The School Teacher Ch. 4

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Please note: This story is TRUE! All the chapters of this story, both presented here and those to be presented, are all TRUE! Only the ladies’ name has been changed. Hope you enjoy it.

* * * * *

For three months I had been going over to Monica’s house, to, ostensibly do better in her English class. I never knew if Mom had suspected there was more to it then that, but, she did query me, more extensively, on just what she was doing there. Naturally, I had to go into some detail as to just what was going on regarding the “teaching” phase of her class, telling her she was concentrating on my “weak” points.

I was well into my 18th year while this was going on, and, I had purchased a used car from all the side work I was doing. I had been contemplating moving into my own place, but, I was still not quite ready to do that. My Dad had always believed that when a man turns 18, he should get out on his own, so, I knew I would have no trouble in that quarter.

Anyway…Monica and I had arranged for me to come over yet another night. Just prior to that, while attending her class, I was feeling really randy. She was wearing a, to me, very provocative outfit that day, and, that didn’t help. In point of fact, my grades had improved, but, I didn’t know if that was due to actually faring better through harder classwork and homework, or, it was due to “other matters.”

Although our time together was largely sexual, we did, spend a little time going over my homework assignments, and, it helped, but, of course, I couldn’t keep my mind off of her while I was there. So, I guess, one could say, those sessions did help me as I was starting to understand more regarding her English class.

This particular night, again, we spent a little time on my school work, but, I was surprised at what she had in store for me. I put my books away and after sipping a cup of coffee, she had stepped out of the room and when she came back, she was wearing a very unique outfit. When I saw her in it…it reminded me that prior to her becoming a school teacher, she was a dancer and I learned she usually danced in private clubs.

She had put on the record player and she sauntered up to me as I sat on her living room couch. She was wearing a veil and under it, she had on a purple bra with gold sequins and gold chain accents. The bra was specially made for her because of her great bosom. Her top was composed of sheer sleeves and gold sequins trim. She was also wearing split sheer leg pants with gold sequins trim and chain accents. Her thong had gold sequins and gold coin trim and was detachable. Her chocker had gold sequins, coin and chain accents and she was wearing a sheer veil hat with gold trim and everything was in light and dark purple. It was a great outfit and looked terrific on her.

Slowly, she spun and turned and stepped, the bells ringing softly along with the steady click of the castanets. It was breathtaking! In actuality, she was dressed like an Arabian woman, and, it was obvious she had knowledge and experience in belly dancing!

She had a wry smile on her face as she performed. She would face me and, slowly and seductively roll her bosom, then, waist, and, her hips, in that order and to see her luscious body move that way took my breath away. Then, she would turn to the side and do it. Also, she would put her back to me and do this maneuver, and, my eyes were glued to her marvelous hips, thighs and full ass. As the music played, she would turn again with her other side facing me and roll her body. I kept running my hand through my hair and this was a tell-tale sign to her that she was getting to me.

She would complete her move by facing me, once again, and, rolling her body, so slowly…God…I never saw anything so sensuous. She stepped and danced, back and forth, through the living room, keeping pace with the music, created just for belly dancers. She rolled her upper body back…way, way back…extending her head down, down, down, shaking her shoulders as she did so. She could actually hear me taking big, long, deep breaths. Her monstrous tits just shook and gyrated with her movements…like two huge mounds of jello rolling on her chest. I gulped nervously as this was something entirely new to me.

By this time, I had removed most of my clothes except for my boxer shorts. Then…she worked her way right in front of me…right in front of the couch I was sitting on. And…suddenly…maintaining the movements of her body with the tempo of the music…she…shook her hips side to side at blinding speed…the bells jingling with her movements and she picked up the pace with her castanets. It was mind-boggling to watch her. Her upper body was almost completely still as her lower body shook, side to side. She deftly unhooked her thong and it fell to the floor.

