The Sailing Club

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Andrea stepped quietly up from the cabin onto the after deck well. The clouds had come in like a blanket over the moon, underlit by the streetlights of Split. Masts and bobbing small craft could be made out around her in the dimness.

She stowed her armload of towels in the PFD bin and rigged the ladder, fuming and despairing alternately. They demanded her so often! Didn’t they understand he only had to wake up once to give it all away?

I can’t keep doing this! There has to be a way! she told herself, but Jürgen would never understand. He was such a trusting man! Andrea treasured him that way; she told herself she had to keep him that way.

Her dive cut the water in perfect form, making little noise. The salt water liberated her body from gravity, and the feeling cleared her mind. She came to the surface meters from her own Kriemhild and oriented on the lights of Gerhardt Franck’s vessel. Strongly she swam toward it, dread reappearing as a knot, forming in her belly.

She was being asked to do more and more degrading things, now. They exercised their power ruthlessly. Fear and worse than fear dominated her so very much these days. They are animals! she told herself, momentarily angry again. She took a grip on the lowered ladder of the Monika Franck and hauled herself gracefully up. Gravity returned, she streamed with water and the lights of the yacht cabin exposed her against the black Adriatic.

Her hair sat heavy on her shoulders as she set foot on deck and wiped the seawater from her eyes. When she opened them again, two Turkish towels slapped her face, and she was looking at the naked, portly body of that animal Kaspar. She took the towels quickly.

“Get that off and come to the cabin, sow.”

“Selbstverständlich,” Andrea replied. Kaspar she detested as you would a slug on your lips. His sandbag ass wagged off to the ladder and he descended inside. She could hear him laughing and telling the others she had arrived.

Crying, but rushing, she removed the maillot and toweled herself off. She had to be fast, or they would punish her first. Possibly they would anyway. Hell could be no worse than this.

She descended in her turn, naked and damp, into the cabin of her father-in-law’s sleek Herreshoff. Teak and brass gleamed in the lamplight, four naked men leered at her. Tittering, Kaspar came forward with a long bunch of hair in one hand and a bottle of lubricant in the other.

“Turn so they can see and bend down, sow. You are about to be promoted– to a jenny ass!” He laughed unpleasantly and uncapped the bottle.

Andrea turned away and leaned on the bottom stair. At Kaspar’s order, she spread her legs; then, brutal fingers went up her pussy and twisted.

“Nice cunt,” Kaspar remarked. The fingers retreated and she stood there a long moment as lube dripped slowly and not always accurately onto her anus. The men made rude jokes. Heinrich Gauss proposed they sodomize her first, but Fritz pointed out that everyone could fuck her ass later on. Andrea sobbed in humiliation, but stood still. Kaspar’s fingers agitated her pussy lips again.

“Andrea, you ought to relax that asshole!” he warned. A smooth knob, like plastic, came up against her anus and pushed inward. She tried to relax to accomodate it, but he twisted and pushed too hard and fast, and it hurt her going in. The roomful of men cheered and laughed. She felt the long hair touch her thigh.

“Stand up, little ass! Du Eselchen!”

She straightened and felt herself behind. The plug in her ass had a pony tail hanging from it. They laughed again, some of them.

“On your hands and knees, now, Andrea,” Gerhardt said. “I want you to suck me while Kaspar is punishing you.” Her husband’s father placed himself before her, kneeling, and held his cock up, gesturing for her to come take it.

Kaspar picked up a paddle and slapped his palm with it. “Don’t imagine the tail will protect you! Your ass will be quite red before I get done!”

“Na klar!” laughed Heinrich, “Very red!”

Her shame, her fear and her loathing tightened her stomach more; she was almost made sick by it, and yet she knew she would have orgasms, many of them. That made it so much worse afterwards, when she would feel the awful guilt, looking in her husband’s trusting, proud eyes.

She crawled to Gerhardt and sucked him. Fritz handled her breast as the first slaps hit. “Ahh, you bitch, suck me,” breathed Gerhardt. “I have a great appetite tonight.” _______________

It had been her introductory night at the sailing club, the night she would meet them. Jürgen had been happy to be able to join at last; he had made her anticipate it, too.

Their summer would be spent on the coasts of Italy, Sardinia, Montenegro and Serbia, sailing together, and the next year they planned the Greek islands and Crete. It was wonderful to see Jürgen so stimulated. They had trained joyfully on the Bodensee for this summer to come, and she felt ready to act the etimesgut escort role of a responsible crew.

