The Second Machine Ch. 02

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The Second Machine

by Pan

Chapter 2:

I smiled as I checked my PayPal account. The money was trickling in, slowly but surely.

The first machine I’d invented had given me the ability to erase the last ten minutes from someone’s memory, provided I had access to their unique brainwave pattern. All I needed to do was project the exact opposite impulses that their hippocampus emitted, and bam – their most recent thoughts would never make it to long-term memory.

So far I’d only used it on my sister Edie and myself, but I was reasonably sure that after just a few minutes of scanning, it could be configured to work on anyone.

The second machine, that was the one that I was truly proud of.

It was a simple design – like the memory eraser, it projected impulses, but with a different aim. Instead of cancelling brainwaves out, it amplified them, creating such a strong emotional response that they didn’t notice my orders seeping into their brain.

I’d used it on my sister – by amplifying her reaction whenever I suggested something sexual, she got angry and offended…and didn’t notice her own body obeying my every command.

The problem was, it only worked when I suggested something sexual. I’d tried to make her do housework, but it would only work as part of a sexual roleplay.

I turned from my computer, to find Edie picking up the last of my laundry, dressed in a French maid outfit so short that she didn’t even need to bend over to show off that beautiful ass of hers.

“Will zere be anythink elze?” she asked, her sultry voice contrasting beautifully with the angry glare that she was giving me.

At that moment, Edie had no idea that she was pretending to be a French maid. She remembered me asking her to dress up in the sexy costume and clean my room, but she had no idea that she’d actually done it.

“I think there’s something else that needs cleaning,” I said lewdly as I spread my legs. As per her training, her eyes lit up in excitement as she got down on her knees, but as soon as the specific instruction (“Look excited whenever I proposition you”) was obeyed, her face went back to the angry glare, and it was that fury that I saw as I fucked her face.

I’d long since stopped feeling guilty…as far as Edie was concerned, I was just a pervert who asked her to do gross and sadistic things, all the time. She had no idea that she was actually sucking my cock.

Part of me wondered what she did think was happening, but I’m not one to mess with a good thing. I came into her mouth, had her “clean her master”, and sent her on her way. She had an hour to get my washing done before Mom got home, and I certainly didn’t want to risk Mom catching my sister with her panties off.

Turning back to the computer, I set the first few thousand dollars to transfer into my bank account, and opened up my program.

Somewhere in here was the reason that Edie would only obey my sexual commands. I had to find it.

Not, I should add, that I was complaining – if I had to only pick one kind of command to be obeyed, sexual would be my first, second, third and fourth choice…but the secret to making a thousand times more money than my sister’s porn site could ever bring in was in the code somewhere, and I was determined to find it.


Two hours later, I sat back, exhausted. Edie had changed back into her “around the house” clothes (which, ever since I’d first influenced her, was a short skirt and midriff-baring top), Mom had gotten home, and I was no closer to a solution. As much as I hated to, I had to admit – it was time to stop looking at the code and start experimenting instead. It was the only way I was going to work out what had happened.

“Edie,” I said to my sister after Mom had left the house, the second machine in my hand. “I want you to crawl on hands and knees to my bedroom, then kneel in front of me, ready to serve my cock.”

I could have just asked her to come into my room. And, once upon a time, she would have done so. But after weeks of crude and (to her) inexplicable commands, endlessly unanswered, she sullenly ignored me whenever possible. And, as mentioned, the second machine only worked if the commands were sexual.

Striding from the room, I could hear her loudly complaining about my gaziantep escort bayan language, and a glance over my shoulder confirmed that she was obeying my commands. Her top was already off, and in a few seconds I knew that her skirt would join it.

A few minutes later, she crawled into the room. She almost looked surprised upon seeing me, but just rolled her eyes and tried to pretend I wasn’t there, even as she knelt before me.

Leaning forward, I hefted one of her heavy breasts.

“Piss off,” she snapped, slapping my hand away. I’d considered adding a command that any part of her was mine to touch as I wished, but I’d decided against it. After a few seconds pause, she unwittingly (and unwillingly) added “…master.”

“What,” I asked nonchalantly, “are you doing?”

She rolled her eyes and again tried to ignore me, but I grabbed her face and turned it towards mine. I wanted to know what was running through her head as she unknowingly obeyed my orders – it could be the key to understanding why she would only obey me when my demands were sexual in nature.

“Nothing, master” she spat. “I’m just trying to have a night off, but my asshole brother won’t leave me alone.”

My hand hovered over my mind-erasing machine: I knew that there was a chance that my next few questions would undo all of my hard work – that confronting her complete lack of self-awareness would erase my commands – and as much as I wanted to know what was going on, I certainly didn’t want to give up my cum-dumpster sister in the process.

