The Screamer Ch. 03

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My assignment was well underway. Things around here had taken quite a pleasant, yet unexpected, turn of events. I certainly wasn’t complaining. Since Holly’s visit, I found myself looking forward to a call during the day from Rose, my asian upstairs neighbor. She and I had started a sexual relationship almost before Holly was out of the parking lot. Rose was a contradiction in every sense of the word. In business, she was this demur nondescript business woman that I had seen for the two years she had lived above me. When she entered my world, she was an exotic beauty with an amazingly sexy wardrobe and an unquenchable erotic appetite.

I knew the gals in my building had been talking about the past weekends sexcapade that had taken place. It is how I had finally met Rose. Since Rose and I had begun our liaisons, I had seen Wendy and Debbie talking frequently. Wendy, being my youngest neighbor, always dressed so sexy. Debbie, who lived across the hall, had starting wearing much sexier clothes in the last few days.

My phone rang, “Hi handsome, are you going to be home later this afternoon?”

“Sure am, I’m just working away. What are you up to?”

“Well, I picked some things up for you and I wanted to drop them off.”

“You picked up what? You didn’t have to pick anything up.”

“Oh yes I did. I know something you don’t anyway. I’ll see you after I get off work.”

“I was just going to take some shrimp out of the freezer to make shrimp pasta. Wanna stay for dinner?”

“What girl could refuse that offer? I’ll see you after I change and get cleaned up.”

I smiled to myself and thought back to the sight of her cum filled smile last night. In reality, she was nothing I ever imagined her to be.

From my desk, I saw Debbie pull up. A few minutes later, Rose arrived. I knew she would want to freshen up before coming down. I had taken the time to get everything ready to prepare a nice dinner. I checked and saw that I indeed had an appropriate bottle of wine.

There was a soft knock on the door and as I opened it Debbie walked in wearing a thin white tube top and short white shorts. Her eyes were red and it appeared that she had been crying. As I was about to close the door, Rose walked in carrying some bags. She looked at Debbie and asked her what was wrong.

“That fucking prick. I am getting a divorce. He just informed me today that he is coming home to get his clothes and that he may or may not come back from Europe.”

“What do you want to do?” I asked her.

“I wanted to ask you what I should do. The lease is in my name, not his. I lived here before I married that useless piece of crap. Both cars are mine and they are paid for. The furniture is mine and we have no kids so that makes getting a divorce easy. I do not want to ever see him again.”

“When does he get home?” Rose asked?

“Ten days. I don’t want to move. I could but I really don’t want to. I can afford the rent easily on my own. I just don’t know how to handle it.”

“Look, it is Friday night. Do you have to work this weekend?” I inquired.

“No I am off this weekend.”

“Okay, let’s all have a nice dinner. I’ll make a few calls after dinner and I’ll have some answers for you. In the meantime, you look like you could use a drink.”

“Anything but beer.”

Rose started to laugh. “Don’t worry Deb, I know exactly what you need.”

I got up and saw the bags Rose brought in on the floor.

“What is all this?”

“Look inside,” Rose said with a twinkle in her eye.

I did and started to laugh. All the ingredients for many more Rum Runners were in there.

“Why did you buy me laundry soap?”

“I emptied the container last night when I washed the bedspread. I know you are going to need it again, real soon.”

Debbie looked at Rose intently and Rose smiled impishly and flashed a big smile.

I grabbed the bags and put the booze away. Debbie moved over to the bar and Rose joined her. I began to make the drinks and Debbie just starred at me.

“Damn, how much liquor is in there?”

“I laughed, “Enough to do the trick.”

Rose saw that I didn’t put the floater on. I handed Debbie her drink and she took a long pull on the straw.

“Okay, I saw it, I just don’t believe it. I know what the trick is. How the hell did you put this much booze in a drink and you can’t taste any of it?”

“You won’t taste it but you sure will enjoy it.” Rose quipped.

We talked about Deb’s situation and it was definitely apparent that she was still very upset. I left the women sitting at the bar and began to prepare dinner.

I looked over and Debbie was crying. Rose had her arms around her and was consoling her. Rose ran her hands thru Debbie’s lovely auburn hair and caressed her cheek. Deb hung on to Rose and sobbed. Marriage breakups are never easy but when you are the one wronged, it really makes it bad. Rose kissed her cheek as she held her tight. Debbie cried and Rose kissed her cheek, held her face and Ataşehir Escort kissed her lightly on the lips. Rose stroked her hair and kissed her yet again.