But when the evening came, the sendoff party, Jürgen had one of his migraines. He’d seen it coming when his vision doubled and the dizziness began, but he’d been on the highway and didn’t get to his pills soon enough. The poor man’s head was splitting, lights made his eyes hurt; he appeared to Andrea to be in terrible pain in every line of his body. She helped him to bed.

She knew all the details of the planned voyage as well as he did, though. She could go without him. A group of middle-aged yacht sailors could not make her feel any nervousness. She wanted to take the measure of their wives and girlfriends, too. Quietly she kissed Jürgen’s cheek. She loved him so!

Arriving at the waterfront, she had presented her pass and parked in the club’s lot. She looked crisp and elegant in unbleached linen, blue piping at the edges and hem, and the bone pumps setting it off so nicely.. Her confidence carried her happily into the banquet hall.

A little Italian college girl in uniform poured her an armagnac at the little bar. Introductions went on constantly, but she was keeping them in order. Although she was meeting most of them for the first time, she knew some of the names already. Her new husband’s father Gerhardt was a member, for example.

The hall’s decor was nautical, rather than opulent, and the Riviera’s sultry heat was dissipated by the building’s openness to the onshore breeze. Everyone seemed friendly, if reserved.

As the evening progressed, she worked to feel included in the camaraderie of these men and women who had done so much traveling together. Especially affectionate was her father-in-law, who took her on his arm like a don and introduced her himself to those in the club who were closest to him. He said he was proud of her.

“Such a beauty, and so sensible! You will be very good for Jürgen,” he said. He was Bavarian. They stood close, Bavarians, when they spoke to you, but she hadn’t expected him to put his hands where he did. But he did it with a sunny smile, and he was more open and joyful than she’d ever seen him, so she tolerated his familiar touches without complaint. It is good to have the family’s approval, and they were on the Italian Riviera!

After the meal– “the Italians will never do veal like the Germans can,” her father-in-law had said, leaning close, palming her hip again– they went up to the ballroom, where there was a bigger bar, and dancing. Here there was much less breeze; the men removed their jackets.

She danced with many of her father-in-law’s friends, and with him. He made certain her glass was full, and he kept taking the most extraordinary liberties with her when they danced! She eventually had to chide him, but he laughed and pleaded the heat and the esteem he felt for her. His friends did the same. She was dancing constantly when not drinking, and they all seemed to feel licensed to handle her ass or touch her breasts when they danced with her.

Then her foot slipped, she was caught by Kaspar just in time to keep from falling. So embarrassing! But they were so good about it! The men gathered around and helped her to sit. Her father-in law massaged her leg with his big warm hands, saying a sprain would be kept from swelling if it was massaged quickly enough. Kaspar got her another drink.

They stroked her and fussed over her. It seemed suddenly that most of the group was gone and the five of them were alone but for the bartender. Fritz– dear Fritz!– had then tipped him to go home. She was kissed. Jürgen’s father massaged up her thigh and gave a nod. She downed the drink and suddenly was lifted by six strong arms!

“Gerhardt!” she squealed, “Stop that!”

“You will have a swollen ankle if this isn’t done properly,” he replied, and he pulled the pantyhose off while the rest held her up in the air, laughing. She laughed, too.

“But you took everything, Gerhardt!”

“Ja!” he cried, lifting her panties up, “I did!” The men roared with laughter. “Boys, you must put her down!” he cried. To her he said, “Kneel, now!” with no explanation. She did that, and three of them closed in behind her, taking her by the shoulders. She tipped her head back to ask what this was for, and Kaspar kissed her, wiggling his thick tongue into her mouth when she opened it to protest.

Hands felt her breasts. Her zipper came down in back. The linen dress went down to her elbows and more hands pushed down the bra straps, but hard hands held her still despite all she could do.

She came loose from Kaspar’s kiss, gasping. Gerhardt had opened his trousers! He stood in front of her, grinning, his cock an inch from her face. “Open your mouth, Liebchen,” he said. Her breasts came free of the bra, rude hands were all over her naked chest and neck, and Kaspar held her head between his meaty hands.

Gerhardt’s cock passed into etlik escort her mouth, and he grunted in his pleasure. A flash went off. Someone had taken a picture! Her protests were muffled by the stroking of hard meat in and out of her mouth.

Gerhardt fucked her face and laughed. Kaspar giggled. Some of the others were removing their trousers altogether. Fritz had an enormous cock! Gerhardt told her to suck. “I don’t like to do all the work!”