I’d disabled the second machine – this conversation was happening without me controlling her brainwaves. I could have told her to suck my cock and she’d have just glared at me. This was just her and me, no mind control involved.

“Why are you naked?” I asked, and she again rolled her eyes. “Edie, tell me that, and I’ll leave you alone for a month.”

I had no intention of leaving her alone, but it succeeded in catching her attention. She glanced down at herself, and a confused look came upon her face.

“I…” she answered, her brow furrowed. “I…”

I immediately wished that I’d hooked her up to my brainwave-reader before asking her the question, but before I could work out how to make “put this on your head” a sexual command, she blinked, and her eyes went blank.

“Edie?” I asked, and she looked at me, irritated, as if noticing me in the room for the first time.



After hooking her up to the reader, I repeated the experiment several times. It was almost beautiful to watch, like a dance – when I asked her to acknowledge what she was doing, her brainwaves spiked, peaked, and then flatlined. It was like the brain simply couldn’t accept the reality of what it was doing, and so it completely rejected it.

I was utterly fascinated, and more curious than I’d ever been in my life.

“Edie,” I asked, for the fifth time, “what are you wearing right now?”


As she looked down at herself, I glanced over at the reader. Subtle variations in the question didn’t affect the outcome. Spike, peak, flatline. I turned back to my sister, who was glaring at me as if I’d never spoken.

“Edie,” I asked, “touch your bra.”

Her hand came into contact with her breast, and without even looking at her monitor, I could tell exactly the same pattern had occurred. Her face looked bewildered, then worried, then…nothing.

“Edie,” I said, a thought appearing in my head, “turn me on by describing what you’re wearing.”

“I’m naked, master.”


“What?” I said. “Say that again…”

Nothing. Just silence.

“…it’ll get me hard if you repeat yourself,” I added.

“I’m naked, master…” she said in her sexiest, sultriest voice.

Curiouser and curiouser.

I got her to repeat it four more times before I realized that even though the portable second machine wasn’t operating, the reader that she wore on her head was the original – the machine that had made her obey my commands in the first place. When it was turned off, she just got confused, fearful and then blanked, no matter how I ordered her to behave…but when it was on, asking her to tell me (in a sexual escort gaziantep bayan manner) what she was wearing worked just like any other sexual order. That is to say, she obeyed it without question.

It didn’t quite make sense to me yet, but I had a plan:

I wanted to see how hard I could push it.


“How was school?” I asked my sister almost as soon as she got through the door. She rolled her eyes, removed her panties (a left-over command from when I first began to control her) and started to head upstairs.

“Wait!” I called after her, and when she didn’t respond, started to follow her upstairs. “Tell me, sis, in as much sexual detail as you can…how was school?”

Nothing. Exactly as I’d expected. I flicked the switch of the machine in my pocket, and tried it one more time.

“Edie,” I said slowly, “I want to fuck your bare little cunt. And while I do, I want you to tell me about all the filthy escapades you got up to at school today.”

“Oh, for fuck’s…really, master?” she asked, too exhausted to even be angry. But even as she shot daggers at me with her eyes, she bent herself over the couch, reached behind herself to lift up her skirt, and slowly guided my cock into her wet little pussy.

As I slid inside her for the third time that day (it had been a big morning) and admired the slickness of her wet cunt, she began to speak…

“What do you want to know, master? You really are a sick little perv, y’know that? It was just an ordinary day at school…”


As Edie had entered the school grounds that morning, she hadn’t questioned the urge that came upon her each and every morning. She had just mindlessly obeyed her legs as they took her to the girl’s bathroom, where she pulled some panties out of her bag, and slid them on. She washed her hands, and prepared for her first day of school.

Edie’s conscious mind wasn’t aware of a lot of what her body was doing that day. She knew, of course, that she was wearing a short skirt – what she didn’t know was that every time she saw a boy, she’d turn away from him and find some reason to bend over, attracting his attention immediately. She was conscious that she was noticing the number of males at her school more than usual – what she didn’t realize was that she was subconsciously weighing them up, checking them out, and trying to work out which of them she found most attractive.

Whenever a teacher was around, she was a perfect little angel…but as soon as the teachers were out of sight, her hands found themselves playing with the hem of her skirt. Only once throughout the whole day did Edie notice what she were doing, and even then she dismissed it as nerves – probably caused by her brother’s weird behaviour. Even then, she hadn’t noticed that she wasn’t just touching the skirt, she was making eye contact with boys that she liked, spreading her legs, and then flashing them whenever they glanced in her direction.

Edie was responsible for a room full of hard-ons, and she hadn’t even noticed.

