The Sex Club

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My name is Samantha and my husband’s name is John. We are a happily married couple living in mid-western Tennessee. Both of us are fifty and have a very satisfying sex life. However, we have been talking about spicing up our sex-life. We want to try new things and even have sex with others. In our opinion the best way to do that was to join a swinging club.

I’m a sexy green-eyed, red-haired BBW who loves sex. After my divorce, I needed a fresh new start, and moved to Tennessee. I was ready for something exciting in my life. However, I was shy about what to do, but I didn’t let that stop me, I ventured out and began having fun.

One of the ways that helped me come out my shell was chatting online. There in the privacy of my home, I could find out more about men and even set up a date. Once I began trusting people again, I found it very exciting to go out and even have sex. Afterwards I would often sit down and write about my sexual encounters. I loved writing erotica and my stories would range from what my fantasies were, to what I have actually experienced.

My favorite fantasy is to have sex with another woman, which I want to make a reality.

My husband John stands a little over six foot one. He has brown eyes, salt-and-pepper colored hair, and American Indian features. I love his confidence, how he goes after what he wants. John has done some swinging in the past and introduced me to it. His dream is to watch me being made love to by not only men, but women.

The idea of swinging turned me on and as long as it was safe and fun, I’d do it. It wasn’t long before we had one of our hottest adventures. On this particular day, I received an email greeting from a couple I will call, Roger and Jennifer. Included was their profile. As I read it, I discovered that they were our age and had similar body types. As it turned out, they live just a few miles from us.

I emailed them back and asked if they wanted to chat and email each other to get acquainted.

They agreed. After chatting and exchanging emails it was apparent that we had many things in common and we quickly became friends.

Roger, Jennifer, John, and I were talking online one afternoon. I started the conversation first by telling Roger about a bad experience we had with another couple.

Roger replied, “Honey that will happen if you swing. Please try and not let it bother you. Now, I want to tell you what kind of people we are looking for. We want a couple who will not only have sex with us, but become our friends as well. We also want to go places with them, too. Samantha, if you and John agree with that, the next step would be for all of us to go out to dinner.”

John jumped into the conversation and told Roger he wanted that too. He then added that he also thought I should experience new things with men and women. He also would like to take me to a sex club, because I’d never been to one.

When I heard those words, I felt my nipples tingling and my clit swelling with excitement. I could hardly keep my mind on the conversation and mumbled, “I’d never been to any kind of night club before.”

Roger then asked, “John, Jennifer, and I go to a sexy club about every two weeks. How’d you and Samantha like to go with us the next time?”

I almost swallowed my tongue and blurted out, “I don’t know, I have never been to one, but have heard they are wild and exciting. Will I have to have sex while we’re there?”

Roger responded, “Samantha, you don’t have to do anything at all if you don’t want too. They will not pressure you into anything and no means no. I think that since this would be your first visit you should just watch and maybe take a tour of the place with Jennifer. After you’re comfortable with it, you can join in the fun. They also have special rooms for private encounters and some open orgy rooms.”

I trembled all over and exclaimed, “That’s a great idea. I can’t wait to go!” I paused, took a deep breath, and swallowed hard. I thought I might pass out from the excitement.

I turned away from my computer, looked at John and murmured, “Oooh, I just can’t wait to meet you guys!”

Roger ended the conversation and told us they’d talk more about things later on in the week.

I told them, “Goodbye and keep in touch.”

Off and on all through the week Roger and I chatted online. He told me about his and Jennifer’s lifestyle. He then explained that he liked just about everything when it came to sex.

The four of us chatted again late one Friday night. This time Jennifer spoke first and said, “I don’t know if you know this, but I am bisexual. I also do everything Roger asks me to do. He even buys me sexy dresses and then makes me put them on with nothing underneath them, and we go out that way. I like being told what to do. Roger has also turned me into a pervette.”

Roger then spoke up and exclaimed, “That’s right I’m a pervert and proud of it! I like the way she is now, a true pervette!” After that Roger asked questions to learn gaziosmanpaşa escort more about us.

I opened the conversation by saying, “I must admit we both feel anxious about meeting you and going to the club.”