I touched a few switches and the ambiance slowly changed from utilitarian to romantic. The drapes closed, the lights dimmed and the stereo began playing.

I poured the wine and brought the salads to the table.

Rose and Debbie came to the table, arm in arm. I could not help notice she had become somewhat excited from Roses soft kisses and her stokes of consolance.

“To new beginnings, good friends and a better life,” I toasted. We enjoyed the dinner and Debbie was still obviously quite upset.

After dinner, I made some phone calls and told her what I had learned. She was going to be protected. She came into my arms and I hugged her tightly. I held her as she cried into my chest. Debbie and I had been friendly for years but this was the most contact we ever shared. I tilted her pretty face up and looked at her.

“Don’t you worry one bit. You are upset right now. I’ll explain it all later but for now, you need to know that you are safe. You are with people who will take care of you. Do you understand what I am telling you?”

Debbie stretched up and kissed me softly. I held her as she calmed. Rose began to rub her back and shoulders as I held her in my arms. Debbie hugged me tight and felt both of us holding her, touching her reassuringly. She looked up again and kissed me harder, lingering on my lips.

Rose led her to the sofa and I finished up in the kitchen. As I did, the girls talked softly amongst themselves. I saw Debbie shake her head and Rose nodded affirmatively. I made more drinks and sat down with them. Rose ran her hands through her hair as she sipped her drink. I held her hand and felt the tension fade.

“I don’t know what I would do without you. You have always been so nice to me and I needed someone to talk to. You know what he is like. You know I am not exaggerating. He has treated badly for such a long time. I don’t think I have deserved it. I really don’t.”

I put my finger under her chin and raised her face upwards. I looked into her eyes, never saying a word. She looked into my eyes. Her gaze dropped to my lips and back up to my eyes. My eyes dropped to her lips as she moved slowly closer to me. I looked into her eyes and our lips touched softly, gently, passionately. As we lingered in our first real kiss, Rose ran her hand along Debbie’s leg which was pressed against her own. Debbie ran her hand up my chest as our exploration continued. She moaned softly as her lips parted and my tongue gently traced her moist lips. The sweetness of her lips fueled my desire and our heat rose. Debbie bit my lip and drove her tongue deep into my mouth. She shifted and Rose leaned over and kissed her neck. Debbie groaned loudly as she felt Rose’s soft hands and wet tongue. Rose pulled Debbie away from me, spun her around and kidded her deeply, lovingly and heatedly.

“Oh dear me, I don’t know what just happened. I have never done anything like this before but I don’t think I want to stop it either,” Debbie blushed as she took another long drink from her glass. “It has to be the drink. Yeah, that is what it is.” With that, she kissed Rose again and then pulled me back onto her delicious face.

“I was afraid to kiss you Debbie. I really was. I just had to and I am so glad I did. I am so happy that you didn’t get up and run away,” Rose said. “I have wanted that for a long time but never thought it would ever be under these circumstances. He is right and you have to know, you are with people who really care about you. We will make your worries go away and make you feel loved again.”

“I have kissed more in the last hour than I have in the last two years,” Debbie said breathlessly as she looked at me. “I have wanted to kiss you so many, many times but I never would. We are friends and I never wanted that to change. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about this.”

I slapped her nice firm ass and joked, “The only fantasizing I have heard about happened last weekend. Apparently I need to muzzle someone.”

“Okay, dammit, okay I’ll admit it. I got slightly aroused listening to her,” Debbie quipped.

“You lying bitch,” Rose blurted. “You told Wendy and I that you were so wet you could have floated a damned boat.”

Debbie burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. I grabbed her, tickled her and said, “It is good to see you laughing. That is the lady I know.” I kissed her again and bent to pick up our glasses.

“You’re going to get me drunk, you know that, don’t you. If I get drunk, there is no telling what I might wind up doing.”

Rose giggled, trailing her fingers across Debbie’s neck, “That is exactly the point. How do you feel right now?”

“I feel, um, I feel very, very mellow and very relaxed and honestly, I feel nice,” she said as she laid her head on Roses hand.

I took the drinks into the bedroom and Kadıköy Escort returned to the girls. I offered Debbie my hand and pulled her onto her feet. She kissed me wonderfully and we walked arm in arm down the hall. Her head rested warmly against my shoulder. There was no resistance, only a soft murmur as we entered the bedroom.

