The Seduction of Simon Ch. 07

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At last, Miss Prim’s twin sister, Miss Proper had arrived for the week. They were both looking forward to the underwear party which was slated for Friday night at 7:00. Invitations had been sent, requesting that the gentlemen wear full business attire. All seven had accepted and masturbated furiously three times a day in anticipation for the event, with their cocks and balls poking out of their boxers.

Finally, Friday night came. Miss Prim was dressed in a turquoise blue dress in contrast to her sister’s baby pink gown with white stenciling. They greeted the men as they came in one by one….Scott, Simon, Isaac, David, Mike, Hank, and Ray. All the men were dressed to the nines with expensive suits and ties. The women couldn’t believe how sexy they looked in them….but the best was yet to come! As for the men, they couldn’t take their eyes off Miss Proper’s ample bosum, shapely figure, and sparkling blue eyes. Seven sleeping penises began to wake in their boxers.

When everyone had assembled and downed a few drinks, Miss Prim took a spinner out of a box on the table.

“I think we are all a bit overdressed, and there is a lot to come off. I found this spinner in an old party game I had. Whereever it stops, everyone will have to take that particular piece of clothing off, no exceptions.”

The men whistled and cheered….they really wanted to see what kind of underwear Miss Prim and her sister had chosen for the party.

“You go first, Simon” Miss Prim thrust the spinner in his face.

Simon spun the spinner meekly, which is pretty much what Miss Prim had expected. It stopped on the drawing of a shirt.

“Shirts” Miss Prim yelled. And that means jackets and ties too!

Miss Prim and Proper let the front of their gowns down to reveal matching powder blue bras. Their swollen nipples pressed out the fabric and were clearly visible. The men threw their jackets and ties on the floor and hastily removed their white shirts. Simon, Ray, and David wore wife beaters, while the other four men sported white crew neck undershirts. The fronts of their trousers were beginning to bulge promisingly.

Miss Prim then gave the spinner to her sister, who twirled it rapidly. Miss Proper grinned as she eyed the next item…”socks, and that means shoes, too!!”

The men easily slipped off their dress shoes and dark dress socks. Miss Prim and Miss Proper took off their pumps ankara escort and pantyhose. Everybody was breathing rather heavily now, in anticipation of the next item. David got to spin next. He watched the rapidly twirling spinner gradually slow down until it stopped on the line between shirts and pants. Miss Prim walked over “Looks like shirts are already gone…pants next!!!” She instructed her sister to take care of Scott, David, Hank, and Mike, while she turned her attention to Ray, Isaac, and Simon.

The three men watched incredulously as Miss Prim knelt by Ray and fondled the huge bulge in his pants. Then, she undid his belt and lowered the zipper. Ray’s expensive slacks fell to the floor, revealing full cut green plaid boxer shorts tented obscenely by his big prick. She quickly took off Isaac’s pants as well, showing the group his pure white tapered boxers. Simon’s eyes were tightly shut as Miss Prim worked on undoing his trousers. She pushed them down slowly, smiling at his baby blue trim boxers which barely contained his rigid eight incher.

“I see you men are all ready for me.”

Without saying anything further she reached into Simon’s shorts and pulled out his throbbing prick. Miss Prim gulped it down as if her life depended on it. Simon moaned so loudly the neighbors probably heard it. He had never been deep throated this expertly, and was soon at the brink of letting go of an enormous load. When Miss Prim felt Simon’s precum on her tongue, she moved over to Isaac, blowing hot breath on his prick encased in his boxers. With her hand and mouth, she gradually worked his cock over to the fly slit, letting it bounce out lewdly before taking the head between her lips. Isaac grunted in appreciation as Miss Prim gave him the blowjob of the century in his underwear. After a minute of frantic thrusting, Isaac was disappointed to see Miss Prim let his penis out of her mouth and turn her attention to Ray.

“Last but not least”, she pulled Ray’s prick and balls out of his roomy plaid boxers and slid her tongue all over the beautiful mushroom head of his endowment. Ray swore under his breath and then let out high pitched shrieks as Miss Prim suddenly started to deep throat him. She brought Ray to the brink of an explosion before letting his rock hard prick out of her mouth. Then, she took off her dress and stood before the men in crotchless panties ankara eve gelen escort and a blue bra.