John then teased, “Oh you ought to see Samantha, and she is blushing! But then again, that’s her natural color.” He then added, “When it comes to sex, we both love it and will try almost anything as long as it doesn’t involve, pee, animals, children, or pain.”

I then spoke up and said, “As you can see in my picture, I have large tits. I can even suck and bite my own nipples, which are very sensitive. I love them played with and fucked. God, all this talk is making me horny.”

I guess Roger could tell I was still a little tense. He replied with a calm voice and reassuring attitude which settled my nerves.

I finally realized that Roger and Jennifer wouldn’t ask us to do something that we weren’t comfortable with. We ended that conversation and went to bed.

Later on in the week, Jennifer came online one afternoon and began chatting with me. She again told me she was bisexual, and then asked if I had any experience with a woman before.

I answered, “Not really, just some heavy petting when I was in college. However, I’d really like to be with a woman again, but I don’t know where to begin.”

Jennifer suggested, “Well, Samantha, I can teach you what to do. When you come down to visit us one day, you and I can go into our bedroom alone and I’ll help you. Once we are comfortable, we can put on one hell of a show for the men. Would you like that, honey?”

I bit my lip and trembled all over, then with shaky hands wrote in big bold letters, “OH MY GOD WOULD I!” Just the thought of it makes my clit throb.”

Jennifer then replied, “Okay. Just remember one thing, I won’t ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

I told Jennifer I couldn’t wait, and then said goodbye to her. Afterwards I rushed into the living room to tell John about the conversation. I talked with so much excitement that he had trouble understanding me.

John took a hold of my shoulders and said, “Now calm down Samantha, speak slower so I can comprehend what you are telling me.”

After hearing what I said, I noticed that John’s cock started to get hard. All of a sudden he got off the sofa, pulled me into his arms, and kissed me deep before whisking me off to the bedroom.

Once there he helped me strip off my clothing and then removed his. John laid me on the bed and made wild passionate love to me all afternoon.

All throughout the next day, all I could think of was meeting Roger and Jennifer. My nipples and clit stayed in a constant state of arousal. I needed to be fucked, sucked, and made to cum until I begged John to stop. However he was gone most of the day and I had to resort to lying down and using my eight-inch vibrator. It didn’t take long until I was biting my lip, quivering all over, and shouting, “Fuck, I’m cumming!”

That evening I had to wait until after midnight until Roger got home from his job to talk to him online. When I saw he was there, I opened the conversation by saying, “Hello.”

Roger replied with a quick, “Hello sexy! What have you been up to today?”

I quivered from my lips to my clit, while remembering the online conversation I had with Jennifer around five that afternoon. “Oh not much here at home, but I did talk to Jennifer online after she got off work today. I told her about how I wanted to have sex with another woman, but I had only done it in my fantasies. She suggested that I visit her sometime. In the privacy of her bedroom, she can teach me everything she knows about making love to another woman.” I went on to say, “I told John about my bisexual discussion with Jennifer and he got so turned on that he took me to bed and made love to me like a wild animal.” Roger replied, “Yeah, I know Jennifer told me the two of you talked.”

Roger felt his dick twitch as his mind yelled, ‘God, this gal is a hot one.’ He then spoke to me, “Damn girl, I would have loved to of seen that, or better yet, join in the fun. Where’s John now?”

I giggled and blushed, “Oh, he’s in bed asleep, I kind of wore him out earlier.”

Roger answered quickly, “I can’t wait to meet you both. You know, I’m going to eat that hot pussy of yours. After that I want to drive my dick deep inside you and fuck you hard, as John and Jennifer watch. Oh hell, they’ll probably be busy fucking too. Damn baby, just thinking about it makes my dick hard. I’d better get offline and go to bed.”

I frowned and snapped at Roger, “So that’s the way you are! Turn a gal on, make her pussy drool, and then leave the chat. Hey, didn’t you know that I like to play online too?”

Roger answered, “Yes I knew it, but baby, I never play online, I prefer the real thing. However, you can bet that I will dream of the four of us tonight. I’ll be fucking that hot cunt gölbaşı escort of yours tonight while John ravishes Jennifer’s sexy body. Goodnight sweetheart, love yah.”

