The Sexy Domme Next Door Ch. 03

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Panties Down

Ch. 3 Carissa takes the initiative

“Mr. Lewis, you’re niece is here to see you” announced my secretary.

I started thinking … my niece … my niece never visited me here before. I thought it was kind of odd.

“Send her in” I replied

As I looked up upon hearing the door knob turning, I saw Miss Carissa enter my office with a smirk on her face.

“Hi Uncle Rich” she said with a cocky tone to her voice. She shut the door behind her.

I was taken by surprise … I was about to speak.

“Get over her and kneel at my feet.” She demanded.

I was so shocked, I didn’t say a word, but approached her as she demanded. I kneeled at her feet. She had on a short black skirt with a purple turtleneck sweater. Her legs were bare and she had on a pair of black patent leather pumps. She smelled fantastic.

“You remember rickiee … that Mistress Rebecca’s panties were to be worn by you at all times. That any violation of that requirement would be met with harsh consequences. Stand and drop your pants. This is your panty inspection.” She firmly demanded.

I stood and unbuckled my belt. She stood there tapping her toe as if to indicate that I should speed up the process. I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down. I was wearing Mistress Rebecca’s pale green nylon bikini panties as ordered. I had also followed the directions of cumming in them once a day and peeing in them daily as well. Miss Carissa stooped down to inspect the panties.

“Well, first of all, rickiee … I am glad that you are following our orders and it is obvious to me that you have cummed in them and pee’d in them regularly … because I can see the stains and I can certainly smell that they are soiled. I have a little surprise I have brought for you … a gift from Mistress Rebecca.”

She held out a little black leather bag. I took it from her an opened it up. I pulled out what I immediately identified as a male chastity device. My hand began to shake, slightly.

“Yes, rickiee … I can tell by your response that you already know what it is. Let’s get it on now. I want you to sit on your couch over there and pull your panties down. Spread your legs and let me have full access to your little clittie.” She demanded.

I sat on the sofa and did as she demanded.

“Will you please lock my door, Miss Carissa?” I nicely asked.

“No! Let you be uncomfortable. If you haven’t taught your staff to knock, then you will just have to worry about this!

I was frightened. What if someone walks in? True, people knock … but then they usually open the door. I was scared. My cock was tiny and limp.

Miss Carissa picked up the device and took a piece that would go at the base of my cock and around my balls. She put it in place in a rough manner. She pushed three rods from the back and then placed the plastic sheath over my cock and threaded the three rods through the corresponding openings. She then took a brass padlock and locked it into place.

It was quite uncomfortable around my balls. Everything was squeezed into place and it felt quite bad.

“That surely doesn’t look comfortable, rickiee … now does it? But then again, it’s not there for your pleasure, now is it? Your clittie, I must admit … looks quite cute in its little plastic sheath. Guess you won’t be cumming in these panties anymore, but peeing shouldn’t be a problem.” She said with a sinister laugh.

“Pull your panties up and get dressed. I am done with you for now. You will come to my apartment at 6:30 p.m. this evening. Don’t be late. I am having a Tupperware party with some girlfriends and I want you to come and buy some Tupperware. If you are late, you will be very sorry.”

She left as quickly as she came. Tupperware party? Sounds boring, but I guess I must do what I must do.

I arrived at Miss Carissa’s house at 6:05. I was stuck in traffic on the avenue on the way because there was an accident.

“You’re late. Get in here!” Miss Carissa said with a mad look on her face.

I walked in and there were six or seven other girls in the room. They must have all come from work and they were all dressed in dresses or skirts. When I looked around, I didn’t see Tupperware … I saw lingerie, dildos and other sex toys.

“Rickiee, I see you now realize this is not a Tupperware party at all. It’s a sex toy party and you will now, disrobe.”

“Carissa … uhm … wait … “I managed to mumble.

“Rickiee, you undress NOW! If you are embarrassed that these girls will see you in your pretty little soiled panties … you’ve got a lot more to be worried about than that!” She said with a chuckle.

All eyes were on me. I didn’t know if I should run or what. There were girls in that apartment that were young. Miss Carissa was 21 and I am 50 years old. I am old enough to be the father of all the girls there that evening. Running wouldn’t solve anything … it would only complicate matters … and … looking around the room at those young pretty girls … made me Maltepe Sınırsız Escort desire them. I realized, that while I would be the subject of their discipline and humiliation, I would also be able, I hoped, to see them naked … to maybe serve them sexually. It was the perverted old man in me that ultimately made me stay!