She closed her lips on it and sucked. She gave him her tongue, and he called her precious and delightful. Her head swam with the drink. She would show them she was not to be scared away; she felt she had the measure of these men. But it was her father-in-law!

Drunkenly she speculated about Fritz’s magnificent tool; he had noticed she was sneaking looks at it. “You will have us all, Andrea, including this!” Fritz waved the huge cock at her, they all laughed again, and she smiled a slutty smile, just as another flash came from the opposite side.

Heinrich had the camera, and he passed it to Kaspar and took down his trousers and shorts. Heinrich was young and very rich, perhaps the most wealthy of the group. He stepped in and claimed her mouth from Gerhardt. She turned and sucked the younger man’s cock, and Kaspar caught the action on film. Gerhardt stroked her cheek with the end of his, up and down on the silky face.

“Stop taking pictures!” she said indignantly. Everyone assured her they wouldn’t do it again. Kaspar made sure she could see he was passing the camera to Fritz. She took Heinrich into her mouth again, and freed her arms; the bra and the dress bunched at her waist.

“Take it in your hand, please, Andrea,” Fritz asked, and she did.

Gerhardt slapped her cheek again with his, so she gripped that one, too. Three cocks! She’d never done anything like this. The men called her pet names; they were appreciative and reassuring. Kaspar stroked her breasts from behind her.

“You should move from one to the other, Liebchen, so that we will stay even!” Gerhardt’s idea sounded reasonable in her state of mind, so she released Heinrich and licked the end of Fritz’s big pole appreciatively before stuffing it into her drunken mouth. Kaspar’s came to her hand and Heinrich came around and knelt to suck a breast.

They were most polite at first, taking turns nicely and complimenting her on how pretty her breasts were and how well she could suck. But they moved inexorably closer to coming. The atmosphere became charged, men grunted, their cocks pushed greedily at her, they pumped in her hands and mouth, they pushed against her cheek.

She was sucking Kaspar when it happened. The man dropped down on his knees, so that she bent forward. Heinrich and Fritz captured her shoulders to take her weight, and she let go of Fritz’s cock to drop a hand to the floor. She glared up at Kaspar’s flushed face, scowling, but kept on bobbing her head on his short fat cock.

Suddenly, Gerhardt pulled her linen skirt up, and the two men beside her pulled her toward Kaspar and forward. On hands and knees now, with her naked hips exposed, she felt the questing tip of her father-in-law’s cock at the door of her pussy.

“Nein! Das sollst du nicht! Das darfst du nicht! You shouldn’t! You mustn’t!” she said, and she let everything go and whirled angrily on Gerhardt, eyes flashing, all at once feeling very sober and scandalized.

“But I think that I will, my dear,” calmly said Gerhardt. “You would hate for Jürgen to see those photos, now wouldn’t you? Or your mother?”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh, yes, I would!” Kaspar said. He laughed. “It would be fun to see his face, I think!”

“Just get back down on all fours, like a good girl. We will all fuck you and then you can go home,” Heinrich said persuasively.

“No one will have to know if you just do us nicely,” Fritz added. “Even the bartender is gone. It’s only us.”

“Please. Bitte sehr, Liebchen! It’s only sex,” Gerhardt said. “Everyone does sex! And we will keep your secret.”

“But we have the pictures if you say no!” leered Kaspar.

“Well?” Heinrich prodded.

She mustered some bravado. “What the hell, eh?”

“Good!” Gerhardt beamed. “Right, boys?” They all agreed, and held their cocks up again for more. “Lie on the rug, here, so you can use your hands, that’s the way. Give me your legs, I’m first in your cunt. You were sucking Kaspar? That’s a good girl, now take the others in your hands.”

He slid his cock into her very wet pussy while Kaspar giggled and fucked deeply into her mouth. The camera flashed over and over.

But she came. She came a lot; the entire night was very exciting– cocks everywhere, slamming into her pussy, twitching on her tongue and spurting seed into her drunken throat. They filled her hands, they slid into her body. Everyone laughed and swore and came, came all over, as long as they could still do it.

The shame came later, eve gelen escort in a great wave while she was trying to find where Gerhardt had thrown her panties, when she heard Kaspar laughing with Fritz about her.

Her pussy ached in a way that no woman can know who hasn’t been the center of a gang fuck. It felt good, that ache. She tingled with the memory of her endless comes, but burned with remorse. What would it be like now, to travel with these people all summer? How could she face them, after this?

