The Senator Ch. 04

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Nancy met her husband Steve at one o’clock the next day for lunch with the head of the Republican Party in Kansas. They had made reservations at the most popular restaurant among the executives of the town. For the better customers, there was a private room in the back if they wanted a private lunch, or there was the main room, decorated like a classic French restaurant and a delightful retreat from the hectic world of the businessman. Steve had reserved the back room for he had serious business to conduct, and it had to be done with discretion, where they could nevertheless enjoy the excellent cuisine of the restaurant.

The meal had been divine and they were just starting on their coffee. Nancy was no longer participating in the lively conversation with Phillip Brown because she knew that Steve was now zeroing in on the real reason for the luncheon. They wanted and needed the influential Mr. Brown’s assistance if Steve Connors was going to be elected the new senator, and she had agreed to help all she could with her cunt.

He had never shown himself friendly to Steve Connors and had delighted in making derogatory statements to the press about Steve’s way-out ideas whenever he got the chance. He was an old bastard, and it was going to take a lot of charming to get him to openly support Steve. Nancy was looking forward to the part of charming him right up between her naked spread thighs. He was a sexy-looking old codger! She rose to go to the ladies’ room. The wine was making her feel a nice glow and she walked slowly toward the private toilet accommodations for the back room. She seemed to be able to feel the eyes of the two men upon her sensuously swaying ass as she moved away from their table, and she felt proud to be such a good-looking woman helping her husband in his bid for senator. When she returned, she noted that the mood between Steve and Phillip Brown had softened considerably, and she wondered if Steve had already succeeded in getting an endorsement from him.

When in his turn Steve said that he had a telephone call to make and left the room, Nancy turned to Brown and asked, “How’s it going?”

Brown placed his hand upon Nancy’s knee underneath the table. He was silent, but his fingers seemed to be talking for him. His shrewd dark eyes looked intently into hers, and Nancy could not help wanting to reach out and tear the clothes from his body and have him fuck her silly right there in the restaurant. It was true that they were alone in the back room, but Steve would be back at any moment. Phillip Brown’s hand felt like a branding iron on her leg, and she felt it moving upward, pushing her skirt back as it went and touching along the length of her thighs.

“Oh Phillip …” she sighed. She longed for his touch, though, and made no move to stop him. The wine made her head hum dizzily, and she was filled with a strong desire for cock that sent thrills running up and down her spine. Between her legs, high up at the wet pulsing spot of her pussy, she was already getting wetter and wetter as Brown’s fingers moved steadily up.

“Oh …” she sighed. She could not help parting her thighs ever so slightly. She could feel the inner wetness of her cunt beginning to pulsate with heat. She wanted him to hurry and touch her there. She and Steve had agreed to let Brown fuck her if he wanted, if it would get him to support Steve Connors for senator.

Brown’s fingers advanced across the bare top of Nancy’s thighs. They tickled and teased her, until he was sure of her rapt attention. Then he slipped his index finger up under the elastic pussy band of her silken panties and let the tip of it sink into the wet trembling cunt.

“Ooooooooh!” Nancy cried, pushing her hips down onto the seat. The thickness of his finger moved slowly within the confines of her soaking wet pussy, creating a friction that increased with each split second the mounting desire that Nancy felt in her loins.

“You are a beautiful woman,” Brown said suddenly, and there was an urgency in his voice that made Nancy aware that he was excited too.

“Thank you, Mr. Brown!” she replied.

She remembered the other men she had been fucked by to further Steve’s career. Both she and Steve enjoyed these career-advancing seductions and it had so far done nothing but good, for here was Steve on his way to being senator!

She was thrilled down to her fingertips and her toes as she felt his finger move in her cunt. It was so exciting when another man fucked her!

“I want to fuck you,” he said continuing his lazy friction up between her creamlike white thighs. “I thought maybe you and I might surprise your husband and put on a little show for him right now. I think we all would get a big kick out of it!” She didn’t seem to be able to answer him, as his finger churned inside her tingling pussy and the waves of desire continued to traverse her voluptuous body.

She felt a rush of lust as her husband returned. There was no time to answer.

Nancy felt flushed for Brown had not yet removed his finger from beneath her skirt, Maltepe Escort and her husband was sitting there at the table now. She was ready to screw.

