The Root Becomes a Gigolo

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Backstory: Picking up on previous accounts of Luther “The Root” Casey, it’s the late 1970’s and our well-hung hero is a college student at a large Midwestern university. He plays bass and spreads his considerable goodwill among the ladies. Per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are of legal age.


Midway through his junior year, Lute quit the rock and roll band he’d played with since starting college. The lead singer and two other band members wanted to record an album and go out on tour. Lute didn’t share their ambitions for the band, nor did he want to quit school to go on the road, so they amicably parted ways.

Lute had enjoyed being in the group. The music had been fun, his band mates had become his good friends, and he’d met lots of fine ladies anxious to share his bed – or the back of his van. But he was now ready to focus more on playing stand-up bass and jazz. And given that he was already a solid player, he was soon recruited to join a jazz trio with two other talented guys from the university’s music school. Their trio was quite good, and they started getting gigs at cocktail parties and other more staid affairs – quite a change from the crowded bars Lute was accustomed to playing. And it was at one such party where our story begins.

Max and Alexandra Richter were major donors to the university. In fact, the music school’s new recital hall bore their name. Lute first met the Richters at their namesake venue when his trio was part of a weekend jazz festival held there. The Richters introduced themselves backstage, complimented the group on their fine performance, and suggested they play at an upcoming party they’d be hosting. Their assistant followed up later to offer the trio a handsome fee and seal the deal.

It was a cold, clear night in February when the trio arrived at the Richter’s beautiful home. The house was sited on some wooded acreage in an exclusive area on the outskirts of town. It was a large modern brick structure with huge windows all around. And with its sleek interior layout and furniture, you could see why it had been featured in Architectural Digest magazine. The trio set up around the grand piano in one corner of the large main room with its 20 foot ceilings.

The house was just one of several the Richters owned, and it was often used for hosting university social events, even when the Richters weren’t in town. Dr. Maximillian Richter was a German who had emigrated to the US to attend grad school at the university. He earned a PhD and then went on to make a considerable fortune in biotechnology. He was now a distinguished older gentleman in his eighties, while his wife, Alexandra, was a striking beauty, more than thirty years his junior – about Lute’s mom’s age – tall with long brown hair and a statuesque figure.

With their piano, bass and drums, the trio provided background music for the gathering of well-heeled sophisticates and academics. The guest-of-honor was a friend of Max’s – a professor in European history who had just published a new book.

When the trio took a short break before their last set, Dr. Richter motioned for Lute to join him in the library. After showing Lute a few of his treasured first edition books, he took him by the arm and made his pitch, his clipped accent adding a bit of theater to the moment.

“I’m going off to bed as soon as we can get rid of this rowdy crowd,” he said with a chuckle, “Howeffer, my wife is a night owl, and I would appreciate it if you could, as they say, keep her company tonight. Would you be agreeable to such an arrangement, Luther?”

Surprised, though clear on what he was suggesting, Lute nodded, “Yes, I’d be glad to keep Mrs. Richter company this evening.”

“Excellent. We both will be very grateful,” Dr. Richter enthused. Then, their deal closed, he moved on to other matters as he escorted Lute out of the room, “Now, I’d luff to hear you fellows play some Count Basie.”

Lute rejoined the band for their final set, and with a nod to their host, they started out with Basie’s “Lady Be Good”. As they played, Lute scanned the room. When he saw Mrs. Richter in a classy v-neck sweater that accentuated her ample decolletage, he knew they’d have a good time together. And when the two made eye contact, she gave him a sly “See you later” wink before she returned to her hostess role, expertly working the crowd, laughing and making small talk.

When the music ended and the guests had been escorted out, Vera, the Richter’s prim and efficient assistant, approached Lute while he finished packing up his bass.

Speaking in a discrete and professional tone, she consulted her watch as she said, “Mrs. Richter will be expecting you to join her in the guest house at 11. It’s just beyond the pool.” Then slipping an envelope into his jacket pocket, she went on, “Mrs. Richter can be, um, somewhat… ‘insatiable’… if she enjoys a particular companion. So, if she invites you to stay the night, there mamak escort will be another envelope delivered to you with breakfast. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Also, from what we’ve learned, you have, an, um, let’s call it, a ‘particular quality’, that Mrs. Richter appreciates. But there’s one additional asset that Mr. Richter and I want to be assured you also possess.”

