The Rustic Sexcapade Pt. 02

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After her breathing had normalised, she caught hold of her senses and sat up. That is when the enormity of the situation hit her. She was sitting in a dark room of an old man’s house, stark naked with only her ornaments on her – the mangalsutra, the toe rings and the green bangles – all of which implied that she was married and could have a conjugal relationship with only her husband and no one else. However, in the past few hours she had violated every moral code that she had held in her lifetime. She had not only enjoyed every bit of it but there wasn’t an iota of regret creeping in. She sat there covered in mixture of their sweat which was drying up now with her hair disheveled. The room smelled of their concluded copulation.

She looked around to gauge the situation. In the faint candlelight, she saw the ugly old man who had satisfied her with his moderate tool. He lay there spread eagled with his bald head glistening in sweat in the dim light, eyes shut and his paunch heaving after the exhausting act. His limp tool lay there exhausted as well. Prakash was well endowed as compared to Manoj and well built as well. However the vulgarity of this, yes the vulgarity of this was the biggest ace in this act. His ugliness was a befitting contrast to her beauty which had led to this vulgarity. For a moment she wanted to grab his tool and ride him but then the rationality took over the reins from the animal inside. She hesitantly got up and started collecting her things convincing herself that this is not her and that tomorrow everything shall be different. She discreetly dressed herself and tip toed out of the house. She stealthily moved towards her house trying to avoid any prying eyes. Thankfully no one noticed her and she entered house to wash and tidy herself up.


The fact that he had to leave his lovely wife all alone in such a weather was eating him from within. Lately, they had been disagreeing a lot and he did not like it one bit. He wished every thing will settle between them and he wanted to make sure of that. However, nature had planned something else for him. After whiling away some time with his flunkies in the farmland, as soon as he realised that the rain was subsiding, he made a dash towards his bike to head home. Behind him he could hear his buddies making cat calls and calling him a wuss for rushing towards his wife at the drop of a hat. But he really did not care. He just wanted to head home and mend ways with her once and for all.

Half way home, the rain gods unleashed their fury again and this time he was drenched to the bone. The chilly air and the rain made him shiver as he raced his bike through the hinterlands. He somehow managed to dodge the potholes and muddy streams and reach home safe and sound. He parked his bike and stood there in the rains contemplating what will he say to her.


She heard his bike and her heart skipped a beat. She froze in her place taking Anadolu Yakası Escort stock of her emotions and most importantly her physical state. Was she appropriately dressed? She quickly tidied herself up. She thought she had time till morning to fathom her act and come to terms with it. However, Prakash’s arrival had spin her world for the moment. She had a deadpanned expression on her face but her mind was working in a fury. She hurried out, to the entrance of the house and stood there frozen in her tracks and her thought, again contemplating what to do with her contradicting frame of mind. She did not know how to react when he will walk in.

She loved him a lot but she could not back track on the path she had treaded. The vulgarity of her act had kindled a fire that had engulfed her old self and bent her morality beyond repair. At that point of time, she had no more control on her emotions or thoughts when she saw him at the door looking at her with his bloodshot eyes. He was drenched to the bones and his silhouette looked scary yet homely. He was looking at her from top to bottom and was about to ask her about her soiled clothes when she ran towards him pasted her lips on his before he could react.


He was pleased to see her after the torturous journey back home. But when he laid his eyes on her, he was surprised to see that her clothes were soiled. He was about to ask her about the reason behind her current state when she came rushing towards him and grabbed his face to plant her lips on his. He was completely taken aback for a moment. But the intensity of her kiss made him forget all of it. It was like she was pouring all her emotions that she wanted to convey and all her words that she wanted to say.

Keeping his doubts at ease he picked her up walked inside, their lips still locked with all the fervour both of them could muster.

On their way inside both of them discarded their wet and soiled clothes and hungrily kissed each other. There was an animalistic manner in which they felt each other up. Groping and scratching each other like wild beasts caught in heat. Without a doubt, this was the most passionate foreplay either of them were experiencing and there was no end to their passion that had ignited tonight. Neither knew how where they had felt each other up or how dishelveled they looked.

Before Prakash could realize, Vidya had pushed him on the floor and was sitting on his crotch with her legs on either side of his thighs. She looked dead in his eyes and grabbed his tool and put it on her entrance. She slowly lowered herself on him wincing with every centimeter it explored her depths. He cringed in pleasure as he entered. It is not that they had not done this before. Both of them were very enterprising in bed. But today she looked and felt different and he was not going to be the one complaining. She slowly started rocking with his tool in her giving and gaining Bostancı Escort pleasure.


