The Secret

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“I bet your Dad has some vodka downstairs in the liquor cabinet. Or at least a few beers in the fridge down there,” Kailey said.

Jessie shook her head and flipped the page of the magazine she was staring at, but not really reading. “I don’t wanna go through my Dad’s stuff, that’s weird.”

They were staying at Jessie’s for Fall break, and all the partying at college had made home seem downright boring. Not being 21 quite yet, and without their older friends to get booze for them, it was a fun challenge to see how they could get a buzz going without getting in trouble.

Kailey turned the TV off and sat up, looking determined. “Well, I’m gonna go look, even if you won’t. I know he won’t notice if anything goes missing, he’s totally oblivious to everything since the divorce.”

Jess sighed and sat up too, abandoning the 2-month-old Glamour she’d been perusing. “You’re right about that,” she agreed. Her Dad had been pretty listless lately, not really the same fun-loving guy she’d grown up with. “Fine, I’ll go too. But don’t be weird and look through all his stuff like usual!”

It was true, Kailey was pretty nosy, and had no problem digging through her best friend’s Dad’s personal belongings, just to see what she could find. They’d been friends for so long that Jessie’s Dad almost felt like her own Dad, and her house felt more like home than her own ever had.

“I just hope he has something better than Burnett’s and Natty Light,” Kailey said, pulling a disgusted face.

Jess giggled. “Don’t worry, Daddy only buys the good stuff,” she said confidently.

Jessie’s Dad’s basement “Man Cave” was a pretty typical space for a divorced 40-something with cash to spare. There was a giant TV, at least 60″, on one wall, and a theatre-style row of black leather recliners that each boasted multiple cup holders, cubbies for remotes, and buttons that allowed you to recline or even lay completely flat with a simple touch.

There was also a pool table, bar, and vintage Pepsi vending machine. Kailey smiled at all the memories she had of BBQs and holidays at Jessie’s house, and how much fun it had been to put a quarter in the Pepsi machine and see what came out — her Dad never put the same kind of soda in twice. She walked over and pushed a button, but nothing happened. Guess he doesn’t keep it stocked anymore, now that he’s an empty nester she thought, a little melancholy.

“Ah-ha!” came Jessie’s triumphant face from behind the bar. “Patron, baby!” She was holding up a squat bottle with a round cork full of amber liquid.

Kailey stuck her tongue out. “Do you have limes, though? Tequila without a lime… ouch.”

Jessie turned and dug around in the fridge. “No limes down here. I’ll go check the kitchen.” She set the Patron on the counter and headed back upstairs, leaving Kailey alone in the chilly basement room.

Kailey walked over to one of the recliners where a blanket lay in the seat and picked it up, intending to throw it over her shoulders to warm up. However, once she picked it up, the blanket slipped immediately from her fingers, forgotten.

Under the blanket, on the black leather cushion, lay a very strange looking object. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it was something personal, something Jess’ Dad didn’t want her – or anyone else – to see. It was big, and plastic, and shaped like a flashlight. However, at the large end, where a light would normally be, there was a flesh-colored mound of some sort of rubbery material. Kailey grabbed the object by the handle and turned it around in her hand. The rubbery part was shaped like a pussy, with labia, and a clit, and a hole in the center. Kailey’s mouth dropped open. What the fuck IS this thing? she thought incredulously. She was simultaneously shocked, disgusted, and turned on.

She touched the material gingerly. It was surprisingly squishy, and felt slightly sticky, but nothing actually stuck to it. Does Jessie’s Dad put his dick in this? she wondered. The thought made her intensely curious. Tentatively, gently, Kailey slid her forefinger inside the simulated vaginal opening. It was a weird sensation – it didn’t feel like when she stuck her finger in her own pussy, it wasn’t wet or warm – but it made her feel oddly aroused. She suddenly wanted to see Jessie’s Dad using it, shoving his cock deep inside as he sat in his recliner and watched zayıf gaziantep escort porn on his bigscreen.

Kailey heard Jessie’s footsteps at the top of the stairs and threw the toy back onto the cushion, tossing the blanket on top and rushing back to the bar. She took out her phone and tried to act casually, as if she’d been standing there the whole time.

Jessie bounded back into the room, a wrinkled little green fruit clutched in her hand. “It’s a little old, but, whatever, we’ve eaten worse, right?”

Kailey laughed and agreed that indeed, they had.

Jessie poured them shots and they drank, throwing the tequila back and grimacing as the burn trickled down their throats, then took bites out of the sour slices of lime. They had 3 each and then stowed the Patron back in the fridge, climbing back upstairs to paint their toenails as the buzz hit them so that they could laugh at what a shitty job they’d done the next day.

That night, after Jessie fell asleep, Kailey found herself unable to drift off. She wandered to the top of the basement stairs and pressed her ear to the door. Jessie’s Dad had come home earlier that evening, shouted a gruff “I’m home!” when he entered, and then immediately gone to his Man Cave. Kailey wondered if he was using the toy she’d discovered earlier. She couldn’t hear anything; if he was down there, he was being very quiet. She turned the handle ever so slowly and pulled the door open the tiniest bit, until she could press her face to the opening and see straight down into the basement.

