into their mouths, saving it for a final kiss with Joe’s still pumping cock between them. The cum coated his cock, dripping down the shaft until Jen took it in her mouth, cleaning it all up. The women then kissed, smiling before moving up on the couch, smothering Joe with deep kisses and caresses.

After a quick cuddle, Julie pulled her thong back on and Jen helped her back into her corset. Joe gave her a kiss as she left, leaving Joe and Jen alone.

“Wow, she’s great, and so hot!” Joe exclaimed.

“She sure is, she’s always very popular when she is here, but always happy to do me a favor,” Jen replied. “She’s probably off to meet a couple of her friends in one of the other rooms.”

“Lucky friends,” Joe joked. “I wouldn’t mind playing with her sometime.”

“You mean ‘lucky me’ don’t you?” Jen said as she punched Joe. “After all, I’m not leaving!”

“VERY lucky me,” Joe responded before Jen straddled him on the couch, deeply kissing Joe like a long lost lover. It did not take long for his body to respond. Jen just smiled as she felt his cock grow and press against her vulva, kissing him even more passionately while Joe’s hands moved to her big, soft tits, her nipples aching as they hardened.

Joe began to roll one nipple, and then the next, between his thumb and finger pulling a soft moan from between Jen’s lips. He broke their kiss to take one into his mouth, sucking and flicking his tongue across her huge nipple. Jen shivered while she leaned back, fully offering Joe her sensitive pink bud.

After several minutes, Jen could take no more. She pulled away, leaned down and kissed Joe once more. As she reached down to guide his throbbing member into her hot, dripping slit, she whispered, “its been so long since I’ve played in my own club, you’ve woken something up in me again Joe, thank you!”

Joe felt the slick wet drops of sweet nectar dripping from Jen’s pussy as she lined up his aching tool to enter her. As she lowered herself onto his cock, he could feel the extreme heat within. Joe expected Jen to start slowly, but she was too excited to wait. She began riding him up and down at a tremendous pace, her large tits bouncing hypnotically. Joe was surprised at how worked up Jen had become. She was moaning, swearing and talking dirty. “Yes, finally, I’ve wanted you all day, wanted your dick in my pussy, f-f-f-uck!” She was inside her own head now, repeating herself over and over. Joe loved watching her big tits bouncing in front of his face as Jen continued to ride him as fast as she could.

Jen’s first orgasm surprised Joe in its intensity. Her legs were quivering, her hips began bucking. Just as she seemed to be coming down from her high, another rolled through her and another. Soon, Joe felt a gush of hot liquid pouring from Jen’s swollen cunt, running down his balls and into the sheet below. Jen slowed and then stopped, slowly grinding against Joe while she recovered.

After a couple of minutes, Jen stood, turned around, and lowered herself back onto Joe’s pulsating cock. Joe grabbed hold of her wide hips to steady her. Once fully impaled, Jen once again began to vigorously ride Joe. He loved watching her thick ass cheeks jiggle and bounce each time she bottomed out. He could also see Jen’s swollen and soaked lips wrapped around him, the sight made him swell to his limit.

Once again, Jen’s legs began to quiver as new orgasms rolled through her. Joe could feel her pussy contract around his rod as it tightened, “what a good fuck” he thought. Just then, Joe noticed the mirrors on the wall opposite. He could see Jen’s tits bouncing erratically and the look of ecstasy on her face as she continued to ride him hard. Joe looked back to watch Jen’s big ass just as she suddenly stopped, a loud “FUCK” slipped from her lips as her body jerked forward. As the most powerful orgasm of the night washed over balgat escort Jen, Joe’s cock popped out from the quick movement. This allowed Joe to see the second large gush pour out of Jen’s waxed pussy over his balls once again. This time, it was followed by several more, smaller rivlets of sweet pussy juice. Joe gathered some in his hand and lapped it up while Jen fell down next to him.

After Jen recovered, Joe whispered, “finish me,” and directed her on top of him again, this time face to face.

Jen once again directed Joe’s raging rod into her soaked smooth pussy. This time, she went slowly, squeezing Joe’s cock with every down stroke. Joe took her chin and pulled her to him. Quickly, their tongues were entangled in a deep, lustful kiss.