I think she knew what I was thinking, which was that I imagined what it must be like to experience such movements with my cock in her. She extended her escort bayan arms forward…wiggling her fingers, clicking the castanets, as she gazed at me and smiled, her hips and thighs rolling and gyrating at incredible speed! Then, she stepped up real close to me, and, she moved her hands to the waistband of my shorts and, slowly, drew them down. She took a half step back, her eyes rolling down and stopping on my cock. I watched, almost mesmerized, as she licked her full, red lips. Her hands coiled around my length and she began to fondle and rub it. Her hands worked all along my entire shaft, and her eyes went back to my own, a smile on her lips and the knowing look in her sprarkling, hazel eyes.

After these short months, I couldn’t believe that I had the great fortune of being with this woman. This full-bodied vivacious woman. Again, she moved in close, her one hand still on my cock, and, she guided it as she brought her grand pussy to my shaft, and, she pulled on my shaft until I could feel the large tip pressing magnificently against her pussy lips. She carefully rolled her hips and I felt the tip slip, tightly, between her pussy lips and start to enter her.

Slowly, she moved closer as she pulled my shaft, just behind the tip and more of me slipped into her. I groaned and she began to roll her body slowly, and, I could feel her inner muscles working as my thick shaft slipped deeper into her. Slowly, so slowly, she coiled her lower body toward me and yet more of my thick meat entered her and I groaned and moaned louder.

“Monica!…Monica!…I don’t think…ohhhhh baby…I don’t think…I’m going to last at all…if you keep doing this,” I moaned to her, sweat rolling off my brow. “That’s okay, Hoot…that’s okay…cum, baby…cum for Monica…and…cum in me!!” Seductively…sensuously…her body continued to roll slowly and, I could feel the walls of her sweet pussy worming along my shaft. She was going to make me cum and I was going to cum very soon.

She extended her arms and slid the flat of her hands on my hips. Then…she slid her arms around me until her hands were on my ass cheeks. It was at this point, she, suddenly…whipped her body almost into a frenzy, and, I had never felt anything like it. Again, at near blinding speed…her hips and thighs shook and rolled…and…I could feel every inch of the walls of her depths and it was going to make me explode.

“OOOOHHHHHHH!!…YYYYIIIIIII!!” I screamed and my packed balls released an onslaught of long, thick columns of creamy-white gism…and…I felt it racing along the thick vein in the bottom of my shaft. A split second later…her eyes closed, dreamily, as she felt my hot cum burst from the large tip now deeply embedded in her. My body stiffened and my head flew back and Monica felt my shaft expand within her just before the first column raced out of me. Her hands pressed against my ass cheeks and she pulled more of me into her as I came.

With such body movements, I was convinced…no man…would be able to delay such a climax. She was in complete control now, and, as column after column left me, she continued to roll her lower body so that her pussy slid along my girth, it’s walls narrowing and expanding on my shaft as she worked her abdominal and thigh muscles.

Her bright red hair flowed down her back in long, wavy curls as she continued to pump and roll her body erotically while the gism kept flowing from me deep into her. I had extended my arms around her with my hands on the swell of her ass cheeks pulling her to me. I kept pulling her to me until her pussy lips were snug against my thatch! The last remnants of my explosion flowed from me while we stood there kissing each other softly and passionately. My legs felt weak and for a moment, I thought my knees would buckle.

I hoisted her and she wrapped her long legs around my waist while I carried her to her big bed. I set her down easily, moving right with her until we were in the missionary position. “Now…fuck me, Hoot! Fuck me!!” she cried out. Being still quite hard, I began to pump it in and out…driving it right to the hilt, then, pulling back to the large, open tip. Again and again and how she loved it.

She folded her long legs around me, settling her heels on my ass cheeks and she pressed and pressed. I pumped it in…deeper and harder…until both of us could feel and hear the bump, bump, bump of our bodies coming together. How insatiable she was. Even while lying down she had magnificent control of her thigh muscles as my shaft could feel every inch of her wet depths…squirming…all along my cock. My huge balls were, again, filling with the prodigous baby-making fluid as her legs and feet pulled and pulled on me.