“I said NOW, rickiee … you undress immediately or WE will undress you!” barked Miss Carissa.

With hesitation, I reached down to my belt and slowly unbuckled it. I slipped off my shoes at the same time.

“Uhhh, speed it up, rickiee … we don’t have all day.” Miss Carissa barked again.

I looked around as all eyes were on me. Some of the girls had let their legs drift open and I could see their panties up their skirts. It made my clittie begin to stir, but was quickly hampered by the chastity device I was wearing. My nipples hardened and my pulse quickened.

I unbuttoned my pants and let the slide down my legs. I was now exposed in Mistress Rebecca’s little panties … soiled by my cum and pee … and now I had the outline of the plastic chastity device clearly showing through the thin panty material.

I stepped out of the pants and reached down to remove my socks. I reached for the hem of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head.

I now stood in front of the now, giggling girls … in only the sheer pair of panties.

“Turn around slowly for our guests, rickiee. Let them see what a little, slave pantyboy looks like. They have never seen one before.” Laughed Miss Carissa.

I slowly turned around. I watched each girl as their eyes examined my body. My clittie kept trying to get hard, but was thwarted each time due to the chastity device

“Girls, the plastic chastity device on rickiee’s penis … clittie we call it … is called a cb6000. It was put on rickiee, today … by me and I have the key to unlock it. It allows him to pee and he can clean himself adequately in a shower or tub, but it does not allow him to maintain an erection. Any attempt to get an erection is met with pain and discomfort which make his clittie shrink again to its flaccid state.

“Rickiee, get down on your hands and knees and show the girls how a little slave, pantyboy makes pee pee. I want you to wet your panties through the CB6000.” Miss Carissa ordered.

Oh my god, I thought to myself. Oh my god!

I obediently got down on all fours and tried to pee. I tried and tried and tried … finally … I felt a trickle of pee escape my clittie and wet my panties. I heard a series of gasps and giggles as the panties got soaked from me pee and the pee leaked onto the floor. I felt myself blushing.

As hard as it was to start, it was harder to stop. I flooded the panties and I felt them get soaked and the wetness spread through the panties and I was finally, sopping wet.

“Lick the pee off the floor, rickiee”

I leaned over and licked my pee. My ass was up in the air and I licked the pee from the floor. Miss Carissa finally threw a roll of paper towels to me.

“Clean the rest of it with the paper towels. It will take you forever to lick up all your pee and there isn’t time.” She ordered.

I wiped up the remaining pee on the floor.

“I want you to crawl to each of my guests, rickiee … like a dog. And like a dog, I want you to sniff their crotches. I want you to know the “smell” of each of my guests.”

I looked around at the girls surrounding me. I was quite embarrassed by my pee pee panties and the overall situation, but I was excited that I would get the opportunity to see each girl up close … get to enjoy their panties and get to small their crotch’s. Being a panty fetishist, I couldn’t imagine anything better!

I crawled over to the first girl. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She was thin and had long sexy legs with black high heeled shoes. As I approached her, she spread her legs wider, in a very unlady-like fashion. Her pantied crotch came into view and I could see a few stray blonde hairs escaping the confines of the red nylon crotch. I put my face and nose between her legs and she patted my head like a dog as I sniffed her crotch. It smelled like perfume and piss and sweat. It was glorious. I rubbed my nose against her crotch and pressed it lightly into the crease of her pussy. I felt a smack on my ass.

“I said to sniff their crotches, pantyboy … not touch them.” barked Miss Carissa.

I obediently withdrew my nose. I still lingered in the area of her crotch, enjoying the smell of the perfume, piss, and sweat. I looked up at her and she giggled.

I slowly crawled away from her and approached the girl next to her. She was a brunette with a killer body and blue eyes. She also spread her legs and revealed the green nylon panties she was wearing. She too had stray hairs escaping the crotch of her panties. I was in heaven. Panties, pussy hair and the lovely odor of a woman’s crotch are perhaps the greatest pleasure in my life. I have stolen many Maltepe Suriyeli Escort panties from hampers and Laundromats … never have I had the opportunity to enjoy the panties on the women who wear them … and certainly never in this way!

