The Sensual Massage

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I joined a Yahoo group called Sensual Massage a few months ago, mainly out of curiosity to see what was discussed. It seemed to be mainly males looking for massages be they from females or other males. I have been trying to talk my wife Sue into trying a three way , male/female/male, experience for a number of years, but she has always been hesitant. I guess I am somewhat of a cuckold, in that I would love to watch another man pleasuring my wife. Just as a fluke, I put a message in the group asking if there were any men in the Midwest who would like to participate in a ploy to seduce my wife and act as a masseuse. I also posted a picture of her nude in the group and referred to this in the message.

Well, needless to say the response was overwhelming. I must have had over a hundred enquiries and offers. Even though Sue is a mature lady in her fifties she still has a very sexy body. She hasn’t let herself get extremely overweight or flabby. She is about 5’4″, and 125 pounds with short dark hair and a cute face. Her breasts are 32C cups and have prominent nipples that still protrude slightly even though her breasts are starting to sag just a bit. I finally narrowed the field of responses down to about three and asked for nude photos of them along with a brief story of their background. I wanted to pick someone who I thought Sue would succumb to, but also someone with a larger cock since mine is rather small.

A man by the name of Tom was my choice. He fit the bill. He had a nice large cock and he was married and had a couple of kids. This I felt would provide the likelyhood that he was drug and disease free, as well as reduce complications emotionally. We exchanged emails over a period of about a month and decided on a strategy to seduce Sue. I also asked Tom to get a few professional massages so that he would be somewhat familiar with the massage process.

Finally the day arrived for the big day. It was Sue’s birthday and I had promised her a big surprise. Little did she know. It happened to be a Saturday. Alanya Escort I took her out Friday night for her birthday and told her that I had arranged for a professional masseuse to come to the house tomorrow and give her a massage for a birthday present. She expressed some hesitancy but said she would give it a try. I said I may just have him give me a massage also while he was there.

Tom arrived promptly at 1:00 in the afternoon as planned. I had set up a massage table in our spacious bedroom, that we had bought at a garage sale a few years back that we used to give each other massages. I had dimmed the lights and put on some soft jazz like Sue likes. Tom came in and introduced himself. He was a good looking guy in his 40s with dark hair and a very nice smile. It immediately put us both at ease. I mentioned to Tom that we were nudists and didn’t mind running around nude if that was okay with him, and that I would like a massage when he finished with Sue. Tom said that was fine and that if it was alright with us he would also get nude. It made everyone feel more comfortable he claimed.

I thought I saw a little hesitancy in Sue but she agreed as she untied her robe and laid it on the bed, and I did the same with mine. We both watched as Tom took off his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head and then dropped his trousers and pulled off his socks. Then we were at the crowning moment. He reached for the elastic waist band of his briefs and slipped them down and stepped out of them. His cock was indeed about 8″ long, and it hung with a slight rigidity in front of his balls. It had the foreskin wrapped over the head and looked like it could be quite formidable when aroused. Sue looked at it for a few seconds before she caught herself and came out of her trance.

Since it was Sue’s birthday present she climbed up on the massage table and lay on her stomach first. Tom broke out some oils from his bag of goodies and I got my camera to take some photos of this occasion. Sue had agreed to allow Alanya Escort Bayan me to do that for our own private files. As Tom dribbled some oil on Sue’s back I began taking pictures. Tom sat the oil aside and put his hands to work rubbing Sue’s back and shoulders. I watched as he slowly and sensually ran his hands over her back seeing the skin and muscle turn pliant with his movements. Before long he was massaging her buttocks and I could feel my cock getting rigid as I watched. I noticed also that his was beginning to stiffen as well. It’s head was poking out from behind the folds of his foreskin and it was hanging semi-rigid. Tom rubbed on Sue’s buttocks for a lengthy period of time, feeling their give and take and the softness of them. I watched as he spread them each time he pushed on them from the bottom, looking at her lovely ass hole as he did. He slowly worked his way down her body to her legs, even though I could tell he was hesitant to leave her beautiful and compliant butt.

I was anxious for her to turn over and see what he had done to her nipples. I thought he was turning her on with his massage due to her breathing but her nipples always gave away her sexual readiness. The stiffer they were the better. Tome finished rubbing Sue’s feet and massaged them lovingly rubbing the soles and all of her toes. Finally Tom told her it was time to turn over and she did so readily. Just as I had suspected, her nipples protruded nicely, more that I had noticed them before. They were down right rigid. Sue settled herself on the table and Tom made a comment about how lovely she was. She smiled and thanked him and he proceeded to pour some oil on her breasts and stomach. Now Tom really got into his job. I watched as he lovingly plied her breasts and chest. I had almost forgotten about taking pictures and quickly took a few now. I noticed also that Tom’s semi-rigid cock had now turned into a raging hard on stiff and throbbing under the table out of Sue’s sight. It bobbed and throbbed as Escort Alanya he rubbed her breasts.

He proceeded to her arms and as he did so he pulled her arm off the table and held it to his side while he rubbed it. He took it and guided it down to his erection so that there was not way that she could help but feel his hard cock. Sue’s eyes sprang open and Tom smiled and said something about the effect she was having on him. Much to both of our surprise she grabbed his raging cock and said, “well, maybe we should do something about that”, and smiled back at him. Well, that is all it took. Tom lifted Sue off of the massage table and took her over to the bed. He laid her on the bed and immediately straddled her and began kissing her frantically. I was snapping pictures like crazy and watching the show, my 5″ cock at a point of rigidity it had not seen in years. It did not take long for their passion to ignite and before I knew it Tom was kneeling between Sue’s legs. His rigid tool was poised to enter her. I had not seen her this wantom in a long time either. She was actually spreading her soak pussy lips and pulling his cock toward it. Tom entered her slowly at first and after the head of his cock had initially penetrated her lips he shoved it into her all the way to the base of his shaft. She cried out and screamed like never before, partly out of pain since this was a larger cock than she was use to and partly because of passion. I watched as they thrashed and pumped into each other seeking release from each of their pent up passion. It did not take long. Tom gave a final shove and held his cock inside her. It was obvious that he had reached his climax as his face contorted and he went rigid. At about the same moment Sue pressed into him and tried to take more of his cock as her body contorted and went rigid in it’s own climax.

It was unbelievable watching another man fuck my wife. It gave me pleasure to see the pleasure she was receiving from it. I watched as their climaxes subsided and Tom finally pulled his cock out and rolled over beside her. I was immediately between her legs and shoving my throbbing rigid cock into her. Sue is multi-orgasmic and it took only a few seconds for both of us to cum. As our climaxes faded I leaned over and kissed Sue and said, “Happy birthday darling.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32