I was grunting and groaning during this time and it, instinctively, made her reach for a very silky slip she had on the bed. I pulled back and hoisted her legs so they were on my shoulders and I slipped my cock dikmen escort deep into her again. Each time I thrusted all the way into her, she hollered out…”I’m…going…to…uhhhhhh…going to…cum!” which only made me thrust harder and harder. Then, she did cum.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!” she cried out as her body stiffened and she could feel the strings of intense ecstasy race down her body to her feet and up to her big tits. She came and came and came and I could actually feel her juices rushing along my shaft. I had grabbed her hands by this time and pinned them against the headboard. Our fingers locked and squeezed, and, I could feel the intense pressure in our hands as she exploded…again and again. Yes, she was multiorgasmic and how I loved it.

She began to back off…relaxing her grip…and…she knew I was close. So, she picked up the silky slip and sliding her arm around one leg, I felt her apply it to my balls! That was all it took as I, too…came and came. How she relished feeling every drop spurt into her…and, how she loved the big, flaring, unusual tip being so high up into her when I exploded. Her silk-filled hand flew against my balls! Fondling…rubbing…rolling them…as she so wanted every drop from them. And…I gave her every drop.

She loved the way my body stiffened…my head erect…flaring back…my toes curling…my legs straight out…as the hot cum flowed from me. An overwhelming, powerful feeling of joy riddled my body each time my cock bucked within her and it didn’t end until some 40 seconds later when the last drops had left me.

We collapsed on the bed…and, rested a moment. “I swear, Hoot…you just get better and better,” she said. “All because of you,” I responded, and, we kissed softly.

Then, I rose from the bed and took you with me. I pulled you into the shower where we stepped in under the warm water, soaping each other, playing joyfully. She loved the attention I gave her big tits as I sucked and licked them, swirling my tongue all over her nipples. I couldn’t keep my hands off of your tits…they were soooooo big and full, and, at 35, they showed no signs of sagging. They just stood out, big and proud. You always took my breath away.

We dried each other off and when we went back into your bedroom, I helped you change the sheets. I loved watching you move…watching you leaning forward handling the sheets and seeing your monstrous tits hanging, far, far down, and, I noticed the extremely deep cleavage as you did so, hardly being able to wait to slide my cock there.

You settled on the bed, and, I stood there, looking you over, my hand riding along my still hard cock, making you slip your fingers down to your sweet pussy and I so loved seeing you do that as the insides of your upper arms pressed against the outsides of your big tits causing them to press together and bunch up. It always took my breath away. I watched your finger rolling on your clit and watched you sink two fingers of your other hand deep in your already wet depths. I just had to get my mouth on it. I just had to!

I got on the bed and moved up along the side of you. I lowered my head and dabbed your clit with my tongue. Your lower body jerked as you loved that. My knees were right alongside your right hip as I slipped my tongue in your depths and moved it side to side, which, to you meant, you felt it slipping to the top of your pussy and down to the bottom.

“Uhhhhh,…ohhhhhh…where did you…did you…learn that, Hoot?” you asked knowing I was practically a virgin when you had met me. “Just picked it up along the way,” I answered. “How?…and…where?” you asked. “Oh…just with a girl a little time back,” I said. “What girl…and…when?” “You don’t know her…and…it was two years ago.” “Did she like what you did?” “Not like you,” I responded. “Well…do it again!”

And…I did…remaining in the same position. I loved you putting your hand on the back of my head, your fingers and nails raking my hair, pressing, pressing as my tongue moved faster and faster side to side. Your body hunched and jutted as my tongue continued it’s ministrations, and, you were getting close again. I continued to do this for a few more minutes, then, I changed position and slid up between your stretched legs…pushing your legs even further apart.

I looked up seeing your head raised as you looked at me over the top of your monstrous tits. “I want you to cum…right in Hoot’s mouth!” I said. I moved my face down to the heady scent of your pussy and I placed the flat of my tongue against the bottom of your pussy lips. Then, slowly, I dragged it up, up, up, right to the top of your sweet cunt, pausing to dabble the tip of my tongue against your hard clit! I gently bit on it, and, you responded by jouncing your hips, thrusting your pussy at my mouth.

Then, with my tongue poised at the top of your pussy, I flipped it to the soft ankara otele gelen escort underside and, slowly, dragged my tongue down to the bottom of your pussy! “OHHHHHH…MY GOD!” you hollered out, and, I continually did this…dragging the coarse part of my tongue up your pussy and the soft, underside of it down. Over and over again…pausing to flick the tip at your clit, and/or, thrust my tongue as far into your depths as I could.