I moved my nose in close to her crotch … she too had a vague perfume odor and the familiar smell of sweat and pee that would be on the crotch of any panties that have been worn for an entire day at work. I sniffed and sniffed … my cock tried to harden, but couldn’t … I did feel as though I was leaking precum, however.

I looked up at the brunette and she looked down at me, and began to giggle as the previous girl had.

I withdrew from between her legs and crawled over to the next girl. She was a blonde and slightly heavier than the other two. She had worn thigh high stockings and purple nylon panties. She had a huge bush and there was a lot of hair escaping the crotchband of her panties. I moved my nose in close to her panties and sniffed her like a dog. She did not have any perfume and I could smell a stronger odor, not offensive, but stronger odor from her panty crotch. It smelled wonderful and her hair was a huge added bonus. I could feel it brushing against my nose and tickling it. I wanted to stick my tongue out and lick her, but I knew it would only cause a lot of problems. S

She reached down and petted my head and then took hold of my ears and rubbed my face in her pussy. Wow, that was exciting. She rubbed my nose up and down the crotch of her panties and I could feel a wetness ooze through the sheer fabric. She was excited and the smell was that of sexual excitement. My cock began to harden, and then met the resistance of the plastic cage. She pulled my face in and up and down as she pressed her crotch against my face. I heard the other girls giggle and clap. Up and down, up and down she rubbed my face in the crease of her panty crotch. Her hair tickled my face and the smell of her excitement was incredible.

I felt a smack on my ass again, and I was pulled away by Miss Carissa. “Beth, darling … we mustn’t give the pantyboy too much enjoyment this early, if at all. This is supposed to be a punishment and I get the feeling he is enjoying it a bit too much.” Miss Carissa explained to her guest.

“Stand up rickiee” ordered Miss Carissa.

She pulled my still damp panties down and inspected my cock cage. A stream of precum oozed out of the opening at the tip of the plastic cover and she touched her finger to it.

“Just as I thought … you ARE enjoying this!” She put her precum covered finger to my lips. “Lick your precum from my finger, pantyboy!” she ordered.

I licked my precum from her finger. It was thick and gooey. I felt more leak from the tip of my clittie. I could feel it oozing out.

“Get back down on your hands and knees again, rickiee.” She ordered as she removed my panties.

She approached me from the front and put the panties on over my head. The crotch went from my forehead down over my nose and mouth. I could see through the leg openings.

“Beth, why don’t you come over here with that ponytail dildo I showed you all earlier? I would like you to insert it into rickiee’s ass so he can have a tail like a dog as well.” Miss Carissa explained with a taunting tone in her voice.

Beth, the one who had just rubbed my face in her panty crotch approached with a device that had what looked like long hair attached to a butt plug. She took a tube of KY jelly and squeezed a bunch of it between my ass cheeks onto my ass hole. She slipped on a latex glove and pushed a finger into my ass hole to lubricate it. Then she pushed in a second one. Then she found my prostate and rubbed it. I could feel a large release of precum ooze from my clittie cock. She played with my prostate for a while and then withdrew her finger. She leaned over and inspected the result of her massage of my prostate.

“Look Carissa … look at all the precum that has oozed from pantyboy’s little encased clittie” she said with a giggle.

“Yes, Beth … you have really milked him nicely … now jam that tail in his ass so we can get on with the show!” she demanded.

Beth took the butt plug with the tail and shoved it in my ass.

“Shake your ass, pantyboy … and make your tail move for all of us, then get on with the crotch sniffing.” Miss Carissa ordered.

I shook my ass and felt the tail move because it brushed against each of my legs. Someone took a picture as I saw the flash of the camera. There was now going to be a picture of me, on all fours … naked except for the cock chastity device and a tail embedded in my ass hole with a butt plug. Wow … what has become of my life?

I crawled over to the next girl … she had red hair which I immediately realized was real. She had a thick patch of pubic hair that escaped the confines of her small, sheer panties. I crawled over as she spread her legs wider. I moved my nose next to her hairy pantied crotch Maltepe İranlı Escort and sniffed. Her crotch and panties had the smell of perfume as well as most of the other girls. I saw, as I looked closer … the “string” hanging out of the edge of her panties. It was just the slight tip of it …SHE HAD HER PERIOD and was wearing a tampon. I sniffed and sniffed at her crotch … it smelled lovely.