Heinrich met her at the door of the ladies’, as she was ready to leave.

“You were wonderful, Andrea,” he began.

“Please, don’t talk to me, I must go home. My poor husband–“

“But we have ruined the linen dress. You must buy a replacement; here, accept this– Please. I must finish. It is just money; I have too much. I want you not to hate us too badly.”

She made no move to take it, so he tucked it into her bag. She ducked her head and moved past him into the open air and the car, and then home. It was over.

Then the ‘phone calls began. She would have to come to Heinrich’s yacht, to Gerhardt’s yacht. And they were no longer so kind or so gentle, no, indeed. They had her swim over to meet them at night wherever they dropped anchor.

Genoa, then Elba. Napoli, then Messina, Catania, Taranto, Dubrovnik, Bari– in port after port, she would leave her husband’s side as he slept and swim across to another boat to be passed around by these men. _____________

“Enough for a moment, Kaspar, she’s sucking me!” growled Gerhardt.

“I want her pussy besides,” Fritz said. “Put her on the bench like before!”

“All right!” Kaspar said. He lowered his paddle. “She’s bruising anyway. Come, Herr Franck, I want her mouth next.”

“I’ll take her right where she is,” Fritz announced. He dropped to a knee, inserted and knelt behind her. Taking her hips, he jammed his large cock into her pussy. It bumped her womb and she only took part of it, but he hauled back on her hips and forced her to stretch.

For Andrea, Fritz’s assault caused the first sexual excitement of the evening. She always responded to the feel of the long, thick monster stretching her. Damnably, it affected her more the more brutal he was.

Because he was made to stop, even Kaspar’s paddling just added a heat and a tingle to the feeling. That cock! God, it was so animal!

Her eyes slitted; she swirled her tongue around Gerhardt. He tasted good to her now. Fritz’s long strokes, strumming the lips of her pussy, shoved so uncompromisingly at her womb.

Heinrich was playing with her breasts. They swayed with every slap of Fritz’s brutal rape. The younger man’s soft fingers played over her nipples, his hand stroked her back and her flanks. She could feel his cock, already hard, nudge at her ribs when he reached across her body or onto the upper swell of her ass cheeks.

Sensation built upon sensation; Andrea was approaching her first come, and it would be strong! The first tingles, sweet and irresistible, built in her pussy and rose like champagne bubbles from Heinrich’s fingers on her nipples. Her breath came short and noisy from her nose.

She arched her back to tip her hips onto Fritz’s cock more solidly, to take him in more deeply. The smell of male sweat and her own abused pussy came to her nostrils.

Gerhardt grunted and his cock leapt and threw a stream of his come onto the top of her mouth. She let it drool out the side; they loved to see it spill over like that. Gerhardt’s hair was shot with white, but his massive hips carried a lot of momentum. He jacked his pelvis forward and his old cock poked the back of her throat. At one time, it would have gagged her, but she had no difficulty now. She worked the muscles for swallowing and he squealed like a piglet to feel it.

Soon he fell back. He would need some time to recover; Kaspar stepped in, his cock hard in his fingers, and grabbed her by her damp hair.

“Lick my balls!” he said. Andrea ducked to follow his pull on her hair and rolled one on her tongue.

“Let’s put her on the bench, Fritz,” Heinrich suggested, “so she can have her hands free.”

“A moment!” gasped Fritz. He was in her to the hilt now, she pushed back to meet him all on her own. She just got better every time, the woman was hot! He watched her lick fat Kaspar’s hairy balls and fucked without restraint. She gave forth little moans when he bottomed out in her soft, clinging pussy; she met him strongly with a shove of her hips. He focused on the ponytail’s little dildo, swallowed by her ass.

“Andrea!” he said, “Oh, fuck–!” Her ass was tipped up and so sweet!

Deep inside her came the swelling of his cock head to even greater dimensions, then jet after jet of fluid! Andrea came hard, uttering a scream and pressing her ass hard against his hairy hips. She felt Heinrich’s hands as electric sources, her breasts tingled, her pussy seemed to shudder. The sensation swamped her fear entirely, her come made her wriggle around Fritz’s invading gristle. How fine it was! And the thing in her ass, making it open, felt so evil and so fabulous. Come drooled out of her in a thick wad to the floor. She lapped Kaspar’s bag, she tasted his sweat.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32