I told him goodbye, but was too excited to sleep. So I opened one of my stories and began working on it. After an hour of that I decided to go to bed. My aroused state much have awakened John because he turned over and asked, “Are you just now coming to bed?”

“Yes, after talking to Roger, I was too aroused to go to bed, so I tried working on one of my stories. That only made me hornier, so I decided to come to bed and see if you were up to some hot sex.”

John turned over and kissed me hard with his aroused cock pressing against my thigh. “The thought of us having sex with Roger and Jennifer has my dick throbbing for your hot pussy!”

I kissed him back with all the passion within me and purred, “Aww, shut up and fuck me!”

A few days later, I received another email from Roger. In the letter he stated that they were going to the sex club Saturday night and wanted to know if we’d like to go with them.

I ran into the kitchen where John was fixing him a cup of coffee and quickly informed him about the letter.

John asked if I wanted a cup and I nodded yes and he poured me some. After that we sat down at the table. He spoke first, “Well you know I’ve wanted to take you there for a long time now. I’ve been to the club before and it’s a lot of fun.”

I took a sip of my coffee, leaned over, kissed him, and then gazed into his sexy eyes. With an excited shrill in my voice I said, “You know something John, I’d like to go.”

“Alright, you’d better go write Roger back and tell him if he wants us to, we’ll meet him at their place that afternoon. That way we can drive there together and if you don’t like it, leave without disrupting their entertainment.”

As I began thinking about the sex club, my body began quivering. I was excited from the tip of my nipples all the way to the center of my womanhood. I flashed John a sultry look and purred, “God, all this talk is making me horny as hell. I’ll go write him then meet me in the bedroom, I’m going to ravish your body for a change.”

I could hardly type the email to Roger, my fingers were shaking so much. Afterwards, I stripped off my clothing piece by piece and discarded my things on the way to the bedroom.

As I entered the door I purred, “Ready or not, here I cum darling.”

The next thing I did was give John a sexy masturbation show, while sucking his cock dry. Needless to say, he was elated the rest of the day.

Later that day, I saw that I had an email from Roger. I opened it, and read it. It gave directions on how to get to their house.

That night as I lay next to John, I began talking about what I wanted us to do with Roger and Jennifer. Oh my, we got so aroused that we made love until the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday finally arrived. I showered, pampered myself, and applied my make-up in an alluring manner. I decided to wear my wine-colored sexy silky pant outfit that hugged my curves in all the right places. It would be sheer enough to show my pink, Victoria Secret’s, lacy bra with matching panties.

As I was putting on the lingerie, John whistled, “Damn woman, you look delicious! You make me want to fuck you right now!”

I flashed him a seductive look and scolded, “Not now darling, you must wait till later. I’m saving my energy for tonight. “

John wore his blue jeans and a dark blue knit shirt, saying there was no need for him to dress up fancy.

We drove off towards Roger’s place with thoughts of wild sex flashing through our minds. When we got to their house it was raining.

While waiting on the weather, Roger told us he’d gotten us a room at a local hotel, because they only had one bedroom and it was just too small for four people. He then suggested that he drive his car to the motel as we followed. That way we could freshen up as they change. They’d go home and change and return to pick us up to go to the club around six fifteen p.m.

The two men agreed and decided to split the cost of the room. John then spoke up and said, “After all we’d end up in the hotel room after the club anyways, and it wouldn’t be for sleeping.”

When it was time to leave, Roger showed up, dressed in blue jeans, a country western shirt, and boots. Jennifer was wearing a sexy black dress with spaghetti straps and silver-black five inch high heels.

I looked over at John and his eyes were glassy with lust. I looked back at her and quivered. “God, you’re a knock-out and making more than my mouth drool.”

Jennifer winked and uttered, “I’m in the mood to have a woman tonight.”

I just stared lustfully at her and gasped saying, “I’m ready for just about anything.”

John told Roger to go ahead, and not worry about us, because he knew the way to the sex club. The four of us set off around seven p.m towards keçiören escort the sex club.

When we drove up to the building I saw that Roger and Jennifer had already arrived.