“Rickiee, do you see the string escaping the crotch of her panties?” I heard Miss Carissa ask. Not waiting for my answer … “you will have some fun with that later!” she giggled.

I felt her tugging on my tail. I backed up. “Let’s get on with the sniffing, rickiee.” demanded Miss Carissa.

I crawled over to the next girl. She looked to be the youngest of the others and she was definitely the thinnest. She had long legs and she had kicked off her shoes. Her feet were beautiful and her toenails were painted a pretty pink. She spread her legs and invited me in by pointing at her crotch. She was the only one wearing a thong and it appeared to be a peach color, but was completely between her pussy lips. I approached and sniffed. She had blonde hair on her head, but dark black hair on her pussy. It was a pretty thick patch of hair and it glistened with some wetness which was obviously caused by her excitement. She grabbed my head and pulled it up to her pussy. She rubbed my face and I felt the wetness. She smelled nice. The customary perfume and piss/sweat odor. She pulled my face away, pulled her panties out of her pussy … and almost instantly let a stream of hot piss shoot into my face.

I was taken by surprise and her hot piss burned my eyes. It dripped into my mouth and was very salty. She stopped her stream of piss. “There will be more of this later, pantyboy” she said.

I crawled away and approached the last of the girls. She looked to be the sluttiest of them all. She opened her legs and I saw her yellow panties. They looked kind of puffy and I thought that maybe she had a sanitary pad in there. As I approached and started to sniff, I realized it was a cock. She was a he … a very beautiful he … a transvestite. My cock started to swell. Again, it was stopped. Oh my god … a tranny … this is very exciting.

“How do my panties smell, rickiee” asked the tranny.

I sniffed and sniffed … looked more at the cute panty bulge. I was very excited and aroused, though my cock was forced to being flaccid because of its plastic cage.

“Look at pantyboy rickiee … he is SO interested in what’s inside your panties, Leah! Why don’t you let him suck on it a bit, let he see what its like to be a woman … shoot your hot cum down his sissy throat! Maybe you can fuck his asspussy later too … le him really see what a girl has to put up with!” Miss Carissa suggested.

I saw a few more flashes of light. More pictures were being taken of me. Leah scooted her but forward and pulled her panties aside. A beautiful clittie sprung into view. It was so nice. I’ve always wanted to suck one, but never thought that would ever happen. I’ve always thought of myself as being bisexual.

Leah reached forward and grabbed my head and pulled the panties over my face to the side. He pulled my face forward and slipped his limp clittiecock into my mouth. At first I just let it sit there.

“Start sucking, sissyboy … lick that clittie and get it hard … make it squirt into your mouthpussy” Leah insisted.

I started to suck his clittiecock. It felt wonderful inside my mouth. My clittie wanted to get hard. It is so frustrating not being able to. It would start to harden, then get soft. Over and over again. The best it could do was to just leak.

I sucked his … her delicious cock in my mouth. I started to let it slide in and out of my mouth. I would let the head reach my lips, then suck the entire cock back in again. I felt it start to harden. As it hardened, it also got thicker. She started to thrust her hips with my mouth movements and all of a sudden, her clittie cock was hard. It was so nice and thick and long. I could feel it pulsate in my mouth as I sucked and she pumped. In and out, in and out her cock slipped …I could feel precum begin to ooze from it. I felt a slicker, thicker fluid in my mouth. My own spit began to ooze from my mouth as his hard clittie rammed in and out of my mouth. I needed an erection. I needed to masturbate or get sucked too. I was so horny. So randy from all that has happened so far.

I heard the girls giggling and the camera’s popping. I felt his clittiecock slipping and sliding in and out of my mouth. All of a sudden, I felt her clittie begin to pulsate and thicken. As that happened, she thrusted her hips forward and I felt a hot splash of cum shoot into the back of my throat. I almost gagged on it because I hadn’t expected it and never experienced it happening before. With each thrust, I felt a hot squirt of her girlie semen shoot into my mouth. It had a slightly salty and at the same time, sweet taste. It was really very pleasant. I had tasted my own; many times … hers was somewhat different … but at the same time … the same. It’s hard to explain. She must have shot a load into my mouth six or seven times. There was an awful lot that shot out too. I was gulping it down, along with the copious amounts of my own saliva.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32