His chair wasn’t in view, but part of the TV was. He’s watching porn! Kailey suppressed a gasp. And he was. The bigscreen was plastered with the image of a woman bent over, taking an impossibly huge dick from behind, the thick shaft looking as if it would split her in two at any moment. Her tight pink pussy was wrapped tightly around the dick impaling her, and she was rubbing her clit just as hard and fast as she was getting fucked. The sound was very low, but with the door open Kailey could hear the man moan as he fucked the young woman mercilessly. Suddenly, the image on the screen changed and the girl was on her back, legs spread wide, her pussy open and waiting for the big cock to re-enter her. Kailey’s mouth formed a perfect “O” in shock as she saw the girl’s face. She looked so familiar. Who is that? Kailey wondered. Why do I feel like I know her?

It took a few moments of staring before she came to the realization that the girl in the video could have been her twin, if she had one.

All Liam Murphy wanted after a long, hard day was a beer and a wank. He trudged inside the 2-bedroom, 1-bath ranch he had lived in for the past 19 years, first with his ex-wife, then with his ex-wife and baby girl, then with just his baby girl (who wasn’t such a baby anymore), and now, finally, blessedly, alone.

Except for school breaks, of course, when Jessie would come back home for a few weeks or months, and he was no longer an empty-nester. As much as he loved and adored his daughter – and make no mistake, she was the apple of his eye, and he loved her more than life itself – he had come to cherish all of the alone time, the quiet, the solitude, the freedom of being a bachelor again.

Except that, to be honest, he didn’t exactly make the most of his (kind of) newfound bachelor status. It had been almost 7 years since Jessie’s mom had left him, and while he’d gone on a few dates here and there, he’d never really had any interest in getting into a serious romantic relationship again. Jessie was old enough to not need a mother figure, and seemed happy enough with just her Dad around, and Liam was happy with his quiet lifestyle. He did, however, miss the touch of a woman. Jerking off was great – really great, especially now with these new toys they’ve got, Liam thought with a smirk, picturing the fleshlight he couldn’t wait to bury his dick in later that evening – but there was nothing quite like a warm, curvy woman to press against. He missed the tastes, smells, and touch of a real live woman, and he knew he was going to have to get back out there and date if he ever wanted to fuck one again. He was only 44, definitely not old enough to give up on that aspect of life just yet.

But tonight, he was ready to simply relax in the comfort gaziantep zayıf escort of his man cave with one of his favorite videos, his favorite toy, and one or two (ok several) beers.

“I’m home!” he called out as he set his keys on the entryway table and kicked his work boots off. He knew Jessie was home for Fall break, and it was simple to fall back into those old habits. He’d always let her know when he was home, and when she had been younger, his announcement had always been met with a squeal of “Daddyyy!” and a huge hug from his little girl.

Nowadays, it was met with silence, but that was ok. He knew Jessie still loved him, and he didn’t need her to run out of her room every time he came home just for his ego. He figured he’d catch up with her tomorrow, when he made his traditional Sunday breakfast.

After a quick shower to wash away the combination of sweat, dirt, and sawdust that clung to his skin, Liam pulled on a pair of worn grey sweats and a faded t-shirt and headed to the refuge of his basement man cave. For a while he did some of the work that had to be done for his construction company, that couldn’t be done on the job site. Answering emails, mostly, and ordering a few supplies. He could hear Jessie walking around upstairs, then laughter. Two familiar voices. Kailey must be here too, he thought.

Kailey had been his daughter’s best friend for as long as he could remember. So long, in fact, that she felt like one of his daughters, too. Except now, she was practically a woman, and a gorgeous one at that. Liam often found himself avoiding Kailey when she came over because he felt uncomfortable with how attractive he found her. It was wrong, she was like a daughter to him, and he was determined not to perv on his daughter’s friends. She was 100% off-limits.

But porn actresses who look like her aren’t, Liam thought with a smirk. Yes, he remembered the day he had stumbled upon a video of a gorgeous young woman getting absolutely destroyed by a huge dick, and the way it had made his balls ache to the point of discomfort when he realized that he was looking at Kailey’s doppelganger. He had quickly bookmarked that video, and revisited it often when he needed to indulge his depraved fantasy.

And tonight is definitely one of those nights. He finished his emails, shut off his computer, grabbed a cold one from the bar fridge, and moved to this favorite chair.

Kailey was reeling from what she had just seen. She never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would find herself in this situation. And the craziest part? How fucking horny it made her. She got up ever so slowly, being extremely careful to not walk on any of the loose floorboards as she extricated herself from her perch at the top of the basement steps. She slowly shut the door behind her and walked to the bathroom on tiptoe.

Once inside the small hall bathroom, she locked the door and sat on the lid of the toilet to think. Jessie was fast asleep in her bedroom, but Kailey was more awake than ever, and the incessant throb between her legs was not going to go away anytime soon.