“I want all three of you in me at once..let’s go by the stairs”

The men followed her transfixed, eagerly watching her titties, (only partially covered by the tight bra), go up and down. When they reached the stairs, Miss Prim embraced Simon and helped him position his cock at the entrance to her wet pussy. At the same time, Ray lowered her panties in the back and rubbed his penis against her tight bum. Isaac climbed a couple of stairs and thrust his cock through the slats of the bannister. That gave him easy access to the cleft between her tits.

“Ok, men at the count of three, I want all of you to push forward….1, 2, THREE!!!”

Miss Prim let out a loud scream as Simon and Rays’ cocks slowly invaded her willing holes. Isaac, not wanting to be left out, thrust his cock sideways across Miss Prim’s breast as she kneaded the rock hard organ with her fingers. After a few tentative shoves, Simon and Ray got a strong rhythm going and thrust the full length of their organs into Miss Prim’s quivering body. She began to howl in a mixture of pleasure and pain. As for Simon and Ray, they could feel their cocks rubbing together inside Miss Prim which just added further to their excitement.

As the three students enjoyed their teacher, Miss Proper was having just as much fun with David and his friends. She had stripped to a pair of pink crotchless panties and first knelt in front of David. Undoing his belt and zipper, she savored the sight of his full cut white boxers, her favorite color and length of underwear. Miss Proper then quickly got the other men out of their pants and enjoyed the view. Hank wore full cut boxers with thick red stripes, Mike’s were blue plaid and trim cut, and Scott’s were solid baby blue. She fished four rock hard cocks and their accompanying meatballs out of the men’s boxers and started to suck David and Hank alternately, much to the delight of the two men. Miss Proper had a very wide mouth and quickly decided to put it to best use. She pushed David and Hanks’ cocks together and took in both their turgid heads in at the same time.

“J-j-j-j-e-e-s-s-u-u-s-s-” David was in such ecstasy he could barely talk.

“s-s-s-h-h-i-i-i-t-t-t-” Hank couldn’t believe the sensations çankaya escort Miss Proper was causing him to have as she played the best skin flute in the world. Miss Proper got about half of David and Hanks’ cocks in her mouth before she let them out excruciatingly slowly. She then turned her attention to Scott and Mike, giving them a double deep throat as they shrieked and moaned lustily. After a minute or so of intense sucking, Miss Proper let Scott and Mike’s penises slip out of her mouth. She turned to face David and Hank, letting Scott and Mike have a nice view of her butt.

“Ok, I want David and Hank to take turns screwing me while Scott and Mike take my bottom” The men got into position eagerly. David positioned his piston into place as Scott pressed his rock hard flesh into her bum. Then, Miss Proper screamed “NOW” and at that moment David and Scott pressed forward.

“AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH,” Miss Proper couldn’t believe how good it felt to be screwed by two handsome men at once. The sight of her sister being taken by her three students in their cute t-shirts and sexy boxers just added to her excitement.

The two groups of sex craved men and women kept at it for a good 10 minutes, the men’s grunts and groans getting louder and louder as they came close to dumping their loads. Miss Proper had several orgasms as David and Scott plowed her into oblivion, then enjoyed the change of Hank and Mikes’ equally rigid tools in her hot orifices. Simon was the first to go over the brink. “I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I’m going to POP!!

He began exploding in Miss Prim’s twat a good nine full spurts. Watching Simon cum easily brought Ray to orgasm.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” he howled as his prick erupted in Miss Prim’s ass. Isaac shot off between Miss Prim’s tits just as Hank and Mike blasted 15 spurts of white cream into Miss Proper between them. Finally, David and Mike orgasmed, shooting volleys of cum all over Miss Proper.

As their ample orgasms finally subsided, the seven men and two women were so spent they collapsed completely on the floor, in a delightful state of A.F.O. (All Fucked Out). After about 5 minutes of heavy breathing, Miss Prim smiled to the group…”Does everybody like my sister?”

The men used all their strength to nod in approval.

“Good, because she’s going to be on the faculty of our school….a new flute teacher”

The men couldn’t believe their good fortune…now, what were they going to do until the next semester? As if she was reading their minds, Miss Prim continued…”and we are going to have at least 3 underwear parties over the summer, anyone have a problem with that?”

Ray piped up “only three??.” The group laughed…it was going to be a summer to remember!!

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