It was perfectly obvious to Steve why Nancy was twisted toward Brown like that. The old codger probably had his finger up his hot little wife’s cunt. Everything was working out great. He was one lucky man to have a wife who was willing to help him with his campaign. It was time he got up and made sure that no one would bother them for at least a half hour while Nancy “convinced” Brown to fully support her husband for senator.

While Steve was temporarily away from the table, Nancy could feel Brown leering at her as he moved his finger inside her pussy and then removed it completely. He was an attractive man of about fifty or so, graying at the temples and in good physical shape. He wasn’t young, but he was a good-looking man, one that would make more than one housewife’s pussy tingle. She had only met Phillip Brown once before and thought he was good-looking. She had no love for the man personally, knowing him to be a wily and dangerous man if he considered you his enemy, but a good one if he were on your side. Now she looked at him for the first time in a different light.

Before she had a moment more to contemplate the situation, she saw Steve returning after locking the door to the back room behind him.

He said not a word as he sat down again across from Nancy, but she knew that he had arranged it all, and that within moments they would set out to gain Phillip Brown’s favors. A terrible sensation of passion whipped through her once more as she felt Brown’s fingers rising beneath her skirt again. Steve had returned with an additional bottle of red wine and suggested that they all drink heartily. Brown’s eyes twinkled and his booming laugh filled the room. Had Steve spoken to him before? Did he know what was to come, had they planned it together?

Brown’s middle finger surged close to her already seeping cunt high between her open thighs, and she felt him parting the curling pussy hairs and inserting the thick digit into the moisture of her cunt.

She drank more of the mellow, smooth-tasting wine and gave herself up bit by bit to the rising heat within her loins as Brown’s agile finger plied softly and steadily, rubbing gently at the tingling slit of her aroused pussy. It felt so terribly obscene to be sitting there as if nothing was happening, when they all knew what was happening under the table. Then abruptly the conversation turned from the innocent topic of the theatre in Kansas to more explicit things.

Steve spoke to her in a tone of voice that she knew well. It meant that he was excited almost to the breaking point. He wanted to watch her getting fucked forcefully and hard; he wanted her to yield to Brown’s strong handsome arms, to let him grind out his lust upon her, blotting her own out as easily as he would snuff out a candle with the massive girth of his demanding cock!

“How does that finger feel up in your hot little pussy?” Steve asked.

Nancy jumped at the words and at the knowledge that Phillip Brown was flushing with emotion next to her.

“It … it feels …” she began. She must not blow it now. She had to give Brown the hottest fuck of his life! Brown’s finger churned with a new insistent touch, separating the slippery folds of her wet pussy and worming upward toward the open spot of her hidden cunt.

“Yes?” he inquired, anxiously pushing and thrusting upward so that his finger rose into the wet and sensitive pit of the woman’s cum-slick pussy.

“Good!” she blurted out.

Brown cleared his throat and stirred uneasily on his seat. He was enjoying the whole thing immensely. Steve Connors had promised him something special … something that he would truly appreciate if he decided to publicly support Steve. Now, Brown was more than pleased to see that the promise was of a much more exciting nature than he had imagined. It was easy to get girls for an important man. But Nancy Connors was a dish that didn’t come along every day, and he was delighted at the chance to fuck her–it was even better than money! To see the beautiful and desirable woman beginning to sprawl down in her seat, right next to him, her eyes mere slits as she entered into a passionate state that was obviously complete and intense, now that was a show! To feel his own hand at that moment fingering her wet little pussy hole was enough to drive him crazy. He leaned forward in his seat, fingering her and watching Nancy’s expression with growing interest.

He could feel his already hard cock jerking painfully between his legs squeezing out plenty of pre-cum dampening his briefs, as he thought admiringly of the audacity the young couple had to set such a thing up right in the back room of Kansas’s most popular restaurant. He had to hand it to Steve though; he really knew how to get a fellow. He had heard tales about Steve and his wife, about how the young lawyer and his wife would stop at nothing to get what İstanbul Escort they wanted. Well, now he was getting a taste of it himself, and he found it entirely to his liking! Life was a dull affair at best, and he always liked to add as much spice to his own as possible. This was the kind of spice that made him think that it was all worthwhile.