We entered the club and filled out all the necessary paperwork to join. They gave us name tags and told us the main dance floor to the club was to the left, the play-rooms were on the right.

After walking along a long carpeted hallway we entered a room with a brightly lit stage in the middle, surrounded by small tables which were illuminated by black light. I found the place to be clean, warm, and friendly, with relaxed surroundings.

There weren’t many people in the room yet, but that was only because it was eight p.m. We started glancing around the room looking for our friends and were soon greeted by Roger. He escorted us to their table.

We greeted Jennifer and she said, “Sit down and look around. Be prepared though because you will see just about anything happen here.”

We sat down and noticed there wasn’t much going on except some dancing. I asked John to get me a drink. When he returned we all began conversing back and forth.

Jennifer spoke up and said, “This place is not as crowded as the last time we were here. Believe me it should pick up around midnight. Samantha, how’d you like to tour the place with me?”

My eyes lit up with excitement and I replied excitedly, “Sure, I’d really like to see what happens in those rooms you told me about.”

I loved the idea that it was a little slow there tonight, it would give me time to see what the place was about. After that I wouldn’t feel too anxious about joining in the fun.

Jennifer and I ventured into the other part of the club. She pointed out each room with a brief explanation as we walked by them.

There were private rooms in every style where one could go and play behind a closed door. Other rooms were more open, with windows so others could watch the activity.

Jennifer then showed me her favorite room, which was a BDSM dungeon. As we stood there a host was telling a group of people in the room what they could do, and what they could use to dominate their partner.

I noticed Jennifer’s eyes were wild with excitement and she was shaking. She turned to me and squealed, “Oh God honey, I cannot wait to bring Roger up here. I just love to be spanked. You can watch to, or better yet join us. Just remember, we won’t make you do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

I declined joining them but said, “I’m not into BDSM, but I might watch you, since I often write about it, because I might learn something.”

Jennifer then laughed, “That’s okay honey. Now, don’t blush too much, but I’d love to bring you to one of these private rooms and have my way with you. Adding that we’d be behind a closed door, where Roger and John could watch or join in the fun too.”

I blushed and stammered, “Ah—ah—let me get used to the place first. Once I become comfortable, I’ll try many things with you, just maybe not tonight, but on our next visit.”

I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Once I was finished I noticed Jennifer was in the outer room sitting on the lounge chair waiting for me. She walked up to me put her arms around me and planting a kiss on me that made me tingle all over. “Are you okay baby? Just remember one thing tonight. . .you’re sexy and beautiful.”

I laughed at first then said, “Yeah I’m okay, I’m just nervous, and when I am, my drinks go straight to my bladder. We headed back to join the guys in the main room.

When we rejoined the men, John asked, “How’d you like it?”

I flashed him a seductive look and said, “Let’s go look at the rooms and I will show you what I liked.”

John then told them where we were going. Jennifer giggled and said, “Have fun, and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.”

John flashed a devilish smile and replied, “We will!”

As we looked at each room, I could tell John was becoming more aroused, the outline of his cock was pressing against his pants. After a few minutes he pulled off into a dark corner of one of the rooms. With a quavering voice his shaking hands pulled me into his arms and he whispered, “Thanks for coming with me tonight. You look so hot and sexy. Can I fuck you in a private room, now?”

“John darling, I’d love too, but want to wait a while because I’m still kind of nervous here. Besides, I want to see what is going on the main room first. After that I’d rather go back to the motel and rock your world.”

John could tell I was still tense about the sex club and replied, “Okay doll, I’ll wait, but next time, we’re making out in a private room, just you and me.”

I kissed him hard and purred, “Now you know why I love you so much, you’re so considerate of my feelings. How about coming here sometime next month, and making use of a private room. Hell even Roger and Jennifer could join us.”

John took me in his arms, and placed my hand on his cock. “Oh honey, see how hard you’re making me! I cannot wait for us all to go back to the motel to show you how excited you’re making me tonight. I was wondering something honey, Will you let Jennifer go down on you?”

My knees went weak and I leaned against John so I wouldn’t pass out and purred, “You bet I will, we’ve been talking about it all week and I’m anxious to have her eat my pussy!”

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