Your body squirmed and pumped, and, looking up, I watched for a second as your hands rolled all over those big, luscious tits, your fingertips squeezing and pinching your hard nipples. I would stop what I was doing, from time to time, and, open my mouth as wide as I could so it would allow me to thrust the complete length of my tongue into you, and, how I so loved the feel of your wet walls against my tongue as I did this. When opening my mouth wide, I was even able to completely encapsulate your pussy lips where I would press my head, hard, against you and drive my tongue into you.

“OHHHH!!…UUUHHHH!!” you cried out and I knew it was time. I moved away from you and got on my back right next to you, then, I said, “Here, Monica…straddle my head with your knees!” You rose to your knees next to me, then, you swung one knee over my head, placing your other knee on the opposite side of my head and you smiled down at me. “Now, baby…start to spread your knees,” I said. I had placed a pillow under my head and as I looked up, I watched your incredible body coming down…your thighs opening wide…wider, and…your grand pussy lips starting to open as you spread your knees wider and wider apart.

Down…down…your lovely body came, and, as your sweet, wet pussy began to get nearer, I thrusted my tongue out and held it! Soon you gasped when you felt your pink depths start to feel the end of my tongue and the lower you came down, the deeper my tongue sank into you. My tongue slipped between your pussy lips and rolled through your hot, wet depths, and, as it did, I wiggled it, up and down and side to side, agitating, delightfully, your walls! I put my hands up on your thighs and ran them around you to your jutting, full ass cheeks and I pressed you down…wanting you to sink your body lower and lower and …harder…against my mouth!

You did and as you did, your hands were up and all over those huge, firm tits I loved so much! You looked at yourself in the mirror on the wall and you loved watching your palms and fingers roll and fondle and heft those twin mounds! You loved watching your fingertips squeezing and tweaking your hard nipples while you felt my tongue whipping in your depths and swirling against your clit! You were going to cum again!

The way I felt you moving your pussy all over my mouth, I knew you were getting close. “Reach down, Monica!…Reach down and clasp your hands under the pillow, baby!” I urged you. You looked down, then, extended your arms and you slid both hands under the pillow which was under my head! You moved them together and you clasped your fingers and hands and I moaned to you to pull up! With your arms down and your hands clasped under the pillow, you pulled up, and, when you did, you felt my mouth…mash…against your hot, wet pussy! My mouth was open wide, and, I could feel your folds in my mouth as I slipped my tongue back into you and that is when you exploded!

Your lovely body vibrated and shook! You screamed out, and, I could feel your pussy spasming in my mouth. Eagerly, I pressed my open mouth solidly against you, my tongue rolling in your depths, diddling your clit and, you came and came. I so loved it when I began to feel your juices rolling in my mouth. They poured and poured out of you, and, my mouth was right there to accept it! To swallow it!!

Your fingers were turning white from the force with which you exerted against the back of my head! OH…how you wanted my head in your hot cunt! You pulled and pulled as you came, and, you could feel and hear me slurping and swallowing all your juices!

Your incredible body shook and shivered, and, you could feel your juices running in my mouth and you heard me swallow! How I loved your cum! I couldn’t get enough. I sucked and pulled, my mouth open wide, and, your pussy lips yielded and gave…puckering…in my mouth as I tried to draw out every last drop!

“OOOOOHHHHH!!…OOOOHHHHHHH!!” you hollered out as you had a series of multiple, mini-climaxes and your juices just kept running out of you, right in my mouth. How I treasured it. How I so loved eating it. Lightly chewing on your pussy lips, driving my tongue within you to swab your depths in my attempt to drain you dry.

Finally…your climax ended, and, you had to lie down. I let you do it and leaned over you, kissing you softly on your face and lightly kissing your lips.

“God, Hoot…you can’t eat me like a woman, but, for a man, you don’t do bad,” you said happily. I kissed you again and again and then we laid back and went to sleep for awhile.

(To be cont’d)…

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