Steve was speaking calmly to the thoroughly aroused redhead now, and Brown tried to catch all of his words. He could only get a few here and there, but they were enough for him to get the picture. Nancy was getting excited, not only through Brown’s intimate finger fucking of her cunt, but by her husband’s filthy words.

“… know you like finger fucking. Brown’s fingers are fucking your tight little cunt … squirm it … wiggle it … ugh! Ugh! Squirm it high inside your pussy … Oh Shit, his finger feels good up in there! Don’t you wish it were his cock instead of his finger? You know you like fucking better than anything. Phillip Brown knows it too … If you want him to, he’ll fuck you now …”

With each word, Nancy seemed to lose more and more control of herself. Brown could see her spreading her legs wider, and he leaned over and slipped his finger deeper into her cunt. It was then that he pushed the table back, and throwing up Nancy’s skirt with a sudden motion, invited her own husband to watch what his fingers were doing, fucking deep into Nancy’s cunt. Nancy whimpered; the idea that she was being finger fucked by a stranger and exposed to her husband–but at the same time serving “the cause”–created a characteristic surge of masochistic enjoyment that increased her emotion to such an extent that she groaned out loud.

The folds of her exposed pussy were plainly visible to Steve and Brown now as they both stared intently at the red, hair-fringed cunt up between Nancy’s widely separated legs. Brown had flicked back the narrow elastic leg band of her panties so that the entire naked surface of Steve’s wife’s aroused and dilated pussy was visible and his bunched-together fingers could be seen screwing up into the tightly clenching hole of her cunt, appearing and disappearing as he thrust again and again up into her willingly open vagina.

“Shit, man!” Steve exclaimed. “You’ve really got her going!” His lust-aroused cock was aching for a taste of his wife’s cunt, but he didn’t want to spoil Brown’s chances. He wouldn’t dare interfere with anything Brown did now for fear of losing his chance of winning the man over.

Brown would stop moving whenever he thought Nancy was about to cum. He did not want that to happen yet. He wanted to keep her teetering on the brink of a mind-bending release, to arouse her so much that she would do anything to get a cock inside of her. It was obvious that she was a good fuck because she loved it and would only be satisfied with the best. This would be her first performance with him, but he knew she would do well. She had been well trained.

“Come on!” he said to her. “Hurry up and strip, and I’ll fuck the shit out of you!”

With only a second’s hesitation, Nancy stood up. She wavered as she looked down at the alert and deeply reddened face of Phillip Brown, but she realized that she would be able to go through with it now. It would be worth it to feel Brown fucking her, to obey him so well that he would fuck her into a state of ecstatic delirium. She would do as he said. Brown had little to do with it, really. She and Steve were performing for each other as well as for Phillip Brown. Being fucked by another man while her husband watched was an act that thrilled each of them beyond all possible games they could play.

She stood near the table, there in the back room of the restaurant, and began to slip out of her clothes. Brown watched with bulging eyes. He had only imagined what a gorgeous body Nancy Connors possessed, but now he saw. She was smiling at Steve with a loving expression, and Brown valued this experience all the more because of the love these two young people had for each other. He had heard it said that the ultimate thrill in fucking was the one you got when someone shared his wife with you, and remembering this, he grew more and more excited. Her suit top and blouse were gone now and she stood in her skirt and lavender lace bra, one she had worn especially for him, because he was probably the old-fashioned type who liked the suspense of taking off a woman’s bra and then watching her tits swing free. Her shapely legs were tanned from her daily sunbaths, and her full thighs came enticingly into view as she stepped out of her skirt and half-slip next. The beige tone of her silk panties blended subtly with the soft ivory of her naked loins.

Suddenly to Brown it was if he and Nancy were alone in the room. She was playing strictly to him, while Steve faded even from his peripheral vision. Before him, Nancy’s bra unclasped from the front and fell to the floor with a flick of her fingers, and the full beauty of her huge, billowing tits swung into freedom. His cock throbbed Anadolu Yakası Escort as he took in their creamy perfection. They rested high and proud in the artificial light of the restaurant and their quivering pink nipples stood out on the creamy half-spheres, peaking higher as she raised her arms over her head in a provocative motion that was meant to lure him. He felt his cock produce a single shot of semen. Fuck, he had to pound her or he’d unload in his pants.