“Make love to me. Please, oh please, make sweet, passionate love to me. I’ve wanted you for so long. You make me smile and you respect me. I know, in my heart, that you will never hurt me.”

I kissed her again as we lay on the bed. I quickly discovered Debbie loved to kiss and to touch. Her touch was soft and feather like. Her sensuous hands caressed my face, her fingers traced my lips and her heart poured from her lovely lips. She thrilled me as she touched my neck and pulled me down upon her. Her body fit perfectly and she felt it as well. The woman beneath me was not the focused business lady I knew. Instead, she was a tigress eager to be uncaged and set free.

Her moans became pronounced as my hands traveled along her body. Debbie was all woman. A lovely lady complete with her own flaws and deep desires. She was an auburn haired vixen with a lovely face, nicely shaped body and burning desire that had not been satisfied in ages. More valid was the fact that she was a friend.

My hand came up on her stomach and she inhaled sharply as my hand touched her exposed flesh. I ran my hand over her and up to the bottom of her tube top. She moaned again and I noticed her nipples were stretching the fabric of her top. Debbie kissed my neck as my hand slipped under her top. I now held her lovely breast in my hand. It was as firm as a twenty year old’s and highly responsive to my touch. I cupped her breast, my hand barely touching her stiffened nipple. With each wisp of a touch, she moaned and bit my neck playfully. I took her arms and raised them over her head as she lay luxuriously on the bed. I pulled her top off and her body looked so sweet as she laid there, waiting. Her hands undid my shirt and she removed it quickly. She grabbed my neck and pulled me greedily to her lips yet again. My hand touched her other breast and it reacted instantly. Her long nipples grazed the palms of my hands and sent shock-waves to every nerve ending in her body.

I leaned down and kissed her firm, sweet breast. She yelped as I tongued her hard nubs.

“Oh yes, oh yes, lick my tits. Kiss them, suck them. Oh yes, yes, yes!”

I held her breasts, caressed the sides and licked them hungrily. Debbie arched her back and shoved herself into my lips. I took a nipple in my mouth and closed my teeth over it. She went insane with desire. She began to thrash against my face. Pushing her breast harder and deeper into my mouth.

I slid my hands down the side of her body which dramatically increased her passion. She flattened her muscles, luxuriating in my firm touch on her soft flesh. I pulled her shorts down her hips and was rewarded with the sight of her lovely glistening body. She raised her hips and the fabric vanished. My hands traced her hipbones as I climbed between her attractive legs. She shrieked as she felt my breath on her hot pussy. I ran my hands down her hips and onto her thighs.

“I never thought…oh don’t stop! Don’t ever quit. Your hands feel so strong and so good. I never, ever, thought. I wanted to think, I wanted to know, I never thought I would…Oh dear…you make me feel so…,” Debbie rambled as my hands caressed her hips and her thighs.

When my tongue began to trace up her inner thigh, she flew off the bed. As I began to tease her, I felt Rose undoing my slacks and pulling them from me. My now naked frame began to lick her inner legs deliberately. I held her legs by the ankles and lifted them up. I kissed the backs of her knees and up her sweet thighs. The scent of roses wafted in the air as my face came into contact with her fantastically moist triangle. Her puffy lips screamed for release and her deliciously large clit demanded my rapt attention.

I grabbed her breasts with both hands as my tongue began to taste her wetness. I opened her folds gently and deliberately. I parted her lips and was rewarded with a taste as sweet as honey. With each unfolding petal, Debbie’s moans got louder and her hips gyrated lovingly against my tongue. When I closed my lips over her clit, she hollered loudly. My lip held her while my tongue stroked her and brought her to a miraculously wet orgasm. Debbie shrieked and wrapped her legs around my neck and rode my face so very hard.

“My pussy is on fire. Oh I’m cumming. I have never cum like this in my life. I’m gonna cum again. Oh yes I am. I’m cumming again. More please, more! Oh yes, yes, I want more. don’t you quit, make me cum again. I need this, I want this, I crave this. Damn, where did you learn this?”

I kissed her stomach and up between her tits. I licked her nipples and under her chin. My lips met hers as my hard shaft rode between her Bostancı Escort puffy lips. Her sopping wet pussy combined with the free flowing precum on my hard shaft created such perfect lubrication. Our lips clashed and I felt myself at the entrance to an almost virgin like tightness. My crown began to open her and she held me so tight. I slid into her, amongst moans, yelps and shrieks. She began to cum almost instantly. She squeezed me tightly, kissed me deeply and fucked me wildly. My cock slid in and out of her neglected pussy and she loved every bit of it.