Joe was ready now, his kiss deepened, his hips began to roll in unison with Jen’s motion. “Give it to me lover,” Jen said with a smile just as Joe unloaded deep in her sugar walls. After the earlier blowjob, Joe didn’t have much cum, but what it lacked in volume was made up for in its extreme intensity. Joe grunted loudly as his balls squeezed over and over, confirming the sexual connection the two shared. At the same time, Joe hoped to hear a great story from Karyn’s night in the club.

After a long cuddle, Jen got up to grab some towels. “Jack and I were talking earlier. We’d like to make you two honorary members of the club. We also want you to stay with us when you visit so you don’t need a hotel. We were hoping this would entice you to come more often. We’ve never offered this before, but it’s true, you have re-awakened my desire Joe, I can’t thank you enough.”

“Wow, that’s a very generous offer,” Joe replied. “I’ll talk to Karyn about it later. Hopefully she had fun too and would want to take you up on it! But if we’re staying at your place, why do we need to come to the club?” Joe smiled and kissed Jen.

After getting dressed, the couple went out to the bar. Shortly after, Julie said her goodbyes and headed home. Soon, Karyn joined them. “I’m tired,” she said. “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

“So I’m not going to hear all about it?” Joe asked.

“No, I’m too tired, I’ll tell you in the morning, but it was great.” Karyn replied.

Back at the hotel, as they slipped into bed, Karyn smiled and said, “so I hear you liked Julie.” Joe just smiled and shook his head, “good night.”


The next morning Joe woke up first and slipped out of bed grabbing his phone to turn off the alarm. Karyn had fallen asleep quickly and he wanted her to recharge. They had paid for late check out so didn’t have to be out until 3 anyway. As he scrolled through his social media accounts, Joe noticed an email from Karyn came in around 4 in the morning, curious, he opened it.

The email had a video and was captioned “Enjoy the show, I sure enjoyed making it!” Joe quickly realized it was a video of Karyn’s adventure the night before. The video started as Karyn walked into one of the private rooms. She looked at the camera and said, “hey Joe, I asked Jack to video me trying something new tonight. I hope you’re having fun with Jen and Julie!”

The video started with Karyn on one of two couches getting to know a couple of guys who looked to be in their 50s. From the conversation, it seemed they were waiting for someone. After several minutes, another guy walked in shirtless. Joe could see that he was tall, lean and muscular, but when he turned to the camera, Joe was not prepared to see someone in their mid 20s. The young guy had a nice six pack and seemed known to Jack.

Karyn stood to greet the newcomer with a kiss on the cheek. “Shall we get started?” Karyn asked. “I’m a little nervous, but really excited too.” With that, Karyn slipped out of her dress and bra leaving her in just her thigh highs. She stepped up to the young guy, unbuttoned his pants and helped him step out of them. While he was still in his boxers, she dropped to her knees, unbuttoned the one button and unveiled his cock. The cock was impressive, Joe guessed about 9 inches with good girth. Quickly, Karyn wrapped her lips around it and began sucking and stroking. It took a couple of minutes for Karyn to get accustomed to the size, but eventually, she was able to deep throat her prize. He smiled and groaned. “Talented,” he remarked.

Karyn smiled and went back to work. The two older men entered the frame and began to undress. Each was in pretty good shape, though nothing like the young guy who had his cock engulfed in Karyn’s warm, wet mouth. As the men finished removing all of their clothes, the young guy pulled away from Karyn, bent down, and began kissing her. Joe thought it looked a little awkward, but appreciated the enthusiasm the man was showing for his wife.

As the kiss broke, another one of the guys stepped forward, already hard. Karyn took one cock in each hand and began to slowly stroke her new lovers. She took turns licking and sucking the tip of each cock before her as the third man also stepped in, hard and ready. She continued to stroke the first two men while taking the newcomer into her mouth. After a few minutes, Karyn switched up, taking the other older man into her mouth while stroking the other two. All three men were moaning as Karyn worked their cocks. Once again, Karyn switched, taking the young cock, still protruding from the boxer shorts, into her mouth and stroking the two older guys.

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