The Shadow Man Pt. 01

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He sits in the shadows of the bar, quiet, alone—drinking rum and Coke. I know this because I saw the top-heavy waitress take his order, and then I heard her tell the bartender that that’s what she needed for “the guy over there.” Her boobs jiggled as she tossed her head in the direction of her customer.

I’ve been watching him out of the corner of my eye. His features are cloaked, but the shadow he casts is intriguing. He has a sturdy-looking torso which tapers toward narrow hips and finally diminishes into long legs that curl over the end of a chair under a small, black cocktail table. He’s poised as though he’s waiting—for something.

I wave at the waitress and as she approaches; her rack jostles in her low-cut uniform and begs for my attention. If I weren’t so focused on the Shadow Man, I might be inclined to send her into the ladies room to wait for me so I could sequester her in a stall. I’d run my tongue down the length of her cleavage and graze my teeth over a pert pink nipple right through her uniform and bra to give her a little thrill. But I know me—if I did that I’d want more.

I’d have to unzip her dress and let those big titties bounce out of that restrictive bra so I could suck them and make her moan, right there in the ladies room. I’d give her a break she’d never forget. Patrons would walk in and I’d stop momentarily to put a finger to my lips to warn her to keep quiet. Then I’d not only go back to sucking her jugs, I’d run my hand up her skirt and wriggle my finger to the crotch of her bikinis. They would be damp and when my finger slid into her cunt she’d be slick and wet. I’d work my way easily to her clit and tap at it with my finger as I roll my tongue over her nipple and then slightly bite down on it. She’d whimper, and one of the patrons who had walked in would gasp in disbelief at what she knew was going on behind the locked stall door. She’d hurry out of the bathroom out of utter embarrassment.

My finger would continue to dance around the buxom blonde’s clit, and she’d thrust her ankara escort pelvis forward and hold it steady so I could finger fuck her pussy—fast—then slow—then fast—then slow, over and over again bringing her close, but not close enough to orgasm. She’d pant hard and fast when I’d jab two fingers into her pussy and fuck her fast, and then she’d sigh and moan when I’d pull them out and tease her clit with small massaging circles.

I’d drag myself away from her boobs and kiss my way up her chest to her neck. She’d turn her head wanting me to find her mouth and I would. My tongue would probe between her pink lips as my finger continued to probe her nether lips, and I’d slow my stroking so I could enjoy both fucking her pussy with my finger and fucking her mouth with my tongue. My own pussy would be wet with need, and I’d squeeze my legs together tightly. My turn would come soon. I’d leave her mouth and trail kisses to her ear. I’d let her hear a sigh from me and breathy words saying, “You bad girl, I’m going to make you come.”

“Oh, yes,” she’d moan.

I’d flick my tongue into her ear and command, “Quiet.”

I’d speed up the motion on her clit now, and she’d again thrust herself toward my hand. Her pussy would begin to twitch from deep inside and she’d be panting hard.

“I want your orgasm you little bitch. You hear me? You’re going to give it to me.” The hot breath in her ear coupled with my words would make her writhe against the stall and she’d moan and whimper in delicious agony.

“That’s it, your close…so close,” I’d tease, and she’d be almost in tears pushing and straining and willing herself to orgasm just for me. “You’re just a horny slut aren’t you? You like being finger fucked at work? I’m fucking you at work in a bathroom stall. Look at you, my big titted waitress with a wet pussy getting finger fucked right now. See what happens when you flash those tits of yours?”

The words would drive her insane. She’d be ready, and I’d be ready to claim my prize kızılay escort from her.

“What if your boss comes in, huh? What if he came in here looking for you and saw your legs spread for me and my hand in your cunt?”

“Oh, gahh!” She’d moan, and I’d smile wickedly and continue to push her toward the edge.

“Here comes your boss. He’s going to catch you getting off on your break.”

I’d reach up with my free hand and rub her achingly hard nipple and stroke her clit with a steady rhythm. Her body would start to tense up. That would be my cue. My finger would circle rhythmically round and round her clit—and I’d finally push her off the cliff I had her dangling on.

“He’s about to open the door. He’s going to see me fucking you. Hurry up! Give it to me. I want it, NOW!”

Unable to take it anymore, her whole body would tremble as she began to fall into orgasmic bliss. I’d crush my mouth to hers to cover the scream that was rising in her throat, and she’d whimper against my lips. I’d swallow her noises, and as my finger hit her sweet spot, her entire body would seize up. I’d feel her shiver and finally—EXPLODE! She’d disintegrate into a million pieces that would fall down, down, down the cliff she was teetering on and her pussy would be a pulsatingly magnificent, sloppy mess. I’d feel her body go limp with satisfaction. Her juices would bathe my fingers, and I’d release her mouth now, allowing her to gasp and moan with gratitude.

“That’s it, enjoy it. See what I have the power to do?” She’d exhale, eyes closed, and I’d rub and bounce her tits gently for my own pleasure. She’d respond by arching her back so they’d jut out for me. “Good girl.”

I let out a sigh. Such a pleasant scene, but it won’t be happening tonight; tonight I’ve got other plans. I order a drink for the Shadow Man. Betty Boobs nods, completely unaware that I’ve just fucked her into oblivion and left her blissfully tired in my mind. I pay her and she hurries away.

The polatlı escort Shadow Man sits facing the crowd, but remains unengaged. It only takes a few minutes for the busty blonde waitress to bring him his drink. I watch as she steps into the dark corner and sets the fresh glass of rum and Coke down on the table before him. He looks up at her and she lowers her round serving tray and bends toward him most likely to explain that I sent it. She turns, and I see her gesture in my direction. Shadow Man accepts the drink and talks momentarily with Twin Peaks. She’s standing very close to him and my best guess is that she’s flirting with him. Sorry honey, he’s mine tonight. She turns to leave and he gives her something—a tip? She sashays away and stops at the bar to chat up the cute bartender for awhile.

Three guys in their early thirties, who look like they’ve come for a drink out of sheer boredom, take a seat at a nearby table, and Little Miss Titty Tease goes over to take their drink order. One of them calls her baby as he’s ogling her ta-ta’s. She smiles and does a little shimmy for him. The look in the guy’s eyes is unmistakable. He wants to bury his face between those massive mammaries and make underwater bubble noises. It’s funny and I laugh. All three studs invite her to sit down and join them. She leans over the table to ask what she can get them and all eyes rivet on her deep cleavage. Her lips protrude into a provocative pucker and her eyes light up. She has just found her cash cow for the night. Jenny Jumblies goes back to the bar to turn in the drink order and then hurries toward me. She pulls a napkin out of her apron and tosses it on the table. “From the guy you sent the drink to,” she says and quickly hurries back to her threesome.

A note on a napkin—THE STORAGE ROOM BY THE BATHROOMS—it says. I peer at the dark corner of the bar and Shadow Man is still sitting there holding his drink. I can feel his eyes watching me even though I can’t see them or his face. Well, well, well looks like Shadow Man is up for a little adventure I think to myself. I stand up, fold the napkin, and slip it into the back pocket of my jeans. I head toward the restrooms, this time for real, and wave at Super Tits as I pass her in the lap of one of the men from the triple-threat table. She winks, and I know she knows where I’m going.

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