What harm could it do? She thought as she began to strip off her pajamas. She needed to cum so that she could fall asleep, and hopefully in the morning she’d have a clearer head.

She tossed her clothes into a pile in the corner of the room. She was now down to her underwear, which she noticed were absolutely soaked. She peeled them off and inspected the gusset. Sticky, clear fluid coated the inside. She reached between her legs and slipped a finger down her slit. It was coated in her juices, and the flesh felt hot to the touch. She spread her legs apart even further and let her head fall back as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Yes, baby, a deep, masculine voice echoed in her head. A familiar voice. Her best friend’s Dad’s voice. Normally, this would have brought Kailey’s session to a screeching halt. But right now, after what she’d witnessed, it pushed her deeper into her frenzy. She let the voice keep talking, biting her lip and holding in a moan as she imagined him watching her. Spread your tight little pussy for me, he was saying now. She imagined him fisting his massive cock while he watched her. I want you to make yourself cum, so you can take this big cock. I need it nice and wet, gaziantep zayıf escort bayan baby, I don’t want to wreck your tiny hole on the first stroke…

Her hips bucked wildly as she continued her ministrations, her fingers frantically circling her swollen clit. She could feel her pussy leaking, the slick juices coating her asscrack and dripping down onto the toilet lid beneath her. She was biting her lip to keep from moaning, her orgasm was so close. She wanted to make it last. She stopped rubbing her clit and plunged two fingers into her warm, wet hole. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she finger-fucked herself frantically, her other hand tugging one of her taut nipples. She shifted slightly so that she was in a squatting position, with one foot braced against the tub next to her so she didn’t fall. She could pound herself faster that way, and she needed to, because all she could think about was bouncing on Jessie’s Dad’s fat dick.

Fuck that cunt, his voice said in her head. God, you’re a filthy little slut, aren’t you? Fuck it for me, I wanna see you cum.

Her fingers came out, coated in her juices, slick and sticky and musky-sweet. She sucked them clean and then went back to her clit. She rubbed furiously for only a few more moments and then she exploded. She couldn’t help it, she let out a moan of pleasure that she was absolutely certain anyone in the house could hear. In that moment, though, she could not have cared less.

She slumped against the toilet, panting hard, a sheen of sweat on her face and chest. Her pussy was throbbing, still contracting from the intense orgasm, and her legs felt as if they were suddenly made of pudding.

Deciding a quick shower was in order, she turned on the water and jumped in, hoping that she’d finally be able to sleep after this.

Liam didn’t know how long she’d been there, but he became aware of Kailey’s presence at some point right before filling his fleshlight with his cum. He hated to admit it, but the knowledge that she might be watching him had made his orgasm ten times stronger. He felt utterly depleted after, but his curiosity got the better of him and he stood up, pulled up his sweats, and tossed the used toy on the seat of his recliner.

He had known it was Kailey watching him, not because he actually saw her – it was more a sense. He had heard a single creaky stair, a whoosh of exhaled breath, and he swore he could even smell her. Not perfume, but her.

His suspicions were correct, because when he emerged from the basement and padded quietly down the hall (he could be quite stealthy for a man as large as he was), he noticed the light on in the hallway bathroom, the only full bath in the house.

He stood just a few paces away from the door. He didn’t really know what he was doing there; he didn’t intend to walk in on her, or knock on the door, either. So he just stood there, stock-still, breath held, waiting.

Liam was not prepared for what he heard. After only a few moments of standing there, he began to hear sounds emanating from the bathroom. He knew those sounds. Little gasps and moans. Wetness. She was obviously trying to be quiet, but every now and then she would let a sound slip. It had to be the single hottest thing he had ever heard in his life. Despite being 44, and just having had a massive orgasm mere moments ago, Liam felt his cock stiffen again, this time to the point that it was painful. He took another tentative, quiet step towards the bathroom. He needed to hear more.

He pressed his ear against the door and listened hard. She was fingering herself, and violently, from the sound of it. Wet, sticky, squelching sounds were coming from her pussy, and she was obviously having a hard time not cumming, because every few seconds she would stop, only to restart again moments later.

Liam reached down and slid his hand into his sweatpants, gripping the hard, hot, erection that was waiting for him. He fisted his cock, sliding his huge hand up and down the length, while he listened to his daughter’s best friend pleasuring herself.

Jesus Christ, he thought, what I wouldn’t give to make this door invisible right now…

He pictured the scene that would await him. His daughter’s friend, naked and spread for him, fingering her tight little cunt, looking straight at him with begging eyes. Please fuck me, she’d moan prettily, and God, would he.

Suddenly, a load moan escaped Kailey’s lips, louder than all the muffled sounds she had been making before. She was cumming, and before he could stop it, he was, too. He bit his lip hard to keep from moaning or shouting. He could feel his hot cum plaster the inside of his sweats.

He backed away from the door just as he heard the squeal of the shower.

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