My friends need became our mutual desire. Her wanton lust for pleasure drove my desire to fulfill her need completely. Our naked bodies felt so good, so right. Her tight sheath loved every stroke and she was cumming constantly. I set a pace and rammed her deep and hard. She met my every thrust and wanted more. I sank deep and felt myself bottoming out inside her. This set her off and I felt her entire body tighten. Her skin was damp and her breathing irregular. I kept driving and she began to cum.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming and I don’t ever want to quit. I want more, more, more! Fuck me darling, fuck me harder. Oh yes! I’m, I’m, Oh yes I am! Fuck me more…” she babbled as she became totally incoherent.

Debbie’s velvet sheath grabbed me and would not let go. As my spear sank deeper, she clamped tighter. Her tight pussy was holding on for dear life and her mouth was consuming my face. She began to cum repeatedly in rapid-fire succession. Each orgasm stronger and louder than the last. My cock was relentless as I was so intent on allowing my friend the release she had craved for so long. My hips became a blur, her pussy welded to my steel shaft and she kept cumming. I was relentless and she, responsive in the extreme. With each massive orgasm, the flood of her love soaked me and still I kept pounding into her. She screamed. She convulsed wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and would not quit cumming.

I looked into her eyes and saw them roll into her skull and I fucked her harder. She began to cum again, this time deeper than before and I drove myself into her so deliciously. When Debbie began this last orgasm, her eyes fluttered, they rolled up and her body was beet red. The years of denial had finally been erased and she rocked on me harder and more delightfully than I have ever experienced. Her breathing ceased, as every muscle contracted and she came. She came so hard and finally collapsed, spent, satisfied and close to unconsciousness.

Another extremely loud voice was heard in the midst of her own raging orgasm. I looked over at the easy chairs and a very naked Rose was hands deep in her pussy, writhing in her own pure bliss.

I stayed inside Debbie and I felt her every twitch, contraction and expansion on my slowly deflating cock. She slowly regained some semblance of normalcy and she held my hands tightly. She tried to look at me but was unable to focus. She attempted to speak but the words failed to form. Her chest was heaving. She was totally drenched. She had been ravished and she reveled in it. I stayed within her as she recovered. Her pussy sent sweet loving sensations onto my cock. Finally, she looked at me in disbelief.

“Where the hell did you learn to do that?”

I leaned in and kissed her sweetly, lovingly and stroked her sopping wet hair.

Rose’s soft voice piped in, “Wow! Listening to you last weekend was wild. Fucking you is beyond wild but, watching you fuck is an incredible fucking turn on too.”

I rolled off of Debbie’s heaving body and began to stroke her gently. Rose moved to the bed, leaned over and kissed Debbie sweetly. Debbie returned the kiss with passion and desire. Rose began to stroke her sweetly as well.

“Do you feel better dear?, I asked.

“Oh my God, I never knew sex could be that good. You have made me feel things I had no idea existed.”

Rose looked at me and then at Debbie. “I told him basically the same thing on Monday.”

“I mean it. That was beyond belief. I never thought an orgasm could be that intense. Hell, I never knew that a woman could have that many orgasms in a year let alone in one night.”

Rose was stroking her and so was I. I didn’t say anything. Rose cupped one of her sweet breasts and lowered her mouth and took her nipple into her soft mouth. Debbie inhaled and looked at me as Rose teased and pleased her firm breast. I watched as Rose drew a fine line with her tongue from her nipple to her neck. Debbie extended her neck and allowed Rose total access. I watched as Rose kissed Debbie’s neck, her chin and onto her lips. Their lips touched ever so softly as Rose and I continued to stroke and touch Debbie everywhere.

“That many orgasms in a year? Baby, the night is young and you have just begun.” Rose whispered.

Debbie came out of her trance like state instantly. She looked at Rose and saw this precious asian nod and smile. Debbie smiled broadly, “Barkeeper, one more round for everyone,” Debbie giggled.

“Only one more round? This place is opened all night,” I quipped as I grabbed the glasses and headed out of the bedroom.

“Is this a dream Rose?

“No Deb, this is as real as it gets.”

“Now I know why Holly was screaming.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32