Damn! What a talent the girl had! Steve was one lucky bastard. Nancy was everything Brown had always wanted in a woman, and more. He stared at her standing there barefoot in her tan-colored panties. Then, to his amazement and without another word of instruction from him, she turned her back to him and, bending over slowly, drew her silk panties tantalizingly down over her curved hips and lushly curved ass. She brushed them sensuously against her smooth white thighs and calves and finally discarded them at her feet beside her skirt.

Nancy stretched slowly, as though she had been stripping all her life, and then, with a deliberate teasing motion, turned to face the two men. All of her nakedness was now voluptuously exposed, from her sensuously throbbing tits to the soft coppery-red, hair-covered mound of her quivering young pussy.

Steve turned to look at Brown and saw the entranced Republican Party member rubbing his hand across the front of his pants. A swollen bulge betrayed the existence of his hot pulsing erection along with a damp spot, and Steve felt a thrill of power as he ascertained that Nancy’s performance was having the desired effect.

Nancy was dancing now, swaying sensuously back and forth before the two men in counter time to the piped-in music. She pranced nakedly, her tits dancing and her smoothly curved ass cheeks bouncing softly as she turned to present their swelling fullness to the watching pair.

“Come here, honey,” Brown said huskily. “Let us have a closer look at you.”

Nancy approached and stood before them. She was waiting for Brown’s hands upon her burning hot body, for his promised quenching of the desire that raged within her trembling loins. And she didn’t have long to wait. Brown reached out for her while Steve sat motionless, watching.

“You’re beautiful, baby!” Brown growled, and his thin aristocratic hands were on her trembling ass, pulling her in close to him. Suddenly, she felt his face worming into the narrow split of her gushing pussy, his nose and then his tongue parting the tender hair-fringed cunt lips and probing up inside their dark wetness.

She jumped at the unexpected wet contact and then felt him holding her all the harder against him, his fingers harshly kneading the pliable flesh of her quivering ass cheeks. She opened her eyes wide as she felt him begin a fast-paced licking and sucking at her nakedly presented cunt. She felt as though she were going to burst into flames any second, and she looked over at her husband who gave her a wink and a nod of approval.

Brown flicked out his tongue and teased the slit of Nancy’s exposed pussy furrow. His tongue ran over the tiny trembling lips of pink cunt flesh as well as the curly red hairs that protected them. Nancy jumped against his hands, and he held her to him more tightly. His thumbs spread open the soft, lips of her juicy pussy, and the teasing tongue probed hotly, deeply into her widespread cunt. Grunting, he moved toward her from his seat and kneeled in between her legs, forcing them far apart as he continued the lascivious stroking with his deftly worming tongue. Slowly it worked up and down within the nervous young redhead’s cunt hole, pausing at the most sensitive areas to rotate about in small titillating circles against her cum-soaked pussy flesh.

He pushed forward and Nancy cried out, losing her balance and beginning to fall backward. But she felt Steve rush behind her to cushion her, and she lay softly upon the rug of the restaurant’s private room, her legs widespread and Brown kneeling up between them.

Oh Shit! Nancy thought. She got so hot when Steve was watching her being fucked by another man. She was so hot that she couldn’t even cry out to him. But inwardly she screamed, I want a man’s cock in my cunt, something huge! Not just a tongue.

Still Brown’s tongue teased between her widespread cunt lips, working its way all the way up from her tingling pussy through the palpitating narrowness of her cunt to the throbbing head of her defenseless clit. She was disturbed that the illicit flicking of his tongue was creating a maddening pulsing deep within her clit, and she could feel the tiny nib of sensation swelling to full erection. She began to squirm her hips down into the fabric of the soft rug beneath her in a futile effort to urge on the punishing tongue, but it did no good. The idea that her husband Steve was somewhere behind her, watching all this, brought more low guttural moans of lust to her throat. The naked white plane of her belly danced erotically before the two men’s hungry eyes as Brown continued his greedy lapping and panting at Nancy’s helplessly exposed pussy. The older man’s eyes peered up from his enjoyable task and met those of Steve Connors who was standing behind the writhing nakedness of his wife. Steve nodded that it was fine for Brown to continue.

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