“And what would that be?” Lute asked with a curious smile.


“Ah, yes. Well, discretion is my middle name,” Lute offered.

“Right. However, your middle name is Henry,” she said with a slight grin, “But, Mr. Casey, I trust you and know that any private dealings you have with the Richters will remain confidential. Now, Dirk will show you where to park your van. And once you’ve done that, come into the kitchen for a bite to eat before you join Mrs. Richter.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Lute said with a light chuckle.

“Yes, it’s a plan. Well now, thank you, Mr. Casey. I hope you have a wonderful evening.” And with that, Vera was off to attend to the caterers.

Lute had met Dirk when he first arrived at the Richters. He was a tall, sturdy no-nonsense Germanic-looking fellow whom Lute presumed was the Richter’s all-around guy: driver, bodyguard, valet, fixer, etc. Dirk opened the garage for Lute to park his Ford Econoline alongside a black Mercedes sedan and a bright red Porsche 911 Turbo. After Lute pulled in, Dirk slid a piece of carpet under the van’s engine compartment to catch any dripping fluids that might mar the garage’s pristine floor. Which, Lute observed, was a wise move, given the van’s leaky head gasket.

After instructing Lute on the layout of the property and how to enter the garage when he was ready to leave, Dirk led him into the large well-appointed kitchen where the Richter’s cook, a friendly Japanese woman named Toshiko, served him a steaming bowl of ramen with shrimp.

“Shrimp good for libido!” Toshiko whispered as she seated him on a stool at the far end of the counter. “Eat all…you gonna’ need it!” she added with a friendly laugh.

Feeling like a stallion being prepped for stud service, Lute slurped down the tasty soup. And when he remembered the envelope Vera had slipped into his jacket, he was surprised to find five crisp 100 dollar bills.

Though a bit sheepish about the “cock for hire” role he was now playing, Lute put the money back in his pocket and decided he’d go along for now, though he wasn’t sure he’d still be there to get his second installment at breakfast. However, since Mrs. Richter was a stone cold fox, he expected she could be very persuasive.

At 11pm sharp, Lute made his way over to the guesthouse and tapped on the door.

“Please, come in,” a sultry voice called out.

The guesthouse was spacious, and in the subdued lighting Lute could see it was decorated with the same sleek furnishings as the the rest of the place. With large windows overlooking the pool on one side and the forest on the other, the house provided guests with beautiful quarters.

Jazz was playing and a fire was burning in the fireplace. Curled up nearby on a leather and metal couch was Mrs. Richter, still wearing her pearls, but now clad in a silk kimono and sipping from a tumbler of amber liquid.

“Hello, Luther. I’m glad you came,” she said as he entered the room. “Please, fix yourself a drink. And then if you’d like, there’s a kimono over there in the bathroom,” she said, motioning towards an open door.

Lute did as she suggested, and once outfitted with a drink and robe he joined her on the couch.

After he settled in, Alexandra touched his cheek with the back of her hand and said softly, “Do you mind, Luther, if we postpone our ‘Get acquainted conversation’ for another time? I’m pretty talked out after the party.”

“Sure, that’s fine, Mrs. Richter,” Lute replied.

“Please, call me Alexandra.”

“Cool. Alexandra it is.”

“But, after we get to know each other better, you can call me ‘Alex’,” she said with a mischievous smile.

“I look forward to it,” Lute chuckled. Then remembering how he’d overheard Dr. Richter refer to her, he asked, “And Sascha?”

She paused for a moment, then said with the same sly smile, “Ah, yes. Sascha. Well, the thing is, you can’t call me that until you’ve fucked me in the ass. And I don’t usually give up my ass on a first date”

“Fair enough” Lute chuckled, “I’ll just leave ‘Sascha’ out there as my long range goal.”

Leaning against his shoulder, Alex moved in for their first kiss, a tender one that was followed by more equally gentle touches of their lips and tongues. And as their sensual introductions continued, she slid her hand inside Lute’s robe and found his huge tool. Fondling his member as it expanded to its thick ten-inches, she gave a deep sigh in anticipation of what awaited her.

After Lute became harder and ofise gelen escort bigger than she had expected, Alex undid her robe and slid up onto his lap. Then spitting into her hand, she reached down and spread saliva on his cock as she positioned her pussy over its bulbous head.