Around midnight, he woke up with a start only to realise that he was alone and naked. He started questioning his memory. Was this all a dream? Was she really here? Did they really copulate? For a simpleton, these questions put his mind in a frenzy. All he could think of was the past few hours. The images that were flashing through his eyes were that of his huge frame atop her sleek ones. The contrast in their skin tones amongst other things. The way her body moved rhythmically to each stroke of his. The way her face contorted in pleasure. The way her back arched against the ground and into his body when she came. The tears rolling down the side of her face in immense pleasure. But most importantly it was her guttural moan that was ringing in his ears incessantly.

He tried hard for a few minutes but couldn’t get this image out if his mind. He had lived his life’s dream that night and like whiff of smoke it had vanished. She had left him satisfied for the night but in a lurch for life. These memories would torment him like a night mare if he didn’t put things in order both inside and outside. He had to shed this image of simpleton that was built around last few decades and let his inner instincts take control. He wanted to establish a conjugal relationship with her. And he knew for the fact that it had to happen now because tomorrow it will be too late and she shall have the opportunity to back out considering her conscience was in play. If he had to get a buy in from her on this relationship it was to be now while she was still reeling from the throes of their passionate love making. He hurriedly put on his soiled and wet clothes and started moving towards her house.

It was the middle of the night and the rains had resumed its ferocity. Even if he had not moved as stealthily as he was, no one would have noticed him. Though a risky move of visiting her house this late especially after what had conspired, the nature had provided him with a good cover. He discretely tip toed near her house and started looking for an opening to sneak in or at-least peek inside. Alas near the back side of the house which opened up in to wilderness, he found an open window. He moved towards it. With each step his heartbeat was quickening in pace and he could feel his cheeks flushed to see her again that night.

But when he came upto the window, he saw something he was unprepared for – the reality of how things are and how they will be.

In the dimly lit room, he saw her in all her naked glory. The scene was was mesmerising. Her husband, Prakash, was lying on the floor buck naked and she had mounted him with her thighs on either side of his waist. She was sitting on her haunches with her hands placed on his chest and her hour glass frame gyrating in circular and up-down motion against his groin. The long strokes her body was making Erenköy Escort clearly indicated the length of his shaft.

Manoj could make out the contours if their glistening bodies. But was it the rain or the sweat he did not know, nor could he care less. All he could focus on was how their bodies moved in tandem and how Vidya winced biting her lower lip and gasping or moaning every time she pushed his tool in. Her thick black long curly hair were dishevelled and a mess and were rolling down on both her shoulders. Her mangalsutra was dangling slightly away from her chest at an angle. Her green bangles clinking with each stroke. The chill in the weather had perked up her dark brown nipples. The sindoor she had on her forehead was smudged.

He couldn’t make out if it was him or was their love-making actually so slow with each one of them relishing every inch of penetration. Meanwhile, Prakash’s hands were roaming all over her taut figure. The same figure which he had mauled under his enormous frame a few hours ago. He could see Prakash grope and pinch her perked up tits, grunting intermittently out pure passion and pleasure. A pang of jealousy and reality hit him. She could never be his but what he had had with her some time ago can never be undone.

He never knew when and how he had fished out his own tool and had started stroking it when his eyes met hers. She flinched for a second but then she said something that surprised him.


She noticed some movement near the window right in front of her. Within the room and outside as well, it was so dark that it was difficult to make out. But those eyes that she had so intently looked at sometime ago were unmistakable. It had to be Manoj. She looked in them and decided to take this game that both of them had unknowingly ventured into to the next level. She told Prakash to close his eyes while until both of them had climaxed. She was loud enough for Manoj to hear it.

Then she looked directly in Manoj’s eyes wincing with the pleasure that she was getting by riding Prakash and letting Manoj see it. She bit her lower lip and grunted, “Ahhhhh”

She started addressing Manoj by looking at him and closing Prakash’s eyes with her had. Her other hand was feeling up her own bosom.

Vidya: You enjoy this don’t you? Me being ravaged like this.

Prakash: Yes!

Manoj nodded discreetly, with his tool in his hand now being jerked violently.

Vidya: You like this don’t you?

She held her tit and pointed it at Manoj.

She then blew a kiss towards Manoj.

Vidya: Fucking bastard!! Fuck me hard!!

Prakash grabbed her by the waist and started matching her gyrations and pounding her faster. Somehow tonight was not about pleasuring each other the way they usually made love, but about deriving carnal pleasure from each other.

The grunts, groans and moans became louder and Vidya’s cuss words became brasher. All societal shackles surrounding a village belle were being broken.

The profanity of the situation followed by her gyrations and expletives was too much for all of them to handle and all three of them climaxed together, with Vidya collapsing on her husband while watching lover walk away.

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