During her lunch-break, she’d noticed herself walking up to the jock’s table, making an excuse to chat to the quarterback of the football team. Edie wasn’t blind – she knew that she was gorgeous, and on some level she was even aware that her change in wardrobe recently had resulted in a lot more male attention than usual, especially from the meatheads who passed every class purely because of their skill on the field.

A small part of Edie noticed herself talking to the quarterback, but the specifics of what she was saying were lost to her. She simply tuned out for about a quarter of an hour, and when she next knew what was happening, she was on her knees, her clothes discarded, and the quarterback’s cock pistoning in and out of her mouth.

That’s odd, she briefly mused. It doesn’t taste at all like my brother’s…

The thought stuck in her head for a few seconds, but since it didn’t make any sense to her at all, was summarily dismissed, and she focussed on the task ahead of her. She was sucking…no, that didn’t sound right. She was fellating…no, that didn’t make sense either. She was doing something, that was for sure. But who with?

The quarterback. That, she could gaziantep bayan escort confirm. She was doing something with the quarterback. But rather than put too much brainpower toward the thought of what she was doing, she focussed on the other half of the sentence:

The quarterback. What was his name? She’d heard it before, she was sure of that. They’d met a few times, and it was the kind of thing that she should probably know, if she was on her knees…no…if she was in front of him…no…

Rather than let her mind dwell, Edie spent the next few minutes trying to remember the quarterback’s name. She swallowed his cum, mentally appraised his performance, and decided that he was worthwhile. As she put her hands on the school-desk of the empty classroom they’d snuck into and spread her legs, she avoided comparing the feel of his cock sliding inside her with the girth of her brother’s, and continued to try to remember his name.

Chuck? Brad? Garth? It was one syllable, she knew that – just like the “Oh!”s that were emitting from her mouth as he fuc…as he made lo…as the two of them hung out.

Hung. He was rather well-hunt. Not huge, but well-proportioned to his body. She was enjoying feeling the size of his member as he…stood behind her. Thrusting forward, over and over again.

For some reason.

George! That was it. As George bellowed and deposited a load into Edie’s bare cunt, she congratulated herself for remembering his name. It was a pity that she’d already cum, else she could have cried it out while he penet…while they stood in the empty classroom.

Ah well, she could always do it next time.

Planting a long, slow, sexy kiss on George’s mouth and keeping eye contact as she slowly got dressed, Edie wondered if she was going to be late for her next class. She’d really spaced out for a few minutes there…it was probably stress, she told herself.

It was odd. Stress didn’t normally make her so horny.


It was all I could do not to cackle with joy. I’m not a cruel man – I’d only told Edie to get involved in sex that she’d enjoy, and it seemed that as much as she despised him as a person, something about George really pushed her buttons. As she’d been slowly and delightfully telling me every wicked detail of her encounter with the quarterback, I’d cum inside her, and I was already hard again. The level of control I had over my sister was unbelievable…

I flipped her over, pushed her back on the couch, and quickly checked the clock. We had half an hour before Mom came home – that would easily be enough to have my sister at least once more, maybe even twice. I don’t know why the thought of my sister mindlessly fucking a random guy at school turned me on so much…I’ve never been the jealous type, which helped.

It was two things, I pondered, as I reached around and started playing with my sister’s rosebud of an asshole. She moaned with pleasure, exactly as I’d programmed her to – I’d told her, once, that her ass was just as sensitive as her clit. I enjoyed watching her bliss out whenever I fucked her from behind, and even playing with it while I fucked her slimy pussy was a sight to behold.

The first thing that turned me on was the complete lack of awareness – though she’d given me every juicy detail, I was willing to be that she had no idea what she was doing, no idea that there were – even now – probably rumours of her sluttiness circulating her school. I mentally noted the potential for additional revenue, if word got out about her porn site.

But, I reflected as I felt Edie’s pussy clench around mine, in her fourth orgasm of our fuck, what I loved about it even more than that was her total lack of limits. I could command her to fuck the whole football team, and she wouldn’t hesitate. I could make her seduce every teacher in the school, and the janitors as well…and she wouldn’t even think twice about it.

Hell, I could film it. It could be a hell of a revenue source…

For the most part, Edie was silent as we fucked these days – she wanted to be anywhere except for in the room with me, and so she silently allowed me to unload in her pussy, while waves of pleasure wracked her body. As far as she knew, we were probably just sitting silently on the couch – she had no idea that her body was my puppet, to command however I pleased. I laughed as I came, filling my sister with my seed.

I wasn’t any closer to finding out why she only obeyed orders of a sexual nature, but her body was mine to do whatever I liked with…and I wasn’t worried. After all, I had the rest of our lives to figure it out, and Edie would be more than happy to entertain me as I did….

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