“Would it be alright if we went for a bit of a test drive?” She whispered, grabbing his shaft like a stick shift and gently raking its head back and forth across her cunt lips.

“Yeah, let’s go for a little spin,” Lute sighed. Then, unable to resist, he added, “Just slide me into your cockpit, baby.”

Groaning at both his lame joke and the feel of his cock as it entered her pussy, Alex settled down onto his huge meat, taking it all inside her with surprising ease.

“Mmm…yes, that’s nice. Very nice,” she said as she slowly ground onto his truncheon, letting it probe the depths of her pussy.

Then sliding a hand into her crotch, Alex began rubbing her clit as she shifted about on Lute’s tool, moving up and down in prolonged strokes as he filled her to the hilt with his member.

As she writhed in her slow seductive dance on his cock, Lute worked his mouth over her big luscious tits and their wide light brown areolae and nipples. And as her pearl necklace slid into her cleavage, it added a sexy dimension to her succulent body, as if to say, “I may be a slut, but I’m a classy one.”

Breathing heavily, Alex soon began to groan as she climaxed, affixing her mouth on Lute’s as an orgasm swirled through her body.

Working her tongue around inside Lute’s mouth, she tickled his uvula with serpentine flicks. This was a sensation he’d never felt before, and he’d soon learn it was due to her tongue being unusually long, which only added to her extensive lovemaking arsenal.

“Oh, yes, so nice…so nice,” she whispered as her body began to relax again after their slow spin around the block, “I think we’ll do just fine together, Luther, just fine.”

Rising off of his cock, she stood and motioned for him to join her as she moved off towards the bedroom, her open kimono flowing behind her, revealing one cheek of her perfect ass. Meeting again in the bedroom, the lovers embraced and kissed, letting their robes slide to the floor.

When they had fucked on the couch, it dawned on Lute that the red Porsche in the garage had to be Alexandra’s. Because as she rode his cock, he sensed she did so like she was driving a fast new car for the first time – one that she knew possessed real speed. But she chose to use only the first and second gears while getting accustomed to the way it handled, slowly maneuvering along and enjoying the ride.

But having finished their slow get-acquainted drive, Lute suspected Alexandra was now ready to get him out on the open road and really open things up. And when she eased out of their kiss and pushed him back onto the bed, he discovered just how right he was.

As Lute stretched out on the bed, Alex slid down next to him and immediately went to work on his cock. Grabbing his thick shaft, she wrapped her lips around its head and moaned as she began to devour his vast tool, licking and sucking on it with growing enthusiasm.

After spitting wads of mucus on his cock, saliva hung between her mouth and his tool like warm mozzarella from a pizza, and she stroked this sputum onto his burly shaft before diving on for more.

Lute propped himself up on his elbows and watched as Alex gorged herself on his pumped beast. As she did it occurred to him that the same woman who had only recently been the model of a patrician hostess, elegantly mingling with her cultured party guests, was now slobbering on his ten-inch rod like a cock-hungry slut and starting to work it deep into her long genteel throat.

“Yeah, that’s right, baby…that’s right!” Lute whispered as she looked up at him with wide eyes before driving his tool even further into her stretched gullet. Then gripping his shaft, she raised it up and began sucking on his balls, offering them the same slavering treatment as his cock. Maneuvering between his cock and testes, she gave each her full attention until Lute’s nuts were glossy with spit and his vein-engorged cock was ready to rumble.

But when she instructed him to turn over and get up on his hands and knees, Lute better understood why Vera had alerted him that Alex could be insatiable. Because after hungrily rimming his ass, she soon had her long tongue slithering in and out of his asshole while she milked his cock as it hung down between his legs like a cow’s udder.

“Is this why they call you ‘The Root’?” Alex whispered huskily as she stroked his long shaft, admiring its astounding size. “Cause this is a serious fucking tuber!” And then sliding under his dangling member, she took it into her mouth and reached up and grabbed his ass and pulled him down, driving his cock deep into her throat. This instigated a prolonged face-fuck otele gelen escort that would have her gagging and tearing-up as Lute crammed his huge tool into her unquenchable craw.

With mascara running down her cheeks, her hair matted with sweat, and her face covered in saliva, Alex finally came up for air. And while she caught her breath, she grabbed a plastic bottle from a bedside table.

Lute had dropped down onto his back, and seeing Alex holding the bottle, he soon learned what she had in mind. “I think we’re due for a lube job, don’t you,” she whispered. Without waiting for an answer, she began squirting him with a stream of oily liquid, first on his chest and then down to his crotch, giving an extra shot to his cock. Then climbing back onto the bed, she stroked his glistening member while squirting oil onto her own voluptuous body.

Tossing the bottle aside, Alex began seductively rubbing the oil all over her torso, spending extra time on her hefty tits. Lifting one of her fleshy boobs to her mouth, she stuck out her serpentine tongue and licked its nipple, giving Lute his first real view of just how long and sinuous her tongue actually was.

After applying the same treatment to her other tit, she looked at Lute and extended her mouth’s sexy muscle towards him and curled up its end in a seductive snakelike way, hissing, “Ready to eat some pussy, Mr. Root?”

“Oh, yeah I’m ready!” Lute hissed back, then added with a grin, “Pull up my face and have a seat!”

Giggling at his crude offer, she slid over and straddled his head before dropping her well-trimmed brown bush into his face. Diving headlong into his work like a hungry puppy, Lute began slurping and licking her vulva with the same enthusiasm she’d shown his cock. He spread open the big flaps of her labia and worked his tongue over her clit, lapping and nibbling on it as Alex moaned and ground her pussy harder into his face.

“Mmm…god, yeah, that’s nice, Root. Really nice!”

While he continued eating her pussy, Lute moved his hands up and grabbed her greasy tits, caressing them softly at first, and then as she became more aroused, he gripped them with greater force, squeezing their nipples until she screamed.

“Oh, god, yeah, baby yeah! Yeah!” she wailed as she shoved her cunt so hard onto his face that he could barely breathe.

Not wanting to smother him, Alex soon eased her pussy off Lute’s face and replaced it with her ass, dropping her sweet greasy cheeks down so he could give her anus a thorough tongue lashing.

Though Lute’s tongue wasn’t extraordinarily long like hers, he knew how to use it, and managed to stick a good portion of it up her bung. Then after getting her chute ready, he gradually replaced his mouth with his fingers until he had his hand in up to its knuckles, working it around in her stretched asshole like he was searching for some lost object.

“Oh, fuck, that’s right,” she moaned as she grabbed the oil bottle and reached behind to shoot a stream into her ass, further lubricating it for Lute’s handiwork, “Get it, baby, get it!”

Needing a better position for the pussy and ass hand manipulations she was calling for, Lute eased Alex onto her side. Then wrapping himself around her, he reinserted his left hand into her greased rear entry and slid his right hand into her pussy.

“Yeah! That’s right!” she wailed as she squirted a shot of oil into her pussy, “Oh, fuck, yes!”

Writhing frantically on the bed, Alex continued shooting their bodies with oil as Lute grappled with her pussy and ass, like they were in some wicked coed wrestling match. And with her pussy now fully lubed, Lute shoved his hand in even more, until it was up to his wrist.

“Yeah, baby! Yeah, that’s it!” Alex screamed as Lute discovered just how cavernous her pussy actually was, accommodating his whole hand without issue.

“Yeah, get it…get it!” she continued as her pussy began to squirt juices like an overzealous water fountain, “Oh, fuck, yes…yes…yes!”

Continuing his hand manipulations in her front and rear portals, Lute marveled at the crazed slut in the pearl necklace who was proving herself to be just as insatiable as advertised. Continuing to spray her juices, Alex showed little sign of letting up, so Lute drove his hands harder and faster inside her debauched orifices until she screamed and began hitting his chest with her fists, “Oh my god, oh my god! Damn you! Damn you!”

When she finally collapsed with deep gasps and moans, Lute withdrew his hands and pushed her onto her back. Then mounting her torso, he grabbed his shaft and began rubbing its mushroom head over her vulva, catching her distended clit with each stroke, which made her moans increase in volume and intensity.

“Oh, goddam you! Oh, fuck yes, yes!”

When Lute decided he’d tortured her enough, he plunged his thick beast into her pussy, driving it all the way to the hilt, then sliding it out and doing it again and again. Pulling up her legs and draping them over his shoulders, Lute got full purchase of her gaping cunt and began pummeling Alex with the deep and hard strokes that she was lusting for.

“Yes, baby, yes! Fuck me just like that! Just like that!” she wailed as she gripped her big flopping tits and squeezed them so hard Lute feared she’d leave welts.

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